Walking, running and Bradley Baseball (personal and trivial)

Bradley Baseball: scroll down.

Today ended a step back week:
Monday: weights and light swimming (sore shoulder: 1000 yards)
Tuesday: 8 miles running, 1 walking
Wednesday: am: 4 mile harder walk (with weights). PM: 2 mile walk with the group
Thursday: 8 miles running
Friday: weights only
Saturday: 6 miles (5K race in 26:04)
Sunday: 15.7 mile walk

Total: 44 miles, after having been in the 50s

Today’s walk; overcast, light headwind early: I wend down to the river path via the goose loop and then continued to the Heights Tower and then returned via the Boredom to my House via McClure


I extended it by 1.1 miles by adding a Cooper/Ayers segment:


4:03:44 total (15:32 pace); I was so sluggish when I started. The last 4 miles of the Boredom part took 57:14 (14:19 mpm) and the final 1.09 miles was done at 14:35. But I was really, really sluggish on the first 10 miles. I think that I needed a step back week.

Yesterday’s 5K Yes, it rained pretty hard. And there is something I want to say. First, the “social photos”: I’ve cropped a few of these



As you can see, it was quite the downpour. Now for some Cassie:


Then for Tracy (you can see me over her shoulder; I went back to bring her in, as I often do.


Now for some commentary: I followed this young lady for a while; I remember thinking “she isn’t going to last”. It turns out that I did catch her and pass her and finish 4 seconds ahead of her, “by the gun”. But my chip time was 1 second SLOWER than hers; evidently she started behind me and blew past me quickly. And she did stay ahead of me for about 60 percent of the race.


Now yes, she is 32 years younger than I am; she *should* be faster than I am, but, as you can see, she doesn’t have a classic runner’s build and I *thought* that I should have taken her.
But I have to remember this: when I was just a bit older than her (she is 24; I was 26) I weighed 230 pounds (45 lbs. heavier than I do now) and I was THREE MINUTES faster in the 5K. Yes, a 23 minute 5K is NOT a good time for a man in his 20’s. Time marches on…though I wonder what sports that young woman plays/played. She must have been an athlete of some sort.

Bradley played an 8 pm, and the weather was foggy and chilly.



And Bradley trailed Dallas Baptist (ranked 17’th in the nation) 1-0 going into the bottom of the 8’th. But a 2 out run tied the game.
Then came the bottom of the 9’th, after Bradley made them go 3 and out in the top of the 9’th. It was 2 outs, no one on base and I had resigned myself to “extra innings.”

Then came a singe. Then the runner advanced on a wild pitch, and the Bradley coach put in a fast pinch runner. Then came another single and the fast runner was able to score.

Bradley won 2-1 to take its first “conference series). The game was way more exciting than the 2-1 score would indicate; though the pitching was good on both sides, both team’s batters hit the ball well only to be robbed of hits by excellent field play (on both sides).

It was just an excellent, exciting college baseball game in..less than traditional baseball weather.

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Wet Run to Remember

Day: 47, rainy, windy. Tells you what you need to know. Nevertheless, Tracy was a trooper and didn’t back out, so we went and I managed about 2 miles or warm up. My legs: felt surprisingly good.
The race: it was smaller than usual and I was surprised to be as close to the front as I was. Then I remembered that the winning time was a time that I had run in the (distant) past. So I got to see first hand how much I’ve slowed.

Nevertheless, I felt ok upon finishing, given that it was a 5K. I did run reasonably hard and did ok, given the win and the rain. I took the first mile in 8:11 (downhill) and held on to finish in 26:04, which was about 14 seconds slower than what I had hoped for on a good day.

I cooled down by going back for Tracy and walking her in. It was good to do a race with her again.

I had thought about trying to compete with Steve, but he is just way to good for me right now; he was exiting the turn around circle as I was entering. I did chase a couple of younger women and got both; a couple of younger guys got me on the last uphill and a couple of kids sprinted past me at the finish.

Tracy got 3’rd in her age group.

Cassie was a few seconds behind me but won her age group; I sort of wish she had set a 25:45 pace:-)

I hope that the rain clears off for tonight’s Bradley Baseball game.



2016 26:04 8:11, 8:30, 8:30 (25:12) 0:52 place 25 of 177, 20 of 102 men 4 0f 8 AG
2015: 26:59 8:10, 8:24, 9:31 (26:05) 0:52 place: 74 of 303, 58 of 172 men, 4 of 8 AG
2014: 24:17 7:37, 7:37, 8:11 (23:26), 0:50 place: 35 of 343, 30 of 187, 7 of 13
2012: 24:34 7:54, 7:45 8:04 (23:44), 0:50 place: 66 of 272

This year:

Interplanetary March 19: 25:50

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Primary predictions, VP picks, compromise and inequality

2016 Primary Race
Who is Hillary Clinton going to pick for her ticket? The vetting has quietly begun. I really don’t have a good feel for who should be picked.

As far as the primary results, all of this “x in a row” stuff is nonsense; who won what race was mostly about whether it was a caucus or a primary, what percentage of the voters were actual Democrats and the demographics of those showing up.

Though there has been some back and forth between Sanders supporters and Clinton supporters, things are actually worse on the Republican side. Friendships are ending over their choice.

Protesters Activists are passionate by definition. But they have to learn some restraint and some compromise. President Obama said as much.

Social This article talks about inequality at things like cruise ships, amusement parks and the like. Personally, I think that they conflate a few things here.

For one: there is inequality (e. g. paying on the order of ten times as much for the privilege of exclusivity) and offering comfort/experience as “an option if you want it”. Example: I am by no measure wealthy. But I basically doubled my (inexpensive) ticket price to sit in prime so I can have a better view of the game with…well, this will sound strange, fewer empty seats around me. As I age, I enjoy sitting down for the game more and more. IF the price difference isn’t too great, I’ll pay a little more to get my favorite seats (I like front row of the upper deck in most stadiums), or the back row of the lower deck in smaller stadiums.

But this nowhere near spending 4-5 times as much for luxury seats.

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Clinton: wins yet another irrelevant southern state. :-)

I told you so. I had Clinton winning by 13 points 56.5-43.5 and padding her lead by 33 delegates. With 76 percent of the vote in she leads 58-42 and Upshot predicts 140-107, or a 33 delegate margin.

Yes, the exit polls were off but, as Nate Silver says:

Something else worth watching: the exit poll that had Clinton up by only 4 percentage points statewide had her beating Sanders by 10 percentage points in New York City. So far, however, Clinton has about 85,000 votes from the five boroughs as compared with about 52,000 for Sanders, which equates to a 62-38 advantage for Clinton in the city overall.

. In a later update, Nate Silver suggests that there was some selection bias in that Sanders supporters were more eager to answer exit poll questions.


The site is cracking me up (the comments).

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Policy, journalism, and the primary

Poverty: public policy can make a difference; here we see that in New York City, the poor enjoy longer lifespans, both in terms of being compared to the poor in other areas and as a percentage of the lifespan of their wealthier neighbors. Think: better food and walkabiity.

Media: sometimes, journalists bend over backwards to be “balanced” that they give special interests too much benefit of the doubt (e. g. creationists, climate change denialists)

2016 Primary

Bill Clinton’s poverty and crime programs: they DID have benefits, but they also had some bad side effects. It wasn’t “all good” nor “all bad”.

New York Primary: Sanders might be hurt because this primary is closed to Democrats only. This is one yin-yang about the Sanders campaign. The yin: he is bringing in people who are new to the political process. The yang: these newbies often don’t know the rules. Example: there was a case in Illinois where one Sanders voter wanted to “vote for Bernie”; he couldn’t be made to understand that Sanders wouldn’t be helped unless he also voted for the Sanders delegates (in Illinois, the candidate vote is just a beauty contest; one also has to vote for the candidate’s delegates as well, and they ARE marked by candidate).

Colorado Republicans: they did NOT have a primary nor did they have a caucus. They had a convention and Trump’s lack of organization cost him dearly: he ended up with zero delegates.

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Yes, black lives matter…and…

What got me thinking about this topic was this video:

Now yes, BLM is more about law enforcement treating everyone fairly and giving the same benefit of the doubt to black people as everyone else gets. Yes, that is difficult to do, given the nature of human prejudice (not particular to white people; we evolved to reason inductively).

But there IS another issue. As a society, we seem to be ok as long as “we” have the ability to avoid the more violent areas. Those who are stuck in such areas are just out of luck, especially if police presence goes down.

I suppose the rub is that law enforcement shouldn’t be a mechanism to keep “us” (those with a little bit of wealth) safe from those who don’t have any but rather as an entity that protects everyone, including those who have to live in underserved areas. I remember reading in Steven Pinker’s book Better Angels that much of the violence in underserved areas is the result of vigilantism; people there do not feel confident that law enforcement will take their complaints seriously but will instead either ignore them or arrest them for something else. Hence they take the law into their own hands.

If there is a way out of this, I’d love to hear it.

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Parties choosing their candidates: does NOT have to be a democratic process

Workout notes: weights, swimming (1800 yards)
weights: 5 x 10 pull ups, (ok), rotator cuff
bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 10 x 170 (better)
incline: 10 x 135
military (dumbbell), 2 sets of 12 x 50 (seated, supported), 10 x 40 standing
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 each arm.
yoga headstand (ok)
abs: 2 sets of 12 twist crunch, 2 sets of 10 yoga leg lifts

swim: 500 free, 10 x (25 stroke, 25 free) (side, side, fly, back)
8 x 100 (2 x (100 free, 100 pull, 100 free, 100 fins)

Body weight: 186 (Chinese buffet last night)

Interesting note: back in 1982, when I weighed just under 190 pounds, I did 10 reps with 185. Now, at slightly lighter body weight, 10 with 170, so I lost a little in terms of reps. But my max has taken a much bigger hit; it has gone from 250 (in 1982) to 200-205 (now). My lifetime max is 310, but that is at a bodyweight of about 230 (45 pounds heavier than I am now).

Primary elections I’ve heard some complain about the primary process (be it a vote, or a caucus, or the existence of “super delegates”) “not being democratic”.

Political Parties have no legal requirement to choose their candidate in a democratic way; the party gets to make the rules. In fact, the binding primary election is a relatively recent innovation.

Of course, the public is free to reject the party’s nominee, so there is that.

But the rank-and-file have no inherent “right” to choose the candidate for a party, though the rules of the modern Republican and Democratic parties give the public at least some say in the process.

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Disrupting rallies, delusional “my candidate or bust” types, primary predictions

Workout notes I lifted weights in the mid afternoon. The bench press benches are all under repair so I did the incline.
rotator cuff
pull ups (5 sets of 10..average)
incline press: 10 x 135, 8 x 150, 10 x 140 (mediocre)
military presses: 2 sets of 12 x 50 seated, supported, 10 x 40 standing (dumbbells, each arm)
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell, 10 x 110 machine
headstand (average)
twist crunch (2 sets of 12)
yoga leg lifts.

It was all…ok. Not horrible, not great.

Election Predictions

If the polls hold up (better than they did in Michigan), it might be a good day for Hillary Clinton.
But a regression model by Alan I. Abramowitz (which explains Michigan and the other results rather well) makes this prediction:


Upshot: Sanders might get a couple of narrow wins…but still fall further behind in the count for pledged delegates.

Time will tell; however the statistics of this are very exciting for me!

Trump rally protests and disruptions

If you approve of the disruption of Trump rallies, what do you think about this?

Yep, the Bible Thumpers and other Right Wing Nut Jobs have the same “rights” as do the anti-Trump protesters. In fact Trump tweeted this:


Now I don’t know what percentage of these protesters are Sanders supporters. Sanders, of course, blames Trump. But which candidate is talking about a “revolution”?


Is this not incendiary rhetoric? Yeah, I know; he means a “political” revolution and not an armed one. But if you extend Sanders the benefit of the doubt, why not Trump?

Now of course, the Chicago Police did NOT tell Trump to cancel his Chicago rally (that would have been a “heckler’s veto”, which is a First Amendment violation) so he has no First Amendment leg to stand on; the First Amendment doesn’t guarantee a friendly audience. And of course, the unruly protesters can be kicked out (and should be) and arrested if they violate local laws.

And on a personal note: I shook my head at those who said that they “were proud of Chicago”. Seriously: it was a handful of SFB activists in a very large city; my guess is that your average Chicago Bears football game could also double for a Trump rally. Seriously; have you ever listened to Mike Ditka?

My candidate or nada Yeah, some Bern Victims are talking about “taking their ball and going home” if Sanders doesn’t win the nomination. Yeah, the more affluent Sanders supporters can get away with it. But some who are saying nonsense like this don’t have two extra nickles to their name.

So go for it. I am not going to. I’ll be disappointed if Hillary Clinton doesn’t win, but hey, if Bernie Sanders can beat her in the primary, he’ll probably do pretty well in the general. I’ll not only vote for him, but I’ll contribute to his campaign. Hillary Clinton has to earn it, and Bernie Sanders is putting up a respectable fight.

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Not so easy trip…

It started with being stuck for 2.5 hours on I-70 near Dayton. We didn’t get into Columbus, OH until 10:30 pm or so..and we still had 2 hours to go.

Then in the Ohio City area in Cleveland (where West Market is) and I had a hard time finding the public restroom. But eventually I did…whew.

So the day went ok:



And we made the Cleveland Art Museum (highly recommended).

I am a bit tired and so might turn it in early; yes I am aware of the ruckus near the cancelled Trump rally in Chicago. Yeah, some SFB “activists” praised the protesters for getting the rally cancelled, though the Chicago police said that they did NOT advise Mr. Trump to cancel. Hmmm…


No workout this morning; 15 minute walk to clear the head.

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Rising from the dead…

I cancelled office hours and took a nap. It helped; I was able to function later on. So I should be good to for tomorrows BU basketball game!

Workout: nope.

Nevada Caucus: first of all, what they claim was said is relayed second hand. But what bothered me is that some SFB “activist” came from out of state and tried to participate in the caucus, at least in terms of arguing for a candidate. That would offend me, even if he were speaking for Hillary. This was supposed to be for local voters. But this SFB isn’t going to remorseful; that isn’t something an “activist” is.

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