Feeling much better

I don’t know what I had…but I appear to be all but over it.

I was going to lift and do something else but I saw some swimming lanes were open so I swam.

600 easy (sort-of races a nice looking woman), 12 x 50 fist/free on the 1:05 (subpar; 55 each), 100 back, 100 breast, 100 drill/swim, 200 (3:36), 100 back, 200 (3:40), 100 back 100 IM (less than stellar)

Then an easy 3 mile walk; saw the aftermath of a 5K (taking down the course). heel: slightly sore at first but felt fine later.

weight: 199 before swimming, 197.8 after.

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I got it…

Ok, here is my timeline.

Yesterday: great workout in the morning, no ill effects. Afternoon: slight nausea; nothing that unusual.
Evening: felt a bit nauseated during yoga class; as if I had eaten something bad. BUT, I felt very chilled; I asked others if the room was cold and NO ONE said that it was; if anything, it was warm for most.

I get home, go to bed at 8:30 pm; can’t eat anything.

Sleep well past 6 am; lay in bed most of the day. Body aches: I feel as if I had been beaten by a rubber hose. No cough, no congestion. Just aches, slight nausea, fatigue, no appetite. I should be good to go by next Thursday (trip to Cleveland planned).

Update: TMI (loose bowels came on later in the day). Still feeling weak, achy, etc.

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still ill..sort of

Workout notes: 4 mile treadmill run in 44:15 (5.1 for 10, then up .1 every 5 minutes to mile 3, then up .1 every .25 to the end). And yes, THAT WAS ACTUALLY WORK; I am a bit of a physical wreck. Then 1 mile of cool down walking.
Weight: 201.3 with shoes (about 5 lb. down) so that is headed in the right direction.

Social note: yes, classes start tomorrow, and this will be different as last semester, I taught calculus III (vector calculus), differential equations and Statistics II. I was dealing with the most talented students we usually see. Now, I have larger classes of more inexperienced students, along with one advanced class. The larger classes requires a different mindset from me; I’ll adjust but I am going to have to be very intentional at fist (e. g. get in the habit of explaining things more slowly, including the details that come naturally to experienced engineering and science students).

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Trump voters and personal malaise

The personal malaise: for some reason, I’ve had a bit of tickle in my throat over the past few days and haven’t felt good at all. I am, well, kind of antsy, throat has a tickle, eyes burn a bit. BUT, my workouts have been fine, and when I am really coming down with something, my workouts usually tank.

Yesterday’s weights and run were good, today’s walk: 2 outside, 1 track (13:03, off/on), treadmill walk (start 10 minutes at 4.6 mph, then upped it..37:35 at 3, 38:50 5K) was fine. Last night’s yoga class exposed my weaknesses, but it was fine too.

Is it allergies, or do I have some sort of low-grade “something”?

Trump voters: this is a decent read. Roughly speaking: they don’t like the KKK or the Nazis, but they think Trump is doing ok and that Obama was divisive.

About the latter: I think that it stems from what I call “cultural inflexibility”. They see “true America” in one specific way and too much deviation from that box is “unAmerican”. So if a president says something to the effect “you know, African Americans might have a legitimate grievance here”…well, if it is a Republican saying it, they might raise an eyebrow. A white Democrat: well, they see it as political pandering. And a black Democrat: DIVISIVE! HE IS TEARING THE COUNTRY APART.

To them, BLM is criminal coddling (“if you’ve done nothing wrong, the police won’t do anything to you”) And very few of them are persuadable…and none of them would ever be persuaded by me.

Anything that they haven’t experienced, well, just isn’t true. And if Fox News tells you, well, they are telling the truth. I’ve had a few of them actually tell ME what I do in my own classroom! I tartly retorted that there isn’t some unAmerican way to solve a calculus problem.

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Salvaging it (still under the weather slightly)

I’ve got this malaise that I can’t quite shake; I’ve had it for about 2 weeks, now going on the third. I am not quite sick but I am a little warm, a little weak, and a little tired, with eyes burning (slightly), nose running, digestion not quite right but not terrible.

So I am just a “bit off” but not terrible.

Today: on the treadmill, I just was horrible on the warm up part; after a minute or two of 5.2 mph jogging, I walked! So I did “walk/jog” for the first 10 minutes, slow jog for the next 10 and decided to try to do my 2:30 repetitions at 6.7. I modified it to 2:40 (10 seconds longer in the work interval) and allowed myself to walk 20 seconds to 1 minute of the recovery (mostly 20 seconds) and then jog at 5.0-5.1 mph.

And I finished with 8 repetitions; hit mile 5.92 in 1:05; jogged to 10K in 1:07:30. (mile 6 in 1:06). So it was better than nothing..and I didn’t have to bail on the workout like I had feared.

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Unintended benefit

A few months ago, I set out strengthen my legs. My “run” had become a “shuffle walk” (more so than normal) and stairs were getting harder; I figured that my legs were weak. And my butt: (TMI): gluteals were mostly small, useless sacks of jello that jiggled and did little else.

And yes, I’ve noticed a difference. I am still as slow as hell but…my….back feels better. Seriously: this leg work has made my back ache a whole lot less! Go figure; that wasn’t the intention but it is motivation for me to stick with it.

Yesterday: 5 mile shuffle (2 lower loops of Bradley park).
Today: 4 mile walk (15:30 average overall; 14:30 or so on the flat parts..Cornstalk classic from Markin after weights.

Weights: rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10; first 4 sets were really good; last was a struggle)
bench press: 10 x 135, 5 x 185, 4 x 185, 10 x 170 (strict)
standing dumbbell military: 10 x 50, 10 x 45, 10 x 45
Hammer machine rows: 3 sets of 10 x 200
Hammer machine incline: 8 x 160, 2 sets of 10 x 140 (did I slack here?)
abs: 2 sets of 10 yoga leg lifts, 10 moving bridges, 12 twist crunch
headstand (not quite as steady as I’d like)
legs: goblet squats; 1 warm up set, then 5 x 45, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 (last set: pushed me; I felt it)
leg presses: 10 x 250 (too shallow), 10 x 210.

At times I was very internally whiny. Part of it is that I still have a “sort of” cold. Part of it is that I am a whiner by nature. I kept telling myself “GET GOING YOU BIG BABY.”

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Minor League Baseball and Friends: happy to let them go…

The Peoria Chiefs (low A, Midwest League) start up this month, but I’ll spend most of my “baseball time” watching Bradley and pick up the Chiefs in May.

The Chiefs made the playoffs the past two years. But last year: by the time they got to the playoffs they weren’t the same team; most of their good players had been promoted.

And that is how it goes in minor league ball: you start to get attached to a player and you want them to do well. But when they do well, they leave, as they well should. And though you miss seeing them, you are happy for them.

Sometimes, something similar happens to one’s friends. A few weeks ago, my wife said “you probably won’t be training with X now that they have a love interest that runs”…and my reply was “I hope not.” She looked surprised, but then understood exactly what I meant.

Workout notes Weird. I still have a scratchy, “sometimes” cough and feel slightly weak; this is a continuation of what I had last week. But weights went very well:

rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10: strong)
bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 190 (wanted to keep the hips down), 10 x 170 (strict)
military press: dumbbell, 10 x 50, 10 x 45, 10 x 45
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110 machine
incline: 3 sets of 10 x 160 (45/35 on each side) Hammer machine

I tried to run…no dice, walked 5 miles outside instead. The gates to the hills of Bradley Park are now open; beautiful day but some traffic. I got shocked into picking it up on the way back..a young woman who was walking deliberately was gaining on me. My “mind wandering walk” is no longer fast; I have to be deliberate and concentrate.

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weird bug?

For some of last week, I felt “out of sorts”; weak, watery eyes, athletically slightly degraded. I felt good prior to the weekend 5K though. Today’s run: aside from an extremely rare case of lower GI (cut run short to 3.3 miles, then walked 1.8 after the pit stop), I felt ok.

Now my wife is under the weather. The difference: she is normal.

Me: if I feel sub optimal, I try to workout anyway, albeit at reduced intensity, duration or both.

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End of a football weekend

Workout notes I have a scratchy throat and am feeling a bit less than 100 percent. So I didn’t run the race today but instead walked a gentle 8 miles.

Illinois Football: the big news is that they are retaining their interim coach for 2 more years. We shall see; remember that he was fired from Western Michigan after the 2012 season; that year his team lost to Illinois 24-7, one of 2 wins for the Illini that year.

Illinois promptly went on to lose to Northwestern 24-14 in Chicago, playing a “home game” in Soldier Field.


Now you see why Illinois was offering half price tickets over the past 2 weeks.

Yes, the last NW game in Champaign was played in a sparsely populated stadium but not quite this bad:

Of course the team was 4-7 going into the 2013 game and 5-6 into this year’s game.

So, I am not sure that anything was gained by moving the game. This year, the Illini finish 5-7 overall and 2-6 in Big Ten play.

Illinois had a touchdown in the first quarter and a pick-6 in the 4’th quarter.

Bradley Basketball

The men played hard against Mississippi but lost 67-54; the Braves came out with high energy but eventually the inexperience showed.
The women came out flat and were barely ahead of Division III Eureka 38-34 at the half. I don’t know what the coach told the team at the half, but it ended 87-47.

Update I just watched Stanford rally from 36-35 down with 30 seconds to go to beat Notre Dame 38-36 with a last second field goal. That was one heck of a good game. ND finishes 10-2 with 2 very narrow losses to excellent teams.

So the score for me (football): 0-4 (my teams)

Texas Tech 48 Texas 45 (got it right, win and spread)
Houston 52 Navy 31 (missed this pick)
Northwestern 24 Illinois 14 (got it right, win and spread)
Stanford 38 Notre Dame 36 (got it right, Stanford won but ND covered)

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Planet Fitness in the news….

Workout notes: first swim after a 2 week lay off. UGLY.

500 (drowning in place)
10 x 100 on the 2:10 (1:50/51/52/53/50/49/48/49/47/46) I realized after the first 4 that I wasn’t putting any effort into it.
200 of drills with fins
2 x 25 count (21 strokes per length)
50: tried to stay with another swimmer. couldn’t.

Saturday: I had mentioned that I did an “almost 5K” (2.9 miles in 24:42; 8:31 mpm pace). I finished 39 out of 81, which is one of my worst overall placings in a public 5K, ever. Yes, part of it was that I wasn’t 100 percent, but even if I were, I would have, at best, placed 6-10 places higher. That’s it. The real reason is that this was a “mostly student” crowd; perhaps there were a half dozen people over 22 there and the public races are, statistically speaking, a much older crowd.

I really don’t want to face that reality, but..I have no choice. BUT, I can make it a goal to run this time on a legitimate 5K course sometime this year.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is in the news again; a woman complained about a transgender woman (man? not sure of the actual status) using the women’s locker room and was subsequently kicked out of the club. I do find it curious: on one hand “activists” argue that sexual identity “what “gender” someone identifies with” is independent of biological sex and that not everyone is either “male or female”. Ok…then if there are other classifications than “male/female”…why does someone get to be “female” because they say that they are?

I can understand the discomfort that a woman might feel.

Personally: well, the situation isn’t symmetric; I wouldn’t care if some “male with 2 x chromosomes” wanted to use the male locker room, but that is me. I am not a female and my life experiences are different (and feminists are constantly reinforcing that point, aren’t they).

But Planet Fitness is known for other things:

They found a woman’s bare midriff to be too threatening and, well, they don’t actually seem to support people seeking to be the best that they can be.

Now if you follow my blog you might well say “hey, you aren’t strong enough to run afoul of PF’s rules”, which, well, is true. Sadly.

But I still enjoy the gym because, in part, I am around others pushing themselves and that helps me deal with the emotional pain of getting weaker with time. It is just like my attempting (and failing) to stay with the students this past Saturday. 😉

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