A day off

Workout notes: weights only.
rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10)
bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 9 x 170 (1 rep off)
incline press: 10 x 135
military: dumbbell, seated, supported, 2 sets of 12 x 50, 1 set of 10 x 40 standing
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 (single arm dumbbell)
head stand (twice, sort of fell out of the first attempt,NOT head over heels)
twist crunch (2 sets of 12)
leg lifts: 2 sets of 10

Peoria Chiefs: Last night, they found a way to lose 3-1; the pitching was fine. The starter struck out 8 in 6 2/3 innings and the relief pitcher struck out 3; it was 1-1 at the end of 9. The Chiefs came oh-so-close to going up 2-1 in the 8’th as the runner was perhaps a quarter step from being safe.

Then in the 11’th, Beloit hammered the 3’rd relief pitcher and got a 2 run home run.

Today (day game); the Chiefs were down 4-1 then the visiting pitcher walked two and hit a batter. But there were two outs, and the shortstop fumbled a ground ball that would have ended the inning. A subsequent grounder was fielded but..the shortstop made no attempt to try to throw the runner out. Hence the bases stayed leaded and the game was tied. Then, a strike out.

Top of the 9’th: solo home run near where I was. The Chiefs manager tried to argue it was foul, but it looked fair to me, and to the umpire.

But the Chiefs got a hit and a walk; a fly ball moved the runners to 2’nd and third. So there was one out, and then an intentional walk. But a strike out and a ground ball ended the game. You won’t win many games stranding the bases full TWICE. Beliot survived 3 errors though.

I’ve yet to see the Chiefs win, though they’ve won 21 games and lost 22; I’ve seen 6 of the latter.

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An example of how the brain fills in information

Workout notes: weights only.
rotator cuff
bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 9 x 170 (just a bit off)
incline press: 10 x 135
military: 2 sets of 12 x 50 dumbbell, seated, supported, 10 x 40 standing.
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell
head stand (rough)
plank: 20 seconds of front-side-front-side-front-side-front-side, not letting the torso touch the ground.
twist crunch: 2 sets of 12
yoga leg lefts: 2 sets of 10

On the way back from the gym, I saw a gold Prius driving toward me. I “saw” that it had green “environmental” Illinois license plates. When I got closer: nope…those were standard white plates. I would have sworn to a lie!

Reason: the gold Prius I drive has those green plates; when I saw that other car my mind just made up what it couldn’t see clearly and “filled in” the details.

I’ve talked about my brain playing tricks on me in terms of my remembering what I did NOT do. This is why eyewitness testimony is not that reliable; our brain puts in missing details and can be conned into remembering what did not happen.

I think that I do the same thing with human relationships. When I meet someone, either “on line” or in “real life”, I only see a narrow slice of them, so to speak. I see them in a particular setting, say “the office”, on a run or in a political discussion. And my brain starts “filling in the details” as to what they might be like, and I am sometimes surprised when I find that they are “not like that” at all.

I’ve seen this over and over again with my wife; she spent years working with people and giving them counselling on various levels. So part of her job was to get to understand the person, and, often, the other person made inferences about her. And many of those inferences were wildly inaccurate.

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Sunny day…and chilly

Workout notes:
rotator cuff
pull ups: 15-10-10-10-5
incline bench press: 10 x 135, 10 x 150, 10 x 140
military press (dumbbells) 2 sets of 12 x 50, seated, supported, 10 x 40 standing
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 (single arm dumbbell rows)
head stand (ok)
twist crunches (2 sets of 12)
yoga leg lifts (2 sets of 10)

Cornstalk classic 4.2 mile walk (untimed)

Later: with the group tonight (2-3 miles?)

This is my final week of training….prior to the taper. It is getting real.

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I really don’t push myself anymore: an example

Workout notes rotator cuff
pull ups: 15-15-10-10
bench presses: 10 x 135, 5 x 185 (strong), 10 x 170 (strong *)
incline presses: 10 x 135
military (dumbbell): 2 sets of 12 x 50 (seated, supported), 10 x 40 standing
rows: (single arm dumbbell), 3 sets of 10 x 50
head stand (gym floor with mat)
planks: 20 seconds each: front-side-front-side-front-side-front-side
No touching the floor with the body at any time; stacking the ankles on the side and an extended, straight arm.
twist crunch: 2 sets of 12
yoga leg lifts: 2 sets of 10

Then an easy “for the soul” 5K walk outside; too pretty not to. Pre walk body weight: 188.

Shoulder: still slightly sore; not that bad though.

Title of the post: on my set of 10 x 170: on my last rep I lowered the bar, touched the chest and when I started up, I didn’t like the direction/trajectory the bar was going (I like to raise it “over my eyes”). So I lowered it back to my chest and pushed it back up again, this time with a better trajectory. It *looked* that I had gotten stuck. But the fact is that I lift in a way where I quit a set when I still have 1-2 extra reps left (yes, this bench has safety catches).

So I wonder if my current weakness is the result of attitude, *in addition to* age.

I know that these-a-days I spend much more workout time in my “comfort zone” than I used to. But hey, it is still fun.


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Non optimal training

Workout notes: rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10), bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 7 x 170 (sore shoulder..cut back), incline: 10 x 135, dumbbell military: 2 sets of 12 x 50 seated, supported, 10 x 40, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell, head stand (rough entry), 2 sets of 12 twist crunch, 2 sets of 10 yoga leg lifts.

Then 5K walk to and from Bradley park (main hill).

This was an old person’s workout. For one, the 5K walk was just because, well, it was too pretty not to. Sometimes I’ll do these just because I want to, rather than stay disciplined.

On the flip side: I remember back in 1975 working in the high school weight room which had one of those old Universal gyms.


I was trying to do 220 pounds in the bench press (that is what it went up to; you could then stack on extra weights on the bar above). Oh my…the first time, people were around me, shouting and yelling encouragement ….PUSH PUSH…” And after what seemed like an eternity, I got it.

Well…no more efforts like that.:-) I really don’t push for that last one anymore and that might be one reason I am not as strong as I could be. But hey, in the days were improvement is out of the question, it is about slowing the rate of decline and that is a different mentality.

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And the semester winds down…

I still have one small class to grade and some papers to score.
Workout notes: weights plus 4 mile walk (Cornstalk classic)
pull ups: 10-10-10-10-5-5 (weak), rotator cuff
incline: 10 x 135, 8 x 150, 10 x 140
military: barbell: 8 x 90, 8 x 85, machine: 10 x 200
rows (machine) 3 sets of 10 x 110
headstand, 2 sets of twist crunches, 2 sets of yoga leg lifts.

(shoulder was a bit sore)

Later: 2 miles with the group.

Not much to say today…

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Post Primary Campaign Rhetoric

First things first: workout notes:
weights only:
rotator cuff
pull ups (15-15-10-10…slowly, no swinging)
bench press: 10 x 135, 5 x 185, 10 x 170 (strong)
incline press: 10 x 135
military: 3 sets of 10 x 40 dumbbell standing
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 200 Hammer machine
abs: headstand, planks (front/side/front/side done twice), twist crunch (2 sets of 12) yoga leg lifts


The Democratic campaign is effectively over, though the Sanders camp won’t admit that. So, expect the following:

1. Increasingly, our left wants to channel the Republican far right:

This has become especially obvious in the waning days of the Democratic primary: you can watch data journalists like the two Nates (Cohn and Silver) growing increasingly exasperated with Sanders supporters who keep insisting that Hillary is stealing the nomination with superdelegates, when it’s actually the Sanders campaign talking about getting supers to overturn the pledged delegate count and the popular vote. […]

I was therefore primed to notice when Sanders declared that Democrats need their own version of Fox News. What does he mean, exactly? Should the proposed network engage in similar factual distortions and outright falsehoods, except this time in the service of progressive goals?

By the way, it wouldn’t work. Fox caters to an audience of angry old white men; the angry young white guys who would want a left-wing version of this message are fewer in number, have less purchasing power, and anyway don’t get their news from TV. But that’s a side point.

The main point, instead, is that what we’re seeing is that the sort of people who really care about getting facts right – who see facing up to inconvenient truths as an important value – are largely on the center-left. Care with evidence appears to matter if you are, say, the 11th most liberal senator; this is in contrast not just with the right, but also with some of the left.

This is exasperating for many reasons. Denial of facts is bad enough. But what some on our left don’t seem to get is that the Democrats won’t control Congress without some “Blue Dogs” (conservative Democrats) getting elected in relatively conservative regions. Something too leftist isn’t going to be supported by the people of such districts.

2. Traditionally, the Democratic candidate’s campaign “takes over the DNC” as the candidate is considered to be the “head of the party”. That has nothing to do with “rigging” but simply the result of Clinton getting more votes and more delegates. Yes, most of the officials who are super delegates will be Clinton supporters as ..well, she leads super delegates by 523-39 (according to Real Clear Politics) and, of course, has a commanding lead in pledged delegates (285 by

3. Now of course, Sanders supporters can have some influence in the party platform, but it is likely to be far more subtle than they’d like. Why? Well, we had a vote and one side won. Unfortunately, some see “not getting their way” as being “shut out”. Expect to hear some major league bellyaching.

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Trump in the general election…

Workout notes: weights only. pull ups: 15-15-10-10, bench press: 10 x 135, 5 x 185 (strong), 10 x 170 (strong), incline press: 10 x 135. Military: 3 sets of 10 x 40 dumbbell, standing. Rows: 3 sets of 10 x 200 Hammer Machine.
rotator cuff, planks (2 x front/side/front/side), twist crunch (2 sets of 12), yoga leg lifts (2 sets of 10), moving bridge.

Final exams: more to say on my math blog.

So, we move onward versus Trump in the general.
One thing to remember: he is a Republican who attacked the Neocons on Iraq

And his answer to jobs being taken outside of the US is NOT “give them more tax breaks”:

So, there are things to like about him:

Three streams of Republicans are likely to oppose Trump: those to his right on trade and government spending; neoconservatives who oppose his “America First” noninterventionist foreign policy; and the remaining moderates and others in the party alarmed over his outbursts on, among other things, torture, immigration, race, women, Latinos, Muslims, Vladimir Putin and, lest we forget, Obama’s birthplace, Ted Cruz’s father and John McCain’s military service. These honorable and brave conservatives should not lose their nerve under pressure from conventional politicians or the very lobbyists and big donors Trump likes to denounce.

In other words, Daddy Warbucks types want their tax cuts, the warmongers want their wars, and, well, he is just too…well…tacky for the moderates.

Now the race is likely to be dishonestly reported as a “close race” and “both sides have a point” sell well with the media:

First, and least harmful, will be the urge to make the election seem closer than it is, if only because a close race makes a better story. You can already see this tendency in suggestions that the startling outcome of the fight for the Republican nomination somehow means that polls and other conventional indicators of electoral strength are meaningless.

The truth, however, is that polls have been pretty good indicators all along. Pundits who dismissed the chances of a Trump nomination did so despite, not because of, the polls, which have been showing a large Trump lead for more than eight months.

Oh, and let’s not make too much of any one poll. When many polls are taken, there are bound to be a few outliers, both because of random sampling error and the biases that can creep into survey design. If the average of recent polls shows a strong lead for one candidate — as it does right now for Mrs. Clinton — any individual poll that disagrees with that average should be taken with large helpings of salt.

A more important vice in political coverage, which we’ve seen all too often in previous elections — but will be far more damaging if it happens this time — is false equivalence.

You might think that this would be impossible on substantive policy issues, where the asymmetry between the candidates is almost ridiculously obvious. To take the most striking comparison, Mr. Trump has proposed huge tax cuts with no plausible offsetting spending cuts, yet has also promised to pay down U.S. debt; meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton has proposed modest spending increases paid for by specific tax hikes.

That is, one candidate is engaged in wildly irresponsible fantasy while the other is being quite careful with her numbers. But beware of news analyses that, in the name of “balance,” downplay this contrast. […]

I’ve already seen pundits suggest that both presumptive nominees fight dirty, that both have taken the “low road” in their campaigns. For the record, Mr. Trump has impugned his rivals’ manhood, called them liars and suggested that Ted Cruz’s father was associated with J.F.K.’s killer. On her side, Mrs. Clinton has suggested that Bernie Sanders hasn’t done his homework on some policy issues. These things are not the same.

Now many were surprised that Trump did as well as he did. What happened to the “data based punditry”? Basically, the nerds refused to believe what their data was telling them; it was too counterintuitive.

Speaking of dishonesty: becoming desperate brings out the worst in a campaign. For example, the Sanders campaign is pointing out that in 2008, many superdelegates switched from Clinton to Obama. That is true, but only a few switched while the race was still on; the vast majority switched after Clinton conceded.

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Study day fun and games

I got a quick workout: weights and a 4 mile walk:

weights: rotator cuff, pull ups (15-15-10-10), incline presses (10 x 135, 10 x 150, 10 x 140: strong), military (3 sets of 10 x 40 dumbbell), row (3 sets of 10 x 40 dumbbell), head stand, planks (front/side/side)
Then 4.2 miles through Bradley Park (Cornstalk classic course)




It was “school day” for the Chiefs game. It was cold; I wore thermal underwear and was glad that I did.

The game featured a lot of action, but the Bowling Green Hot Rods jumped on the Chiefs and didn’t let up.

They knocked out the Chiefs starting pitcher in the FIRST INNING; he got one out, but gave up a walk and 3 hits (including a triple); it was 4-0 after the first inning. It ended 11-2 with Bowling Green racking up 18 hits including 2 home runs and several extra base hits. The Chiefs got 12 hits of their own, but wasted opportunities. For example, with the game still in doubt, the Chiefs had the bases loaded with only one out…and could only manage two pop ups…no runs.

That is life in A ball: if your team is good the year before, all of the players will get promotions.:-)

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Sore shoulder into the end of the semester

Well, that “pop” was real, though weights are going ok. So weights only today.

Rotator cuff
pull ups: 15-10-10-10-5 (slow reps)
bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 10 x 170 (easy today)
incline: 10 x 135
military: 3 sets of 10 x 40 standing (dumbbell)
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 60 dumbbell (each arm)
head stand: tough to get into, but ok once there.
plank: forward, side, side, forward, side, side
twist crunches: 2 sets of 12
yoga leg lift: 2 sets of 10
moving bridge recovery

And today was the last day of classes; 2 final exams made up and ready to go. One more to make up. Interview to type up.

Then: grading, and then my own stuff.:-)

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