15 November 2010

Last night The shoulder was somewhat sore (not “wake me up” sore); I was just achy in general.
Workout; upper body plus 15 minutes of the arm bike:
rotator cuff,
arm curls (20 x 15 lb, 10 x 20 lb, 10 x 20 lb. dumbbells)
military press: (30 x 30 lb., 30 x 30 lb. dumbbells)
bench press: (30 x 35 lb., 30 x 35 lb.) the only painful part was getting into position.
pull downs: 15 x 120, 15 x 120, 15 x 120
rows: 8 x 180, 8 x 180, 9 x 180 (getting easier)
sit ups: 4 x 25 (different inclines)

I skipped running altogether today; my lower body just “isn’t right” today.

Football: I found this curious:

DENVER — Chiefs coach Todd Haley apparently refused to shake hands with Broncos coach Josh McDaniels following Denver’s 49-29 win Sunday over Kansas City. In a video of the incident, Haley is pulls his hand back as his counterpart approaches near midfield, then wags a finger in McDaniels’ face.

The exchange was very brief. Haley also appeared to have a few choice words for his counterpart before abruptly walking away.

McDaniels seemed taken aback for a moment, and appeared to say something in response to the quickly departing Haley before shrugging his shoulders and hustling away in the opposite direction.

Haley was later asked about the terse postgame exchange with McDaniels. While vague in his response, he clearly didn’t like some of the things he saw on the Broncos sideline, suggesting they were acting as if the game was in the bag well before it was over.

Hmmm, it almost appears as if the Broncos took their foot off of the gas and the Chiefs didn’t like it? I’ve heard of coaches being upset when the other team ran up the score….sometimes there is just no pleasing people.

Other items
Here is another reason why I’ll fight to keep the Republicans from repealing Health Care Reform.

The downside of President Obama: he is really trying to keep his promise to work together with an opposition whose sole short term goal is to bring him down. Yeah, I think that he has to try, but it is pretty much a pointless exercise; remember that Republicans see themselves as the “true Americans” and consider others in power to be usurpers of what is rightfully theirs, no matter how many votes the winner got.

Catholicism: I really don’t miss it. Here is yet another reason why: the Bishops says that we need….more….exorcists. Just why does such woo-woo deserve respect?


Richard Dawkins interview

Spandex for Science!

Don’t mind if I do!

Note: my wife has learned to NEVER say that to me if she is truly upset with me. 🙂

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