Missouri State catches, outlasts Bradley 80-77 in triple overtime.

Grumble…crummy weather; still not well…minor exertion makes me cough and my lower abs are killing me from coughing. I do feel better though…a lot better. Tomorrow: I’ll clear the walk for my workout; it is cold, fluffy stuff and shouldn’t be too taxing though it will make me cough, and my wife is worthless when it comes to helping out.

I’m still glad she is home though. Still, it has gotten to the point whenever I am injured or sick, we have two weak people, not just one. And, she is coughing worse than I am due to the lung irritation she got while on her trip.

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 9.51.48 PM

I wish that stupid jet stream would do its job. Gads, this is ANOTHER “winter that will never end”. Most of the planet is roasting, and we have that arctic air mass parked right over us.

Now about the basketball game:

Before the game, I posted this on the fan board:

Betting line: Missouri State favored by 3.

Sagarin ratings suggest a 5 point Mo. State win.

Jones expected to start in place of Grier.

MSU got hammered 78-43 by Drake; it was 35-14 at the half. Drake blew open an 11-11 game with 61.9 percent 3 point shooting.

Mo. State beat ISU blue in their last home game.

Prediction: Mo. State 50, BU 48

Yeah, it went 3 overtimes and I watched all of it on the TV.
Mo. State shot 50 percent from the field to take a 32-23 lead at the half; BU’s shooting percentage was abysmal (34.5 percent)

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 7.54.16 PM

Still; Missouri State, mostly on strong put backs under the basket, did get out to a 20-6 lead and so at 32-23, BU had some momentum going into the half.

In the second half, BU challenged MSU’s guards away from the basket and forced the Bears to take some really awful shots. They weren’t going inside as they did before.

So Bradley crawled back into it and even built a 4 point lead with 5 minutes to go. MSU came back to regain the lead but never lead by more than 2, and a jump shot with 20 seconds tied the game.

So, it ended 50-50; BU had fought all the way back.

First overtime: back and forth; BU’s rebounding kept them in it (star freshman forward had 21 rebounds to go with his 15 points); neither team could lead by more than 3 and it ended tied at 58.

THEN came the second overtime. Bradley OWNED the first 2:26 of the second overtime and took a 65-58 lead; I even said “I think BU is going to win this one.”

I spoke too soon; a 3 point shot (by someone who was struggling to hit them) pull them to within 4. A stop, they get it and score 2 and now it is 65-63. Foul, one of BU’s stronger shooters split the pair to make it 66-63.

They FINALLY nail another 3 (late in the game, MSU shot better) and it is 66-66. But BU draws a foul and goes to the line: 1 of 2 again and now BU leads 67-66 with 57 seconds to go.

Then comes the final sequence of events. MSU with the ball. BRADLEY steal and a foul! BU hits both and now it is 69-66 with 18 seconds to go. Missed 3, rebound BU and a foul! Two shots!!! And….

Two misses.

Still, 14 seconds are left in the game and…they….NAIL a 3. 6 seconds are left and that is how that ends.

Third overtime:

The go out to a 3 point lead on a 3; BU gets fouled on a 3 and makes 2 of 3. So it is 72-71 Bears. Still BU claws back to take their last lead of the night with 2:28 to go on two free throws at 73-72.

it goes back and forth …and at 73-73

Then starts the turn of events; BU guard gets his pocket picked; lay up plus a foul. Now it is 76-73 with 1:53, and BU starts missing shots.

Rebounding (that Bradley freshman forward again) gets a put back and it is 76-75 with 23 seconds.

BU tries to trap; fouls their best free throw shooter who puts it to 78-75…and ANOTHER down the stretch turn over. It is now 80-75 with 15 seconds to go…a miss, rebound and now there is only 1 second left. Mo. State fouls a desperation 3 point attempt and the BU shooter hits 2 and tries to miss the third as there is no time to do anything else…but the miss doesn’t draw iron.

So it ends 80-77, the 3 point spread that the gamblers predicted.

Well, on one hand, I am proud that the team didn’t quit. On the other hand…second overtime…it was BU’s for the taking.

Oh well…that kind of winter around here…

and the white BS continues to come down from the sky.

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Bradley Basketball looks like Bradley again


The view from our seats during warm up; I always get there early. Bradley played well (especially on defense) and won 63-44. Now time for some shuteye and a date at the Lucas Stadium for the Colts vs. Bengals tomorrow.

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Illinois breaks even; whips Northwestern 47-33

Allow me to quote myself after Illinois beat FCS Youngstown State and Sun Belt Western Kentucky:

So, attempting to be realistic:

Illinois should be favored against Texas State and Purdue.

Based on ON THE FIELD PERFORMANCE in 2014 and NOT “reputation”:

Illinois should be “in the hunt” in the Washington, Iowa and Northwestern games. (say, 1 or 2 of these)

I think Illinois has a valid “upset possibility” against Minnesota, Penn State and Nebraska. (1 of these)

The “forget about it” games: Wisconsin and Ohio State.

So, I think that 6-7 wins is a realistic possibility, though so is 4-5 wins.

So, The got 1 “in the hunt” game, 2 of the “upset possibility” games, but lost to Purdue.

Screen shot 2014-11-29 at 7.46.18 PM

I watched this one on television and completely enjoyed it. Yes, I know, NW played without their starting quarterback, but Illinois used the quarterback who was the back up at the start of the season.

Bottom line: Illinois outgained Northwestern 438 to 372 yards and got 5 turn overs and stayed in control of this game pretty much the whole way.

How it happened: Illinois played field position after exchanging some punts and eventually drove it 56 yards for the first touchdown. Then they got an interception and drove it for a second touchdown. A missed extra point kept it at 13-0.

Then in the second quarter: on three consecutive drives, NW had a fumble, interception and fumble. But that only needed Illinois 6 points and a missed field goal.

Then NW returned a kickoff for a touchdown to cut it to 19-7.

But Illinois responded with an 82 yard touchdown drive to go up 26-7.

The Illini got great running (291 yards!) from their quarterback (147 yards) and from both running backs (95 and 51 yards) and passed just enough to keep NW off balance.

The second half: more nervousness as Illinois threw an interception which NW converted into a field goal. But Illinois responded with a 75 yard touchdown drive to get it to 33-10. But NW got their first good drive (75 yards) to pull to within 33-17, which was the score going into the 4’th.

NW got a stop and then another touchdown drive with 2 point conversion; it was now 33-25 with a ton of time left in the 4’th.

But then the offense stepped it up and responded beautifully with a long drive. It was now 40-25.

Then the defense stepped up. They forced a punt.

Screen shot 2014-11-29 at 7.47.29 PM

Illinois punted and on the ensuing NW possession, the star Illinois linebacker intercepted a pass and ran it back for a touchdown. It was now 47-25 with just over 6 minutes to go.

NW still had one drive left and scored with 1:28 left in the game and hit a 2 point conversion. But Illinois recovered the onside kick.

What a way to end the season: two Big Ten wins in a row. Illinois opened the Big Ten season with 3 discouraging losses (Nebraska, Wisconsin and Purdue) and went went 3-2 the rest of the way.

Other games
Navy broke open a close game against South Alabama to take a 42-27 lead and then barely held on to win 42-40 when USA’s had TWO consecutive two point scores nullified by penalties.


Notre Dame: bombed by USC 49-14; they were down 35-7 at the half. ND just doesn’t have the depth to recover from injuries; they are like an FCS team that has good starters but not much after that.

Screen shot 2014-11-29 at 8.28.05 PM


Notre Dame is 7-5, Texas is 6-6, Illinois is 6-6, Navy is 6-5 with Army coming up in two weeks.
Frankly: right now, AT THIS point in the season, I’d rank them: Illinois, Texas, (yes, I saw the TCU game), Notre Dame and Navy (latter two are close). Two months ago, I’d never dreamed that I’d be saying that.

Look at the wins:
Illinois: Minnesota, Penn State, Northwestern, Western Kentucky, Texas State, Youngstown State (FCS)
Notre Dame: Stanford, North Carolina, Navy, Michigan, Rice, Syracuse, Purdue
Texas: West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Kansas, Iowa State, North Texas
Navy: Georgia Southern, Temple, San Jose State, Texas State, South Alabama, VMI (FCS)

Note: Northwestern beat Notre Dame, Western Kentucky beat Navy, Purdue beat Illinois

Photos: Navy vs. USA: Rest:

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Neither liberals nor conservatives are inherently dumb. But their knee jerk reactions are.

There are smart liberals and there are smart conservatives. There are also dumb liberals and dumb conservatives. I really don’t see much of an intelligence difference between the two groups, though it appears to me that the intelligence manifests itself in different ways (e.g. top scientists lean liberal; top CEO’s lean conservative).

However, the two groups are prone to knee jerk reactions that ARE dumb. On the right, you see the old “If Obama is for it, it must be ultra liberal, etc.” Never mind his economic plan (in particular, infrastructure rebuilding) and Obamacare have conservative elements to them.

On the left: once a group has achieved “underdog/victimhood” status, they become protected. Hence some liberals conflate discrimination against Muslims (e. g. protesting the building of a mosque) with criticism of Islam as it is widely practiced. And, “innocent until proven guilty” is just fine, UNLESS the accuser is a woman and the accused is a man and the accusation is some hot button “issue crime”.

I think that “innocent until proven guilty” is even MORE important when one doesn’t like the accused or the group that the accused belongs to.

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Obama’s accomplishments

Fact Check does its thing (non-partisan)

Paul Krugman, an early critic of Obama, gives an excellent defense of his record, thereby refuting much LIBERAL criticism. Seriously people: did you think that a “different” Obama could have gotten a more liberal agenda past Republican obstructionism? And yes, the deficit is DOWN, not that anyone knows or cares.

Yes, I know: any deficit adds to the national debt, whether it is down or up.

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not quite over it

I’ve coughed a bit today; still have “the drip” (TMI).

But I took advantage of cool, overcast conditions to do a 16 mile, 4:06 walk over hilly terrain.

I did double my usual Cornstalk 8 (minus the out and back to my house); so it was 14 miles plus a 2 mile (down the hill, lower loop and back).

I kept the effort steady; just over 1 hour at the end of the first out and back; 2:33 at the end of 3, 3:20 at the end of 4, then 46 minutes for the final 3.04. Yes, the legs ached; this course offered 22 uphills, all of them in the middle 14 miles, and 20 of them between mile 1 and 13. I did see the university softball team playing and I saw some small animals. The park had light use during this time.

Next week: I add 3 more miles of hills (5 more hills).

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Climate change, creationism, jobs, and race

Talk about a sticky situation. A white lesbian couple paid a sperm bank for sperm from a white male…and ended up with sperm from a black male. Now they have a half-black daughter…and they are suing.

Oh sure, one can say that they entered a business transaction and didn’t get what they paid for. But what effect will this have on the kid? Ah, they’ll probably blame it on the racism of others. ;-)

Jobs report

248K new jobs last month; the good is that this is better than losing jobs. The bad: the new jobs aren’t paying well.

The Aral Sea was once the 4’th largest lake in the world. By 2000 it had shrunk a great deal, and now it is almost gone.



Reasons: many; one of them is irrigation. One consequence is that nearby areas no longer have the lake to moderate the extremes; so it is hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.

Creationism: Why Evolution is True has an interesting take on a non-Sequitur cartoon.

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Hanna City Hustle 2014 version


It was sweltering; 78 F with 87 percent humidity. The thunderstorms were coming but they were a few hours away.

So, I took a shorter warm up than normal (12-13 minutes) and started…slowly.

I tried to keep it under control; mile 1 came at 8:35. I was tracking this fit woman who was to blow me away about half way through; I moved up steadily past many who started too fast for the conditions.

There is a turn out of neighborhoods onto a country road for about .75 miles; I saw others on the way back. Mile two: my target had put more distance on me but it came 8:28; I had sped up slightly (in part due to a gentle downgrade). I got that downgrade back on the last 1.1 where I was just haning on. (9:34, or about 8:44 for the last mile).

8:35/8:28/9:34 = 26:38
place: 21 out of 73.

Ironically, this race was smaller than normal. So, due to races on the same day I ended up with my 4’th AG award (in a 5k) since Memorial Day (though I didn’t pick up two of them due to leaving early.

I was slower than two weeks ago due to the conditions. But I was ok with that.

After eating pancakes, I went to the Riverplex and saw a nearly empty pool; there was an elderly guy barely making it from one side to the other.
Later, a young attractive woman showed up, and still later, one of those “bronze body” guys that looks like an animated Greek statue. The total:

500 free
5 x 100 (alt fist/free) on 2:10
4 x (50 front kick, fins, 100 free)
alt 100 pull, 100 free (400 total)
4 x 25 fly (with rests)
4 x 25 back (fins)

That was enough for the day; 180.7 prior to swimming; 179.7 after.

My previous to Hanna City Hustles (both about 1:20 faster, on cooler days)


2014 post blood donation 5K races:

27:06 68F, 65 percent
27:41 73F, 69 percent
27:23 74 F, 67 percent
25:53, 70 F, 72 percent
26:38, 78F, 87 percent

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Tempo workout and delusions

Screen shot 2014-08-02 at 10.50.33 AM

Ok, it was slightly warm 70 F, 78 percent humidity.

I did some stretches and, as I was getting ready to hit the path, I saw a young woman running in the direction that I was going to go in. I hesitated slightly; I really didn’t want to spook her out by running behind her. But no worries; as I got going she all but disappeared from view; I didn’t see her close up again until she was on her way back. :-)

Ah, age plus my slow warm up pace. :-)

I took a 2 mile route to the track (via the goose loop) and on the track, I decided to do a tempo-ish run. I wanted to run reasonably hard but not kill myself.

8:29/8:31 (17:01) and then a slow 200 meter walk (2:09), then 1600 in 8:40 (picked it up the last 200 m) to arrive at 5K in 27:51. That wasn’t too far off my recent 5K runs, especially when you factor in the weather.

27:06 68F, 65 percent
27:41 73F, 69 percent
27:23 74 F, 67 percent

I finished with a 1 mile walk, then 1 mile run back to the Riverplex, followed by 10 minutes on the exercise bike (for my knees).

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Initial micro-mini “I Goat This” triathlon

I was looking for something to do, workout wise. I didn’t want to do too much. So it went like this:

1. Hilly 4.2 mile run; not timed. I chose my “Cornstalk Classic” course; this is a long time staple of mine.

2. Then I did 6.2 miles (10K) on the stationary bike (22:30, approximately).

3. Then I swam 1.25 miles. Now, the swim was a total mess. I felt awful in my first 100, so I did the following:

3 sets of 4 x 100: free-back-IM-side, free-IM-side-IM, free-side-IM-side, then 10 x 100 free on 2:05. First 6 were 1:55; last 4 were around 1:50; I was finally feeling better.

So, I ran just over 1 mile and swam 1200 meters more than what is done in a sprint tri, but cycled 10K less. 22 more minutes and I’ll call it a “Goat” sprint tri; yes, the order was exactly reversed.

Of interest: I really felt bad at the start of the swim; only when I pushed the pace of some of the 100s did I start to feel right. That is strange.

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