I got it…

Ok, here is my timeline.

Yesterday: great workout in the morning, no ill effects. Afternoon: slight nausea; nothing that unusual.
Evening: felt a bit nauseated during yoga class; as if I had eaten something bad. BUT, I felt very chilled; I asked others if the room was cold and NO ONE said that it was; if anything, it was warm for most.

I get home, go to bed at 8:30 pm; can’t eat anything.

Sleep well past 6 am; lay in bed most of the day. Body aches: I feel as if I had been beaten by a rubber hose. No cough, no congestion. Just aches, slight nausea, fatigue, no appetite. I should be good to go by next Thursday (trip to Cleveland planned).

Update: TMI (loose bowels came on later in the day). Still feeling weak, achy, etc.

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death warmed over…

Cold and flu: Peoria, February 2015.

This is a time line to let you know what to expect:

Wednesday afternoon/evening: slightly scratchy throat.
Thursday: slightly subpar workout, scratchy throat.
Friday: subpar workout, fatigue
Saturday: full blown; not much in the way of drainage but a cough and fatigue
Sunday: “just shoot me now” bad; napped on and off during the day. Cough worsened upon laying down.
Monday: slightly more energy than Sunday, but still feel bad; head feels swollen.

Monday evening: feel much better though I now have a mostly “productive” cough (TMI). I was strong enough to teach 3 classes and go to the drug store and get some over-the-counter stuff and take advantage on the “chicken soup” sale.

Tuesday: I had some periods of chills and warmth and I had a few coughing spells. Energy down. Stayed home. But it was a little better than Monday.
Tuesday evening: sleep started rough; lots of coughing at first. Then it got better and I got some needed rest. Hot and cold at times.

Wednesday: lots of coughing upon waking up…then isolated coughing spells lasting a few minutes. Over the counter cough relief stuff and drops are doing the trick; still feeling down and tired, though slightly more energy than Tuesday. Abs starting to cramp from coughing so forcefully. (TMI): cough is productive.

Wednesday Afternoon: even mild exertion (say, climbing stairs) induces coughing; my lower abs are getting sore from coughing so much. Still, I can tell that I am feeling better as it is far easier to concentrate on duties such as grading, writing math, etc.

Thursday: some periods of “hot and cold”; less coughing. I did make a couple of mistakes.
1) I took too many cough drops and blistered my mouth.
2) I took some nighttime cold medicine prior to going to bed and I really didn’t need it; it made me feel worse (side effects)

Activity: light snow shoveling. No problems.

Friday: managed 2 walking miles on the treadmill 27:40; ok. Light coughing at times, but I did without medicine. Wrong spices (e. g. ginger) make me cough. Mouth blisters painful while eating.

Saturday: 5K light run on the treadmill (34:25, decent incline); it was easy for 20-25 minutes and work for the last 8-10 minutes. Got very warm and sweaty…coughed for a brief time afterward. Finally, this is under control though I am “athletically weak”.

The fact that this came on gradually stamps it as a cold, but the effects are “junior varsity flu” like. Even climbing steps is a chore.

But I started to feel slightly better last night as I wrote some in my math blog and I was able to do a competent job introducing Lagrange multipliers in class today.
I do have a cough though.

Students who have had this tell me that it is bad for about 3 days or so and then gradually goes away.

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