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Well, Navy got whipped 52-31 by a better Houston team. Still navy is 9-2 with the Army game coming up in two weeks.

From yesterday’s race:




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Peoria Chocolate Turkey 3 mile run: I stink. Literally.

Yes, as I sit here, I am stinking. This is why. I think that my body chemistry really reacts badly with these high tech shirts.

The day came up sort of gray; we had drizzle before but none during the run. The “cat crap” worked great on my glasses; no fogging at all.

My performance: well, not so good but I didn’t expect much


This is about a 27:00 5K. The mile splits: 8:36, 8:31, 8:54. The last mile was against the wind and the middle mile was win aided. The main mistake I made was looking at the finish clock and forgetting that I was over 20 seconds faster than that; I really wanted to go under 26 and just missed it.

I think that my strenuous 6 miler two days ago hampered me a bit, and it was about 1 minute slower than last year.

I jogged my warm up from the house and then walked back to cool down. So it was 5 run (2 warm up, race) and 2 walking to cool down.

I saw my doctor and we joked about aging; we’ve been running these for quite a long time. He told me he hit his 5K PR at the 2 mile split. I was never that fast; but I have run a few 4 milers faster than this.

But hey, I am grateful that I have the health and means to do these.

Shoe Store Note Yesterday, I bought new shoes at Running Central; the owner really has turned an old, almost cult like mom-and-pop into a professional enterprise. They are very efficient.

But some of the younger workers amuse me. I got waited on by a young woman with a nose ring who was wearing running leggings. She quickly brought out some shoes that would work for me. But she did amuse me a bit; when she asked me if I was running today’s race, I told her “yes”. She wondered if I’d be wearing the new shoes and I told her “no” and explained at how I usually break into new shoes. She just wanted to remind me not to run the race in shoes I haven’t worn before.

I stifled my desire to say “honey, I ran my first marathon in 1980.” It is better to assume that the customer doesn’t know, and I suppose I don’t look like a runner.

By the way, I wore those old red and grey NB 730 for that race. My time was a pedestrian 3:33 but my sub 3 hour marathon friends had to wait for me since I drove us to the race!


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Games, free speech, terrorism, etc.

Workout notes: 10 K “run” on the track: 9:59, 9:44, 9:33, 9:32, 9:27. 9:44 then 3:10 walk/jog inner lane 2 laps (58:03 at 6, 1:01:13 for 10K). It was mostly an empty track.
Gads. Though this was not a race effort by any means, IT WAS WORK. Sigh…

Posts: It is the start of Thanksgiving break and so I played hooky and went to a daytime game (no classes). The Bradley women got creamed 72-59 by Western Michigan; WMU lead by 16 before freely substituting.

But hey, it was a game to watch. :-)

Statistics Yes, I know the technical definition of p-value and what “it means”. But attempts to “make it intelligible” to non-experts often fail:

What I learned by asking all these very smart people to explain p-values is that I was on a fool’s errand. Try to distill the p-value down to an intuitive concept and it loses all its nuances and complexity, said science journalist Regina Nuzzo, a statistics professor at Gallaudet University. “Then people get it wrong, and this is why statisticians are upset and scientists are confused.” You can get it right, or you can make it intuitive, but it’s all but impossible to do both.

No fly zones: Turkey shot down a Russian fighter. Ugh. Last I heard, Turkey claimed that the fighter was over Russian airspace and Russia denies that.

Free speech A survey came out about whether it is a good thing to censor speech that “is offensive to minorities”. Not surprisingly, Democrats were more approving of censorship than Republicans (though NOT the majority of Democrats) and the youngest generation (millennials) were strongest in favor of censorship. The good news is that the more educated the person, the less likely that they would approve of censorship. That is good news, given some of the nonsense one hears coming from college campuses these-a-days.

Republicans and Donald Trump

Sure it is still early and most people haven’t started to pay attention to the election. Nevertheless, Donald Trump really is doing well and it should not be that surprising:

Indeed. You have a party whose domestic policy agenda consists of shouting “death panels!”, whose foreign policy agenda consists of shouting “Benghazi!”, and which now expects its base to realize that Trump isn’t serious. Or to put it a bit differently, the definition of a GOP establishment candidate these days is someone who is in on the con, and knows that his colleagues have been talking nonsense. Primary voters are expected to respect that?

And it isn’t a surprise that the terror attacks in Paris helped him:

Conventional wisdom on the politics of terror seems to be faring just as badly as conventional wisdom on the politics of everything. Donald Trump went up, not down, in the polls after Paris — Republican voters somehow didn’t decide to rally around “serious” candidates. And as Greg Sargent notes, polls suggest that the public trusts Hillary Clinton as much if not more than Republicans to fight terror.

May I suggest that these are related?

After all, where did the notion that Republicans are effective on terror come from? Mainly from a rally-around-the-flag effect after 9/11. But if you think about it, Bush became America’s champion against terror because, um, the nation suffered from a big terrorist attack on his watch. It never made much sense.

What Bush did do was talk tough, boasting that he would get Osama bin Laden dead or alive. But, you know, he didn’t. And guess who did?

So people who trust Republicans on terror — which presumably includes the GOP base — are going to be the kind of people who value big talk and bluster over actual evidence of effectiveness. Why on earth would you expect such people to turn against Trump after an attack?

Hey, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh created Donald Trump’s candidacy.

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Workout notes weights then 5 miles of running:

Weights: pull ups, 4 sets of 10
rotator cuff
bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 7 x 170
incline press: 10 x 140 (challenge)
pull ups: 10 more
military press: 2 sets of 12 x 50 dumbbell, seated, supported, 10 x 40 standing
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 (each arm), 10 x 110 (machine)

Then to the treadmill: I was feeling fatigued and unmotivated.
22:10 warm up (difficult)
18:10 2 miles track (lane 2: 9:10/8:58)
11:20 cool down.

I had a low energy day, so to speak.

I have to remember that I had that 30 miler just two weeks ago, and a marathon 3 weeks prior to that.

Snow. It won’t stay long, but we had some slick stuff. I don’t like it. :-)

Football: Illinois got beat 32-23; the Illini moved the ball very well (433 yards to 343 yards for Minnesota) but gave up some big kickoff returns and turned the ball over 3 times. The game was iced when Minnesota broke a 75 yard touchdown run with 1:25 to go and followed it by a 2 point conversion.

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The lies we tell ourselves..

I had planned to do 6 treadmill miles today, but the day was too pretty to stay indoors.

So I jogged my hilly Cornstalk 8.1 mile course. I didn’t bother to time myself as frankly, I didn’t want to know; but the pace was somewhere in the 11:45-12:00 mpm range. It was a slow but easy “lope”.


It was breezy but perfect running weather.

While I was in Bradley Park, the university track team was doing hill repeats. Yep…they blew past me as if I were merely waddling in place. Wait..that is what I was doing.

Now the reality is that our track team is a strong one; I never was nearly as fast as the men NOR the women; my lifetime PB for the 5K is a hair under 19 minutes and for the 10K: 39:50. That is “young man slow”, compared to serious runners. I last broke 20 minutes for the 5K in 1998. Today’s run: same effort would have been perhaps 1:05 and change.

Now: I am “old man slow” and “old man slow” is slower than “young man slow”. That is really it.


The same goes with the weight room: I never was “strong”; lifetime PB for the bench press was 310, but that was at a much heavier body weight than I am now. At my current bodyweight (or within shouting distance of it), we are talking 260 lbs. Now I do 200 on a good day. That is “young man weak” vs. “old man weak”. :-)

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Chilly, rainy day, life contingencies class…yuck.

Workout notes: 2 mile treadmill jog (21:10) then I attempted an all out mile: 2:00, 1:58, 1:58 (5:56) and then…splut. I had to walk and ended up jogging in an 8:26 mile.
I think that part of the reason is that I panicked when I got to that “intense oxygen debt” that one gets in a mile, and I was solo (lane 2).

Then 1 mile walk, and 2 more miles on the treadmill (21:30) to call it a day at 6 miles, plus some yoga.

So I’ll make it an “end of the year goal” to get a sub 8 minute mile; I think that I am about 200 meters away.

Back to class preparation.

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Illinois falls to Ohio State ground attack 28-3

Workout notes: 3 mile run outside (lower Bradley park); 34 minute 5K. Pretty slow.

Game: well, there were two big traffic jams on I-74 and that put us in game day traffic. So we didn’t get to the parking lot until 1030; fortunately Tracy is a very fast walker. And she was great company too.



Yes, there was a bigger than normal crowd. There were a few empties under the overhangs of the respective upper decks.


The game itself: reminded me just a bit of the Wisconsin game (24-13 loss) Ohio State controlled the game and outgained Illinois 440-261, piling up 283 rushing yards, much of it right up the middle. And Illinois had a few chances but made some key mistakes (fumbled punt, field goal hit the upright, botched hold on a field goal) against a team that they had no margin of error to work with.

Illinois made a fist down (or two) on its first possession but had to punt.


OSU drove the ball and ended up with 2’nd and goal inside the Illinois 1 yard line when a TD was overruled by replay. Illinois stopped the short yardage play (another replay). But on 3’rd down; the OSU line went offside and then on 3’rd down, they got stopped (running play). Then OSU missed the “chip shot” field goal!

Half the quarter was gone and it was 0-0! But eventually Ohio State got the ball back and, though they moved it by running, a 24 yard pass to the left of the end zone provided the TD.

Illinois managed a drive that ended with a field goal; the only points for the Illini. The defenses played well and Ohio State declined to go for it on a couple of 4’th and 1.


And yes, Illinois managed a long field goal try (50 yard) which BARELY missed; it hit an upright. An exchange of punts pinned Illinois deep with time running out in the half.

Ohio State got the ball back and managed a quick touchdown, this time using the short passing game to get into position.


So, it was 14-3 at the half.

Third quarter: lots of running; Illinois tried to hang on.


Illinois had another shot at a field goal but the hold was botched (couldn’t tell if the snap was bad or not)

But the defense eventually wore down and a 75 drive yard drive resulted in another touchdown; it was now 21-3, OSU.

The Illini did thwart an OSU drive by forcing a bad throw and getting an interception.

The 4’th quarter was more or less the same. Some Illini drives came up empty. But Illinois fumbled an Ohio State punt to give OSU the ball at the 10; OSU punched in easily.

From then on; OSU mostly kept it on the ground and burned clock.

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College Football Weekend

Workout notes: weights, 3 mile run, 2 mile hill walk (treadmill)

weights: rotator cuff, 5 sets of 10 pull ups,
incline press: 10 x 135, 7 x 150, 10 x 140
military: seated, supported: 2 sets of 12 x 50, then 10 x 40 standing (dumbbells)
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell (each arm), 10 x 110 (machine)

run: treadmill, 5K in 31:30 (5.2 mph, up by .1 every 2 minutes)
walk: treadmill: 2 miles in 29:40: hill (1-8 in 20, then 1-4 in 10)

Pretty basic.

College football:
Ohio State favored by 16-17 at Illinois: part of me thinks that this will look a lot like the Wisconsin game. Then again, Ohio State is fighting for a playoff spot and style points will count. Call it 35-17 and OSU covers. I’ll be at this one.

Navy favored by 20 over SMU SMU is a bad team and Navy is strong. But Navy has to have a bad game sometime; they pasted Memphis on the road and still face Tulsa, Houston on the road and Army..and possibly a game in the AAC championship game. Pick Navy to win, but SMU might well keep it..well, not “close” but 30-14’ish. Navy to win, SMU covers?

West Virginia favored by 8 over Texas Texas has actually performed comparably against the teams that West Virginia lost to; in fact, slightly better. But Texas has been a horrible, absolutely horrible road team: 38-3, 50-10, 24-0 losses; the latter to a not-so-good Iowa State team. Texas lays another egg: 27-3?

Wake Forrest at Notre Dame: ND favored by 27 Sounds about right; ND is rolling and Wake isn’t very good. 38-0 Irish.

Summary: Straight up: Ohio State, Navy, West Virginia, Notre Dame.
Spread: Ohio State, SMU, West Virginia, Notre Dame.

NFL note: Got tickets for the Bears vs. Rams. Rams are favored by 7. That sounds about right; neither team is a ball of fire so I’ll go with the home team. Call it 24-17 Rams, though it wouldn’t be a monumental upset if the Bears won.

I think that this is my first “College/Pro” football double weekend since I caught Texas-Oklahoma and Dallas-San Francisco in 1989.

Personal Football note: I played offensive tackle in high school. Yeah, I got a holding call or two (or three); I didn’t use my feet well. But I don’t think that I ever did this…(and this was NOT called)


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Yes, I’ve got butt-hurt

Workout notes: weights, treadmill run, 1 mile cool down walk.
Weights: 5 sets of 10 pull ups (4 then 1), rotator cuff
bench: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 7 x 170
incline: 10 x 135
military: 2 sets of 12 x 50 dumbbell seated, supported, 10 x 40 standing
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 each arm (dumbbell), 10 x 110 machine

Run: treadmill (save the legs) 10:50 mile 1, then .5-.5-.5 at 6.7,6.8, 6.9 .25 7, .25 7.1 then .2 7.1. 17:23 2 mile. Then 1 mile on the track.

And this is where the butt-hurt comes in: Saturday’s “disaster at Mc-Not-Again” left me with a very sore butt (gluteal muscles). The reality is that I didn’t “do my homework” on the very steep hills. The Bradley Park road hills, while challenging, are no substitute.

Oh yes, there are other types of butt-hurt and this is discussed in this 32 minute video:



No, I did not go as there was a Bradley Basketball game last night. But Trump drew 10K. And he is taking shots at Sen. Rubio:


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What is a “marathoner” anyway?

Workout notes: weights then 3 miles of running on the treadmill, 1 mile of walking.

Weights: pull ups: 4 sets of 10, rotator cuff
incline presses: 10 x 135, 6 x 150, 6 x 150
pull ups: 10
military presses: 2 sets of 10 x 40 dumbbell (standing), 10 x 200 machine (seated)
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110

run: 3.21 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill; 10:47 mile warm up, then 6.7 (5 minutes), 6.8 (to 2 miles) then 6.9-7.0-7.1-7.2 to 3 miles and 7.3 for the final .1
28:13 for 3, 29:06 for the 5K.

Walk: outside in the chilly fog; short sleeves.

Marathons: This 60 year old ran a 2:47 marathon. Yes, he was a competitive cross country runner in his youth. And yes, marathons are more numerous and the bigger ones are becoming more corporate.

And so the fields are larger, and the Law of Large Numbers applies: as the number of people who attempt marathons go up, the average person who completes a marathon is more and more…well..similar to the average person in society.

There was a time when marathons attracted the more fit (and younger, and more male); I remember my first one: 2229 men with a median finish time of 3:36; 201 women with a median of 4:05.

That isn’t the case any longer and some of the old school people (in this case, Craig Virgin) miss that era:


Here is my take There was a time when “marathoner” referred to someone who raced the marathon..and whose specialty was the marathon. I still think of it that way, though I also include racewalkers in that category if they specialize in the long distances and in walking them at maximum speed.

Now, the term is increasingly used to describe someone who finished the distance somehow.

Here is what the crux is: finishing a marathon (somehow) and going lights out for time (e. g. running it hard the whole way) are very, very different things. People who do the latter really are elite athletes (IMHO); I’ve never been a part of that group.

True, I did run a 3:38 as a 41 year old, but while I trained hard for that race and ran it to the best of my ability, I was really doing a “let’s go and hold on”; it WAS a tough effort for me, but as tired as I was and the pain I endured didn’t reach the level of those who push themselves “to the edge” like the elites do. (note: I reached “close to the near room” once in my life..different event though).

And now: yeah, my last “100 percent walking” marathon WAS hard for me and I did push myself. But in the scheme of things…let’s just say that I was relieved when I saw that I’d make it under the time limit. And no, what I did doesn’t compare to what a marathon specialist does.

So, I do think that Mr. Virgin has a point. BUT I still see the larger fields of people who are treating it like a strenuous urban “walk/jog/hike” as a good thing (like those old “go as you please” volksmarch events in Europe), even if we get some who try to think that their accomplishment compares with the accomplishments of athletes who treat the marathon as an athletic event.

Note: one of the ironic things is that *I* am one of those who helped “ruin” the event for the traditionalists. Yes, my time was 3:33, but that was the era when that was considered a “jogger’s time”. And people saw me (close to 200 pounds, built like an ex high school football player) finishing it and thought “if HE can finish a marathon, so I can I”.

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