Help! Covers and versions: Lucy in the Sky, Blue Letter, Say you Love me, Rhiannon

Here is a bit of fun before I blog about politics and continue on with the duties of the day.

One of the things that I enjoy doing is to compare versions of popular songs.

Help I found an old LP version on video (the UK release) and am posting it along with the US version (with the James Bond introduction)

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

John Lennon assisted Elton John in doing a cover of this Beatles hit; Lennon said that the John version was more what he originally intended. But I love both.

Blue Letter
This is a Curtis Brothers song made more famous by Fleetwood Mac.

Here is the story:

The Curtis Brothers album version (audio only; but it is well worth listening to)

And of course, the iconic Fleetwood Mac version:

Fleetwood Mac

One of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs is Say You Love Me. This has multiple versions; I included the one with the extra bass (single version) and the LP version.

Rhiannon also has a couple of versions, single and LP


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