Change I do NOT like: treadmills with loud beeps!

I always try to grab the older model treadmills as I find the “beeping” of the newer treadmills to be very annoying…why beep ever time you change speed or incline? And I try to choose a treadmill away from the newer “beeping” models. Who thought this was a good idea anyway? Do people actually LIKE this?

Yesterday: was a bit of a yoga fest. Yoga in the early morning, then Vickie’s 5:30 ICC class, then partner yoga. That’s all good. But I have a massive deficiency: I cannot sit on my heels. This may be my next project.

Workout notes The yoga last night, of course, and then this morning (weight: 192)

rotator cuff, pull ups 10-10-10-10-5-10 (55) went well, incline: 10 x 135, 5 x 150 (tough), military: 7 x 95 barbell (standing), 10 x 85 (standing), 10 x 45 dumbbell (standing), 10 x 40 standing, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110.

Then to the treadmill: 5.2-5.7 (every 5 minutes) for 30, then to mile 4 in 42:32 (6.1-6.5 final mile): 11:30 mile 1, 10:50 mile 2, 10:30 mile 3 9:42 mile 4. I felt better than expected..better than yesterday.

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Weekend workouts (February 9-10, 2019)

Personal and trivial:

Saturday: started the day full of bluster…ended up…running 3 miles on the treadmill (34:10), 3 on the track (31:52) mostly lane 2-3 of Markin..last mile (+) was 9:45. It was a sorry effort; I got bored on the treadmill and on the track. Couldn’t make myself walk outside. But that was 18 miles of running for the week.

Sunday: partner yoga with Ms. Vickie. Then..because it was snowing..4 miles of walking on the treadmill prior to the Bradley basketball game vs. Evansville (women).

She did not use her hand puppet during our practice.

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Name Vickie's chameleon!

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Democratic sausage making

Yeah, 30 years ago, I’d be right with those guys. 🙂

And no, she isn’t some deadbeat in her personal life, as some right wingers claim. Now what she becomes, who knows. She does have political skill and is an excellent communicator. What she does with that: who knows.

Politics: very messy. I’ve spoken a bit about the situation in Virginia. The Republican who would be governor had the top 3 stepped down: went to VMI when it was still segregated and, yes, oversaw the production of a yearbook that had racist stuff in it. Why this would surprise anyone just astonishes me; what would one expect from a university that didn’t even admit blacks until the following school year (August, 1968)?

So…maybe it is better that governor and co. NOT resign?

There are other things irritating me. Some Democrats are attacking Neomi Rao (nominee to fill the judgeship that Kavanaugh vacated to go to the Supreme Court). Yes, as an undergradate, she wrote some mean things (as this friendly article admits). But here is one of the things that Kamala Harris attacked her for. (pdf file) The gist: if two students are drunk and have sex, why is the male liable and the woman not liable? And is it not a good idea to not get drunk to begin with (drunk to the point where you cannot protect yourself). OF COURSE, being drunk doesn’t mean that people have license to rape you..or do other things to you (e. g. steal your money…as has happened). But giving a safety tip does, in no way, excuse the criminal if you become victim of a crime.

I just get sick of it all, at times.

Workout notes: yoga, 1 mile treadmill (11:30), 5.33 on the track (40 laps, lane 3) in 55:48; 8 lap times: 11:46, 11:39, 11:27, 10:46, 10:08 (miles: first mile was just over 11, final was 9:30 so each lap time was about 40 seconds slower than the mile split).

Weight: 194.

Basketball notes: yes, on Saturday, I watched the men lose at home to Southern Illinois, despite being up by 10 points at the half.

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Tip off. Decent crowd, but not packed.

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Go Braves! Southern Illinois at Bradley.

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Tense ending.

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BU had its chances but got out worked down the stretch. They did win impressively on Wednesday evening though (at Evansville)

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SOTU: bleah.

Workout notes: yesterday, yoga with Ms. V. and 6 miles of running (1:03:50), 2 of walking. Run: 11:20, 22:18, 32:50, 52:48 then just enough to get 6. Walk was outside. I was pleasantly surprised. Weight: 194.0
Today: weights; rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10..went well), incline: 10 x 135, 5 x 150, decline: 8 x 160, military: 15 x 50 seated, supported, 10 x 45, 10 x 40 standing, 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell rows, 10 x 110 machine row. Then came the walk: 5K in 46:15 (or so), 3.9 for 15 min (0-4), 1 mile at 5 (4.1, 4.2) then 1 mile going down 4-3-2-1

SOTU: Trump did give a shout out to the white clad women in Congress, and he did the usual bit of feel good stuff (who is against curing childhood cancer?) but much of it was like a Trump rally (USA USA!) border wall, “we’d probably be at war with North Korea if I weren’t elected”, warned of escalating the arms race, etc.

Here is one (of many) fact checks. No surprises here.

I did come away depressed. On policy, there is zero on the Republican side for me.

On tone, there isn’t much on the current Democratic side for me. You can’t expect to get results with sanctimonious finger wagging and you have to give people a reason to listen to you.

I really do not feel at home with the Democrats either ..though I see them as being “mostly right on policy” (e. g. higher marginal tax rates, stimulating the economy from the bottom, public investment, health care, etc.)

As far as the Democratic response: well, I am sure that the progressives loved it. But image matters. And yes, I really do not believe that an obese, gap toothed person is a good visual image…and the personal debt is very troubling to me…though perhaps I am behind the times.

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Our racist past (and Northam)

The discovery of Gov. Northam’s racist photo on his Medical School yearbook page (1984) (one man in black face, the other in a KKK costume) has lead to some intense discussion.

I will put something about my own past at the end of this post.

Of course, some leading Democratic contenders (Warren, Booker, Harris) have called on him to resign as did the Virginia Democratic Party. Pelosi hedged her bets:

Notice: “do the right thing” rather than simply “resign”, as many others have said directly. This way, she can say “I never asked him to resign”, as others have:

Now if seems strange that something that happened 35 years ago should cause so much anger now:

In short, African Americans are an essential part of the Democratic coalition. They are not a part of the Republican coalition; in fact, some of the baser appeals the Republicans make to those who resent public aid going to black people or resent black people questioning the impartiality of law enforcement.

Here are other interesting takes:

(links to threads)

And this comment:

Personally, I think that he will have to resign, though he hasn’t admitted it to himself as yet.

Now about my own past

Yes, I have done things that I am ashamed of, though blackface and KKK costumes aren’t part of that.

But I will talk about the atmosphere when I grew up. Yes, there was some racism on the Air Force Bases that I grew up on, BUT because the schools I went to were mixed race as were the teams I played on, I can honestly say that racism wasn’t a problem for me *at that time* in my life. But when I moved to Austin, Texas (not quite the silicon valley that it is now) and went to a lower middle class high school, the racism was very prevalent there. The n-word was tossed around on the playing field…and in the hallways. Kids tended to segregate…and yes, the black kids cut the lunch line and there were sometimes fights. Administration did NOTHING. It was a pretty sorry atmosphere even though the school was 55 percent Mexican American…many Latinos didn’t like blacks either.

So what about the Navy and the Naval Academy? Yes, there, the authorities gave us civil rights training, did the appropriate amount of finger wagging, but there was a more subtle undercurrent of racism there. It wasn’t “n-word” mostly, or at least all of the time….you see, that was too “uncouth”. It was more of the smugly told racist jokes that didn’t use the obvious n-words. And it was things like I am about to describe:

I had a friend and roommate (for a semester) who was from rural Alabama. He admitted that he didn’t like blacks (privately). But how others reacted to him: it was more like a “hey, what do you expect from a dumb white hick from is just how they are..” sort of thing with the rest of us (mostly white people). He WAS academically deficient ..a type of “rural white affirmative action” if you will..and couldn’t handle the academics, even though the rest of us tried to help him out.

I remember one time…we were at the dining table where they served us “family style”: pans of food were set on the table and passed around. It was ok to ask another table if you could have any left overs in the pan. One time a black guy with a stereotypical black accent asked if he could have some of that leftover fried chicken. We let him ..but immediately all of us turned to look at the Alabama guy because we KNEW that would set him off…and we were giggling and laughing…”you know that will set off that dumb hick!” sort of way.

One time I expressed a bit of disgust about his racial attitudes (to another friend) and was told “remember where he came from…did you see him in Chemistry, working with a black lab partner..they were getting along. People can change…”

Anyhow…there you have it. Racism, at that time, was pretty freely expressed in “private company.” That was true in certain circles in the Navy as well…and yes, even in the officer ranks (though I did not see it in the officer ranks in the Nuclear Navy). The time period I was talking about was from 1977-1985.

It was a different time, and things have improved..or so I would think, based on my own experience…though it could just be the company that I presently keep.

I do want to comment on one other thing:

Yes…having an honest conversation on race IS all but impossible due to people (mostly white liberals) being so eager to pounce with moral superiority. In fact, there are honestly held beliefs that, I think, CAN be challenged in an intellectually honest manner. I talked about that some here.

Workout notes: today, 6 mile run walk on the treadmill in 1:11
Yesterday 7 mile ride on an indoor bike, weights: usual PT, abs, planks, etc. pull ups: 10-10-10-10-5-10, (yes 55 total), 10 x 135, 3 x 185 bench, 10 x 135 incline, 8 x 165 decline, 10 x 50 standing military, 15 x 50 seated, 10 x 40 standing, 3 sets of 10 x 50 one arm rows, then the planks/bike ride.

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My tardy airing of grievances

And no, I am not the victim of anything …really…though there are things I do not like.

Winter: sucks. I don’t like the cold and the wind, but I dislike the slippery footing even less. And winter just takes more..time and extra work. Time: got to clean the car, shovel the driveway, etc. Clothes: bundle, peel off, bundle, peel off…boots..leave dry..take ’em off when you enter.

And the joy of stepping on a salt particle in the lockerroom in your bare feet..and your locker is cramped with the hundred pounds of stuff you have to put on just to keep from freezing to death.

Blood donation: sucks. I had just started to feel good and my running times were starting to drop..and I went and gave blood during our blood drive. I know..perfect time..I should be recovered in time for March races and the next few days will be blah treadmill workouts anyway. I also dislike how a blood donation all but gives the Red Cross license to stalk you.

Shame works..I don’t want conservatives to outdo me.

Still…I think about making myself feel like crap to help out…ok, ok, I don’t know who I am helping out, and well, it really doesn’t matter, does it?

Workout notes 6 mile treadmill run; started at 5.3 and worked up; final mile was sub 9. 11:20, 21:57, 32:16, 41:40, 50:21, then walk/jog to 1:04:48 (6). I did sub 10 from 40 minutes onward. After yoga with Ms. V.

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Targeted ads: on the way out? And no, my wife doesn’t want leggings designed for a 25 year old..

Because I am on Facebook and Instagram and I do some online buying, I do get quite a few targeted ads. A few *might* make sense (e. g. “we say you looking for Colts vs. Texans tickets; the prices have dropped!”), and a few are dumb (notifying me of good prices on hotel rooms in Cleveland, OH, and Muskogee, OK..when in fact, I only stop there at specific times of the year on my way to a specific event). And a few are amusing I will gleefully post here: “buy your girlfriend these leggings; her butt will look AWESOME! ” and the model is around 1/3 of my age! But..should I be looking at these ads at all? What would Gillette think?

Yes, on the whole, target ads do increase sales, but not enough to justify the extra expense. Many times, it makes more sense to spend that advertising money placing no targeted ads in other media.

Workout notes Markin center: 5 mile run (51:50; 22:20 for first 2) walk to 5.86, then 2 mile hill walk on another treadmill: 1-2-3-4-5, 10 minutes at 5, 4 the rest of the way (34 minutes for 2.15) So 1:39 for 8 miles total. 192.1 before.

Did some light shoveling last night.

The ads (39 of them; one is a Target ad, a few are “do these exercises” or “do this exercise routine” ads, one is “empower yourself, young woman” ad., one was a “word game” ad, .most of the rest are “your lady will look AWESOME in these leggings ad. Note that ALL of these ads targeted me on Facebook or Instagram; I did NOT go looking for them. All came from different ads targeted at me.

<img src="" alt="" width="600"

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My “Covington in DC” post

Yes, I too was fooled by the still photo and short video clip; at first I was under the impression that those kids surrounded that elderly Native American. I even remarked that had I acted that way at that age, my parents, teachers or even coaches would have punished me.

And yes, I saw the longer clip and yes, my reaction is now a bit different; it is more of an eyeroll…not optimal but mostly, a “nothing to see here.”

But I did think about the incident and reactions to it. And I have two basic thoughts:

1. Humans tend to grade “our side” on a curve. Yes, liberals..even those who watched the longer clip..were still outraged..and I haven’t seen many outraged at the Black Hebrew Israelites, the kooks who yelled vulgar, racist and homophobic stuff at the kids. Conservatives tended to rally toward the kids (some were wearing MAGA hats and chanting stuff like “build the wall”…some were apparently mocking the Native American with tomahawk chops..others appeared to enjoy dancing to the beat..and I admit, I find such beats very appealing…it make ME want to dance a bit.

But imagine had those 4 kooks been white KKK members and the kids be black kids with, say, “Obama” hats. My guess is that the battle lines would be flipped; liberals would be praising the restraint of the kids and goodness knows what conservatives would be calling them (my guess “thugs”, “ghetto”, etc.)

2. I think that humans project their own experiences onto situations. I think about my own life: the kooks who yelled stuff at the kids…they remind me a bit of the kooks that you sometimes find in the city..they yell stuff and..if you are NOT feeling threatened, you just ignore and walk past. It is unpleasant but short lived and not much a part of my life.

But the smirking kid: could be the entitled college student who the university took because the family cut a fat check, or perhaps the bosses nephew who, though minimally qualified, was given the position over you…or perhaps the kid who tries to skate past their course project with lots of power point slides and pie charts, none of which make any sense, but “wow” their parents and uninformed.

Of course, I do not know these kids and this description might not apply to them at all. But I am talking about some reactions being projections of our own lives into this situation.

The Native American (who is not a Vietnam veteran but did serve in the Marines..and honorable thing to do): he is an experienced activist..not his first rodeo.

Workout notes: 10 miles at the Riverplex. 6.5 run (slight walking thrown in) 54:50 for 5, 1:07 for 6, 6.5 in 1:15 (some walking) then 3.5 miles in 56 minutes (ok, 28 laps of lane 1-2) in the Riverplex…tons of spandex but I stayed focused. Weight: 191.4 before 186 after but that was mostly dehydration.

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Caught up..and a bit of Bradley Basketball

Sunday afternoon: I caught the Bradley Women’s game; they beat Southern Illinois 58-53 in overtime.

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Bradley leading Southern Illinois early

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BU held SIU to only 4 points in the first quarter and lead for much of the game, mostly by double digits. But Southern rallied and even took a 4 point lead late in the game. BU rallied and had the ball with the score tied and just under 30 seconds to go..but ended up botching the play.

SIU took a 4 point lead early in overtime but BU rallied to finally get the lead with about 1 minute to go (getting several key rebounds) and then hit two key free throws and made yet another monster stop to ice the game.

A nice touch: the softball team and track team showed up for Sunday’s game (baseball team showed up for Friday’s game)

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Men's track team cheering on the women.

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Then I got to see the men come back to beat SIU on the road 57-54 on ESPNU.

Workout notes:

Sunday: nothing but partner yoga (tired)
Monday: weights then 2 mile run in 19:33 (last mile in 8:50, lane 2). weights: usual PT, planks, etc. pull ups 15-15-10-10, sore shoulder so incline: 10 x 135, 5 x 150, decline: 8 x 165, military: 10 x 50 stand 15 x 50 seated (supported), 10 x 45, rows: 10 x 110 machine (2 sets) 1 set of 10 x 60 dumbbell, then the run
Tuesday: yoga with Ms. V, run (44:50 treadmill, 30:43 lane 1 of the Riverplex walking)
weight: 193 Monday, 193.8 before (TMI), 189.9 after the workout.

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A new politics, tone and twilight zones…

I found this article which compares Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Donald Trump to be interesting: Yes, the personalities are different, but there are similarities:

1. Ignorance. Yes, POTUS should be held to a higher standard than a Freshman representative. But at times, she seems to be unconcerned that there is a lot that she doesn’t know or simply unaware that she doesn’t know.

2. Attacking those of your own party: both seem to be most comfortable doing this; in AOC’s case, she seems more interested in pushing blue district representatives to the left than flipping red ones. The issue here is that, in order to get something through Congress, one has to compromise and for those on the left, that means voting for something more centrist than you’d rather have.

3. Rabid followers on twitter.

4. Attitude. Trump: “I alone can fix it.” AOC:

I still think that this is a nice piece though someone on my Twitter feed objected to this:

I think it’s fair to say that, like Trump, she has no interest in apologizing or co-opting or persuading. She’s here to chew bubblegum and kick ass—and she’s all out of bubblegum.

Oh well.

Now will AOC be an internet flash in the pan or is she the future..or perhaps a useful decoy while others do the heavy lifting? Who knows…certainly not I.


I don’t watch TV (much) and really don’t pay attention to commercials. Some conservative are up in arms about it (Ann Coulter has been tweeting stuff about it too).

Personally, this commercial makes me roll my eyes. It reminds me of the stupid training that we are forced to do: yeah, bullying, and harassment are bad (duh) but constant finger wagging is tiresome. It is kind of like religious nutters beating their Bibles over and over again. But it is hardly getting worked up over; it is merely another stupid, clumsy attempt to moralize.

Oh…when I do buy razors…I’ll get whatever is on sale. 🙂


It was looking good early; BU hit a free throw to take a 9-7 lead with 13:36 to go in the half. Bradley didn’t score again until there was 5 minutes left in the half to make it 22-11 …and BU was to trail 33-15 at the half. 6 points in 13:36…frankly BU was lucky to be down by 18: BU shot 15 percent for the first half.

The lead was to climb to 44-20 with 15:38 to go in the game; Drake then went into the “burn the clock mode” and coast to an easy 69-52 win. BU started to make some baskets but by then, the lead was too great to overcome by doing slightly better than trading baskets.

This has to be so frustrating for the team and coaches….hope they can get some confidence back. Take nothing away from Drake; they are a fine team which appears to have adjusted to losing their best player for the season (knee injury). But BU has enough talent to be more competitive than this, especially at home. The game was NOT as close as the 17 point final spread might suggest (and 17 points isn’t hardly close).

Workout notes: Yesterday; 3 miles on the track (25 laps of lane 1 in Markin 45:46) after light weights: rotator cuff, pull ups (11 sets of 5), dumbbell bench 10 x 70, incline 10 x 140, decline: 10 x 165, military: 10 x 50 standing, 15 x 50 seated, supported, 10 x 45, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 45, plank, etc.

This morning: yoga with Ms. V. (and it DOES help), followed by 5 miles of treadmill running: gradual progression every .25 miles: 21:20 for 2, 39:40 for 4, walk for about .4, then jog to 52:50 for 5.

Weight: 193.0 but I was full (TMI), 191.8 prior to the run which is more realistic. I appear to be 192 plus/minus 2 lb. Can I lose 12 more pounds BEFORE I start training?

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