Unwelcome political news….

Workout notes
Cool, overcast and so I took an easy effort 8.1 mile run on a hilly course (Cornstalk)

Time: ghastly 1:29:29, but I kept the effort easy AND I am still not over my cold totally nor have I recovered from this weekend’s festivities. And I did enjoy the slow run: 10:18, 34:11 (44:29), 34:25, 10:34.

The Senate forecasts are coming in; bad news. It sure looks as if the GOP are strong favorites to retake the Senate (say, 70 percent probability).

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Eric Cantor’s upset loss

Wow. Eric Cantor, House Majority leader, just lost in the Republican primary to an underfunded Tea Party challenger.

This is the message I try to tell my liberal friends: we might think that the reactionary conservatives in the House (and some in the Senate) are babbling idiots. Ok; many are. But they don’t care that they look foolish to us. Their concern is getting reelected in their own districts and there, the primary challenge comes FROM THE RIGHT. My favorite Horsey cartoon really isn’t that far off:

Gridlock in Washington will only get worse and not better. I really don’t see a way out unless things get so bad, we embrace a new “New Deal” or perhaps Theodore Roosevelt type reforms.

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