Quick catch up

Walked 4 miles yesterday. Did a 4 mile “run” this morning; shoulder feels much better. But I’ve been diligent with the rotator cuff exercises.

Final exam grading; 2/3 of my final exams graded. More to do, but 3 full days to do it.

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I was going to go on and on

But it is 9:50 pm and so I am going to go to bed instead after I catch up on workouts:

Sunday: 10 mile plus walk in slight drizzle/gloomy skies
Monday: weights; usual, blah, blah blah (bench highlight was 3 x 185, 6 x 150 incline, 9 x 165 decline; got 10 x 50 military, 10 x 45, and 10 x 110 machine)
Tuesday: routine untimed 5 mile Cornstalk hill run; felt good. But icy tonight; better lay out some salt.

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Courtside! Bradley leading Western Illinois early

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Courtside! Bradley leading Western Illinois early

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The women beat Western Illinois 82-68; they moved out steadily and lead 60-46 at the end of 3. But then Western rallied and cut the lead to 5 points with 6 minutes to go, but BU pulled away at the end.

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Kicking myself out of the door

It is crunch time at my university; finals start next week AND we’ve had MANY long meetings for this and that.

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That time in the semester.

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And so I didn’t want to do much…weather has been gray but this time, not cold..just a ton of rain last night and chilly drizzle this morning.

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Not cold, but sort of gloomy.

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Still, I weighed in at 187.8 yesterday before running, and ran in lane 2 of the university track: 10:27, 9:50, 9:50, 9:40 (29:40), 13:30 walk/jog cool down (53:37 for 5, 40:07 for 4).

Yesterday I did catch some Bradley Basketball: The women defeated Oakland 73-64 in a game where they build up a nice lead and let them back into it. It wasn’t pretty and the competition wasn’t the best. But BU is 5-0.

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Stood up again! 😢😭

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Oakland at Bradley. Close early.

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Strong thunderstorms turned the gutters into small streams but I went to the Bradley vs. New Mexico men’s basketball. Frankly BU was outclassed by a taller, faster Lobo team that used the press effectively. They forced turnovers and forced the Braves into taking quick shots. BU stared 11-0 but trailed 41-32 at the half and the lead grew to 76-61 and ended 85-75.

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New Mexico and Bradley in a lively one so far.

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Though the men have 3 losses and the women have none, the men have played tougher competition, up to now.

I see the men finishing somewhere between 3-5 in the conference and the women, perhaps 1 or 2 spots lower. But we shall see.
What I can say is that the games are more interesting than they were 3-4 years ago.

BUT…as far as the game…do they have to put some sort of promotion in EVERY dead ball situation? What about some dead time so fans can discuss…you know…the actual game?

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And the level of discussion is depressing …

Now of course, the news isn’t all bad. Senator Tim Scott (R-South Carolina) stood up and announced that he would vote against the Farr nomination. Yes, I expect a Republican to nominate a conservative, but there are plenty of principled conservatives out there.

I am going back to the border fiasco. I am still hearing that those who climbed the fence “did nothing wrong”; in fact what they did IS illegal. Yes, this was only a small portion of the “caravan”. Yes, someone in the country illegally can seek asylum. But illegal entry is, well, duh, still illegal. You wouldn’t think this is a nuanced point but ..well, if that is what you hear in your bubble..or what you hear from members of Congress:

Yes, the goal might be legal, but one might be breaking the law to get there..and THAT is what was criminal.

Now my feeling is that they did the right thing by not prosecuting; I am out of my lane here but I think that the prosecuting attorneys have some discretion on what to pursue. I’ll leave that to the pros.

But we really don’t need dishonest or misleading statements from our members of Congress. I’d rather she merely applaud the decision to NOT prosecute.

Workout notes:
Tuesday: weights plus a 4 mile run in 42:07 (bench: 10 x 135, 3 x 185, incline: 10 x 140, decline 8 x 165, etc. pull ups were 15-15-10-10. rest was the usual routine.
Wednesday: 4 mile walk on the treadmill in 45:45 (8 am meeting)
Thursday: 6 mile walk in 1:10:24; 10K in 1:12:35 (just under a 12 minute pace)

Basketball note: saw a wonderful Women’s game: Bradley held off a spirited challenge by Eastern Illinois 67-64, playing sterling defense in the final minute.

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Bumbling out of the Thanksgiving break (still a bit whiny)

No, the break was not a total loss; I got a lovely long walk with Lynnor, a Turkey Trot, (best 3 mile/5k of the year), no weight gain,

a basketball game (vs. an overmatched opponent) and an exciting NFL game.
I also got, well, a very long drive home which was “sort of normal rainy weather) for 170 miles, sucky snowstorm for 30 miles, and dreadful for the final 10 (blizzard, white out)
I was a bit like Mr. Magoo and drove about 20 mph for stretches. I was lucky it was 11:30 pm and hardly anyone else was on the road.

Oh yes, prior to the NFL game, I got in a nice 4 mile run (42:07) on the treadmill, even though the weather was good outside. And I treated myself to a nice burger at a gourmet burger place, though it was not as good as “Smokey Burger” in Peoria.

The Basketball game:

Bradley won 86-70; aside from early moments when Chicago State hit a few three point shots, it wasn’t that competitive. BU’s lead built up to the mid 20’s (and yes, the spread was 25).

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Chicago State at Bradley. CSU up early.

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Then came a long drive to Indianapolis that I talked about in my previous post…

The next day: NFL.

Dolphins at Colts

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Colts rally from 24-14 down to tie with 4:25 to go.

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Seats: section 529; not bad seats. Not quite as good as we had for the Bills game (one level up) but this section had two entrance and exits; very little bother with people coming and going.

The game: interesting; the Dolphins opened with an excellent drive; Colts responded and it was 7-7. Then came a punt, Colts fumble, then an exchange of punts until the Colts drove for a touchdown. But 2 plays later, the Dolphin wide receiver found single coverage with no deep help; made an excellent play on the ball and ran it in. 14-14 going into the half, though the final minute saw THREE turnovers: Colts threw an interception, Dolphins fumbled, Colts another interception.

Second half: a Colt punt was partially blocked which set up a field goal. The Colts drove but then what looked like to me as a partially blocked field goal (after a sack) put the Dolphins in business again and they took advantage, scoring a touchdown to take a 24-14 lead with 13 minutes to play.

But then the Colts rallied for a field goal off of a drive, and the Dolphins went conservative and got stuffed. A punt lead to a Colt touchdown drive. But on the touchdown pass, the Dolphin defender hit the Colt receiver late (after the end zone catch was secured) and drew a key penalty. So it was 24-24 and now the Colts kicked off from the 50.

They did a “pooch” kick that pinned the Dolphins at their own 6. They played it safe (4 minutes to go) and got nowhere and had to punt. The Colts drove it, hitting a key pass and the Dolphins had only 2 time outs left. So the Colts were able to run the clock down to 3 seconds before winning the game on a short field goal on the final play of the game.

So the game WAS exciting.

The drive back…ugh…been through that though.

And so today…I did not do much; too tired and sleepy; did some shoveling and taking the hostage to the doctor for a procedure (senior citizen’s date?)

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Thanksgiving past and present

LOL…just to remind myself that there is SOMETHING good about family dinners. 🙂

In all honesty: I remember that when I was a kid, I got so excited that I made myself sick BEFORE the meal and was often unable to eat.
Later..though high school the day meant football and possibly actually going to a game; in those days Texas vs. Texas A&M was the big rivalry.
While at Annapolis I went to a couple of “family” holidays; I welcomed a break in the routine. But as a senior, I stayed on campus to..yes, train for a marathon. It was fine; they had a nice meal for us.

Military: sometimes I came home, sometimes not. In San Antonio we hosted some new Airmen (from the Air Force base) and we had Turkey in our apartment and my parents came over.
Graduate school: sometimes my family; sometimes hers.

Eventually..well…as I’ve aged I started to sour on the large family gatherings. But I started to run in those “Turkey Trots” and I did the Austin one a few times; it was always a good time though my performances started to go downhill as I aged. I often entered the old “Longhorns and Aggies” division.

This time, the whole family did it.

I had older ones:

2006 (Austin)

2003: 38:51 (Austin, TX).

So, this one went and well, let’s just say that I am inflexible when it comes to being around people where there is no “common purpose” (e. g. academic, sports, events, shared history, etc.) I do much better when there is some of that.

This year:

This was my best 5k-ish (3 miles/5k) run in well over a year; 9:05, 8:53, 8:45. Yes, overcrowding slowed me down at first, but it left me with something for a negative split finish. And the fact that I am now down to 190 lbs. really, really helps.

And oh my…serious spandex induced eyestrain!

Past versions of this year’s race:

2013 24:56
2014 24:53
2016 26:54
2018 26:43

Workout notes; briefly, weights at the Riverplex yesterday (light bench: 10 x 135, incline: 10 x 135, decline: 5 x 165, 10 x 145) pull ups (5 sets of 10: went well) military: 10 x 45 standing, rows: 10 reps machine (3 sets), plank, headstand, then 4 mile walk. Wednesday: weights; similar, with a 2 mile walk.

Trivial stuff: survived the family dinner yesterday. got angry last night as I got stuck on a problem while preparing my Theory of Interest class; I might have it resolved now.

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Some joy too…

Despite the football disaster this Saturday and the impending doom of Thanksgiving (argh!) I had some fun too.

There was the Saturday run with Cassie (5.5 miles with her prior to the game), and today’s 11 mile walk with Lynnor.

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Lynnor and me. She is on the right. 11 miles done.

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I think it is awesome that someone this interesting and popular would spend time with me; and yes, she is easy on my eyes. 🙂

Other workout: weights yesterday; usual pre and post (rotator cuff, headstand, plank) pull ups (5 sets of 10), bench: 10 x 135, 2 x 185, 7 x 165, decline: 9 x 165, military: 10 x 50 standing, 2 sets of 10 x 45, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110.

Sports: some of my teams won…on Friday, Bradley Volleyball swept a strong Illinois State team 3-0; this gives ISU red a 16-2 conference record (BU is 13-5)

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Bradley Volleyball. BU up 1-0 over Illinois State!

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There was a good crowd for this one.

On Sunday, the Bradley Women defeated Rockhurst (D-2) 83-40 in a game where many women got to play quite a few minutes.

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BU controlling the action vs. D2 Rockhurst.

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The men’s basketball team lost by 1 at Illinois-Chicago but won 75-62 against SMU in a tournament.

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Iowa 63 Illinois 0. A historically bad ending to a historically bad season.

This was before the last play from scrimmage of yesterday’s debacle. It says it all.

Oh, total yards, while lopsided, weren’t what you’d expect of a 63-0 disaster: they favored Iowa by 400-220. And yes, I expected Iowa to win:

Iowa at Illinois (I’ll be there, all bundled up) Iowa -16, ESPN 89.5 percent)

1. Illinois run game is their strong suit; Iowa has the no. 6 run defense. Only time Illini faced a top 40 run defense (Purdue), the run game got stuffed.

2. Common opponents: Illini did slightly better vs. Minnesota (55-31 vs.48-31), all other common match ups favor the Hawkeyes (e. g. 23-0 win vs. Maryland vs. 63-33 loss by the Illini ). The last 3 Iowa losses have been extremely close.

I think that the Illini get stomped something like 31-7.

I expected the Hawkeyes to win by something between 24-28 points. I did NOT expect 63. This game ended up like FCS vs. Alabama bad…oh wait..that game was more competitive than this one.

Seriously, I know that Iowa has a more developed program as well as better players; they are a solid, “top 30/Outback Bowl” caliber team. But Illinois should be more competitive than this. Note: I was impressed at how well Iowa tackles; they are the best team I’ve seen this year at that.

The game…played in mid to high 30’s and somewhat damp conditions, started out well enough. Second play from scrimmage: a poorly thrown pass bounced off the receiver’s hands, went straight up in the air…and was intercepted by the Illini! But the Illini promptly lost 3 yards on their first possession, thereby turning it over on downs. Iowa had a mini drive followed by a pooch punt (off of a faked “go for it on 4’th down” play) with pinned the Illini on their 2. A punt lead to a short field (Illini 39) and their first of 9 touchdowns.

Then came an exchange of punts which lead to the Hawkeyes getting the ball on their own 42. Then came the next touchdown drive. It was no 14-0 in the 2’nd …and disaster was about to strike.

Next Illinois possession: fumble on the first play…fumble returned for a touchdown. Next series: 4’th and 1: Illini punt and it gets blocked and returned to the Illini 11. 1 play to score a touchdown. It is now 28-0 with 11 minutes left in the 2’nd. Illini make one first down..have to punt and this time Iowa has to drive 83 yards for their touchdown (passing). It is 35-0 and a couple of possessions later, the half mercifully ends.

Second half: empty stadium (essentially ..not that it was at all crowded to begin with. Illini possession ends in a punt..returned for a touchdown. Next possession: interception returned to the Illini 20. Touchdown. It is now 49-0.

Eventually the quarter ends and Iowa puts in a back up offensive line and quarterback. The still get touchdown drives of 60 and 51 yards.

This game really symbolized Illinois football in the Big Ten: every single game was a blowout, though 2 went the way of the Illini. Take a look:

Penn State: 63-24 loss
Rutgers: 38-17 win
Purdue: 46-7 loss
Wisconsin: 49-20 loss
Maryland: 63-33 loss
Minnesota: 55-31 win
Nebraska 54-35 loss
Iowa: 63-0 loss.

I’ve never seen a conference season so devoid of close games. Home Big Ten games: win of 24 points; losses of 39, 39, 63 points. I wonder why the variation has been this great.

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35 minutes until kick off. Iowa at Illinois.

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Senior day.

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Not a huge crowd. Putrid play on offense.

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No bueno.

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Upper deck: empty.

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Yellow box: where I sit. Yes, I am in the above photo.

More about college football Navy won and covered (as expected), ND won (as I expected) but won more impressively than I had anticipated; maybe they are as “good as advertised” this year? Texas had an impressive win against a tough Iowa State team (ok, Iowa held them to 3 points). So this week I went 3-1 straight up, and 2-2 vs. the spread.

Workout notes I got in 7.5 miles of running, including 5.5 with the lovely Cassie. That was so much fun; I hope we do it again. I did have TMI incident midway..not sure what was going on as this rarely happens to me.

But the run and pace felt good.

5 mile walk in 1:01 this morning.

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College football: midweek:

Ok, here is what I said last week:

College football:

Illinois at Nebraska: Huskers favored by 17 (down from 18). ESPN: Neb. 80.1 percent chance of winning. Both teams blew out MN by similar scores; Illini have a better record but an easier schedule. Neb. is improving but should they be 17 point favorites? Nebraska won by 22 last year in Champaign.

Neb. to win, Illini to cover (no confidence in this pick though)

Navy 24.5 point underdogs to UCF (95.7). This one could get ugly; Navy is punch drunk from playing some good teams (lost to ND by 22, 42-0 to Cincinnati). UCF to win and cover; they will be looking for style points.

ND 16.5 point favorites over Florida State. (90.9 percent favorites). ND wants style points but FSU, while not playing well at all this season,still has first rate talent. Time and time again, talented but underachieving teams have pulled off “back against the wall” upsets by playing really well, for one game. Trap game for ND. I pick ND to pull it out, but FSU to cover and play well.

Texas: 1.5 point favorites at Texas Tech; ESPN actually favors Tech 60.5 percent. UT really isn’t that good (nice win over Oklahoma aside). Red Raiders to win..hope I am wrong.

Win: Nebraska, UCF, ND, Texas Tech.
Cover: Illinois, UCF, FSU, Texas Tech.

How did I go: Navy played UCF tough, ND blew away Florida State, Nebraska ran all over Illinois (who turned the ball over 5 times, gave up a blocked punt and 606 total yards), and Texas beat Tech with 22 seconds to play.

So I went 3-1 straight up, 0-4 vs the spread,

Season record: 29-10 straight up, 14-23-1 vs. the spread.

I’ll say more about the upcoming games later, but as far as Illinois vs. Iowa (Iowa 16 point favorite at Illinois): Illinois has a decent ground game, but Iowa is no. 6 in the nation vs. the run. Purdue was the previous “best” running defense we faced and they skunked us. I see more of the same this weekend; Iowa wins something like 35-7.

Navy has a shot at a win vs. Tulsa, ND is favored by 9 over Syracuse in Yankee Stadium (who knows?) and Iowa State visits Texas in which should be the best game of the bunch. We shall see..more later.

Workout notes: 5 mile run in lane 2; 10:15 first mile then a bunch of 9:45 type miles (49:12 for 5) when I tired out; walked 1 more mile on the treadmill (at an incline). Weight: 190.3 before. Not that bad…things are looking up.

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First the workouts: Saturday, run on the treadmill, walk on the riverplex track (18 F, single digit windchills): 53:03 for the 5 mile run (22:20 then 30:43 for the final 3 miles), 16 minute walk on the track. Today: it was in the 20’s and sunny so I walked my West Peoria to Cornstalk 8.3 and added a 0.7 hilly loop and then an out and back along Bradley (16 minutes) to get to 10 miles.

Weight: Riverplex scale 188.9; I have lost most of the old extra. Now to remove the “old man” blubber as I now longer have the muscle mass I once hand.

Late night tomorrow night as she comes in. I’ve accepted it.

Weekend: dinner tonight (Mexican) with Tracy.
Yesterday: I got to watch Bradley win a couple of basketball games, both against Southeast Missouri State.

Both games were competitive for most of the way; the men used their defense to pull away 68-57; BU shot 38.8 percent but limited them to 31.6 percent. The lead reached 19 with 3:30 to go; it was only 5 early in the second half.
The women was a bit more back and forth for much of it. It was only a 1 point game going into the 4’th but BU won 85-79.

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