Hey, my eyes are down here!

Workout notes: treadmill 4 mile run; tried to warm up a little bit quicker but my first attempts at 6.7 mph (1:30, 2, then 5 minutes) were a bit ragged. I was at mile 2 in 21:06 or so; I finally got to 6.7 again at 24 minutes into it and was able to throw in 6.8, 6.9 and 7 at the end. Total time: 38:36 for 4 miles…then some free squats.

Run notes: I have a feisty friend who (teasingly?) admonishes me to not check out her butt; when she passes me she turns and says “eyes up…my eyes are up here”. So seeing this yoga photo made me chuckle..and I made this meme:


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Trump’s grope comments and female’s experiences

A good sign: I went out for 5K on a cool, crisp morning. During the first mile I had to talk myself out of doing 4 or 5 miles. But, when I got to mile 2, I was glad I was only doing 5K, so I still have some recovering to do. But it was a very pleasant jog.

Politics: the “nasty woman” comment that Trump made sparked memes, sayings, etc. I took one meme’s logo and added words to it:


Much to my delight, my favorite FB friend liked it.

Trump’s groping comments I’ve discussed those. And I directed people to Jerry Coyne’s website where he asked female readers to weigh in as to whether they’ve been violated. At least three wrote comments and I strongly suspect a 4’th one did. I knew about one of the stories before hand.

I had a couple of reactions:

1. I was ready to get “high and mighty” because I’ve never done any “Trump stuff” (ever) and, as an adult, I didn’t to any unsolicited touching. OR so I thought until I read the accounts of two women who worked at strip club type places (one wrote about it on my Facebook page). Then …yes, while in the Navy, we did make port calls and a few times I did go to bars with bar girls; they did sit on our laps; we did pat their butts, etc. No, no Trump stuff. And I suppose some consent was there; one time I went to a bar for the second time and one of the bar girls ran up to me saying “KING KONG!”; evidently I was a good customer (though I don’t recall spending that much).

I suppose that there WAS consent of a sort, but I don’t feel good about it.

The other reactions: some of the women who told their story are friends of mine; one is a “sort of ex” friend (“friends” as in “do stuff with” friends). I was struck by the fact that these women always seemed friendly with me; sometimes even a little bit “flirty” (and yes, it is a two way street). That just surprises me a bit, but I am woefully ignorant in this area.

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Still tired

Yes, I am still tired from the marathon; even though I had sufficient training miles, it took something out of me. And I am sleeping in a segmented way; I used to do that the week after a long ultra (say, 24 hour event or 100 miler).

I’ll be rested enough to restart training after my sleep has switched to my normal pattern.

Workout notes: easy 5k mile run; not timed. The weather was just perfect for running; cool (50’s) and dry. Just perfect. I even “picked it up” a little toward the end.

Later in the day: flu shot. I don’t want to risk it.

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Slow marathon finish: inwardly happy; outwardly embarrassed ….

Today in the gym, a couple of the professors asked me if I had run in this past weekend’s marathon. I found myself embarrassed to answer “yes”.

Why? Well, I admit that I felt joy in crossing the finish line in under the time limit: 5:52 (time limit was 6 hours). Yes, this was my slowest Peoria Marathon (River City, PNC, etc); my other two were 5:45 (run/walk), 5:49 (walk 100 percent, but on a cool day).

But..I remember that this was 1:08 (one hour, 8 minutes) slower than my powerwalking PR (2002) and 2:14 (two hours, fourteen minutes) slower than my masters running PR (2000). Back then, I never dreamed I would become so unbelievably slow.

In fact, as recently as 2006…wait that was 10 years ago…I did training marathons (on my own) at about this pace….walking.

I suppose that if when I continue to slow down more, I’ll have to seek out long time limit marathons or, say, 12 hour events.

But, as I get ready to resume training (in say, 2 week’s time), I’ve got my eyes on either First Light (January in Mobile, Alabama) or Little Rock (March, Arkansas) and doing it as a walker (long time limits). Maybe I’ll get it out of the way early.

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PNC Peoria Marathon 2016 version: in the “just finish” mode..

Just the facts. The splits that are recorded are the 6.25, 13.45, and the 19.1 mile splits.


What I did: I did a reasonable “jog with 1 minute every mile walk” up until mile 10, walked a bit more often than that from 10 to 16, then just walked the whole way from mile 16 (3:17) to the finish; that is about 10.2 miles in 2:35 (15:11 pace). I was averaging about 14:30’s up until mile 20 when I wore down. I did make a mistake at mile 23: I took in water that didn’t digest. But I was only 3 miles from the finish and so could gut it out a bit, even if I had a couple of 16 minute miles there.

I can no longer run a marathon, and the humid conditions made it unlikely for me to finish with a pure walk. So I mixed the movements.

2: 23:19
4: 22:21 (45:41)
6: 23:02 (1:08:43)
8: 24:09 (1:32:53) (hill)
10: 22:43 (1:55:36)
12: 25:14 (2:20:51)
14: 26:51 (2:47:48) (note: 2:34 at 13)
18: 56:14 (3:44:02) (note: 3:02 at 15; started to “walk 100 percent) at 16
20: 29:02 (4:13:06)
22: 30:19 (4:43:26)
24: 32:23 (5:15:49)
25: 15:38 (5:31:28)
26.2 20:58 (5:52:27)

Yes, 100 percent humidity. It wasn’t the steambath that Quad Cities was 3 weeks ago (due to cloud cover), but it was sticky and suffocating.


I was doing ok early; the pace felt fine. I kept reminding myself: save it. I had to hold back a bit. Every mile (or 12 minutes) I forced myself to walk a minute. Things went ok until mile 10.
The stretch through Bradley was interesting: the various sports teams were helping with the water (basketball, soccer, XC, etc.) and the frat guys made a wall for me to run through. I got high 5’s and the like.

I saw Cassie at mile 8 and then again at mile 16 or so; I saw Tracy and Larry just past 14, and Jennifer at mile 13.4. That was fun.

My “crisis came at about mile 10 after I had sped up to get away from a woman running with both a stroller and a dog on a leash. That took just a bit out of me..and it was starting to warm up some. It was humid but it wasn’t the sauna that the Quad Cities was.

I gave some thought to turning off at the part where the half separated from the full, but I told myself “finish what you started”. I knew that I couldn’t sustain the pace much longer.

By mile 12 I was walking more than I was running, but I’d still jog a few steps just to keep things going. By mile 16, I realized that my walking pace would be enough to get me in, so I switched to the old, more comfortable motion. I noticed that I wasn’t losing distance on those in front of me; in fact I gained just a bit.

I kept from getting sick; I was just dealing with the usual pain of a marathon; the only issue is that my right foot hurt. Some Naproxen helped.

Toward the end a young woman passed me saying “that last mile is the longest of my life”. I laughed and said “but nothing can stop us now”…and we both made it.

It wasn’t pretty, but this isn’t my kind of weather; heat and humidity have always been tough on me.

It was some time before my stomach could hold anything; I laid down a bit..and after a nap I could feel my stomach clear. So then it was off to eat some Mexican food with Tracy; it was then that I really perked up.

I had lower leg cramps in the night; guzzling 32 oz of water helped.

Some photos:



Jennifer took this one.


Cassie took this one.


Maria took this one at about mile 24.5


This was taken by Crystal at mile 7; don’t know what is going on with my posture.

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Trump’s comments and Facebook posts..

Workout notes: easy 2 mile run.
Academic: full day; 2 observations, exams; I’ll have grading out of my ears for a while.

Trump’s comments and what I’ve seen: I have seen several women post about being sexually harassed at work (touches and more); I suppose this seems surprising since I’ve never done this and the women I’ve been married to (2) haven’t reported this either, nor have my close “in real life” female friends. But I suppose even a small percentage of women adds up to a large number of them.

I wonder if the rate varies according to the jobs that women hold (do lower paid women get it at a higher rate? Do lower work status women (further down on the chain) have it worse? I honestly don’t know.

Obviously I am sorry that this happens do anyone.

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Middle of the week…

Workout notes: 5K run in West Peoria…easy.

Election notes: early in the day, Hillary Clinton’s numbers were as much as 1/8 in some books; now they seem to have settled down a bit between 2/11 and 1/7. Percentage wise, that equates to 11/13 to 7/8 in terms of percent.

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Public Perception: Rep. Bustos becoming like Aaron Schock?

Yes, I like running as you can tell from this blog. Yes, I see a lot of spandex clad women on weekend mornings.

And then I saw this ad:

Yes, Ms. Bustos is a former NCAA athlete. And I wondered about the image:

Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill. dashes up the steps of the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, May 26, 2016, as lawmakers arrived for final votes before Congress leaves for a week-long Memorial Day recess. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill. dashes up the steps of the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, May 26, 2016, as lawmakers arrived for final votes before Congress leaves for a week-long Memorial Day recess. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


My spouse remarked “that is like Aaron Schock“.

Ugh. I suppose there is a fine line between showing that you are healthy and active (as President Bush did…and did effectively…and President Obama does it too) and going a bit too far. Where is the balance?

I also think of Sarah Palin and though I don’t like her, I think that she strikes about the right balance between putting forth “I am healthy and active” image and overdoing it.

But that is just me.

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Trump’s slide continues ….and he becomes “unshackled”

Workout notes: easy, untimed 5K run. Plenty for today.

Trump’s slide: I’ve never seen a candidate fall from grace so least in the betting markets:


In other words, Clinton is now between a 5-1 to 6-1 favorite. If odds puzzle you, this short video should help:

And he has had “enough”:


Yes, he might still win, but I’ve not seen odds like this since the Dukakis vs. Bush race.

And to think: Megyn Kelly, who I do NOT like, got it right so long ago (August, 2015)

Hey, as Paul Krugman said a long time ago: the country is NOT the GOP. And Trump is running against a seasoned, tough, smart opponent and not a bunch of buffoons.

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Trump’s remarks and the value of male mentorship

Workout notes: 4 mile run (untimed) then weights at the Riverplex: rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10), incline presses: 10 x 135, 7 x 150, 10 x 140, military presses (dumbbell, 5 x 50 standing, 10 x 40 standing, 10 x 180 machine), rows (3 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell), abs (headstand, 2 sets of: 12 twist crunches, yoga leg lifts, moving half bridges)

Trump’s remarks: yes, I played football and wrestled for a number of years. I was in the Navy, and I made some deployments on a submarine.

Yes, some of the talk was “rough”; sailors did sometimes talk about “poking their wives/girlfriends” when they got home (in the car even), they but their girlfriend’s/wives panties on their face, made remarks about breasts, butts and the like.

Yes, they probably didn’t talk that way when women were around.

But, I never heard anyone brag about groping a woman against her will or anything like that.

Here is my half-baked thought: when we grew up, most of us had older males that we looked up to…older “peers”. They may have been the starters on the varsity football team, or those who have attained ranks/status or just have achieved something that we wanted to achieve. And we wanted to be accepted by them.

And when we crossed a line..either them, or even a peer would say “dude, that’s gross. Not cool.” And we’d adjust or become outcasts.

I have a feeling that someone like Trump never had that.

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