The “hot” winter Olympic games…

This showed up on my Facebook wall:

There are claims Russia will offer a cold welcome to the world at the Winter Olympics, but these images of some of the country’s leading competitors suggests otherwise.
Until now, disputes about homophobia, world leaders refusing to attend, and mega-security at Sochi have overshadowed the preparations for the £31 billion Games.
The pictures showing the host team dressed to impress are going wild on the Moscow web with one site boasting: ‘Russian sportswomen are the best campaigners for our team in Sochi.’

Hmmm, yes, I like looking at the women athletes. Many guys like the figure skaters. I am more of a speed skater:


Or skier:


type of guy; the big butt does it for me!

But, the sex appear stuff is being taken to a different level. Check out the article that I linked to: (in each case, surf to the link to see the larger photo)



Wow…now we know what is under all that spandex……

And it isn’t only the Russians:

(this is downhill skier Julia Mancuso)

Well, I suppose that world class athletes are confident people, and in the women, that confidence applies to their sex appeal. And at their age and at their level of athletic fitness, they look as good out of the spandex as they look in it. And hey, this means big money for them!

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Spandex Butts that Tell a Story….actually three stories.

Workout notes Ok, no spandex butts here. I did sleep in until 7:30 (late for me) because I was up late watching the men’s 50K racewalk. More on that later. Then I caught a couple of boxing matches prior to getting out there.

My walk: 2:17 for 10.1 miles; I did the Cornstalk 8 mile course (two 3 mile out and backs on the hills) in 1:48 and finished with a flat 2.1 mile “out and back” down Moss in 28:30. It was cool and overcast….very pleasant and not much traffic. It wasn’t much but it was better than zero. While I was heading out two university cross country runners (male) just blew right past me; I may have well been standing still.

So, what about the stories?

Story One
This ad popped up on Daily Kos:

Hmmm; the data mining software must have picked up that I am a male that likes to run. I wonder if the fact that this is a butt-shot (panty lines too) is a coincidence. Of course, she is probably at least 20-25 years younger than I and I probably couldn’t stay with her anyway.

Even if I were single, the women I would aim for would have a bigger ass and a whole lot more lumps, bumps and cellulite. It isn’t as if my middle is a six-pack; my middle has the consistency of a Shar Pei dog.

Story Two

Yep, here is another cute spandex butt. But the story here is the message. At this time in my life, this message is FALSE, FALSE, FALSE.

It wasn’t always so. I remember ballooning up to 320 pounds. I reduced to 230 pounds and started to “run” again; it took me 24 minutes to “run” 2 miles (3.2 km). Yes, now-a-days, I frequently walk that distance faster than that (though it is an effort) and I remembered how it felt when I worked from 24 minutes to 12:45 (as a runner).

But that message is simply false for me now. When I do a 5K race these-a-days, I tell myself “ok, you’ve run from 24:35 to 26:10 on your “normal” days, so pace yourself”. But deep down I think that I am going to “finally shake this malaise off” and pop off a 22 or a 23 minute 5K. You know what? It isn’t going to happen…at least not this year and probably never. My mind still says (19-20) but my body says “no”. The reality is that my accumulated injuries has put me in a position to where I have to limit my training.

But…I can still train some…and I can still run and many people my age can’t.

Now about the Olympics
Here is story three
I watched the women’s 20K race walk. (you can see it here) I can say that the women AVERAGED 42:30 per 10k….WALKING. The race itself: watch, or at least watch the last 5 minutes (say from 40 minutes on the video onward). I didn’t have a clue as to who would win until the last 100 meters or so.

What does it have to do with spandex butts? No, not this (which I DID enjoy)

Not this either (note the yellow warning paddle being issued)

But rather this one:

Notice anything?

And this one:

and though this isn’t a butt shot:

In the last two photos, at least one walker is getting lapped (laps are 2 km long, or 1.25 miles long). Can you guess which one it is?
In the first of these three, neither walker is a medal contender.

The story here: at this level of walking (or running for that matter), only the skeleton-skinny athletes have a chance; being close to “normally slender” puts you at an insurmountable disadvantage.

Oh yes, there was a men’s 50K walk as well, which I also enjoyed (3:36 was the winning time!). You can see that here.

Racewalking commentary
First of all, I know that this is a demanding sport. Its future in the Olympics: though I don’t know the ins and outs of international athletics, I’d say that as an event in “athletics” (track-and-field) I’d say that its future is secure because China and Russia do well at it. Those are two large, powerful countries that have influence.

But the United States will never be good at it (our lone 50K walker finished TWENTY EIGHT MINUTES behind the winner). That is a bit like our top marathoner finishing 16.5 minutes behind the winner…or finishing in about 2:25. Note: our top marathoner actually finished in 4’th place overall. My point: we probably shouldn’t even send racewalkers to the Olympics as we are not competitive.

I don’t see that changing. For one, race walking is NOT an NCAA Division I sport. So where would the talent come from? It won’t really catch on with spectators either. Why? Well, I remember one comment from the race; the main announcer said that he couldn’t see the difference in technique between the winner and one of his early chasers (someone who won a silver medal in the 20K walk). His opponent got DQ’ed; two of his red cards were for “bent knee” violations. I had to slow it down to a still to even get a hint of what was going on; it turns out that the DQ’ed walker WAS locking his knee…but doing so just a tiny bit late. Only a top race walk judge or expert would have caught that. The difference was too subtle for the casual fan to catch.

Another thing: the technique is too difficult for the average fitness person to master; only those who have some natural flexibility and who are willing to do hours of technique work have a chance. So there simply won’t be large fan base from “casual” race walkers; this is unlike the marathon where thousands of 4-5-6 hour marathon “runners” have at least a little interest in the competitive sport.

Sure, *I* like it, but I am a failed master’s racewalker who has an appreciation of what is going on, and I’ve always loved to walk.

(winning a half marathon powerwalk in 2003; time was 2:17; the previous year an Olympic caliber walker won it in 1:41)

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More Olympic Beach Volleyball….

Do you like these photos?

See a whole bunch of these here.

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Olympic Contest: beach volleyball vs. track and field


(photoshopped version here)

Oh goodness; heptathlon vs. beach volleyball. Whew…..

Ultimately…….I need more data. 🙂

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I am not the worst….

Workout notes 5 mile run in 54 minutes (Cornstalk hill course), 3 mile walk (W. Peoria).
I started off a bit sore and stiff; knees a bit tender (especially the left one) but ok. I had to remember to bend those knees on the downhill.


But I am not the worst, according to this website. Here is why.

Here is an Olympic butt page on tumbler.

I wish that this was HD but…wow! Bring on track and field!

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Olympic Water Polo…..

Move over beach volleyball!!!

Ok, ok, our women’s water polo team doesn’t compete nude.

And yes, the suits ride up (from 2004: Greek team)

And yes, there is still beach volleyball:

What was I going to say…oh….I forgot.

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More Olympics

I’ll get some work done…but want to see the boxing matches later.

Workout notes: weights plus 2200 swimming; I did 20 x 100 on the 2 (had to take 2:05 for the first 5, then walked it back on reps 10-15 and then finished the whole set under 40 minutes). This came after weights: same old, though I used the machines for the military and didn’t do the incline. Pull-ups: easier. Bench press: harder. 10 x 135, 4 x 180, 3 x 180, 1 x 180 (felt bad), 7 x 165. This wasn’t my best.

I did a few back bends and some Camel Pose.


Track and field hasn’t started but that has some promise:

To see more:

(watch the HD version)

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Chicago Day II

Workout notes

I did some side spurs (8 minutes worth) to get 5 miles. This was from the Schaumburg Marriott to the Busse Bike path (Martingale across Higgins then under I-290.

Then we drove to Chicago; a wrong turn had us going down North street for many miles. 😦 But the Chicago History Museum and the Second City performance of One Nation Under 1 percent was worth it.

Now I am watching the Olympics with my family in the hotel room. The standard NBC coverage is terrible. Fortunately I’ll have access to other channels where I can watch more sports instead of this BS coverage.

But there are some still photos from Women’s Beach Volleyball:

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Onward to the Olympic Games!

Workout notes Because the knees were slightly sore today, I decided to do some running inside (on the treadmill/track)
So, 2 mile treadmill run (20:30); I started at 10:50 mpm and gradually increased the pace.
Then: 2 miles on the track (16:28); 8:35/7:52. The 7:52 was a hard-ish effort.
Then: 1 mile walk on the track followed by 2 miles of walking outside (to get used to the heat).

I might take a yoga class at 6:30 this evening.

The Olympics are coming!
So, of interest to me:
1. Boxing
2. Track and Field: the 1500, 5K, 10K, marathon, and the walks (20K, 50K)
3. Swimming: personally I am most interested in the women’s 800, men’s 1500 and the open water 5K and 10K swims.
4. Basketball. Ok; this won’t be much.

Of course, though the women’s beach volleyball teams won’t be wearing bikinis all of the time, they’ll wear something tight. Then we have swimming, diving, and those little bottoms that the women’s track runners and jumpers wear.
I hope the cameras are warmed up….

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