No mass uprising over Mueller being fired: exhausted, underpaid Americans

I find some of the dialogue on Twitter to be, well, rather uninformed. I am reading about marches, pitchforks and even a “general strike” if Trump attempts to fire Mueller (he would have to do so indirectly)

The reality:

“Just 29 percent of Americans had a favorable impression of Mueller, while another 29 percent had an unfavorable one, and 42 percent said they’re unsure or never heard of Mueller.”

Sure, a majority say that the investigation should continue, but this is not an issue on most people’s minds.

Think about it: the average American who even listens to the news probably gets a snippet here and there on the way between, say, their job and picking up their kids. Those most interested are those with the time to digest things, and even many of these are probably pro-Trump.

People really don’t have the time or energy to seriously challenge this.

Oh sure, the teacher’s strikes may have paid dividends, but people have kids in schools; this affects their lives HERE AND isn’t some abstract “principle of democracy” for them.

I suppose underpaying Americans and keeping (most) of them overworked has its virtues.

Another topic: guns in schools. Yes, there were student protests about gun violence in Miami. But these didn’t get covered that well: the victims and the protesters are non-affluent and black. Yes, I know: this is “ordinary” gun violence as opposed to the AR-15 mass shooting but such violence kills far more kids than the “assault weapons/mass shootings” do.

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Ok, we have ANOTHER mass shooting at school …and nothing will change.

Oh, I’ve read this before. Yes, we’ll hear “we need to bring GOD back” (nonsense). I am seeing the calls for “armed teachers” (uh, no: the personality and skill set to be a good teacher doesn’t coincide with being a well trained, competent armed guard). I wrote about this 6 years ago.

And yes, our kids are far more likely to die in car accidents, more likely to die of suicide and more likely to die in an ordinary shooting than one of the well known mass shootings.

And yes, shootings are going DOWN, not up (per capita) though suicides (gun related) have gone up.

This video is pretty good (7 minutes) and it talks about how the problems are different (suicide, gang violence, mass shootings)

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Mass shootings: not much will change

Yes, I agree with what President Obama said:

But alas, nothing will change and the right wing politicians know this.

The embarrassing truth is that the rural right wing is over represented in Congress, be it from gerrymandering the House districts or from other causes (e. g. simple geography). And it is even worse in the Senate with every state getting two Senators, no matter how small the population.

So yes, Mr. President, I AM numbed to it, because nothing is going to raise our nation’s IQ. As far as the other advanced countries: remember that they are smaller than we are; their populations are more homogeneous. So, it is probably easier to get into this “we are all in this together” mode.

We, as a country, have problems, as do the other “large population” countries.

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