My physical weakness and why I am glad that my wife isn’t fat

As I said before my wife suffered a “Jones Fracture” in her foot; she isn’t allowed to put any weight on that foot, at all (no walking boot, for now). Since she doesn’t have the strength to use crutches we need to use a wheel chair to get her around outside of the house (getting down the steps is a challenge).

Fortunately, she is NOT a heavy person; I say this because our house features a lot of steps on the front porch. Hence I have to wheel her up and down a ramp; this ramp is too steep for ordinary handicap use.

Ok, it isn’t THAT steep and a strong man (not me!) would have zero trouble. But alas, I am not exceptionally strong, so when I push her up and slowly walk her down, I have to concentrate. But, yes, at times, I ham it up and make fake grunting noises, masking my personal embarrassment that this is, well, not a hard challenge, but a “concentration needed” task for me.

I’ve got to work on my leg strength!!!!

But this mini-adventure (not a big deal in the large scheme of things) reminded me of this cartoon….which makes me grateful that I don’t have a morbidly obese wife: 🙂


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Working out: How I see myself vs. Reality

When I work out, this is how I see myself:


But there is reality:


Oh goodness……:-)

(ok, that was from 2011)

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