Post Thanksgiving swim..

Routine, but I did it. Weights at the Riverplex then a swim.

Bodyweight: 186 after weights, 184.7 after swimming.

pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (strong)
bench press: 10 x 135, 3 x 185, 7 x 170 (170 felt good; 185 felt weak)
incline press: 10 x 135
military: 2 sets of 12 x 50 dumbbells (seated, supported) 10 x 40 standing
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbells, 10 x 60 dumbbells

Then I saw the pool with open lanes: 500 easy, 10 x 25 fist, 25 free, 10 x 25 side, 25 free, 500 free, 150 back, 50 fly.
I was pretty slow; I couldn’t catch another old, slow guy.

Football: I saw most of the Cowboys vs. Panthers (2 “pick 6’s for Carolina who won 33-14), all of the Texas vs. Texas Tech (UT lost 48-45; I had predicted a 45-42 loss), and the end of the Bears vs. Packers (17-13 Bears). When GB reached the Bear 8 with first and goal with about 1 minute to go, I just *knew* that GB would win. Wrong.

I knew two people who were celebrating. Ok, I too was cheering for the Bears, as I usually do.


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What’s the difference?

Workout notes: still low energy. I wonder if I have a low grade bug or something. I lifted and walked.

Walk: 4 miles outside (Cornstalk classic course in heavy sweats); they now have the hills closed off for the winter, but the footing was good.
Lifting: (leisurely pace)
rotator cuff
pull ups: 4 sets of 10, then one more set of 10 after bench/incline
bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 7 x 170 (strong, but didn’t really push because of no spotter; I did have safety catches)
incline press: 10 x 135
military press: 3 sets of 12 x 50 (seated, supported).
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 single arm dumbbell, 10 x 110 machine
abs and McKenzie exercises.

Post: What is the difference between a “butt shot” and a mere “photo from behind”? I had a (former) FBF complain about what she thought was spandex shots of women..though many (most) were posed shots. That made me think: “what is the difference between these two race photos”, other than one appeals to me and the other one doesn’t?


Both of these photos were shot at races and put up on websites (I know the one on the left was without the permission of the subject in the photo..and no, he did not care at all)

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My blahs continue…

I am just not sharp in any phase…note that there is still some residual ice on the ground.

Workout notes: swim: just not into it. 500 warm up, 5 x 50 drill, 50 fins. I started 100’s on the 2:10: 1:44, 1:47 and I just couldn’t make myself care. So I did 100 pull, 100 free, 100 pull, then 4 x 100 “fake IM” (free in place of breast), 100 IM, 100 fins, 100 pull.

Weights: started out rough; pull ups were a real chore (4 sets of 10), rotator cuff..

incline presses: 10 x 135…that got me to sweating and when that happened, I was ok.
7 x 150 (strong), 10 x 140

10 pull ups (strong)
2 sets of 12 x 50 dumbbell military (seated, supported), 2 sets of 10 x 50 row (each arm)
10 x 40 dumbbell military (standing), 10 x 110 machine row.

Ab sets (twists, leg lifts, 2 sets of each)

It was weird…I felt bad until I started to sweat.

This is the kind of thing that gives liberalism (and the humanities) a bad name. In a Canadian university, “yoga class” was cultural appropriation, and according to an article at Everyday Feminism, so is eating “ethnic food”.

Hmmm, pay 20-30-40-50 K per year for your kid to learn creative ways of being offended…wow.

Now for the “genuine article”: this Trump ad is supposed to convince …someone?

I guess it might be a “rally the troops” sort of thing.

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Workout notes weights then 5 miles of running:

Weights: pull ups, 4 sets of 10
rotator cuff
bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 7 x 170
incline press: 10 x 140 (challenge)
pull ups: 10 more
military press: 2 sets of 12 x 50 dumbbell, seated, supported, 10 x 40 standing
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 (each arm), 10 x 110 (machine)

Then to the treadmill: I was feeling fatigued and unmotivated.
22:10 warm up (difficult)
18:10 2 miles track (lane 2: 9:10/8:58)
11:20 cool down.

I had a low energy day, so to speak.

I have to remember that I had that 30 miler just two weeks ago, and a marathon 3 weeks prior to that.

Snow. It won’t stay long, but we had some slick stuff. I don’t like it. :-)

Football: Illinois got beat 32-23; the Illini moved the ball very well (433 yards to 343 yards for Minnesota) but gave up some big kickoff returns and turned the ball over 3 times. The game was iced when Minnesota broke a 75 yard touchdown run with 1:25 to go and followed it by a 2 point conversion.

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Water and iron…


Swimming: 500 warm up, 5 x (50 drill, fins, 50 free), 5 x 200 on the 4: 3:33, 3:34, 3:33, 3:32, 3:28. 100 back (fins), 50 fly (fins), 50 pull.

Yes, it was crowded and I shared a lane at two separate times. The second time it was just another stinky guy.

Weights: rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10)
incline presses: 10 x 135, 7 x 150, 10 x 135
military presses: 3 sets of 10 x 40 dumbbells (standing)
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110

Yoga: focus on leg lifts and abs (a few sun salutes, etc) and headstand.

Overall my body isn’t that “tired” but my running needs rebuilding, as does my walking.

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Decadence and weight gain

Workout notes: swimming and weights.
Swim: 500 easy, 500 of 50 drill (fins), 50 free. 10 x 100 on the 2:10: first 5: 1:45 each (one 1:47), next 4: 1:42-43 each, then 1:38.
100 back (fins), 50 fly (fins), 50 pull.

Weights: 4 sets of 10 pull ups, rotator cuff
bench press: 10 x 135, 2 x 185 (struggle), 7 x 170
incline press: 10 x 135
10 pull ups
military: 2 sets of 12 x 50 (seated, supported, dumbbells), 10 x 40 standing
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbells (each arm), 10 x 110 machine
abs: 2 sets of 12 twists, 2 sets of 10 yoga leg lifts.

Post: last Monday, I weight 187.5 after swimming. I had a rough trail 30 miler on Saturday but…ate Lebanese food on Saturday night and Indian buffet on Sunday.
This morning: 183.5 after swimming. Yeah, I had nachos yesterday (for lunch) and 2 hot dogs for lunch on Saturday. But I ate lightly for the rest of the meals.
My workouts were easy: 5K run on Saturday, 2 mile walk (26:00) on Sunday morning.

Moral: weight is really about what I eat rather than what I do.

Decadence: for the past 8 weeks, I had either a football game or a marathon/ultra every weekend. (4 Illinois games, 1 Baldwin Wallace game, 2 Rams games, Peoria Marathon, McNotAgain 30 miler (trail)). Let’s just say that I work hard during the week and play hard during the weekends. :-)

Hmm…perhaps it is time for me to find a nearby marathon next weekend? ;-) Nah.

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College Football Weekend

Workout notes: weights, 3 mile run, 2 mile hill walk (treadmill)

weights: rotator cuff, 5 sets of 10 pull ups,
incline press: 10 x 135, 7 x 150, 10 x 140
military: seated, supported: 2 sets of 12 x 50, then 10 x 40 standing (dumbbells)
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell (each arm), 10 x 110 (machine)

run: treadmill, 5K in 31:30 (5.2 mph, up by .1 every 2 minutes)
walk: treadmill: 2 miles in 29:40: hill (1-8 in 20, then 1-4 in 10)

Pretty basic.

College football:
Ohio State favored by 16-17 at Illinois: part of me thinks that this will look a lot like the Wisconsin game. Then again, Ohio State is fighting for a playoff spot and style points will count. Call it 35-17 and OSU covers. I’ll be at this one.

Navy favored by 20 over SMU SMU is a bad team and Navy is strong. But Navy has to have a bad game sometime; they pasted Memphis on the road and still face Tulsa, Houston on the road and Army..and possibly a game in the AAC championship game. Pick Navy to win, but SMU might well keep it..well, not “close” but 30-14’ish. Navy to win, SMU covers?

West Virginia favored by 8 over Texas Texas has actually performed comparably against the teams that West Virginia lost to; in fact, slightly better. But Texas has been a horrible, absolutely horrible road team: 38-3, 50-10, 24-0 losses; the latter to a not-so-good Iowa State team. Texas lays another egg: 27-3?

Wake Forrest at Notre Dame: ND favored by 27 Sounds about right; ND is rolling and Wake isn’t very good. 38-0 Irish.

Summary: Straight up: Ohio State, Navy, West Virginia, Notre Dame.
Spread: Ohio State, SMU, West Virginia, Notre Dame.

NFL note: Got tickets for the Bears vs. Rams. Rams are favored by 7. That sounds about right; neither team is a ball of fire so I’ll go with the home team. Call it 24-17 Rams, though it wouldn’t be a monumental upset if the Bears won.

I think that this is my first “College/Pro” football double weekend since I caught Texas-Oklahoma and Dallas-San Francisco in 1989.

Personal Football note: I played offensive tackle in high school. Yeah, I got a holding call or two (or three); I didn’t use my feet well. But I don’t think that I ever did this…(and this was NOT called)


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Yes, I’ve got butt-hurt

Workout notes: weights, treadmill run, 1 mile cool down walk.
Weights: 5 sets of 10 pull ups (4 then 1), rotator cuff
bench: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 7 x 170
incline: 10 x 135
military: 2 sets of 12 x 50 dumbbell seated, supported, 10 x 40 standing
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 each arm (dumbbell), 10 x 110 machine

Run: treadmill (save the legs) 10:50 mile 1, then .5-.5-.5 at 6.7,6.8, 6.9 .25 7, .25 7.1 then .2 7.1. 17:23 2 mile. Then 1 mile on the track.

And this is where the butt-hurt comes in: Saturday’s “disaster at Mc-Not-Again” left me with a very sore butt (gluteal muscles). The reality is that I didn’t “do my homework” on the very steep hills. The Bradley Park road hills, while challenging, are no substitute.

Oh yes, there are other types of butt-hurt and this is discussed in this 32 minute video:



No, I did not go as there was a Bradley Basketball game last night. But Trump drew 10K. And he is taking shots at Sen. Rubio:


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College sports: Bradley Basketball and Missouri Football

Workout notes: swim only (then some yoga); hips and calves are still a bit tired and sore.
500 easy, 5 x 100 (alternate side, free), 5 x (50 drill, fins, 50 free), 6 x 100 (alternate free, pull), 100 with fins (back, free)
Then more yoga.

College Sports Yes, the President of the University of Missouri is stepping down; it appears as if the publicity generated by the football player protest hastened it a bit. I’ve seen a video of this president in action: it appears as if he didn’t have the PR skills or savvy to be a big time college president in this day and age.

I watched Bradley Basketball tonight: they beat St. Joe’s (Indiana, D-2) 84-65. BU was up 83-51 with 5 minutes to go. Yes, St. Joe’s had lost to Butler 106-66 so Bradley’s result wasn’t that surprising.

BU could at least make layups; something they didn’t do well last year. But this roster has 10 freshman, 1 sophomore and 1 junior and 1 senior (the other senior can’t play this season due to a bad back). They will suffer against D-1 competition and especially in Missouri Valley play. But they’ll grow and I am confident that they’ll be pretty good a season and a half from now.

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Post Ultramarathon thoughts…

Workout notes: weights, yoga and some light cycling (indoor; 10 minutes)
Weights: pull ups (5 sets of 10, sort of weak)
rotator cuff
bench press: 10 x 135, 3 x 185, 7 x 170 (sort of weak)
incline press: 10 x 135 (challenging)
rows: 10 x 110 machine, 2 sets of 10 x 60 dumbbell (each arm)
military presses: 3 sets of 10 x 40 standing dumbbells

Then the bike, then yoga. I felt looser after than I did before.

Post Ultra thoughts:

1. Several runners gave encouragement as I got out of their way (single track). Mostly I nodded or didn’t say much. I was just in a weird zone; no ability to be bubbly. The one time I responded is when a MILF with spandex (with VPLs) remarked that all the clothing I was wearing had to be making me hot. I responded: “I am not going fast and therefore not generating heat.” She said “I would not say I was going fast.” I responded “you are going fast, RELATIVE TO ME.”

Later in the race (close to the end of my second loop and on the third), I let attractive bespandexed women go; I was physically and mentally whipped.

2. I found a smart phone on the trail…happily it was returned to its owner.

3. This is one problem I have with being older: yes, my capabilities have declined. But by how much? How much better would I have done had I worked on leg strength? How about having done my road marathon 5-6 weeks earlier instead of 3 weeks earlier?

On the latter point: I had a friendly “competition” with a hot marathoning running GILF. She did the Farmdale 30 miler in 9:30 a few weeks ago (1 week prior to my road marathon) and I had that time in least until mid way. She did a road marathon yesterday and did it about 30 minutes slower than I’d expect for her. It seems as if both of us did better in our first event than in the second; perhaps people who are older than 50 need more recovery time?

Yes, I know; there are 50+ year olds who routinely do multiple marathons back to back; I think that they are the exception.

4. But this event exposed one of my weaknesses: very weak legs. I think that strengthening my legs will pay dividends in my other events.

I’d decided to focus on the 1 mile to 5K run and on the marathon walk; I plan to do this in alternate seasons (3-4 months: marathon walk, 3-4 months: 1 mile to 5K run).

But I know myself: I’ve never been able to stick with lower body strength training unless I was rehabbing or I had a specific event in mind.

So, I am thinking of singing up for the Potawatomi 50 mile in April (34 hour time limit so I can “stage this”, if needed) as a way of getting me to work on leg strength. If I do sign up, I’ll know that I need to do concentrated hill/leg strength or else I’ll be toast. It is an idea; perhaps it is a bad one.

This should give me plenty of time to get ready for the walker’s marathon in Minnesota (late May).

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