Allergies, colds and enforced humility

For the past couple of days, my eyes have watered, nose runny (TMI) and I have felt ..sort of yucky. But my workouts have been ok. Last night’s exercise class was fine (decent challenge actually) and today I did weights then my usual “short, sweet” 2 mile treadmill run where I run the first mile in about 11 minutes; second one in about 8:45 or so (my current 5K pace). I usually finish feeling refreshed and today was no exception.

So I thought: ok…not bad…then I remembered October, 2000:

OLLIE NANYES (M41) 3:38:12 91 85 / 18 M40-44 PEORIA, IL, USA (91 of 400)

That’s an 8:19 pace.

Yep, I was happy, though I was well aware that 90 people were faster, and that the winner was done BEFORE I got to mile 20. Since there was an “out and back” segment, I got to see some of the faster runners on their way back.

Nevertheless: I’d be delighted if I could average 8:19 for a 5K this year; I did that a couple of times last year. My last sub 25 was in 2014. That might well have been my final one, ever.

Well, F*CK ME DEAD. Ok, no…I still can run, workout, chase cute spandex (though cute, SLOW spandex..can’t catch the faster spandex anymore).

Workout notes: weights plus the aforementioned 2 mile run:

weights: rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10).
bench press: 10 x 135, 5 x 190 (good)
incline press: 10 x 135
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110 machine
dumbbell military (standing) 10 x 50, 10 x 45, 10 x 45
incline (Hammer Machine) 2 sets of 10 x 140 (70 each arm)
headstand (went ok)

Run: 10 minutes (2 at 5.2, up .1 mph every 2 minutes), 2:30: (6.7, 6.8, 6.9, 7 for 1:30, 7.1 for final minute) 19:41 for 2 miles, 2.03 total.

Now to dig myself out under a whole pile of grading.

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Current Marathon and Beyond List

Maryland Marathon: 3:33

San Antonio Marathon 3:48

East Lyme Marathon (CT) 4:24

1998 (2)
Quad Cities Marathon 3:55 (hot: 207 out of over 1000)
Chicago Marathon 3:46

Quad Cities Marathon 3:45

2000 (2)
Lake Okoboji (IA) 4:25
Indianapolis Marathon 3:38

Lake Geneva Marathon 3:40

2002 (4) (13 total)
San Diego Marathon 3:57 (run)
Fairfield (IA) 50K 6:22 (walk)
Quad Cities Marathon 4:44 (walk)
Rocket City Marathon 4:04 (run)
(injured going in; had to run/walk)

2003 (5) (18 total)
McNaughton 50K (run) 7:04
Ice Age 50K 7:18 (walk)
Park City Marathon (UT) 5:17 (walk)

Judy Birthday 50K (walk; informal-Fat ass type)
Quivering Quads (MO) 50K 8:11 (walk)

2004 (7) (25 total)
McNaughton 50 mile 12:46 (walk)
Cornbelt (IA) 24 hour (101 miles), walk
Wandleweekend (NED) 24 hour (88 miles) walk

Fairfield 50K 7:16 (walk)
Quad Cities Marathon 5:13 (walk)
Chicago Ultra 50K 6:20 (walk)

Ultracentric (TX) 24 hour 81 miles (walk)

2005 (8) (33 total)
McNabb (IL) FatAss 50K 6:25 (run, sort of)
Chicago Ultra 50K (spring) 6:42 (walk)
McNaughton 100 34:16 (walk)
Andy Payne Marathon (OK) 5:25 (walk)
Lean Horse 100 (SD), 29:34 (walk)

Quad Cities Marathon 5:34 (walk)
Chicago Ultra 50K 6:29 (walk)
Ultracentric 24 hour 70 (walk)

2006 (5) (38 total)
McNabb (IL) FatAss 50K 6:37 (run, sort of)
Houston Ultra 24 hour 76 mile (walk)
Stigma 8 hour 27 mile (trail) (walk)
McNaughton (100 DNF), got to mile 50 then 20 more.
Ice Age 50K 7:36 (walk)
FANS 24 hour 83 miles (walk)

2007 (4) (42 total)
FANS 24 hour 66 mile (walk) (couldn’t train until 5-6 weeks prior)
FX 12 hour 34 mile (walk)
Farmdale 33 miles 9:27 (walk)
Ultracentric 24 hour 58 mile (walk)

2008 (3) (45 total)
McNaughton 50 mile (staged; 31:37 walk)
Andy Payne Marathon 6:16 (walk)
FANS 24 hour 47 miles (walk)

2009 (5) (50 total)
McNaughton 100 miler (47:45; staged, walk)
(brutal conditions; the drop out rate was astounding: 74 started the 100 and 27 finished; 47 started the 150 and 27 made it to 100 (including the 12 who finished all 150); in total 54 out of 121 starters made it to 100 miles and I was one of these)
Rockford Marathon 5:14 (walk)
FANS 24 hour 66 miles (walk)
Mulshoe 44 (DNF, ran out of time at mile 29) walk
Quad Cities Marathon 5:28 (walk)
McNot-aGain 30 mile 8:55 (walk)
(fought through injuries for these last two; almost no training was possible)

2010 (51)
McNotagain 30 mile 9:52 (knee surgery 3.5 months prior)

2011 (52)
Fans 24 hour: 54.5 miles

2012 (53)
We Walk Lake Wobegone marathon 6:58:58

2013 (54)
River City Marathon (run/walk) 5:44:55

2014 (55)
McNotAgain 30 9:54

2015 3 for the year (58 )
FANS 24 hour 59.9 miles

PNC River City Marathon (walk) 5:49:23

McNotAgain 30 (walk) 11:03

2016 2 for the year, (60 and counting)

FANS 24 hour walk 38 miles (35.9 in 10:40)

PNC marathon (run/walk) 5:52

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Still tired

Yes, I am still tired from the marathon; even though I had sufficient training miles, it took something out of me. And I am sleeping in a segmented way; I used to do that the week after a long ultra (say, 24 hour event or 100 miler).

I’ll be rested enough to restart training after my sleep has switched to my normal pattern.

Workout notes: easy 5k mile run; not timed. The weather was just perfect for running; cool (50’s) and dry. Just perfect. I even “picked it up” a little toward the end.

Later in the day: flu shot. I don’t want to risk it.

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Slow marathon finish: inwardly happy; outwardly embarrassed ….

Today in the gym, a couple of the professors asked me if I had run in this past weekend’s marathon. I found myself embarrassed to answer “yes”.

Why? Well, I admit that I felt joy in crossing the finish line in under the time limit: 5:52 (time limit was 6 hours). Yes, this was my slowest Peoria Marathon (River City, PNC, etc); my other two were 5:45 (run/walk), 5:49 (walk 100 percent, but on a cool day).

But..I remember that this was 1:08 (one hour, 8 minutes) slower than my powerwalking PR (2002) and 2:14 (two hours, fourteen minutes) slower than my masters running PR (2000). Back then, I never dreamed I would become so unbelievably slow.

In fact, as recently as 2006…wait that was 10 years ago…I did training marathons (on my own) at about this pace….walking.

I suppose that if when I continue to slow down more, I’ll have to seek out long time limit marathons or, say, 12 hour events.

But, as I get ready to resume training (in say, 2 week’s time), I’ve got my eyes on either First Light (January in Mobile, Alabama) or Little Rock (March, Arkansas) and doing it as a walker (long time limits). Maybe I’ll get it out of the way early.

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PNC Peoria Marathon 2016 version: in the “just finish” mode..

Just the facts. The splits that are recorded are the 6.25, 13.45, and the 19.1 mile splits.


What I did: I did a reasonable “jog with 1 minute every mile walk” up until mile 10, walked a bit more often than that from 10 to 16, then just walked the whole way from mile 16 (3:17) to the finish; that is about 10.2 miles in 2:35 (15:11 pace). I was averaging about 14:30’s up until mile 20 when I wore down. I did make a mistake at mile 23: I took in water that didn’t digest. But I was only 3 miles from the finish and so could gut it out a bit, even if I had a couple of 16 minute miles there.

I can no longer run a marathon, and the humid conditions made it unlikely for me to finish with a pure walk. So I mixed the movements.

2: 23:19
4: 22:21 (45:41)
6: 23:02 (1:08:43)
8: 24:09 (1:32:53) (hill)
10: 22:43 (1:55:36)
12: 25:14 (2:20:51)
14: 26:51 (2:47:48) (note: 2:34 at 13)
18: 56:14 (3:44:02) (note: 3:02 at 15; started to “walk 100 percent) at 16
20: 29:02 (4:13:06)
22: 30:19 (4:43:26)
24: 32:23 (5:15:49)
25: 15:38 (5:31:28)
26.2 20:58 (5:52:27)

Yes, 100 percent humidity. It wasn’t the steambath that Quad Cities was 3 weeks ago (due to cloud cover), but it was sticky and suffocating.


I was doing ok early; the pace felt fine. I kept reminding myself: save it. I had to hold back a bit. Every mile (or 12 minutes) I forced myself to walk a minute. Things went ok until mile 10.
The stretch through Bradley was interesting: the various sports teams were helping with the water (basketball, soccer, XC, etc.) and the frat guys made a wall for me to run through. I got high 5’s and the like.

I saw Cassie at mile 8 and then again at mile 16 or so; I saw Tracy and Larry just past 14, and Jennifer at mile 13.4. That was fun.

My “crisis came at about mile 10 after I had sped up to get away from a woman running with both a stroller and a dog on a leash. That took just a bit out of me..and it was starting to warm up some. It was humid but it wasn’t the sauna that the Quad Cities was.

I gave some thought to turning off at the part where the half separated from the full, but I told myself “finish what you started”. I knew that I couldn’t sustain the pace much longer.

By mile 12 I was walking more than I was running, but I’d still jog a few steps just to keep things going. By mile 16, I realized that my walking pace would be enough to get me in, so I switched to the old, more comfortable motion. I noticed that I wasn’t losing distance on those in front of me; in fact I gained just a bit.

I kept from getting sick; I was just dealing with the usual pain of a marathon; the only issue is that my right foot hurt. Some Naproxen helped.

Toward the end a young woman passed me saying “that last mile is the longest of my life”. I laughed and said “but nothing can stop us now”…and we both made it.

It wasn’t pretty, but this isn’t my kind of weather; heat and humidity have always been tough on me.

It was some time before my stomach could hold anything; I laid down a bit..and after a nap I could feel my stomach clear. So then it was off to eat some Mexican food with Tracy; it was then that I really perked up.

I had lower leg cramps in the night; guzzling 32 oz of water helped.

Some photos:



Jennifer took this one.


Cassie took this one.


Maria took this one at about mile 24.5


This was taken by Crystal at mile 7; don’t know what is going on with my posture.

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Very Grumpy Run/Walk (at first)

We aren’t leaving for Chicago until later so I had time for a “run/walk”. Yes, I failed last weekend but I still had a draining 20 miles on Sunday. Today: much, much easier weather (wet pavement from drizzle; cool-ish 60 F) and I decided to fit in a 15 mile run/walk


Total time: 3:24 (13:23 pace); basically I mostly jogged the first 10.5-11 miles (until I got to the Goose Loop) and then I walked the last 4.5 or so. My walking pace “felt” faster than it actually was.

But on the way out…OMG…I hated having to wear a reflective vest, hated having to carry water, hated the uphill, the gravel on the road, …just everything. But I told myself “just do it” and it went fine. First walking break was just past 7 miles (1:14 for the 6.1); but it was fine. My mood picked up during the downhill stretch. But by no means Have I recovered fully.

Nevertheless, it was a decent “last workout” for my upcoming marathon two weekends for now, and a nice way to send myself off to the Bears game. And if the weather is like this on marathon day, I’ll finish this time.

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Marathons: my margin of error is gone

Workout notes: 30 minutes on the elliptical. I still have a residual headache….slight.

Hot weather marathons: I’ve had some trouble in similar conditions before. In 1998 (runner), I hit mile 20 in 2:50 and took 1:05 to finish the final 6.2. In 2000, at Lake Okoboji, I hit mile 20 in 2:50 and took 1:35 to finish the final 6.2; in fact the final 3 miles took just over an hour.

In 2007, I DNF’ed Quad Cities at mile 23. In 2008, I took 6:16 to walk the Andy Payne Marathon (spent 1 hour at an aid station). In 2012, I walked a walker’s marathon in just under 7 hours, resting 1 hour at the mile 23 aid station.

And now I have another DNF (mile 20).

The difference: the walker’s marathon had a looooong time limit. The other cases: I was faster; I wasn’t out in the heat as long and I had more time to finish once I blew up.

And so it goes. I am no longer fast enough to finish a typical road marathon except under favorable circumstances (cool day). So I need to choose my races carefully (long time limits, 12 hour events, predictably cool weather events that offer a half marathon option, etc.)

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My impending breakup of a long standing relationship

Workout notes: Hilly 8.1 mile course in 1:30:32; 59 F with 96 percent humidity at the start. It felt GOOD…almost like running in air conditioning.
Note: yesterday I walked 6.3 miles in 1:33; so it appears that given the same effort, I go 1/3 farther running than walking for the same duration. I don’t know if that means anything.

I do know this though: in 2000, when I was 41, I ran my best masters marathon in 3:38. In 2002, I walked the Quad Cities Marathon in 4:44. Well, Quad Cities is coming up in just over 3 weeks and frankly I am unlikely to do better than 5 hours, though I haven’t given up on that goal yet.

Reason: in training, it has been almost impossible for me to run beyond 3 hours; to get to 20 miles I’ve had to walk quite a bit.

The days of me racing a marathon are over. I am simply not built for it; I am too heavy and my legs cannot handle my upper body. And I am unwilling to quit weightlifting or swimming.

So, the relationship that I’ve had with the marathon since 1980 is over. Ok, it was really over in 2002 (when I walked/jogged a 4:04), though I faked it by walking marathons for time, with my last success coming in September 2009.

Oh, I am still going to attempt to participate in them, but I am thinking in terms of walking/jogging as necessary to get in under the time limit, or perhaps walking a 12 hour event.

But racing a marathon, either as a runner or a walker, is over for me. It has been a good run though…even if it has taken 7 years for me to realize that “it is really over”. I am a slow learner.

Good bye, you old “frienenemy”. I’ll miss you…and I won’t. 🙂

And yes, I did enjoy today’s run, thank you very much.

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Marathon reality

Ok, it is sinking in. I had dreams of “running” a sub 5 hour marathon this fall. But I’ve never been able to get my long “run” past 15 miles or so, at least without walking.
Then it dawned on me: “in the day”, my long runs were never longer than 3 hours or so and my marathon “runs” were never longer than right about 4 hours.

What makes me think that, as an older man, I can run for a longer duration than that?

So the reality is that while I can finish those marathons, I am going to have to walk a bit so I may as well “run/walk” my long training sessions also…and mix in walking from the very start. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

Workout notes: weights only
rotator cuff
pull ups 15-15-10-10
squats: 2 x 10 weightless, 2 x 10 with 45, 2 x 5 with 65, 2 x 5 goblet with 50 This was enough for me to feel that I’ve done something. I’ve got such a long, long ways to go.
bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 10 x 170 (good)…had to keep it reasonable due to no spotter (have safety catches)
incline press: 10 x 135
military press: 2 sets of 8 x 50 standing, 10 x 40 standing (better)
roes: 3 sets of 10 x 50 (single arm)
head stand (shaky entrance)
abs: 2 sets of 12 twist crunch 10 yoga leg lifts

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And Marathon reality sinks in…

Well, yesterday’s hot weather attempt at a long run was a bust. Today, I opted for the Riverplex; the air conditioning was out yesterday. So though it was on today, the upper floor was still sort of warm, and once again, I finished “squishy shoe” wet from sweat. 57:40 for the first 5 miles, 1:03:40 for the second (did run/walk, run pace at 5.4 mph, walk 3 minutes at 3.7 or 3.8, started 3-3 and migrated to 3.5-2.5 or so). Then half a mile walking on the track to cool down and I had had enough.

What this means: I am having difficulty running beyond 15 miles. I still have some time though. But…it is starting to sink in that maybe I should throw time goals out the window (I was thinking “sub 5 hour, blah blah blah”) and just be happy if I finish under the time limit, period.

I am thinking that the days of my actually running a marathon for time were over, a long time ago. Not sure what happened to me.

2002 was my last good (by my standards) year for marathons; I ran a 3:57, walked a 4:44 and walked/jogged a 4:04. In 2000 I ran a 3:38 (as a 41 year old) and in 2001 I ran a 3:40. But that was a different person.

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