Is this really “Me too”? (Morgan Freeman)

I am aware of some of the accusations (not police charges) made against Morgan Freeman.

But then comes this Newsweek article:

More recorded interviews have surfaced that show actor Morgan Freeman making sexually suggestive comments to female interviewers.

The recorded interviews found Morgan making the comments to Entertainment Tonight interviewers, ET reported. During promotion for the 2016 film “London Has Fallen,” Morgan made very personal comments to ET correspondent Ashley Crossan.

“Are you married?” Morgan asked.

When Crossan said she was not married, Morgan asked if she would “fool around with older guys.”

“Fool around with older guys? I’m just asking,” Morgan said.

Once the interview ended, Crossan got up to shake the now 80-year-old actor’s hand and said that it was a “pleasure” to meet him.

“Mine,” Freeman said. “Look at yourself.”

In another interview in 2015 with ET special correspondent Janet Mock for the 2014 movie “Five Flights Up,” the actor made a comment about the length of Mock’s dress.

“I don’t know how you all manage to do that all the time,” he said. “You got a dress halfway between your knee and your hips, and you sit down right across from me and cross your legs.”

Have we gotten to the point where “cringe worthy, boorish” comments are now “Me too?”

Yes, I would never make such comments to someone I was not comfortable flirting with…that is, my wife or close friend that I am not a work colleague with, but does this really compare with someone being pressured for sex in order to get a job, promotion, and the like?

One danger: if this is what gets reported as “me too” then I’ll start scrolling past the articles and not taking them seriously.

Haven’t people heard of “cry wolf” or “pick your battles”?

If you complain all of the time about everything, your complaints become part of the background noise.

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