Lotsa students…




In the office, getting ready for the semester. On one hand, all classes are those that I enjoy (linear algebra, introduction to probability and statistics (calculus based), calculus I). On the other hand…91 students….ugh. It should be interesting. I am going to have to be exceptionally well organized.

Oh, I posted “joke-altered” versions of these photos on Facebook; one person has caught some of the jokes.

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Columbus adventure photos

These are just photos for my non-Facebook friends.

Baseball the night before
There was a small crowd (2-3 k?) to watch the Chiefs lose to the Timber Rattlers 6-5. But the game was entertaining and I caught a cool rainbow.




The drive over: featured a 3 hour delay because I-74 was shut down (ALL lanes) about 60 miles west of Indianapolis. We were kicked off onto a small 2 lane highway.


Yes, it was truck, truck, truck, truck. The trucks have taken all of the joy out of driving anywhere.

Columbus Day One
I was there for a math conference and I caught some sights while walking:



I walked about 10 km on my “self tour” which took me to the ball park and back to my car….and through the Ohio State campus:






The ball park was nice (Huntington Park); there were 10K people at the game, which was exciting.




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Someone (besides me) isn’t ready for Trump…


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Meanwhile the spouse (personal)

Lynn: here are some of Barbara’s vacation photos (so far); I’ve selected a few from each set. She is El Salvador.












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Pearls Before Swine

If you follow the comic strip Pearls Before Swine, you’ll notice that the three main characters are Rat, Goat and Pig. (there are other characters as well). My online persona is that of a very smelly, dimwitted, ill tempered goat (perhaps true to my real life personality?). So when I played with a step-grandaughter’s pet rat…my wife couldn’t resist a shot.


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Every so often my beard itches to much that the pain of shaving is less than the irritation of itching. So I get my beard cut off and my hair cut.


So you can see. Before: I looked like an old man with a grey beard. Now I look like a clean shaven old man. 🙂

And my Facebook Friends have had a ball with this! Now when these people post selfies, they get a different reaction (I wonder why?). Note: there are really only 8 different women here and 2 I only “know” from the internet; 1 I have a very close relationship with and the rest I’ve met and interacted with in various settings.


One somewhat serious comment: I did notice that when I go outside, my head is noticeably colder. Hair really does keep you warm. Good thing that I have a lot of stocking caps.

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Army-Navy: really 35 years ago?

Well, it was. My last one was December, 1980.

These “Beat Army” shirts were from 1980. Yes, they fit me snug then too…but, well, it looked better on me then.


Here, I am trying to coax a bit of flex from my bicep muscles…mostly without success.


Now this is a shirt that Barbara bought me last year. It has an..uh,…”more age appropriate” fit. 🙂 So I wear this in public instead of the 1980 one.


I was wearing this in the “reception area” in the hotel when some guest said “Go Army, beat Navy.” I smiled and said “not today” and Barbara reminded him that it had been more than a decade. 🙂

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Pretty photos…


(from: Yeah, She Squats on Facebook)

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 12.04.09 PM

This is a small version; click on the image to see the full size version on Wild Celtic Rose’s Flicker page. It really is “wallpaper quality”. She is a good photographer.

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Coolness: space and photos

100 very cool photos. Yes, these are really, really good. Here are two to lure you to the site socialphy which has these photos:


(by: Mike Jones (mrjones131 on Flickr))


(by: NASA)

Hat tip: Jerry Coyne.

10 cool facts about space: just surf and enjoy. 🙂

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Cubs vs. Cardinals

StLouis 130

I am the one with the beard.

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