A few days of contrasts…

I had traveled to Alabama to give a math talk; it was a welcome diversion from, well, the day to day grind of teaching a couple of large sections of a service course. I got back home in time to catch most of Bradley’s 6-3 win over Indiana State in baseball (picked it up in the bottom of the 4’th; saw every run including a loaded bases clearing double. Then I went to a memorial service for an old friend.

I said a “pre goodbye” to a dear friend to is retiring and leaving the area. Then tomorrow, I get to see another dear friend who had left but returns from time to time. All the while, a trail ultra marathon is going on; one that I was once able to do (50 and 100 miles, two times each). My PF problems precluded me from doing one of the shorter distances.

I had 70 F degree temperatures in Alabama; it hit 18 F this morning in Peoria. Oh well.

Workout this morning: weights, then 57:40 for 5 treadmill miles: did “5 minute froggy” for 35 minutes (5.1) then walked to 4 miles (47:10) then jogged it in (10:30 final mile). Left heel: not perfect, but ok.

Weights: protect the left shoulder pull ups (5 sets of 10: ok), military presses: 10 x 50, 10 x 45, 20 x 40 (standing), one armed rows with 60 (3 sets of 10), shoulder not ready for incline or bench, so did light dumbbell bench presses: 10 x 30, 10 x 40, focus on full range.


flight to Alabama:

Leg one: Peoria to Charlotte.

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Mobile, Alabama airport.

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The campus

Now THIS is spring weather.

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The flier

I had better not lay an egg.

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After the talk: nice, scenic walk with two mathematicians

Near the South Alabama campus. Saw an alligator.

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The airport again: (with art)

Early in Mobile. Not a long line; had time to take in some of the local artwork.

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6 am take off means sunrise photos

Sunrise…and changing clouds.

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Cold weather baseball

Not baseball weather. Bradley beat Indiana State 6-3.

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Bonnie’s memorial service:

RIP, Bonnie Gudat.

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Interesting first evening

I enjoyed last night’s dinner; the trip here came off without a hitch.

Workout notes; though the weather is glorious, I was on the treadmill for 5 miles. I switched at mile 4 as the first one slipped a bit..second one was fine. The heel is feeling MUCH better after getting tight on the trip.

5.1 froggy (10 min); 23:18 at 2, 45:09 at 4, then 9:30 final mile.

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Ok, now I am working both my left..well, not quite shoulder but pectoral? and my left foot. Hmmm…

weights: I modified it a bit; usual PT, pull ups (5 sets of 10, NO SWINGING), standing dumbbell military: 15 x 40, 10 x 45, 10 x 50 (all ok), rows (Hammer) 3 sets of 10 x 200. Then I used the Hammer incline press machine for two sets of 10 x 90 (45 on each side), striving for slow, full range reps. Yep.the soreness is there and while it isn’t debilitating, it is enough to keep me from straining in that motion.

Did the usual abs, headstand, 2:30 bent elbow plank.

run/walk: 3 minute froggy 5.1-5.3, then up..11:25 first mile, 8:41 second mile, walk 15-15:30, then jog the final mile at 5.2-5.3 going up 1-2-3 in incline (last .5 at 3) to finish 4 in 46:50. Foot: ached the most during the walking phase, not much at all during the run.

I am a mess. 🙂

Later: fly to Mobile, Alabama. Fly back on Friday. It is only a seminar talk, but I am a bit nervous/anxious/excited. This is only my second “invited” talk to a math department (last one was in 1993) and I really don’t want to lay an egg.

What is different is that this is a non-specialist audience so I have to explain what is obvious to specialists (those who have looked at this stuff for years) while not being insulting by giving an undergraduate level talk.

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Back for round 2

Back in town…finished grading some exams.

The drive there and back: as easy as I have ever had. I was surprised. Now I am going to work on the book Shattered (about the Clinton campaign…so far..what I expected as far as strengths and weaknesses.

Workout: hotel treadmill again; 3 miles on the treadmill (33:50) then 1 walk: 47:45. The heel, while not well, is doing better. No NSAIDS over the past 4 days. Medium distance running appears to be ok.

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Cleveland trip..

Workout notes: 4 miles on the treadmill in 46:40; 3 run in 32:50; 33:50 for 3.1 (breaker trip at 2.55 at 28:10; 6.1-6.2 to get to 3.1, then walked.

Later: Rocky River Park stairs (note: 2 minutes per uphill walk, steady, not fast, but deliberate).

Overall, it was a nice visit with Olivia and Barbara was great company as well.

Yesterday: Greater Cleveland Aquarium and Brunos.

Today: Rocky River Nature Preserve and lunch, and Half Price books.

We took a trolley tour of Cleveland afterward. Note the colorful blue paint on the bridge.

They had all sorts of fish.

Note the size of this could take air from the surface too.

The shark tank was interesting.

Yes, you could put your hand in the water to pet the stingrays.

Handsome toad.

At Brunos.

At Rocky River

The Nature Center has lots of rocking chairs and some animal exhibits.

The Stairs: 2 minute walk up. I did this 3 times, just for the heck of it (some ice still left). Great views from the top.

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To Cleveland…

I’ll post a few photos later. But yesterday we drove to Cleveland for a short visit.

Yesterday: weighed just under 199 prior to my workout: weights only; 5 sets of 10 pull ups (ok), bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, decline 8 x 165, incline 10 x 140, military: 10 x 50 standing, 15 x 50 seated, supported, 10 x 45, rows; 3 sets of 10 x 50.
abs: twist crunch 50, 24, moving bridge (3 sets of 10), yoga leg lifts (2 sets of 10), headstand, plank (2:15), side plank.
usual pt.

Today: 3.11 miles on the treadmill: 33:54; 32:53 at 3. Lady helped me see the power strip was not turned on…foot felt ok.

Oh heck, here are Instagram photos:


Outside of the city aquarium

Exhibits 1
Exhibits 2
Exhibits 3 (they let us reach into the stingray pond.
Italian food afterward

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My 2017 in review

This is my 2017 in review. I did this for 2015 and again in 2016.

Of note: my daughter graduated college (her accomplishment, not mine) and I completed my first year at a new rank. Athletically the year was a bit of a bust (no 5K under 27 minutes, only one marathon or beyond finish, best bench press was 200 lbs.) but I was active throughout and I did take some local trips. Of most note: I had a good time with friends, a “tl;dr” collage is here:







I am getting lapped by Jason (1:01:22)






Nick DeLuca of North Dakota State waits for play to resume against Illinois State during their football game Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017, in Normal, Ill.
Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor


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Back in Peoria

Drive: ok from Kentucky to the Indiana/Illinois State line.
Sucked from the state line to Peoria; rural parts were ok but Bloomington and Peoria sucked.

Time in Kentucky: ah…more later. The people I spent time with: elderly but mentally fit, elderly, physically incapacitated and mentally unfit, and physically fit but mentally limited.
Not what I am used to.

I did get to watch the Navy vs. Virginia Military Bowl. Navy played great!

More later.

Home: shoveled; going to be frigid tonight.


The drive

First morning: 4.3 miles on a dark, cold trail

Second morning: 4.3 run on the same trail

Briskets! (and Colts hat)

Haircut. The lady who cut my hair “liked” my Instagram photo.

Eastern Kentucky: I went there because they had a small Barns and Nobel bookshop.

Nothing to add to this one.

Workout notes:

Wednesday: 4 mile walk on a bike path. 4 plus really. It was part of the Artisan Bike Path.
Thursday: 4 mile “run” on the same path.
Friday: 2 mile treadmill run in 21:22 (second mile was 9:22; increasing pace)

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Workout notes: lifted, ran 16 laps in the second outermost lane in the Riverplex (22:25).
rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10), bench: 10 x 135, 5 x 185, 5 x 185, incline: 10 x 135, military: 3 sets of 10 x 45 standing dumbbells, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110 machine.

Pretty empty in the Riverplex

Drive: some snow leaving Indianapolis. Pre dinner: an adventure of sorts. I am not used to being the only physically strong and mentally capable one in a group; I couldn’t afford to lapse into my usual absentminded state.

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Christmas 2017

Home after a (mostly) fun trip to Chicago. I say “mostly” because the “hour longer than usual” drive there was nerve wracking.

This was from this morning.

It is cold and I am about to go on a “3 night” trip that I am not looking forward to.

Workout notes: 4 mile run on the hotel treadmill, which had the “stop” button at a place where my arm swing kept causing me to hit mile .7 and again at mile 1.7
Finally, I managed 2 miles in 21:35 to get 4.4 total..a decent enough workout.

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