BU baseball, accountability, etc.

Last night: Bradley Baseball played its home opener (they are having a good season so far). They beat Chicago State (a team that has won a few games and been competitive in others) 16-1; the BU starter struck out 9 over 5 innings and allowed 1 hit; the game was called after 7 innings due to the score.

Though college baseball is high level and a lot of fun to watch, I did notice that some of the outfield hits would have been “outs” at a Chiefs game; at that level (“low” A), the fielders are a bit faster and get a better jump on the ball.

And that is something about sports: there is performance. If one cannot practice due to life problems, illness, or whatever, one’s performance will suffer and there will be consequences, even if the circumstances are not the fault of the individual player.

On the other hand, in the classroom, all too often students see their grade as some sort of “sign of virtue” (they tried therefore they deserve…) or a “commodity” that I have and that they want rather than a score of how they did and how much they know. Time and time again, students have told me “this is hard for me” or “I’ve got so much going on and I need this grade” as if those statements should have an effect on the grade they are assigned. They do not; I use a spreadsheet and take the names off (split screen view) ..and once in a while, I am surprised that a student gets assigned the grade that they got.

A grade can be very much like a finishing time: you run and there it is. You can’t argue that the clock keeper should spot you a few seconds because “you need it” or “you tried hard”.

Workout notes: swim, then a run/walk. The foot was a bit sorer today;

swim: 250 warm up (bad), 5 x 50 fist/drill, 500 (chased Jason; kept within one body length), 100 back, 100 breast, 4 x 100 IM (bad), 200 swim/drill, 200 (3:40), 100 (1:50), 50, 50 c/d
run: had to quit .25 miles into it..but the foot loosened up and then 2 miles in 22:50. Foot was starting to “work” so I stopped, went to the track and walked 2 miles (16 laps, lane one, plus the straight away) in 28:45. Foot felt great afterward.

I did limp just a bit coming home (at least at first).


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Back for round 2

Back in town…finished grading some exams.

The drive there and back: as easy as I have ever had. I was surprised. Now I am going to work on the book Shattered (about the Clinton campaign…so far..what I expected as far as strengths and weaknesses.

Workout: hotel treadmill again; 3 miles on the treadmill (33:50) then 1 walk: 47:45. The heel, while not well, is doing better. No NSAIDS over the past 4 days. Medium distance running appears to be ok.

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Cleveland trip..

Workout notes: 4 miles on the treadmill in 46:40; 3 run in 32:50; 33:50 for 3.1 (breaker trip at 2.55 at 28:10; 6.1-6.2 to get to 3.1, then walked.

Later: Rocky River Park stairs (note: 2 minutes per uphill walk, steady, not fast, but deliberate).

Overall, it was a nice visit with Olivia and Barbara was great company as well.

Yesterday: Greater Cleveland Aquarium and Brunos.

Today: Rocky River Nature Preserve and lunch, and Half Price books.

We took a trolley tour of Cleveland afterward. Note the colorful blue paint on the bridge.

They had all sorts of fish.

Note the size of this could take air from the surface too.

The shark tank was interesting.

Yes, you could put your hand in the water to pet the stingrays.

Handsome toad.

At Brunos.

At Rocky River

The Nature Center has lots of rocking chairs and some animal exhibits.

The Stairs: 2 minute walk up. I did this 3 times, just for the heck of it (some ice still left). Great views from the top.

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Not ready for prime time

Ok, I tried a 7 mile walk; W. Peoria 5.25 plus a 2.05 Cornstalk loop. Pace was high 16’s; I was stumpy because I was automatically trying to protect my PF heel ( which hurts with a push-off). It will be a while before faster walking is comfortable. Time: 2:02 (not a misprint). Oh boy. It was sunny and I have only mild “post walk” ache without taking Naproxen. And yes, I am not quite over last Thursday’s bug; I ended up napping this afternoon.

For some reason, I was reminded of Steamboat 15K runs in the past. And you know what I really, really miss?

Well, when I finished in the 1:08 range (just under, just over), I felt good about being included in the group I was running with. I felt similarly when I slowed to 1:11-1:14. 1:21-1:23….not so much.

Walking it just under 2 hours? Well, I liked my age peers (e. g. Lynnor..some others) . But most around me were on the order of 20 years younger and, well, let’s just say that they are different than those I used to run with. I miss being with the “old group”.

Hell, I suppose I should be grateful I finished today’s walk. But man, do I lose a bunch when I have to lay off a bit.

Other news: The Trump circus continues. Trump fires Tilerson via twitter and then fires Goldstein (a top deputy).

Well, at least tonight’s Pennsylvania election is expected to be close, and this is in a highly Republican district. Trump threw a huge rally for the Republican..will it help?

Frankly, the Republican sounds desperate but I am not great at guessing.

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Interesting to me: campus free speech again, Illinois river flooding, geese, etc.

I am not 100 percent recovered from my recent illness and my heel is not ready for hard training either, though 4.2 miles with Ms. Vickie (“quick hike” pace) felt good.

The Illinois river has receded but one can see clearly that the goose loop was partially underwater; note the navigation buoy washed up on the grass.

Try to blow up this photo: the white goose in this photo actually has a “Canadian” neck.

And Ms. Vickie clowning a bit.

I had to fight off temptation to do more miles on my own; that is a good sign. But I am still slightly fatigued and almost fell asleep during the play Bonnie and Clyde. Well…it was community theater with many family members in the audience. The Bonnie character wasn’t the traditional Bonnie but has a wonderful singing voice (the play is a musical).

Issues: campus free speech, AGAIN. I am interested because I am a college professor. And this tweet thread that I’ve linked to does a good job at explaining that college is not making students more resistant to free speech than other students their age, that the number of incidents has to be viewed in context (there are many colleges and universities) and that the critics of some of the reported actions aren’t themselves the best advocates for free speech.

Now that being said, I will still criticize actions that I don’t care for, even if said actions aren’t of epidemic proportions, may not be representative of students on the whole, and may not be the fault of their education.

And yeah, I suppose that one easy way to raise my hackles is to intimate that somehow, you are qualified to censor (by direct policy of shouting down) what I want to hear. You aren’t. That applies to SJWs and religious nutters alike.

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Feeling much better

I don’t know what I had…but I appear to be all but over it.

I was going to lift and do something else but I saw some swimming lanes were open so I swam.

600 easy (sort-of races a nice looking woman), 12 x 50 fist/free on the 1:05 (subpar; 55 each), 100 back, 100 breast, 100 drill/swim, 200 (3:36), 100 back, 200 (3:40), 100 back 100 IM (less than stellar)

Then an easy 3 mile walk; saw the aftermath of a 5K (taking down the course). heel: slightly sore at first but felt fine later.

weight: 199 before swimming, 197.8 after.

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This funk is becoming normal…

I have been in just a weird mood. Some of it is related to my personal life (no worries..”First World Issues”) but some of it, I think is about our country’s social situation.

I’ve heard about polarization and yes, there were times when this country was even more polarized (think: civil rights era, Civil War). But get a load of this:

Yes, one current wrestling “villain” (aka “heel”) is the outspoken liberal!

And yes, if you listen to the comments, it is “those libs” who try to tell us “how to live our lives”…which I suppose means that they want to teach creationism in their public schools, discriminate against gays under the law (yes, there is fine line between “freedom of private association” and what a public business is permitted to do), etc.

And those who ARE of liberal mind who have the means often leave such places to go where they fit better:

We’ve talked to death the fact that America’s rural areas have been emptying out and filling up the big urban areas across the country. Within those urban areas, liberals are not well represented in the suburbs in most cases; voters there tend to be older, married, white homeowners of a distinctly reactionary bent. In other words, the author is right that there is little organized liberal presence in a lot of these places…because most of the liberals are gone.

Where, then, are these liberal ground-up organizations supposed to come from? As the second quote reveals, Democratic campaigns have a kind of “surge and recede” dynamic; they fan out across the country for election years and then pack up and return to California and the East Coast until the next election. That’s ineffective. The problem is that there’s a reason all of those people live in California, New York, Boston, and DC – they’re probably from the Muncies and Rockfords of the world and they got out the second they could. Going back simply reminds them of why they left.

Not to make the author personally responsible for solving this problem, but there must be some reason she’s at Harvard. Certainly University of Illinois would be equally happy to have her. Oh, right, I forgot: central Illinois sucks. That’s why she’s not there.

Who’s left on the liberal side of the spectrum in these unorganized places where the Democratic presence has atrophied? You’ve got younger people who are itching to get out and generally do so at the earliest opportunity. Then you have the 30-55 aged liberals who are living in a sea of red for job-related or personal reasons. Most of them are pretty tired of showing up to school board meetings in Keokuk, being outnumbered 25 to 1 and ostracized for suggesting that maybe the Bible isn’t a science textbook. If you’ve never had the experience of being in a small town and being one of a small percentage of educated liberals, you very well might believe that it’s possible to rally these people into action. But if you’ve had that experience, you’re probably not eager for more of it.

And while I find the company of *some* conservatives to be pleasant, they tend to be conservatives of a certain type. They can read a graph, know basic terminology and can rebut my argument with facts and reason (or at least attempt to 🙂 ); they “play by the same rules”.

So..enjoyable, fruitful dialogue is difficult to come by and more and more, I am keeping opinions to myself

And some on the left are downright shameful. (I say *some*)

I still believe that these are an ignorant, misguided minority. How dare THEY tell me what I am allowed to hear!

And yes, I know, not everyone is entitled to a platform, and people have the right to make the case to “not choose this speaker”. But once they have the proper invitation, those who WANT to listen to what the speaker has to say should be allowed to. And yes, this means even, say, a Bible club creationist speaker.

Anyway, the current situation depresses me.

On a positive note

The heel is continuing to heal (pun not intended). After weights, I had a treadmill walk and the pain was, well, just enough to be noticeable at times. In most times, I wouldn’t notice or think about it much.

weights: usual PT, pull ups (2 sets of 5-5-5, 2 sets of 10), decline presses (10 x 135, 10 x 165), incline presses (5 x 155, 10 x 140), military presses: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell standing, 15 x 50 seated, supported, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 single arm, goblet squats: 10 x 50, 50, 60 (to the bench).

Abs: 50, 24 twist crunches, 2 sets of 10 yoga leg lifts, 3 sets of 10 moving bridge, 30 seconds of boat, head stand (decent), 2:15 plank (tough final 15 seconds) side planks.

Walk: started out slowly (3.5 mph), moved pace up gradually, finished 3 miles in 44:09, 5K in 45:30. Varied incline from 0.5 to 3, 0 to 4 then 4 back down to 2, then 0.5. The heel felt the best at about 3.9 mph, and at 2.0 incline. (strange that it likes a slight incline better than flat).

This IS encouraging.

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first run in a while

No lifeguard at the pool. Grrr…but I used the time to get a 2 mile treadmill run (22:20) and 1 mile walk (5K total: 39:20) The heel burned slightly during the jog but it wasn’t severe.
Then 10 miles on a bike in 33:55; the heel felt good then.

So, I am getting closer to be able to train.

Though the run was, well, not very fast, I was a little surprised at how easy it was; evidently the swimming, elliptical and cycling have enabled me to keep some semblance of conditioning.

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Working my way back…

Last day of freedom..I’ll watch the MVC game on TV and then do some academic stuff (some of it useful; some is “necessary bullshit..that happens when you have “shared governance”

Morning workout: just under 3 hours total time:

Swim: 1000 free, 100 back, 100 breast, 100 back, 100 breast, 4 x (100 pull, 100 free). This was mostly untimed; I used the pace clock to keep track of laps; that’s it. 2200 yards total (1.25 miles, or 2000 meters)

bike: 12.4 miles in 46:15. Started VERY slowly; 5 minutes for the first mile, 10 minutes for the first 2.5 miles or so. Stretched the foot (tight and sore)

walk: about 5K outside; too sunny and pretty not to (high 30’s, a bit breezy). Some stiffness and soreness but then at about mile 2 it went away; almost “one final cramp then done” as I did a bit on the grass).

You might call this my “I goat this” triathlon. LOL… working my way back from this will take a while.

Weight: 201.5 before swimming, 199.8 after (first under 200 in a while; I like the trend).

And the wife returns tomorrow….just as I got my “without her” routine down. No more “storing clean laundry in the dryer”. Sigh…

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sunny day but..

Well, the snowflakes across the alley have started a loud party since about 8:30 am..??? Well, they had better be done by bed time or I’ll call the police on them. 🙂

I did get to the Riverplex a bit late so I chose to lift, cycle and walk (very sunny..though the water covered about half of the goose loop.)

weights: pt for rotator cuff, 5 sets of 10 pull ups, 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 7 x 170 bench, 7 x 160 decline, 10 x 135 incline, military: 10 x 50 standing, 2 sets of 10 x 45 (dumbbell), 3 sets of 10 x 50 rows.

Good news: there were three bespandexed women doing squat/butt exercises. That was at least entertaining. 🙂

Then to the cycle: 20 miles in 1:02:55 (32:25 for first 10). Sunny day so 5K or so of walking on the bike path. Pain: mild ..though when I stepped out of the bathtub “bad foot first”..EYOOOOW!!! It is not healed yet.

Now to the ISU vs. Bradley women’s game.

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