Ugh…our great city, burying the walks..ugh. A dear friend is leaving and I actually envy her…sort of.

This snow was wet so shoveling made me slightly sweaty.

Speaking of dear friends: way back in the 1990’s (1993 or thereabouts) I made a friend at the UU church. We became close enough that she was my “Best Woman” at my wedding. I quit going and we drifted apart. She died unexpectedly. One of my weaknesses (one of many) is that I am “out of sight, out of mind”. That is one thing social media is good for helps me not forget about people I like and would otherwise miss.

Politically: yeah, I was glad to see the kids marching, but as far as people in the 18-22 year old age bracket starting to vote in larger numbers…I’ll believe it when I see it. Color me skeptical.

After all, it will probably mean voting for…gasp, a candidate who is less than perfect and possibly not every exciting.

No, I won’t be watching Stormy on tv tonight; I’ll be seeing Earth, Wind and Fire (gads, they MUST be old by now). But Stormy: who cares, really.

Oh, to those who already hate Trump, it is another scoop on the pile. To his supporters: so what.

In my opinion, those who voted for Trump either:

a) Really, and I mean, REALLY hated Hillary Clinton
b) Wanted those tax cuts and/or right wing judge appointments
c) Loooove punching hippies. (telling social justice warriors to f**k off with no fear of negative consequences)

So Trump’s hypocrisy and broken promises (that he was never serious about to begin with) will matter not at all.

Workout notes treadmill run/walk; 59:20 for 5 miles. Yeah, that is pretty slow but here is how it went:

11:40 mile 1, 22:10 mile 2, 31:52 mile 3 32:50 at 3.11, then walk to 4.5, jog to finish up. The change of the motion kept pressure on different part of the feet which helps my PF.

Afterward: no ache at all. I’ll give it the day off tomorrow though.

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Snow shovel porn


Yeah, we got 5.9 inches of snow.

One of my women friends (a runner) mentioned that she was going to shovel. Now THAT, to me, is porn…nothing sexier than a woman who shovels snow. I HATE that stuff.



A woman shovels snow in Minneapolis



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Doing nothing all day

I did an 8 mile treadmill walk (1:03/37; took a break after 5 miles) and then shoveled snow. We had maybe 4-5 inches and there was some blowing.

Fortunately, what I shoveled at the start of the Bengals vs. Chargers game is only covered by a light dusting. So the “second shift” might not be such a chore.

The second game might be interesting (Green Bay vs. San Francisco); the temperature will be single digits. Will we see this?


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