My favorite social issues/political twitter accounts (where my ideas germinate from)

Side note: last night’s championship game and unexpected chores kind of threw off my “still on vacation” schedule.

But at my watch party, politics came up and I brought up a conversation I had with a “friend of a friend”. Some conservatives are critiquing what was said at the Golden Globes and I brought up how indifferent I was to what actors/actresses say. That was not well received (at my party) but..hey…

That is politics these days: celebrity X from the liberal side says something, and celebrity Y from the conservative side says something different. And frankly, I care not at all.

If you want to understand what drives my thinking (and you might well NOT want to), I’d recommend you read Paul Krugman, Steven Pinker, Corey Booker, yes, even Barack Obama and, yes, even Hillary Clinton (though her days as a politician are long over, IMHO) and even what I’d call “the respected opposition” of David Frum, David Brooks and Mitt Romney.

Ok, one unexpected person: Kareem Jabbar (who writes columns, many which are very well thought out….he is using that UCLA degree quite well)

My political and social ideas come from sources such as these: (these do not include the sports accounts that I follow and enjoy)

Ok, I liked

But she’s blocked me (for personal reasons. And yes, you can read an account that blocked you on Twitter; just log out and you can read whatever you want).

The accounts that I troll:

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