Bad run, bad blood, faulty memories …

Ok, the day was beautiful. And I went for an 8 mile run through West Peoria and half of my Cornstalk 8.1 course. And I sucked. It took me 1:31:09 to cover the 8.3 mile course, 43:57 for the first 4 or so, 1:20 for the segment between and 45:51 for the final 4 (slightly more). energy, though it was a perfect day. There are days like that.

Politics (what else?)

David Horsey talks a bit about the unreasonable attacks on Hillary Clinton from Sanders supporters. Yes, it appears to be that way. And no, the national race is NOT tied, though a poll or two shows “margin of error” gap. Oh, it doesn’t really matter as the race is effectively over. But if you are a Clinton supporter and have any online presence at all, you’ll be bombarded with nonsense of all sorts.

Bottom line: we had an election (just a bit to go) and one side has an insurmountable lead, period. It is to Clinton’s credit that she is winning/has won fair and square. Though this blog article unfairly discounts the strength of Sen. Sanders’ message and his skill in delivering it, paragraphs 2-6 are excellent.

Now that we will be focusing on the general election, it should be noted that both sides have a nostalgia for the 1950’s: the high economic growth rate, relative equality and higher taxes entice the Democrats, and the regressive social order and apparent societal homogeneity appeal to Republicans.

And Donald Trump is being very shrewd in exploiting the Sanders-Clinton rift:



I think that Hillary Clinton will eventually win, but we won’t have very many easy breaths between now and the election. This will NOT be easy.

Bad Blood: this Republican tow truck driver refused to help a woman with a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker, though he was the one called to the stalled car on the highway. Sorry, but that is just too much. Legal…but unethical.

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Tomorrow’s Primaries

Going into this primary season, I really thought that I’d be more interested in the Republican race. And there is something going on. Nevertheless, I am still interested in the Democratic race; that is a credit to the Sanders campaign.

I fully expect Hillary Clinton to pad her formidable lead in pledged delegates by 44 delegates: (calculator is here)


Democratic Convention Watch gives a nice synopsis of what is likely to go down.

I think that the Clinton campaign is confident; they’ve already turned their fire on Donald Trump.

So my apologies to those who are “already sick of it”; I just …LOVE election season.

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“Wrestling” and politics

Some fun…

Now this was before Mr. Trump was a candidate:


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Primary Race: Sanders and superdelegates; Cruz and rats..

Right now, Hillary Clinton has a lead of around 300 pledged delegates. Today, there are contests in Hawaii, Alaska and Washington state, where the demographics (mostly white voters) heavily favor Sanders. He is expected to do well today, though April could be rougher.

The national polls: of course, his campaign touted the one national poll that is favorable to him:


But Sen. Sanders knows the score and is hoping to persuade…superdelegates (the very ones his supporters decry!) to help him close the gap in pledged delegates:

Bernie Sanders has launched withering attacks on the Democratic establishment for months. Now he appears to be asking its most entrenched members to hand him the nomination even if he loses at the ballot box to Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Times published an interview in which Sanders suggested that superdelegates — the 712 elite party leaders and insiders who can support whichever candidate they want at the Democratic National Convention — should tip the nomination in his favor.

Sanders is being soundly beaten by Clinton among the “pledged” delegates whose support is determined by the popular vote, so turning to superdelegates may be his only option. But it’s still a surprising tack to hear him take.

Here’s what Sanders told the LA Times:

I would fully concede that we have a narrow path to victory. Your point is well taken. But it is a path. And the only thing that I would add to the arithmetic that we could all agree: Arithmetic is arithmetic, is momentum.

And it is also the fact that many super delegates have not yet declared, that’s number one. Number two, for the super delegates and others who have declared, as I said long ago, the key issue, you know, people like Hillary Clinton more than me. That’s fine. But what people are most concerned of in the world that I live in is that a Republican not get into the White House. I think we can demonstrably make the case, and I say this without one second of hesitation, that I am the stronger candidate.

And yes, there are polls that show him beating Donald Trump by a larger margin than Hillary Clinton does, though the Clinton campaign reminds us that Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for a long, long time; she has already had everything in the book thrown at her. Hence it is reasonable to expect that Sander’s support might shrink a little.

By the way, I do not have a problem with superdelegates. A party can decide on a candidate anyway that they choose, and while it is nice to give the “rank and file” some voice via the pledged delegate route, there is a place for the party insiders to have some extra say. Of course, if the process is too undemocratic, there might be less enthusiasm for a candidate.

But there is no requirement that the party’s candidate be decided by democratic means.

So I have no problem with Sen. Sanders making this argument, though I am laughing at thought of some of his less thoughtful supporters spinning this development..especially after they grumbled about Hillary Clinton’s massive lead in superdelegates.

And speaking of the candidates: here is how each candidate’s tax plans affect you (you enter your income). Note: Sanders’ tax plan raises your taxes, but gives you Medicare so one would have to consider the effect of reduction in your health insurance premium.

Republicans Yes, Ted Cruz really did say “Donald Trump may be a rat, but I have no desire to copulate with him.”

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Am I that bad?

Someone posted this meme…and tagged me.


Am I really that bad?:-)

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Last night’s Democratic Debate and Maine Caucus

The weekend ended up going slightly better (less bad?) for Sanders. He won the Maine caucus easily and got 15 pledged delegates to Clinton’s 7; so the net weekend result is Clinton + 3 pledged delegates. That is, Sanders is NOT catching up. But he is tough and holding his own; nothing to be ashamed of.

Last night’s debate was frustrating for me; in general I have little patience with “audience” questions. The one that asked about “prayer” and talked about her church services…grrr…I wanted to yell and tell her to go to the Republican debate and pester them. But the reality is that many (most?) Democrats are also religious.

Childhood poverty: uh…why are you having kids if you can’t afford to raise the ones you now have? Sorry, but PARENTS are (mostly) responsible for childhood poverty, though I understand that bad things can happen to people (domestic violence, lay-offs, diseases, deaths, accidents) and yes, there is evidence that things like SNAP can lower the likelihood that kids will need public aid later in life. So I remain in favor of such programs (and expanding them where necessary), though I hear what my Republican friends say and often agree with them. It makes me sick to see us cede this “personal responsibility” issue to them.

And you had the classic clash between the more nuanced Clinton and the bumper-sticker spouting Sanders. There are people who LIKE the latter.

Example: Clinton’s answer on fracking was the correct one (ALL energy extraction techniques have potential for disaster and ALL can be done properly or improperly). But if you say that…”what…you are ok with ruining drinking water?” For a proper “pro-and-con” discussion, see here.

Oh well…the answer to keeping myself serene during debates is to limit my discussion to people who evaluate claims by similar methods. I like talking about stuff, but I don’t care for people who “argue by spouting bumper stickers”.

Overall both candidates did fine; Sanders made a bit of a gaffe about the race question, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. All candidates make them and he has a long history of doing good things in this area.

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Larry David, Bernie Sanders ….just watch

I am dying.

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I am a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Workout notes: well, nothing special here. I swam and lifted:
swim: 500 warm up, 5 x 100 (alternating fist/free) on the 2:15
5 x 100 IM (ugly IM sets)
1000 pyramid (25-25-50-50-75-75-100-100-100-100-75-75-50-50-25-25); first one of these in a while
then 2 x 50 (back/free), 50 side.

I didn’t swim very hard but I got 2650 yards (1.5 miles)

Weights: rotator cuff, pull ups: 15-10-10-10-5
incline presses: 3 sets of 10 x 135 (different leverage on the Riverplex bench)
military presses: 2 sets of 10 x 40 dumbbell (standing), 10 x 180 machine
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 45 on the “primitive” machine

Aside from one of the incline bench press sets, I didn’t really push myself.

Title of the post: look what we got in the mail:


I am a winner.:-)

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Kicking myself into work…

Oh my. Am I lazy today. I won’t check back into the internet until I’ve done at least two tasks.

Workout notes: 2200 swim (Riverplex) and 4 miles (1:05) of walking on the River trail. I wore SHORT SLEEVES (ok, short sleeved vest), no hat, no gloves and shorts. Keep in mind that this is December 21 in Illinois.

The swim: 500 warm up, 10 x 25 drill (3g, or 5g, or fist), 25 swim, no fins.
5 x 100 IM (the worse IM’s you’ve ever seen)
7 x 100 (alternating pull and free); got into a mini race with a swim babe from time to time.

Holidays: Robert Riech’s guide to debating “Uncle Bob.” I wont’ work with me; I am more of “the hell with what the spread sheet says, I just don’t like them” type of person.:-)


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Back for just a bit…

Well, I needed yesterday’s get away, which morphed into today’s. I still have some work to do, but it can wait until Monday. But I do have to do it..but this is fun work (rec letters, reviews, etc.)

Workout notes: Weights followed by a hilly 4 mile walk (blocked off part of Cornstalk hill in Bradley park).
Weights: rotator cuff
15-15-10-10 pull ups (strong)
bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 8 x 170 (strong)
incline press: 10 x 140 (good)
military: seated dumbbells: 2 sets of 12 x 50 (supported), 10 x 40 standing
rows: 10 x 110 machine, 2 sets of 10 x 50 (single arm)
abs: 2 sets of 12 crunch twists, 2 sets of 10 yoga leg lifts

Then the walk.

I’ve been thinking about other things.
This video about Trumps “Winner Seuss” book is hilarious:

And I had this letter to the editor appear:

t the outset, I’d like to make it plain: I do not approve of Donald Trump’s plan to exclude Muslim refugees and immigrants.
However, I can understand why an exclusionary policy might be appealing at first glance.
Think about what we’ve seen in the media over the past few decades. We’ve seen Muslim clerics lead in the taking of U.S. hostages, burning the U.S. flag and approving of “death to America” chants. We’ve seen them issue death sentences because someone wrote a book that they didn’t like. We’ve seen people in Islamic republics executed for religious offenses.
In Europe, we’ve seen Muslims rioting over cartoons and works of art that they don’t approve of. We’ve seen the signs that call for punishing people who “insult the prophet.”
Of course, no one wants any of that to come to the United States!
However, the issue is much more complicated than that. Often, Muslims want to come to the United States precisely for our freedoms and to escape theocratic tyranny. They want what many of our immigrant ancestors wanted when they came to the United States.
And lost in the image painted by the media is that Islam is extremely diverse. For example, a Shiite cleric in Iran might have little in common with a more secular-oriented Muslim in Turkey. Painting potential refugees and immigrants with the same brush is both unfair and inaccurate.

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