Is this what “me too” is about?

I was reading the buzz about Aziz Ansari and wondered: does #metoo include bad dates with bad sex that one later regrets? If so, I’ll change my view on the movement.

This “kiss, didn’t like it and tell” sort of reminds me of the time when Gawker humiliated Christine O’Donnell though the guy in question didn’t claim coercion.

Workout notes weights (usual pt) and 2 mile treadmill run after. Treadmill: every 3: 5.0-5.1-5.2-5.3 to 1 mile, then 6.7 to 6.8 in the final quarter.
The run was sharp but doable.

Weights: pull ups (5 sets of 10), bench press; 10 x 135, 1 x 190 (felt bad), 5 x 185, 7 x 175, incline: 10 x 135, military (dumbbell) 10 x 50, 10 x 50 (second set felt bad..needed 2 tries) 10 x 180 machine (90 each side), rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell single arm, 10 x 110 machine.
I was achy again.


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Cold walk; hot shooting (for a half)

It was 9 F when I started, 17 F when I finished with icicles in my beard.

It was an 11 mile plus route in 3:14; W. Peoria to Bradley Park (two excursions to the portopotty) and 2 out and backs; then one mile back home. I’d guess a 16:30 mpm pace average. It was cold but clear and I was bundled up.

Then we watched the women scrap but lose to Missouri State 71-65; Bradley had the lead at the half and held brief leads in the second half. But what kept BU in the game was torrid first half shooting (50 percent overall, 50 percent from 3); there was a balance of 3 point shooting and slashing drives for lay ups.

But overall, it appeared to me that Missouri State had a bit more depth. BU had started out conference play 3-0 (all on the road) and lost to Southern Illinois (who lost to Illinois State today…and Bradley beat ISU) and Missouri State at home.

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SJWs and Alt-right: two sides of the same ignorant coin?

Like many, I’ve been wondering “how did Trump ever get elected” and I’ve considered the factor that “maybe Trump was a pushback against political correctness” conjecture.

And I asked myself “what role might I have played in this”?

Now don’t get me wrong: there are a lot of people who would have supported Trump “no matter what” and it is difficult, if not impossible, to convert a conservative into a liberal. Genes are in play here.

But..does it appear that liberals, in an attempt to be “fair” to minority groups with less power, refuse to acknowledge tough truths? I had very similar questions along those lines 35-40 years ago! (yes, I can recommend the book Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond)

But yes, I’ve seen justice minded liberals deny facts that they don’t like. Here is an excellent example of that (denying crime statistics)

Don’t like a statistic: say it is false and call it XXX-ist!

Another example: take the issue of race and IQ.
Fact: in the US, different racial groups score differently (e. g., Mexicans score lower than non-hispanic whites)
Fact: IQ IS relevant (albeit imperfect) in terms of measuring intelligence (yes, I know; it is a 1 dimensional measure of a complicated thing, but it is meaningful; e. g. someone with an IQ of 95 won’t be an engineer or lawyer (statistically))
Fact: intelligence, or the potential for intelligence, is heritable.

So what happens: the alt-right people improperly combine these facts to argue that, say, in a meritocracy, you’d expect Mexicans to do worse than whites (as a group). You see: as a group, Mexicans just aren’t smart enough to compete and only affirmative action, which gives unfair advantages, can make things look a bit more level.

The SJW liberals don’t like the conclusion that Mexicans are inferior so they deny one or more of the above facts! Reason: they believe that if the above facts are true (and they are), the conclusion that Mexicans are inferior would be correct!

That is, the SJWs and the alt-right agree on the logic; they don’t accept the same facts.

(disclaimer: I am Mexican and, no I don’t feel that we are inferior in any way)

The problem is not with the “facts” but on how you use the facts. To see what is going on, see this article in, of all places, The American Conservative.

TL;DR argument: the potential for intelligence is determined by genes. This is individual. Example: there is nothing anyone could have done to make me as smart as Steven Hawking. But outside forces effect gene expression (say: fetal alcohol syndrome). So if a group of people lives in worse circumstances (say, inferior nutrition, prenatal care, early childhood education), that could well show up in the group IQ measurements and that can change with time (as it did with the East German/West German example).

So, the “group mean IQ being low means that group is inferior” is not a valid conclusion.

But the denying of facts never helps.

We are seeing something like that going on with the reaction to a Steven Pinker video.

The 8 minute video is worth watching: (I got this from Jerry Coyne’s website)

I can see the the effect on bright students. They go through their educations and are either never told relevant facts, or told that these facts are wrong and believing those facts is xxx-ist. They then find out that those facts are, well, facts…and the student feels betrayed and lied to (and rightfully so).

Rule of thumb: do not rule out a hypothesis because it “fees bad”.

And by the way: the above is what I mean about “political correctness”. Political correctness is not “basic politeness”, as some claim.

By the way, read Pinker’s book Blank Slate.

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20 pence “I cannot feel my face” run

Last night: the Bradley women’s team lost to Southern Illinois 63-62, though Bradley did rally from being down 30-15 in the second quarter to take the lead a couple of times, late in the game.

Early on, it appeared that SIU was outworking Bradley and that situation reversed itself. But it wasn’t enough to overcome the slow start. And to be fair, while BU had won its first three MVC games (all on the road), SIU brought in a 3-1 conference record, with only a loss to a strong Drake team; they had wins over Northern Iowa and Indiana State. So this was a step up in conference competition for the team and BU almost measured up! Almost.

Like the men (who got crushed 81-65 at a game that was even worse than the score might suggest), the women are not a top 2-3 MVC team. BUT, they are a respectable “middle of the pack” team which is a step up from where they once were; they have a serious chance of having a winning conference record. There is very visible progress.

About the title of the post
I slept in too late and did not start my “run” until 10 am. It was a slow 1:21 shuffle/slog in 10 F temperatures; sunny day, clear roads. Course: Bradley Park 5.1 plus an extra “upper to lower” hill, plus an extra segment on Bradley Ave.

I had a sweat icicle hanging from my beard:

And near the top of Bradley Park, I found a British 20 pence piece.

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Forming your own Twitter page aggregator

I wanted to provide a list of my favorite Twitter “follows” I did that here: all I did was to list the twitter addresses.
And WordPress created images of what was on each page and updates it! One benefit: I even listed the twitter address of someone who blocked me and…yes, her page is also visible.

That is a decent way to not miss your favorites, at least if you look from a computer (as opposed to a smart phone).

Workout notes
weights only. pt, pull ups (5 sets of 10)
bench: 10 x 135, 4 x 190, 8 x 175
incline: 10 x 135
military: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell, 10 x 90 (each arm) machine
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 200 Hammer machine

no running/walking today…day off.

weight: 208 prior…lots of coffee?

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BU basketball: rolling at home

It was a grind. Yes, BU lead 30-22 at the half, but Southern kept attacking inside and hustling..and cutting the lead over and over again. SIU cut it to 61-60 with 1:04 to go, but BU made a lay up and went 5/5 from the line in the final minute to win 68-62. Though SIU shot 2 more free throws that Bradley did, they hit only 65 percent of them (13-20) whereas BU hit 15-18. It was a grind.

But BU found a way to win. Now when they can do that in front of a hostile crowd…they will move from “middle of the MVC” to the top.

Now the women are 3-0 in conference, with all wins coming on the road (one against a 2-12 team, one vs. a 6-6 team, one vs. an 8-7 team) and 9-5 overall. They have two home games this weekend (against 500’ish teams Southern Illinois and Missouri State) and have an excellent chance to get to 5-0.

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President of sh***y people: Head Deplorable

Ok, we are getting used to this:

When the discussion turned to African nations, the people with knowledge of the conversation added, Mr. Trump asked why he would want β€œall these people from shithole countries,” adding that the United States should admit more people from places like Norway.

Remember, this is in a meeting with Senators and the like.

The problem: a sizable minority of people in this country probably approves of such remarks.

Sure, some countries are wealthier than others, some immigrants are better educated than others and some are smarter than others. And yes, it makes sense to have a mix of immigrants.

But this is NOT how I want my country to be represented. The President is supposed to be speaking for all of us and not just his precious “deplorables”.

Workout notes: weird. again my warm up (on the treadmill) was challenging; 1.5 miles in 19 minutes, 1 minute run, 1 walk.
Track (lane 2) 8:50 (4:26/4:24)
walk 5 more laps
3.1 mile course plus a bit more outside. (slow)

The 8:50 mile just about killed me…I am out of shape (yes, 1 week after blood donation)

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We’ll never be together but maybe we can do better?

I am sort of “out of sorts” with politics lately. Some of it is that Trump is so unhinged and incoherent at times; there are times when he doesn’t even seem to understand the policies he is advocating for.

Some of it might be my age and station in life; so little of what is in the current news affects me directly anymore. I say “directly” because some bad policy might have harmful effects that show up later (e. g. economic stimulus at the bottom of the economy tends to filter up, inaction or weak action on climate change might (probably?) will lead to terrible effects later, etc.)

And as far as discussing things with others: forget about it. It appears that those most eager to talk well, really don’t know what they are talking about. πŸ™‚

From the current right wing:

And the stuff about Russia and possible collusion (and yes, there is something to this) will NOT be believed on the other side; they will see it as the the usual “political mudslinging” that always goes on.

And we’ve got fights on our own side as well. There is some pushback to the more extremist elements of the “me too” movement, as well as counter push backs.

Yes, I’ve seen workplace groping incidents and no one wants a return to those days (I think). And yes, the workplace should be a place for work. But aside from that, there IS a difference between socially inept attempts to flirt and sexual harassment. Yes, many women know the difference. Not all do.

I’ve had some female friends …friends who HAVE been sexually assaulted in the past…tell me that a lot of this feminist stuff “does not speak to them”.
I’d be interested to know what percentage of women have heard of “me too” and what percentage of women have heard of it but do not embrace it. I do NOT have data here.

And yes, I do wonder if political correctness (which is NOT mere politeness) has harmed us. I think that Steven Pinker is right on here (though this is simplified, as it has to be as it is only 8 minutes long)

Oh well…off to run a bit.

Last night I just KILLED it at yoga class. Ok..maybe not so much; I almost toppled over in some relatively “basic” poses. I need to practice more.

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Pushing through workouts while “down in the dumps”

I’ll make this clear: I do NOT have clinical depression. BUT my mood often goes south during extended periods where the weather is cold, grey and snowy. You might call it “down in the dumps”.

During such periods, I sometimes struggle a bit when I have free time; I do better when class is session and I have a set routine: “workout from x to y, eat, office hours and class prep at z, classes here, meetings there, more classes here, office hours/class prep/research/committee work class/meeting now..rinse, later and repeat with an occasional basketball game thrown in.”

And yes, I’ve got some classes to get ready for, and I’ll do some this afternoon.

And kicking myself into getting going: it is mentally tough to do.

Yesterday: I finally got on the treadmill in the afternoon and had to walk right away; I ended up walking for 6 miles; 10K in 1:18:50 (1:04:32 for 5 miles, 11:48 for mile 6). For me, that isn’t that bad.

Today: usual pt; pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (better than recent performances), incline 10 x 135, 4 x 160, 10 x 140, military: 2 sets of 10 x 50 standing dumbbell, 10 x 180 (90 each arm) machine, 3 sets of 10 x 200 Hammer Machine.

The run was weird. I started out at 5.1 mph at 0.5 incline and had to walk at 3 minutes! But by 5 minutes I felt better and sped it up enough to hit mile 1 in 11:48 (going 10 10 mpm at 10 minutes) then did a 9:22 mile (4:25 second half), walked a bit, resumed running to get to mile 3 in 33:36, and 3.11 (5 km) in 34:45. Overall, it was a routine “easy pace” 5K “run” (jog?) but here I really varied the pace.

I think that when I am in these moods, I don’t handle discomfort well and therefore need a gentler warm up. Part of it might be last week’s blood donation.

Weight (shoes, short, shirt: 207.0..unchanged from July).

So, in 2018, I AM working out..just not training. I’ll have to set a spring goal and focus on that.

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My favorite social issues/political twitter accounts (where my ideas germinate from)

Side note: last night’s championship game and unexpected chores kind of threw off my “still on vacation” schedule.

But at my watch party, politics came up and I brought up a conversation I had with a “friend of a friend”. Some conservatives are critiquing what was said at the Golden Globes and I brought up how indifferent I was to what actors/actresses say. That was not well received (at my party) but..hey…

That is politics these days: celebrity X from the liberal side says something, and celebrity Y from the conservative side says something different. And frankly, I care not at all.

If you want to understand what drives my thinking (and you might well NOT want to), I’d recommend you read Paul Krugman, Steven Pinker, Corey Booker, yes, even Barack Obama and, yes, even Hillary Clinton (though her days as a politician are long over, IMHO) and even what I’d call “the respected opposition” of David Frum, David Brooks and Mitt Romney.

Ok, one unexpected person: Kareem Jabbar (who writes columns, many which are very well thought out….he is using that UCLA degree quite well)

My political and social ideas come from sources such as these: (these do not include the sports accounts that I follow and enjoy)

Ok, I liked

But she’s blocked me (for personal reasons. And yes, you can read an account that blocked you on Twitter; just log out and you can read whatever you want).

The accounts that I troll:

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