Indiana 24, Illinois 14: an awesome first play of the second half.

Ok, at the end of the first half, it was 14-0, Indiana. They hod out gained the Illini 266-72, but mistakes and a dropped “potential pick 6” kept the score down.

Then came the second half.

Wow…14-7 and for the rest of the period, Illinois appeared to sort-of control play.

Indiana got a field goal but Illinois answered.

Look at this one handed catch:

And the touchdown to cut it to 17-14.

But Indiana rallied to get an insurance TD and two turnovers (fumble, interception) sealed the deal.

How the game went: early, the Illini defender fell down leaving the Indiana receiver wide open. The ball hit him in the hands..and he dropped it. It was that kind of game.

Note: the Illinois quarterback was sacked 7 times.

Most of my photos are of the bands; Indiana brought theirs (and a few fans…there weren’t many fans there)

Yes, technically, I am in the photo, on the left side, 32 yard line or so, right under the overhang of the upper deck.

Late arriving crowd; it did get a bit more filled than this…

Armed Forces medley by both bands at the same time.

Cold, discouraged fans leave with 4 minutes to go after Illinois turns it over.

It was Big Ten Football weather.

Before the game: the Illini Band marching to the game.

Oh yes, I did 4 treadmill miles (running) in 45:30 prior to the game.


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Has Illinois Football hit rock bottom? Lose at home to Rutgers 35-24

Ok, my 4 mile training run prior to the game went ok. But in terms of college football: Illinois State got stomped 42-7 at Southern Illinois, Texas lost 29-24 to Oklahoma (but came back valiantly) and Navy’s rally came up short against a strong Memphis team 30-27. I saw the last quarter of the latter on TV and the last couple of minutes of the Texas vs. OU game.

But I was there for the Illinois vs. Rutgers debacle.

This is the kind of game it was: 54 yard field goal attempt hits the upright:
We had a fluky interception while the game was still competitive (sort of)
We also had a boneheded play on a punt.

But I suppose this blog post summed it up

Ok, how did it go, really?

Well, in terms of stats, Illinois had a slight edge, due to Rutgers sitting on the ball in the 4’th quarter and a couple of late touchdown drives to make the score slightly more respectable. But Rutgers rushed for 274 yards, including 106 in the first 17 minutes of the game.

The game started with an exchange of punts, then Rutgers fumbled the ball away at the 30. The offense managed to lose 7 yards on their drive and Illinois 54 yard field goal attempt hit the upright.

From then on: mostly Rutgers. A long drive (mostly running) lead to the 7-0 score; Illinois countered with a nice drive to cut the lead to 7-3, but then another long drive put Rutgers up 14-3.

The Illini hit some passes to get it down close, then on 4’th and goal, well, upon review..Illinois was given the touchdown..oh-so-close.

No problem..Rutgers with another long drive and they are up 21-10 at the half.

Illinois opening drive in the second half ended with a fluke interception.

But in this quarter, Illinois mostly stopped Rutgers…EXCEPT for this dreadful play on a Rutgers punt (what was the Illinois guy thinking?)

Rutgers punched it in and it was now 28-10 and the fans started to leave in droves.

Some nice passing put Illinois within 11 at 28-17 with about 8 minutes to go…no worries…another long drive put the game away at 35-17, though we did have one garbage time TD with just over a minute to go.



Our seats (white box)

The band.

Not a huge crowd at kick off.

Barbara was a good sport.

Click to see the larger panoramic photo of the emptying stadium..

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My vacation

Yeah, I did this in winter of 2016. Some ask me: “how are you doing with your spouse being gone for so long”? Answer: I manage. 🙂

With people:
21 July: Dinner with AG
22 July: Dinner with TH
27 July: White Sox game with PH
28 July: Lunch with MH
30 July: Lunch with TH
1 Aug: dinner and game with TH
4 Aug: dinner with AG
5 Aug: Half marathon with MT
5 Aug: dinner with TH


17 July: Chiefs
28 July: White Sox
30 July: Chiefs
31 July: Chiefs

And I had a conference in Chicago: 26-29 July. I have photos all over the place; I’ll post some here:

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Baseball and air conditioning

We are having a new, more efficient air conditioning system put in today, so I am at home.

Last night, I caught a baseball game.

Note the “PD” on the grass: that is for the Peoria Distillers, which was Peoria’s first minor league baseball team (back to 1894-1917); at the time, Peoria was a “wide open river town”.

The Chiefs lost 3-0. Though the Chiefs were out hit 11-3, good infield play (3 double plays) limited the damage. 2 of the Beloit Snapper runs came from solo home runs by their big right fielder, who also robbed Peoria of an extra base hit with a spectacular, leaping “above the padded portion of the wall” catch in the first inning. His first home run went over the second white picket fence and bounced off of the “Bradley B” in left field.

The Chiefs were hurt when the starting pitcher got injured during the first at bat in the second inning. And, as far as the bullpen: in the 8’th inning, the new relief pitcher walked the first batter but got the second to ground into a double play. Then he strikes out the next batter…but it was on a wild pitch. He then hits the next batter with a pitch and walks the next one to load the bases! But then he strikes out the aforementioned right fielder to get out of the inning with 0 runs, which, I suppose, is the point. But what looked to be an easy inning became a hard one.

Still, there was some good action in this game and even being outhit, Peoria had a chance to win in the 9’th. They got runners on 1’st and 2’nd with the tying run at the plate with 1 out…but BAM…double play.

Workout notes: easy 5 mile run this morning.

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Warm walk

66 F, 73 percent at the start, about 78, 54 percent at the end. A bit sticky.

Course: my warm up ended being 45:15 (about 5K) and my cool down about 1.1 (16:03) (1:01:19 for 4.2). 20 laps of the West Peoria track (8.4 miles) in 1:50:27, doing on (to the parking lot), off each lap.
27:39, 27:47, 27:39, 27:31 (2.1 mile segments) total time: 2:51:56 for 12.6 miles, 13:09 for the 8.4 segment, 13:38 for the 12.6. Yes, this was less of an effort than last week’s half marathon, but it was supposed to be.

Ok, I looked it up. When I was walking my best, those 2.1 mile segments were in the high 24, low 25, perhaps a “slow” 26 range. Oh well…that was 12-13 years ago.

I did get warm. My primary focus was posture. No, this was NOT like “the old days” but that would be unrealistic.

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My Syria post

Ok, President Trump launched some cruise missiles at an airstrip from which the chemical weapons attack originated. Because the Russians were there, they were given advance notice. And, evidently, the airstrip/base remained operational:

And yes, the rubes cheered…hey, he did SOMETHING.

Oh, the options were not all that good.

And ISIS took advantage. Let’s face it: things are complicated. One has the so-called government which Russia, along with Shiite groups backs. The Rebels are mostly Sunni (backed by Sunni groups) and ISIS has a foothold as well. It is complicated.

In the US: the support really isn’t strictly along party lines; the Freedom Caucus is upset but the old guard seems ok. Given what the strike accomplished (basically…nothing…) and deterred (basically nothing…) well..

And how legal was it? Here are what some top legal minds say. And the politicians are split (here and here): we have the War Powers Act of 1973 (which specifies that the President is authorized to start limited military action IF several conditions are met and it is in our national interest (e. g. retaliate for a state sponsor murder, protect US citizens, etc) and there is the authorization of use of military force (used for the Iraq invasion) to generally fight terror. appears to me that the real criteria is for the President to say “it is in our national interest” and for Congress to not object and for it to be over quickly.

Who in the hell knows. I’d like to think that Trump was not that unethical, but his repeated, foolish tweets give me reason to doubt his personal stability. I wish that I had more confidence in him.
Yes, I can see other Presidents doing something *similar* (execution? targets? effectiveness?). So my questions are more about the President that ordered it than anything else; he just has no “benefit of the doubt” from me..the way that other presidents (of either party) had.

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Well, as you can see, my running performance has tanked; it seems as if I had a “rebirth” in late 2011 but that period is ending. OR…perhaps I am too heavy to run well right now?

Today: 27:46. Breezy, but in the 40’s…good running weather. 14 of 46 (no walkers), 11/23 males, 1/2 AG.

I warmed up about 1.5 miles or so and didn’t feel that bad. And I took it out and noted that Jerry got away from me; he finished right about 26 minutes…but looked a long way away from me. That is where I was last year.
We went around the rectangle (parking lot) and then onto the out and back along Perry. The field was small and spread out and the cutie I was tracking slowed ..from then on it was mostly solo though there was a guy in a yellow shirt that I just could not close on. I kept telling myself to “pick it up” but I really didn’t want to. Still, I was heaving when I got done, so it wasn’t as if I showed up and jogged. I simply am not running enough; none of those 8 milers and 10-12 milers I was doing last year. THAT plus the heavy body weight (10 pounds up) makes a difference.

But it was nice to connect with others including Bill and Mike (now in his 70’s)

Well, I certainly do not look fat..but I still have a “double support phase” to my running gait. I can’t seem to “lift” anymore.

Previous years:

2016 (25:59) (25:50)
2014 25:08 (new course)
2012 (old course) 25:09 (rivertrail)

Later: I went and lifted…low energy:
rotator cuff
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (not easy, but got them all)
bench press: 10 x 135, 5 x 185, 4 x 185
incline press: 10 x 135
military press (dumbbell standing) 7 x 50, 10 x 45, 10 x 45
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 200 Hammer machine

Took about 45 minutes to do…very low energy today.

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Woman in a man’s world talk

This was the speaker:

Brigadier General Tate-Nadeau is the first female general in te Illinois Army National Guard. She served a tour in Iraq as the Chief of Operations, Plans, and Public Information at Camp Lincoln and completed a three-year tour in Ramia, Istrael as liaison officer to the Israeli Home Front Command. She retired from the military in March 2017. Since active service, General Tate-Nadeau worked for FEMA and is now the executive director of the Emergency Management and Communications Office in Chicago. Sponsored by the Psychology Department, Women’s and Gender Studies Program, and ICAC.

She spoke for about 45 minutes and took questions along the way. Here are some highlights..some are very interesting.

As far as the pros and cons: she regrets missing key moments with her kids and felt that, when talking to her Army peers, she had to “hide her feminine side” at times. But she was proud of her career, said that her husband and kids were very supportive.

One “pro” of the military: pay was by rank (and by job/duty); no difference between females and males.

She was sensitive to being seen as “the best female”..she wanted to compete to the best period. She also thought that, at times, senior officers took it easier on women (and other minorities) which harmed them later in their careers; they never learned how to meet the tougher expectations that would be expected of those in higher ranks. She was sensitive to the thought that she was promoted as a token, or had “slept her way to the top.”

In terms of combat positions and other jobs: she felt that females had to meet 100 percent of the qualifications, but the qualifications had to be relevant to the job.

An important observation she felt that changes to the culture had to come from within the culture itself. So she had to prove herself and conform to the current culture; that meant drawing some lines and never been seen as being ‘too female”. Once accepted, she could influence the culture. But those “on the outside” really aren’t taken seriously.

Learning to do small things such as develop a “physical posture of confidence” mattered.

In interactions with others: living apart from males meant that she sometimes missed informal or quickly called meetings, so she learned to be the one that called them. She also felt that she had to outwork her colleagues.

Regards to VP Pence’s remarks of not eating alone with a female She was aware that her reputation could be damaged by innuendo. So she never socialized “one on one” with males; she had a rule of 3 when it came to things like meals. She admitted that this sort of thing may have hurt her career; for example generals have aides who stay closely with them. In such a job, one learns much about how a senior officer operates and thinks; the logistics of quarters, not being able to be alone, etc. made it difficult to impossible for a male general to have a female aide.

As far as having it all She admitted that it was “impossible to have it all”. If you do one thing really, really well, you’ll do other things at most “average”.

It was a nice event and I am glad that I went.

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Administration of Incompetence: and the hard road back

I watched this train wreck: (from here)

This is just sad..and troubling. This administration seems to almost pride itself on incompetence.

The silver lining is that such incompetence might hinder its ability to enact bad legislation.

But, while Democrats are fired up, the way that Congress is set up is a massive wall to climb. Both in the House and Senate, rural areas are grossly overrepresented. So, liberal anger itself will not be enough. We will need some moderate and even traditionally conservative allies.

Workout notes: great weather (24 F, clear) but I was sluggish. 5 miles, slowly. It felt good after 1.4 miles.

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From Friendship to Marriage: how important are shared political values?

I am getting ready to go to the gym in a bit. I caught this USA Today article:

Divisions between supporters of President Trump and Hillary Clinton have taken a toll on plenty of relationships, reports Reuters, but this might be the most extreme example.

Gayle McCormick, a 73-year-old retired prison guard in Washington state who describes herself as a “Democrat leaning toward socialist,” says she decided to end her marriage of 22 years after her husband announced at a lunch with friends last year that he was planning to vote for Trump. She says it was a “deal breaker.”

“I was in shock,” she told People magazine. “It was the breaking point. The Trump issue was the catalyst.”

McCormick says it “totally undid” her that her husband could agree with Trump on anything and though it was a tough decision, she went through with the divorce even though he didn’t end up voting for the Republican.

“When things are 51% good and 49% bad, you just stay,” she says. “I was tired and older and I didn’t want to argue and neither of us was going to change.”

So, I wondered about that.

In all honesty, it has been well over 20 years since I was on the “dating” market..and really…in terms of being available to anyone, make that close to 32 years. So it HAS been a while.

I do have friends of various kinds, including friends that I’ve I’ve been the house guest of (both sexes).

Dating Era During that time, yes, I dated some Republicans and did a number of things with them. It was the Reagan era and no, it didn’t go like this:

My criterion was roughly the same as it is now for friendship: “do I enjoy spending time with the person”?

Now, 30 years later, I still have friendship outings of various kinds (hikes, runs, ball games, shared meals) but here is the deal: some of my friends are very, very politically oriented. Others either just don’t care that much, OR it is something that they just do not discuss during an outing.

So I’d say that during casual dating, I’d conjecture that it might not matter that much.

On the other hand, for something more long term (as in: “hmmm, do I want to live with this person?”) we’d have to have some shared values, but that doesn’t mean a shared vote.

For example, there are secular, socially liberal, science accepting Republicans. Really. And in some cases, I am more compatible with them than some who voted the same way that I did. In one case, a female friend was a bit surprised to find out that I accepted capitalism; we just disagreed on the degree. We also both accepted safety nets; it was the degree on which we disagreed. We both accept public investment and agreed that a work ethic is important.

Then I have two other friends who are also non-believers, but for different reasons. One was raised in a religious tradition, but no longer believes because of the great evil that she sometimes sees in the world (e. g. Holocaust). The other: was not raised in a religion, and religion is just something she ever considered or thought about.

On the other hand, I was raised in a religious tradition, and my atheism is an intellectual conclusion for me (ok, it is a type of agnosticism …but that is for another assured that I am not trying to make up my mind about any deity that I am aware of; I’ve long since rejected those as being ideas unworthy of being seriously entertained.

So, I suppose that in many cases, I’d have more in common with a secular Republican than a believing Democrat.

Upshot: I am as tribal as anyone else. But my “tribe” crosses political party lines and includes values and personality traits: how curious are they? How sanctimonious are they? Are they introspective at all…examining their own beliefs about the world and themselves? Can they admit error?

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