And I hit a negative milestone: it was bound to happen eventually …..


I remember back in 2001 reporting on a 10K run; I had…horrors or horrors…came perilously close to running over 50 minutes (44-45 was typical for me in those days). It was a hot weather summer 10K race in Wisconsin.

Well, I’ve finished 5K races in over 30 minutes before. Once, I was “running” in a snowstorm. Once, I went out too fast (charmed by Mamma T’s purple spandex) when I wasn’t in shape..and ended up doing the old “walk and jog” toward the end. And of course, I’ve walked them slower than that (judged 5K PR is 30:42; though I’ve gone under 30 in non-judged walks)

But today is the first time I “ran” a 5K, didn’t get sick and have to walk, and still failed to break 30 minutes (30:01)


Yes, I was one behind the median male, and just ahead of the median runner. Yes, conditions were brutal; it had just quit raining, the course was a bit slick in some downhill spots and..71 F with literally 100 percent humidity.


ALL those things were true. And ….well, I was just over 1 minute slower than last year, and just over 2 minutes slower than 2011.

I could go on and on about being physically tired, doing long running/walking training, just getting into the semester routine, etc. But the splits tell the story; I just had no drive at all until the last loop. If I feel good during a 5K run, it means I am not giving it the appropriate amount of effort.

And as far as the fatigue: I think that I’ll try a 3 week taper prior to the Quad Cities…one more “big” training week.

BUT it isn’t all bad. I did see Kevin who used to burn up the local 5K courses; he won my age group with a time under 22 minutes. He still looks super athletic, even though he is my age (I look terrible right now)

More importantly, I had a delightful time with Tracy, especially after the race. The Zoo opened the animal exhibits to the runners and we took advantage …








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Hooray! My shirt is “right side out” today!

Workout notes: ugh…legs were sore and …while not dead, did NOT feel good.
So I took it on the treadmill for 10K (6.21 miles), starting at 5.2 mph and increasing speed by .1 mph every 5 minutes until 50 minutes, then 6.2-6.5 for the last 10 minutes (increasing every 2.5 minutes). That got me to 5.75 miles in 1 hour, then to 10K in 1:04:40 (machine gives you 5 cool down minutes).

Then I walked outside. I didn’t time myself nor did I have my smart phone; I figured this was “about 2 miles”: ha ha ha ha!


Academia I applaud the University of Chicago for this. They notify their incoming freshmen that there are no “safe spaces”, “trigger warnings”, etc.

Friendship Yes, a lack of friends can be deadly. Ironically, those who complain to me about loneliness have done their best to make it impossible to be friends with them to begin with.🙂

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Semester about to start

So for a bit of “mathematical physics” humor:


So go ahead and unfollow this blog.🙂

1.5 hour department meeting, plus an extra 20 minutes for us older folks…

Workout notes: run on the treadmill (to break in new shoes): 5 minute segments for the first 50 minutes (0.5 incline)
5.2-5.3-5.4-7.0-5.3-7.0-5.3-7.0-5.3-7.00, then walk jog for 4 minutes, 6.7 for 3, 6.8 for 2, 6.9, 7.0 for 1 minute each; 6 miles in 1:00:04
3 mile walk (I think) and it felt good…until I tried to get up after sitting down. It WAS work but work that left me feeling refreshed.


Time: about 52 minutes (by the time of day), or 15:0x ish minutes per mile, which felt like the pace I was walking.

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Last weekend of freedom..sort of

Workout notes
Yesterday, weights only.
pull ups (5 sets of 10)
rotator cuff
bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 8 x 170 (lazy)
inline press: 10 x 135
military press (all with dumbbells) 7 x 50 standing, 15 x 50 seated, supported, 10 x 40 standing
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 (each arm)
squats: lots of sets of 5 free squats (focus on posture), 2 sets of goblet squats with 25, leg press (1 set with 150)
abs: 2 set of 10 yoga leg lifts, 12 twist crunch
headstand (shaky)

physical: got it done; PA said that I need more flexibility in my hamstrings and IT band. Note: I weigh what I did in 2013 (with shoes and clothes).

Today: there was a thunderstorm with threats of hail prior to my going out, so I opted to do a treadmill workout at the Riverplex
first hour: 5.2 mph, 1 mile, then for the next 4, I did .25 hill, .25 at 0.5. 1, 1, 1.5, 1.5, 2, 2, 2, 2
second hour: started at 5.2, 2, 2, 2, 2, and then I started to fall apart a little. I did some 5.3 run, 3.7-3.8 walk to get to 5.1 miles in 1 hour
third hour: 5.2 for one mile, then did run/walk (5.3, 3.7-3.8 for 0:30-1:00) to get to 5.01 miles in 1 hour.

I was a sweaty mess and very tired. While this wasn’t complete physical torture, it did play with my head and make me very tired.

Note: I got new running shoes; I’ll break them in during shorter runs.

Classes start Wednesday. I’ve made up some quiz templates.

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driving a lot and trying to run

Whew. I went on the treadmill to try to get some running at a non-survival pace. 20 minutes of 5.2-5.5 (every 5 minutes), 10 at 6.7, 10 at 6.8, (39:45) then walked to get to 54:55 (5 miles). I was drenched with sweat.

Yes, I shuffled a slow 5 yesterday. Trying to snap out of the “driving a lot” mode is tough; I can feel for the trucker who wants to stay in shape.

I did watch a baseball game last night; the Chiefs lost to Cedar Rapids 4-1.



The Chiefs lost talent to promotion but the new players have some time to jell with the rest of the team in time for the playoffs.

I also caught some boxing on replay; I watched the super heavyweight quarter finals; though the fighter from Nigeria lost, I think that he has talent that a trainer could bring out. And I saw a replay of the gold medal match in the heavyweight category; I think that the decision was highway robbery.

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Back in town…

Yes, I made it home. I left Berea, Ohio (near Cleveland) at 4 pm eastern time, after having helped Olivia move into her new digs.

Aside: if you want a tough as nails padlock, I can recommend this padlock from S. Parker:


Olivia lost her lock keys. It took a professional locksmith, armed with drills, circular saws, bolt cutters and the like THIRTY MINUTES to break this lock open.

So I was on the road and had thoughts to driving straight through. But at 10:30 pm eastern time, I was in Crawfordsville, IN and was starting to see patterns in the road lights. So it was time to pack it in and find a motel.

Workout notes: 5 miles at noon; 84 F, 61 percent humidity. I kept is slow; did some weightless squats later.

Baseball game tonight?

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I just don’t have it

Well, my daughter is here as is her bunny:


And during my run, I got a hug from “Mamma T”. So there is good going on…

But the “run”…OMG.


74 F isn’t that bad..but check out the humidity. 99 percent!!! Ugh…I was soaking wet by mile 8 or so…just drenched.


I added a spur in case the original course was short (it wasn’t).


3:16:33 was the time, 1:36:21/1:40:12 with the extra time on the return leg being due to the .2 mile spur plus…well, fatigue. I held up to it ok, though I felt as if I were running on “missing legs”; no leg strength at all. But that is what I could do today; I would have been in deep trouble had I 11 miles to go. Could I have done them in 2:40? Probably, but I would have had to do a LOT of walking.

Speaking of performance: I talked about having the ridiculous dream of being an athlete. Sadly, many parents push their kids in that direction…and the reality is that very few kids will even be Division 1 athletes, never mind professionals. If it isn’t in the genes, forget about it. But unsavory sports camp operators depend on parents having unrealistic aspirations.

Yes, I am a fan of youth sport and scholastic spots. Yes, I played them. But …your kid isn’t going to be a professional! Ever! (with probability .999). Play hard, have fun, and maybe, just maybe, your kid might find that they can find an activity that they love for life (me: running and weight lifting, which in turn lead to swimming, walking and hiking).

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Warm run and other topics

I got a late start; I left about 9 am and finished about 11 am.



Now I am catching some Olympics; I’ll write on my paper in just a bit.

Olympics and Politics
Trump is getting whipped in the polls and is now a 3-1 to 4-1 underdog in the betting lines. So he is already making excuses about the election being “rigged”.


(Thank you Carmen!)

And yes, I love the sports and the Olympic bodies.



But my (straight) women friends are also enjoying it too. And now, even gay men are coming out to say what they like.

Hey, in general, you have the finest athletes in the world, wearing very form fitting (or very little) clothing. So, I’ll play a game:

What I would want MY body to be like: boxers or sprinters (200 to 400 meter runners)
What I enjoy seeing: yes, the volleyball players (court or beach; I know the butt hangs out of the beach volleyball outfits but the court players have beautiful bodies too) and..believe it or not:


I admit it. Their uniforms aren’t that revealing, but I love their legs.

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back in Peoria

Math Fest: decent conference, but too much driving. Traffic and construction added time to the normally 5:45 hour drive. But my Google maps application helped me around one traffic jam on the way home. I did get some ideas to consider though.

Workout notes: 3.12 miles on the hotel treadmill in 30 minutes; 11:10 first mile then 17:50 for 2 miles. That was enough. I don’t think that I am caught up on sleep; I should dial back expectations for tomorrow’s longish run (maybe 14?)

Math note: I did look up something that I heard about during a talk and thought: “THAT got published?” That gives me more incentive to work on my current paper, which I think is better than some of the stuff I see in print. The editors might not agree though.🙂

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Baseball adventures….

Workout notes: day one in Columbus: first 3.12 on the treadmill (30 minutes); 11 minute warm up mile, followed by “barely under 18” minute 2 miles, plus enough to get to 30 minutes.

Later: I did a “sort of tour, sort of walk” to see some of the Ohio State campus.

Screen shot 2016-08-04 at 11.59.13 PM

This route ws 5.67 miles to get to the stadium; the rest wss getting to the car from the stadium.

This morning, I slept in and walked 5 miles over lunch (got VERY sweaty; died when I got into the air conditioned conference building afterward. It was 5.3 miles at 15:11 mpm (clock kept running as I waited at cross walks).

Screen shot 2016-08-05 at 4.25.40 PM

There is something I like about “almost urban” distance walking. I walked with a purpose, but I did stop at stoplights and one does have to watch for cracks in the sidewalk and other hazards.

The Peoria Chiefs lost to the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 6-5 on Tuesday night. It was a rough start for the Chiefs. A hit put a runner on base but a pick-off took him off. The next batter was hit by a pitch and the next two batters hit back to back home runs! So, it was 3-0 Rattlers right at the start. Peoria did rally to take a 4-3 lead later in the game. But in the 7’th the Rattlers had three doubles which lead to a 6-4 lead; Peoria made it 6-5 in the bottom of the 8’th but couldn’t get closer.

This game featured a bit of everything including a balk and a spectacular run-down out when the Peoria catcher caught a Rattler runner leading off second base by too much.

Last night, the Columbus Clippers beat the Indianapolis Indians (AAA ball) 9-7, in a game that was delayed by 50 minutes due to rain..and went on for 3:20 or so. Still a crowd of 10,000 showed up.

The pitching was dreadful; between the two clubs there were 16 walks and 22 hits.

The first inning: the Clippers starter allowed hits and walks; he gave up one run and loaded the bases. He was relieved, and the the reliever gave up a grand slam home run on..either the first or second pitch. 5-0, right at the start!

But the Clippers fought back; it was 6-4 after two innings with the Clippers getting 1 run in the first and 3 more in the second. Finally in the 5’th, the Clippers took a 7-6 lead. Never mind that; in the top of the 8’th Indianapolis tied it, but left a lot of runners on base. The Clippers got 2 back in the bottom of the 8’th and then held on.


The fielding was better than class A; the hitting appeared to be better. But the pitching was disappointing; too many walks.

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