Ok I am going to “win” this…(maybe)

Right now, I am feeling pretty good, but at last night’s yoga class “one legged down dog” hurt my left heel (it was tight and painful to stretch).

So, for now: it feels its best when I wear the shower sandals (pictured above). I wear Brooks Beasts with Sorbothane pads (and no orthotics..mine are hard plastic with a Spenco pad) and when I try to walk (not this past Sunday) and during my last few runs, I ran in a stability shoe with my orthotics and heel pads.

But neither shoe, pad, “orthotic/no orthotic” cradles my heel the way my shower shoes do. And the shower shoes felt good when I wore them from the locker room to the pool too….it wasn’t just that we have wooden floors at home.

So I’ll try both the heel cups and the special “cradling” orthotic to see if they help; to “my eye” they appear to look like the footbed of my shower shoes.

And yes, I’ll still do the basic stretches.

Workout notes:

2000 swim (1.8 km) 700 free, 100 back, 100 breast, 200 drill/swim, 3 x 200 on the 4 (3:29, 3:29, 3:32), 2 x 50 on the 1 (54, 54) 100 with Jason (almost), 100 cool down.
then 35:11 on the elliptical trainer (4 miles); I noticed nothing for the first 18-20 minutes, then a mild sensation for a bit after that when I lowered the rap; “10” appears to be the best.

Note: last night Ms. Vickie set me up. When I came in for yoga class, she told me that her class had did plank for 5 minutes and that I was to blame. I was wide eyed…I start shaking a bit at 2 minutes.
They later admitted that she was pulling my leg and that her strength class was in on the joke.


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Uh oh…

Heel progress: doing into single legged down dog on the injured foot hurt..and it hurt exactly where classic PF hurts. That is probably what it is.

Other than that, yoga was fine.

Note to the visitor: this is only of interest to me; I keep track of these things in case they happen again..and I can see what worked and what did not.

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Fun, but I still have to get it done…

Let me be clear: I LOOOOOVE these little weekend vacations. And I had another good one: Friday night: dinner with a dear friend. Saturday: Bradley Basketball and dinner with a different dear friend. Today: hike, (5 miles, easy pace), partner yoga then brunch with my yoga teacher.

It was sunny, just a bit brisk..and the course is pretty.

And yes, I completely enjoyed myself. But after the weekend (be it a weekend like this one, or one with lots of games, etc.), there is always the work WEEK and while some of that is fun, there is the tedium and the mundane too (some which really has little to do with student learning..but that is another topic)

About the hike: yeah, the heel hurt just a bit but less than last time..part of the reason is that I did a bit of self massage in the morning. I am in a quandary about my orthotics: probably time to make an appointment with my podiatrist (who is a former basketball player and avid runner).

About the partner yoga: much of what we do comes from here:

Ok, so the party is over…time to get to work. 🙂

But perhaps there is more the next weekend. 🙂

Time to bust out of this winter funk; spring is on the way!

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Partner yoga..

Last night we did the partner yoga workshop; or rather my yoga teacher did and I was the “other person” prop. It was embarrassing at times, as my teacher is, well, much better at it (more flexible, etc) but still fun.

So yesterday was a “swim/AMT/” in the morning; “2 hours of yoga” in the evening.

This morning: did not sleep that well (due to eating late) but still did a workout: weights plus 10 miles (34:40) on the stationary bike.

weights: pull ups (5 sets of 10), usual PT
incline: 10 x 135, 5 x 155, 9 x 145
military: 2 sets of 10 x 50 standing, 10 x 180 (90 each arm) machine
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 single arm.
goblet squats: 10 x 45, 10 x 50, 10 x 62 “to the sill”
Then the bike.

Heel: not 100 percent by any means, but it stung less when I walked in the morning..probably due to warmer weather.

Bradley hosts Illinois State in basketball and I am taking my yoga teacher to the game. Go Braves! Oh, she is an ISU grad. Bradley is favored, in part due to ISU being down 3 players (2 starters). But…they played us back when we had a team manager logging minutes so…

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I admit that I am kind of down; I think that cold winters have this effect on me. Part of the reason is that, suddenly, my bed has gotten cold (wife is on a trip to South Africa; she is scheduled to be back early March).

Part of the reason is that my heel is injured and I cannot run..or at least shouldn’t for a week or two. The heel felt fine yesterday (no workout, but I did snow shovel and did yoga) and..well, I might try some easy treadmill walking at the end of the week if it continues to feel great.

And I have activities with friends over the next several days that I am looking forward to.

I am reading a book called Political Animals by Rick Shenkman and it is VERY helpful to understanding our political climate, but on the right and on the left. It is also depressing too.

Anyhow, partner yoga is going well; my teacher is dedicated.

She showed me some video and, well, there were a few things that I picked right up on….probably not the intention.

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Personal and Trivial: heel saga.

I did some partner yoga with my teacher (at her place) but first we walked about 3 easy miles. The heel pain was minor to moderate (wore Brooks Beasts without orthotics) and afterward, she ran a gadget on it (massage) and it made it feel better.

So, I am just keeping track. Running actually feels a bit better than walking (less of a heel strike) so I’ll see how 3-4 runs a week goes. And it is probably time to revisit swimming.

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Winning will be tough for liberals …

I really don’t care much about award shows, but at the Grammy awards, Hillary Clinton made a cameo appearance (via video) and read a tiny bit from Fire and Fury and, well, poked fun at Trump’s lack of intellectualism (noted that other presidents and politicians have won Grammy awards for reading). Well, some liberals…actually took exception:

The whole premise was, of course, cooked up to give the show an excuse to display its TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). It’s bad enough that there’s a gratuitous slur at Trump at the Grammys, one that had nothing to do with music, but when his opponent in the election reads about his predilection for McDonald’s burgers, well, it’s not only not funny, but it’s unseemly. And it surely won’t make middle America like the Democratic Party any better. Perhaps the advance word that the show would be politicized accounts in part for the huge drop in viewership compared to last year.

Now, yeah, I found it a bit unseemly too, but…really…SO. FUCKING. WHAT. Trump has never hesitated to sling insults at private citizens. And who gives a damn what Trump supporters would think? They are utterly unreachable; trying to talk to them would be like giving a science argument to a Bible beater. There is an outside chance that we can flip just enough of the “I didn’t like Trump but I absolutely LOATHED Hillary” voters.

But there you have it…liberals criticizing liberals for taking the low road (in a benign way). When have you seen Republicans do that to other Republicans?

Or..let some liberal make fun of Sarah Sanders or Kellyanne Conway in the “wrong way” and some SJW will ride in to attack you for your “misogyny”.

Even worse: our very mindset of taking up for the perceived underdog is not politically popular. Liberals vocally support: the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, the Dreamers, rights for illegal aliens…the rights for ex felons to vote, rights for transgirls to shower with genetic girls, etc. And any semblance of a discussion will be met with “oh, you are just a bigot” or “that is just bigotry”, blah, blah, blah.

Oh well…..

And speaking of bleeding heart causes: some advocates are pushing for …pet food to be covered by food stamps!

Now ..hear me out..there are times when a pet can lead to increased emotional and mental health..and the pet might be cheaper than other therapies. So that being covered by services for the indigent might not be a bad idea..but I think that the funding ought to come from another pot (Medicaid? “Paws for the poor”(ok, I just made that up))

Sexual harassment: This is an interesting article about how, at times, the harassed may well have, on some level, “enjoyed” the harassment, which is still improper. This is in the context of a yoga class ..and let me be perfectly clear: this applies to NO ONE that I’ve ever taken yoga from.

Had the notorious “Yoga Sex Scandal” (as it was called by the New York Times) gone down six months ago, I might have jumped on the shock-and-horror bandwagon with nearly everyone else in the blogosphere. But as a new transplant to Santa Monica (a city I often refer to as 2nd chakra central), I was hardly surprised. At the very first class I took in L.A., a male teacher unexpectedly caressed—OK, more like groped— my ass in Downward Dog. There I was, minding my own ujjayi breath, when suddenly I felt a hand sliding over my spandex covered thigh.

At first I was shocked. He was supposed to be a professional, and here he was caressing my butt cheek in a public yoga class. But as he walked away, I felt my hips involuntarily sway back a little bit, almost as if silently asking for more. I felt a flutter in the pit of my stomach, my cheeks flushing red hot. My mind couldn’t believe the way my body was responding … had I actually enjoyed that?


But another part of me—and this is something I feel a bit embarrassed to admit—knew that I hadn’t spoken up because, well, because it felt good. Something in me had enjoyed the touch, relished in the intimacy of a tender caress. It had felt tantalizing, almost intoxicating to be the object of that teacher’s affection. I felt wanted, desired, and, counterintuitive as it may seem, it made me feel powerful.

Workout notes:

usual PT, pull ups (5 sets of 10..good), bench press: 10 x 135, 6 x 185, 8 x 175, incline: 10 x 135, military: 10 x 50 dumbbell standing, 10 x 50 dumbbell standing (ugly), 10 x 180 machine, rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 each arm, 10 x 110 machine. 25 twist crunch (each side, 50 total), moving bridge (2 sets of 10), 10 yoga leg lifts, headstand, side plank, 2 minute plank (hover),

treadmill: (some heel pain, left first) warm up with 11:30 mile, then 8:46 mile (6.7, .8, .9 7.0 every .25 miles). 20:15 total.

The second mile wasn’t as horrible as I feared it would be.

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Hike and yoga

I hiked about 4 miles with Ms. Vickie prior to practicing “partner yoga”. The stretches in partner yoga are more intense (mostly) and one has to focus a bit is one thing to fall over. It is another to knock your partner down by falling over!

I do have some minor heel pain (left heel); not sure if it is PF or a heel bruise. I’ve had this before.

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The D’s did reasonably well

I think it is important to remember that, aside from the possibility of filibustering, the D’s control NOTHING. So I agree with Paul Krugman:

And now Sen. Schumer has taken the wall funding off of the table.

And now we can either have a vote on DACA or call out Sen. McConnell as a liar who does not negotiate in good faith.

But: WE NEED TO WIN A CHAMBER in 2018. The gerrymandering ruling in Pennsylvania will help.

Personal: yin/yang. Last night I was the only one who showed up for yoga, so my teacher gave me a routine which was specific to me. My legs feel great; best they’ve felt in a while. BUT while I love the extra attention, if we can’t more people to class, it will fold.

Workout notes: I decided to go outside in mid 30’s weather (gray, damp pavement, but no rain) and walk deliberately for 10K. It went fine. Aside from one screeching walker (woman singing to her music as she walked…if you can call that “singing”) I had the park mostly to myself.

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We’ll never be together but maybe we can do better?

I am sort of “out of sorts” with politics lately. Some of it is that Trump is so unhinged and incoherent at times; there are times when he doesn’t even seem to understand the policies he is advocating for.

Some of it might be my age and station in life; so little of what is in the current news affects me directly anymore. I say “directly” because some bad policy might have harmful effects that show up later (e. g. economic stimulus at the bottom of the economy tends to filter up, inaction or weak action on climate change might (probably?) will lead to terrible effects later, etc.)

And as far as discussing things with others: forget about it. It appears that those most eager to talk well, really don’t know what they are talking about. 🙂

From the current right wing:

And the stuff about Russia and possible collusion (and yes, there is something to this) will NOT be believed on the other side; they will see it as the the usual “political mudslinging” that always goes on.

And we’ve got fights on our own side as well. There is some pushback to the more extremist elements of the “me too” movement, as well as counter push backs.

Yes, I’ve seen workplace groping incidents and no one wants a return to those days (I think). And yes, the workplace should be a place for work. But aside from that, there IS a difference between socially inept attempts to flirt and sexual harassment. Yes, many women know the difference. Not all do.

I’ve had some female friends …friends who HAVE been sexually assaulted in the past…tell me that a lot of this feminist stuff “does not speak to them”.
I’d be interested to know what percentage of women have heard of “me too” and what percentage of women have heard of it but do not embrace it. I do NOT have data here.

And yes, I do wonder if political correctness (which is NOT mere politeness) has harmed us. I think that Steven Pinker is right on here (though this is simplified, as it has to be as it is only 8 minutes long)

Oh well…off to run a bit.

Last night I just KILLED it at yoga class. Ok..maybe not so much; I almost toppled over in some relatively “basic” poses. I need to practice more.

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