People yelling at the camera

TMI: draining. No meds so far this morning. So I am going to take a brief walk outside (sunny but very cold), do my back physical therapy exercises, then get on my duties. I’ll pace myself in 3-4 hour increments.

Now, I’ve noticed something: sometimes, people who look into the camera and yell forcefully sound as if they know what they are talking about, even if they make no sense at all:

What I think is going on: it is an affinity reaction. Anyone attracted to genuine science would roll their eyes at the first video, and as far as the second: if you want to cut social services and lower taxes on the wealthy, then the guy in the second video is your man, even though his predictions have been 100 percent….WRONG.

That is the affinity for one’s tribe going on; you see this in sports.

Yes, your team is getting more fouls called on them than the other team…but it might be that the other team uses their feet better on defense. Yes, your team got holding penalties called on them (football), but it might be because the other team’s defensive line is too quick for your team.

Sure, the great players sometimes get the benefit of the doubt…but on replay, I wasn’t so sure that this was a push off; the defender actually slipped.

But sometimes the great players get more benefit of the doubt from officials than lesser players. Maybe…not sure about that.

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