Turning the corner and Trump yet again…

Workout notes: 4 mile run outside (untimed); I ran past the Bradley track team doing strides.
Then 2 miles on the track: 8:53/8:46 (17:39) which wasn’t that easy (lane 2)

Then 15:15 on the bike (4 miles) to make the knees feel good.

This anti-Karl Rove tweet by Trump amused me.


Yes, Paul Krugman said something similar…BEFORE the 2012 election.

And, Bill Maher’s comments about Mr. Trump’s success amused me too:

I think people are asking the wrong question about Donald Trump. It’s not “why,” it’s “why now?” It’s not as if “me build big wall” is a new idea. So why this Republican primary cycle? And the answer is that serious, committed racist know-nothings have nowhere else to go.

This is so crazy-obvious that it’s right in front of us and no one has seen it: For true, hardcore xenophobes – you know, “the base” – the current crop of Republican candidates is too diverse. They look the same to us, but that’s because we’re not a lynch mob.

Here’s how they look to white supremacists… I’m sorry, I mean “commonsense conservative patriots who want their country back”

Surf to see what he says: he points out that the serious bigots would have trouble with the remaining candidates; troubles that we liberals wouldn’t see.

But I should also point out that Trump’s positions of taxing the rich, strengthening Social Security and repairing our infrastructure ARE popular with the Republican base, even if loathed by the economically elite Republicans.

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Recovery runs and being noticed

First, I had a struggling (at first) recovery run of 4.2 miles; it was humid and the first mile was UGH. On the way back, I heard voices and there was a bespandexed MILF running with someone on a bike beside her. I had the dilemma: do I stay at pace and let her pass me just to enjoy the view…or do I pick it up a little because…after all these years…I still HATE getting passed? :-)

I ended up picking it up a little and I eventually turned off.

Then to the gym for weights followed by light yoga (headstand included)

rotator cuff
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (better)
bench: 10 x 135, 3 x 185, 7 x 170,
incline: 10 x 135
super set: military press: 10 x 45, 10 x 40, 10 x 40 (dumbbells)
pull downs: 3 sets of 10 x 160
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 60 (each arm, dumbbell), 10 x 200 Hammer machine.

Note: while going across campus, one of the young women smiled and said “ I’ve seen you outside of the gym!” That was just a bit troubling; I am not as invisible in the gym as I’d wish. :-)

Navel Staring: I first started lifting weights regularly in 1972 and that was to get ready for football. I didn’t hit 200 on the honest bench press until 10-11’th grade or so. I didn’t get to 10 pull ups until I was a young adult.
I started running regularly in 1975; and I did this every morning in the off season (3.5 miles). On Sundays, I’d do 2 miles in 13:30-14:30 at the St. Edwards track; I also did a 5:54 mile.

When I went through the morbid obesity period of my life, I still walked; typically 2-3 miles a few times a week (sloooooow miles; 18 minute miles when I was 300 plus pounds). So I’ve been running and walking for 40 years; lifting for 43.

And I still suck at it. :-)

And since we are into numbers, I first learned of the calculus derivative back in 1975-1976, with my first calculus class coming in 1976-1977. So I’ve been at that a while too. And, thankfully, I am a lot better at mathematics than I am at sports.

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2015 Zoo Run Run

I’ve done versions of this race many times; the last time I ran this particular course was 5 years ago.

Just the facts: 28:55 for the 3 lap course; my laps were 9:25, 9:51, 9:38. I finished 41 out of 81; the median runner! It was 71 F and 78 percent humidity.


I got in some brisk walking and jogged one of the loops, plus a bit more to warm up. I felt ready. The course is 3 1.03 mile loops and features some up and down; the course starts with a drop. I managed to let everyone go and just stay moderate on the first loop; I knew that it was a tough day to run. The course had some slightly slick spots that really didn’t give me trouble.

On the second loop I started to look for people to pass; I got some of them and didn’t get passed back. On the third loop I saw Tracy in the distance (she won 1’st in her age group and was to finish about 2 minutes after she had finished her second loop. I came back to get her later.

I didn’t put that much into the second loop and probably was too late in starting my pick up on the 3’rd loop.

Now here is my critique of the race itself:

Packet pick up (both the day before and on race day): pretty bad. I described what went wrong here. And the promise to “have the numbers on the table where they can be picked up real quick (sic)” did NOT materialize. That wasn’t a surprise.

The Race itself Excellent traffic control, volunteers to keep you on course, water every that went fine. The course itself featured small (but frequent) hills and ran past trees and parkland; it was interesting, if tough. Many of the top 19-22 minute runners were 50 seconds slower today. This is NOT a fast course.

Post race good pizza, bagels, fruit and some sweet stuff; it was an excellent spread. Timing: the results were posted pretty quickly.

So the race experience was very good; it was excellent event. The application/packet pick up: bad.

Post FANS 24 hour 5K races
Firecracker, July 4: 26:48 (similar weather)
Pearce Run for the Health of it 27:06 July 11: (same temp, more humid)
JT’s 5K 27:59 July 18, very hot (82 F, 82 percent humidity)
Brimfield 29:06 (hot, muggy)
Hanna City Hustle 26:38 (cooler)

Note: I was the median runner for the second race in a row.

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Day two: survived

Admin projects loom large and I need to get more conversant in life contingencies class.

I did “run” 6 miles this morning and did some yoga on my own. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be long days for me.

Election: we are hearing lots of things (Trump leads! Sanders had a rally and has filed a “free college tuition” bill!) but right now, Hillary Clinton is leading.

But a lot can happen between now and next June and yes, I expect her to lose a few states.

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Day one of 2015 Fall…

Workout notes: easy 4 mile Cornstalk classic run followed by weights.
The run: for the second time in the past week, a younger woman passed me as I was running up the hill from lower Bradley Park to upper Bradley Park…only to stop at walk at the top. But this time, the woman was shamed back into running as I got near her at the top.

Also: I no longer go after runners I see in the distance as I probably can’t catch them anyway. I did see the two Bradley teams training (men’s and women’s); what they were doing and what I do ..well…we are all moving forward and that is where the resemblance ends. :-)

Then weights: I knew that my performance would be degraded just a bit:
rotator cuff
pull ups (5 sets of 10: went well)
incline: 10 x 135, 7 x 150 (tough), 4 x 150 (gave into it)
military: standing dumbbell: 7 x 45, 3 x 40, 10 x 40, then seated machine: 7 x 100 (each arm), 5 x 90 (played with seat position; I may have been “cheating”
pull down: two sets of 10 x 160 usual machine, 10 x 150 alternate machine
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 60 (each arm) dumbbell, 10 x 110 machine

There were more people in the gym than in the summer but this seems like a good order for Wednesday.

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Hanna City Hustle 2015: stopping the bleeding (and cooler)

64 F, 77 percent (cooler) Just the facts: 26:38 via 8:33/8:33/9:31 (1.1) Place: 37/73 (median!) I was somewhat heavy legged and lost to the “green shirt guy” that I was racing from mile 2 to 3; I caught him at 2, went ahead and he got me back. I did beat the two spandex women I was racing though, and both were younger than I.

My warm up felt a bit stiffer than normal (roughly 2 miles total) and I cooled down by going to get Tracy, who placed in her age group.
The cooler weather (finally) really lifted my spirits, but as you can see, what I did is in line with the rest of my races since FANS, if one corrects for humidity.
Maybe my bridge to bridge will be faster this time around?

Post FANS 24 hour 5K races
Firecracker, July 4: 26:48 (similar weather)
Pearce Run for the Health of it 27:06 July 11: (same temp, more humid)
JT’s 5K 27:59 July 18, very hot (82 F, 82 percent humidity)
Brimfield 29:06 (hot, muggy)

Past events
201225:12 (similar to today)
2013 25:22 (similar to today)
201426:38 hot

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Colors, running, campaign and hops…

Workout notes 10K run from the House to Markin; on the way our the women’s track team was doing a “side hopping” drill…and still moving at my “running” pace. Sigh.
Glorious day for the run though; afterward I did 10 minutes on the bike for my knees.

Colors: for some reason, I like the way that the old football uniforms were colored. I can’t put the finger on why I like them better than today’s:


Baseball Last night the Chiefs bombed the Snappers 15-2; they got 18 hits and 3 home runs. The Snappers got 2 runs in the 6’th when the Chiefs reliever struck out 3 batters, but allowed 2 solo home runs. Go figure.
The Snapper starting pitcher looked like a tall, skinny junior high kid (from a distance), though he is 6′ 1″ and 180..but he still made the glove pop with 90-94 mph fast balls. But the Chiefs hit him.

Climate Change: it was the hottest July ever recorded (world wide), though it wasn’t unusually hot here.

Bernie Sanders has the support of Cornel West. While Professor West does have a sterling track record in academics (as a scholar), well, I think that he jumped the shark as an activist

Here is what I like about Hillary Clinton: I like her straight forward approach with allies.

Donald Trump: is he filling a void? Note that he isn’t against dismantling the welfare state.


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trouble with motivation

The semester is coming up…and I am having trouble getting motivated to do the mundane stuff that must be done prior to the start of classes.

I’ll work on syllabi and early notes this afternoon (after lunch)

I did have a lovely, untimed run in the park (4 miles) after weight lifting:

rotator cuff
pull ups: 4 sets of 10 prior to pressing, 1 set after
incline: 10 x 135, 7 x 150, 6 x 150
military/row/pull down superset:

military; 2 sets of 12 x 50 dumbbell, seated, supported, 10 x 40 standing
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 60 dumbbell (each arm), 10 x 110 (machine)
pull down: 2 sets of 10 x 160 shoulder friendly grip, 10 x 150 (alternate machine)

I practice headstand too.

Then the jog; Cornstalk classic course; some woman ran past me on the uphill then slowed to a very slow walk.

Baseball: last night’s game started 1 hour late due to rain; mostly empty stadium put there were people around me (lots of scouts)

Chiefs won 6-0; the pitcher struck out the first 4 batters and then worked himself out of a bases loaded situation.

Chiefs lead 1-0 (passed ball score) until the 8’th inning, where they got a second run and then a grand slam. Bad base running (attempt to steal home) cost them a bit. But it is hard to argue with a 6-0 win.

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downward spiral…

Brimfield 5K:
It was 75 F, 69 percent humidity at the start. I died just prior to 2. 8:45, 9:24, (18:09), 10:56 walk/jog 29:06. In the last mile I followed some cute spandex but had to let her go in the last .5 miles or so.

Tracy hung tough but felt a bit sick afterward. Me: I could feel that mile 1 was simply too hard for me today, in this weather. Wow.

I think that my long walks are draining me. So, I have to choose.

No, I am not going to bail on the October marathon, but I might resume short running training after that at least for a while. My 5K runs have gotten progressively worse since the FANS 24 hour event. But that downward spiral came when I replaced my “steady state, 8-10 mile run” OR “Tuesday speedwork” workout with a hard, marathon related power walk on Tuesday.

But my walking times have dropped and ironically, my weight lifting has gotten slightly stronger.

Ah, it is a zero sum game for me; one goes up, the other goes down.

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Running: what today’s routine training run told me

Today’s run: perfect day for it, though some of the drivers in the park were completely careless. The District 150 teachers had their meeting and some drove up the Bradley Park hill too damned fast. But it is District 150 so what does one expect? :-)

Still, the run, while untimed, felt good and not at all like my usual Thursday slog. Reason? My guess is that I walked 3 miles yesterday instead of doing my easy 2, “quicker” 2. That tells me that my usual Wednesday workout really isn’t that easy for me after all.

I also thought about this: of the older guys that I know that are burning up the 5Ks, none ever moved into marathon running. The long stuff does take a toll, especially over time. I am not sure what that means for me, as I am starting to enjoy the semi-long walks yet again.

Politics I think that getting passionate about a candidate or a cause makes you…well…maybe not stupid but it does give you a massive blind spot. And I can see why people get attracted to candidates that make no sense at all.

For example: I honestly DO like Donald Trump, even though what he says makes little to no sense at all and, were he somehow to win the Presidency (and I doubt he’ll even stick it out during the primaries), he’d be a disaster. But in a way, he is my kind of guy; one not afraid to tell mediocrities to STFU.

And as far as the Bern-o-bots, they remind me of the Wendy Davis supporters. Yes, I actually LIKE the candidates and respect what they do or try to do, but I consider their supporters to be off-the-rocker crazy. But I suppose that “FAN” is short for “Fanatic”. And don’t get me going about those “activists”; they are enough to get me to consider voting Republican.

I have to remind myself that not all stupid, know-it-all idiotic activists are liberal:

But, but…”that’s different!”

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