Who are the minor league baseball fans anyway? It depends on how you measure…

I’ve discussed this principle before, albeit in a different context (welfare). But I am about to do so again.

I went to the last Peoria Chiefs regular season home game and a couple who has season tickets showed up (ironically: they rarely come). I asked if they were going to the playoff game and they said “no”; in particular they said that they don’t like crowds.

I remarked that Chiefs playoff games are rarely crowded and that surprised them.

This was after the game started but well before the rain delay:

Though the threat of thunderstorms retarded attendance this time around, attendance wasn’t stellar in previous years either.

Regular season games, especially Friday/weekend games are usually much better attended. So what is going on?

I think that it is this way: during a given regular season game, most of those you see there will NOT be a hard core baseball fan. You’ll have some casual fans (“oh, I feel like a game today”), families or groups of friends looking for an outing (“hey, pretty day..let’s go to the ball park!”) along with church groups and workplace groups, youth teams, youth groups, etc. They are there “for the outing” and many who show up care little about the actual game.

Most of these..the bulk of the fans at any given r game, will not show up to a playoff game.

This doesn’t mean that the Chiefs do not care about the baseball fan though. After all, if you count ALL of the tickets sold for ALL of the games put together, I’d venture that most of these tickets are purchased by the baseball fans; the “faithful 1000” that either have season tickets, flexible vouchers (like I do) or those who just go to a lot of games. That is, I’d guess that most of the tickets sold come from a relatively small number of fans that go to a lot of games.

And it is this group that will constitute most of the playoff game crowd, I think.

And a note: the Chiefs swept their first playoff series against the Quad Cities River Bandits! They now move on to the semi-finals and will host game 2 of the “best of 3” series this Sunday; IF neither team sweeps the best of 3, the Chiefs host game 3 on Monday at 6:30 pm. The opponent is yet to be determined (Beloit? Cedar Rapids?). I am looking forward to 1 or 2 more games…and maybe more than that? (finals are best of 5).

Workout notes: I am still coughing but am feeling much better. I sound worse…feel better.

The run: after weights: 3 miles in 31:50 (32:54 for 5k) 10:47, 8:43 (19:30 for 2 miles) then walk/jog/run the final mile to cool down. 2.05 for 20 minutes.

weights: rotator cuff, pull ups (15-15-10-10 felt good), bench: 10 x 70 dumbbells, incline: 6 x 150, decline: 7 x 170. military: 10 x 50, 10 x 45, 10 x 45 standing, 3 sets of 10 x 110 machine rows, plank, twist crunch, side plank, boat, headstand.

Tomorrow: long walk of some sort; marathon 2 weeks away. I have 20’s under my belt..several actually, but do I risk draining myself or do I go more moderately (say, 4 hours..that is it?)

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Bridge to Bridge: 2018 version (nice race; gagging heat though)

Strangely enough, the highlight of my day was my teaching schedule. That went well. But I got up early to take Tracy to the Bridge to Bridge 4 mile (6.4 km) run; it was 72 F with 97 percent humidity. It was tough.

My race: I don’t know how accurate the splits were. I started out gently going up the small hill to the Bob Michael Bridge to East Peoria…trying not to get too caught up into it. I did chase a magenta leggings lady who was to beat me. 2 miles came about 18:58; then came the up ramp and the looooong uphill on the Cedar Street Bridge. That hurt. Still, no walking (though many thought that I was) until, ironically, I attempted to pick up the pace on the long flat stretch. I did that twice, briefly. I realized that I didn’t hurt THAT much so I kept aiming for landmarks ahead of me (stop sign, parked car, cone) and was able to keep going; the second half took 20:59 which I’d assume about a 10:20/10:40 break down? It was enough to get me in at 39:58 by the chip, my worst time ever.

BUT…I did get that cold last Wednesday and the heat, objectively, probably added 2 minutes or so.

Tracy got 1’st in her AG…picked up her award early and we made it back in plenty of time.

More photos of my friends (and the course, and me) are here.

2012 35:29 (4.2 miles)
2013 33:38
2014 34:37
2015 36:18
2016: 35:15 (easier course, very humid, long workout weekend)
2017: race not held
2018: 39:58: head cold plus 72 F, 97 percent humidity.

I do not like this trend. 🙂

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Parting thoughts on my college football kool aid drinking

I spent much of today finishing up a project and writing a report.

I did work out though: weights and a 4 mile walk. Cold is better..almost well: weights: 5 sets of 10 pull ups, rotator cuff, bench: 10 x 135, 3 x 185, 5 x 170, incline: 10 x 135, military: 2 sets of 10 x 45 dumbbell, 10 x 180 machine, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110. plank, (2:30), side, twist crunch, then a warm 4 mile walk outside.

I got to think too. Yes, two of my favorite teams wear orange (Texas, Illinois), two wear blue and gold (Navy, ND) and one wears blue (Illinois); I suppose I’ll have to add Illinois State to the mix as I’ll probably make a couple of their games this year. I’ve got tickets to the Western Illinois game and will probably get them for South Dakota State.

I talked about Illinois’ escape against Kent State. I keep hearing “well, Illinois is young”. Well, so is Kent State. So, unless Kent is drastically underrated…ugh.

Navy: got soundly whipped by Hawaii 59-41. It is hard to believe that you can score 41 and still get blown out. I know that Hawaii can be a tough place to play. But ..Hawaii is 2-0 with a road win so…maybe they are underrated?
Still, getting to 6 wins will be tough for Navy this year.

Notre Dame beat Michigan 24-17, but from what I saw, the game itself was somewhat more one sided than that. ND lead 21-3 and, aside from giving up a touchdown return off of a Kickoff, seemed to be in control.

Why Michigan, who finished FOURTH in the east DIVISION of the Big Ten got so much love from the pollsters is beyond me. They were 8-5 last year! I honestly think that there are 5 Big Ten teams better than they are.
ND: ah, good…but not top 5 material..perhaps not top 10. Second 10 though…

Texas: got beat by Maryland..again. Why they were a 13 point favorite is beyond me. Look at the past 5 years: the only Big Ten teams to do worse: Illinois, Rutgers, Purdue and, yes, Maryland. Still…I don’t get it. Maryland will play several teams that are much better than Texas in conference action.

Ah..and who are the most overrated teams (early in the season, anyway)?

A handy chart shows that Notre Dame and Texas belong to the first group of 5 (70 percent of the time: underperforming their early ranking), Michigan belongs to the 3’rd group.

For the season: 2-2 Straight up (picked Navy and Texas to win), 3-1 vs. the spread (missed on Navy..picked Kent, Maryland and ND to cover).

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Chiefs limp though final home series

3 games against Kane County: 6-0 (did not see that one), 3-1 (some not so great base running) and 10-3, in a game that Kane lead 10-0 (3 runs in 1’st, 2’nd and 4 in the 7’th) in the 7’th before letting the relief pitchers at it. Twice the Chiefs loaded the zero runs out of it in the 8’th and 3 in the 9’th. But too little, too late.

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Jacob Carraway and me. Barbara will be joining us.

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6-0 Kane County. 2nd inning.

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Workout notes: easy 2 mile run in the morning. Didn’t feel great but at the football game, I sweated it out, I think.

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Who I respect and dealing with minor discomfort

I respect those who can act cheerfully and act with courtesy toward others when they are feeling bad themselves.

I know that even minor discomfort puts me in a grouchy mood; the pain or the hassle does not have to be that great.

Currently: I have a cold and am putting up with minor inconveniences at work and at home.

And this is me:

Workout notes: weights only; it was enough to get me very sweaty.

pull ups (5 sets of 10; went fine), rotator cuff, bench: dumbbell: 10 x 70, 10 x 75, incline: 10 x 135. rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110. Military: 3 sets of 10 x 45 dumbbell.
plank (usual 2:30…sweated buckets but it was ok), side plank, boat, twist crunch.

I did sleep longer than normal.

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It is a cold

Dang it..but at least it is now rather than 3 weeks from now. So I took it easy: 4 miles at 15:30-16:00 mpm walking in glorious weather.

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Feeling much better

I don’t know what I had…but I appear to be all but over it.

I was going to lift and do something else but I saw some swimming lanes were open so I swam.

600 easy (sort-of races a nice looking woman), 12 x 50 fist/free on the 1:05 (subpar; 55 each), 100 back, 100 breast, 100 drill/swim, 200 (3:36), 100 back, 200 (3:40), 100 back 100 IM (less than stellar)

Then an easy 3 mile walk; saw the aftermath of a 5K (taking down the course). heel: slightly sore at first but felt fine later.

weight: 199 before swimming, 197.8 after.

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I got it…

Ok, here is my timeline.

Yesterday: great workout in the morning, no ill effects. Afternoon: slight nausea; nothing that unusual.
Evening: felt a bit nauseated during yoga class; as if I had eaten something bad. BUT, I felt very chilled; I asked others if the room was cold and NO ONE said that it was; if anything, it was warm for most.

I get home, go to bed at 8:30 pm; can’t eat anything.

Sleep well past 6 am; lay in bed most of the day. Body aches: I feel as if I had been beaten by a rubber hose. No cough, no congestion. Just aches, slight nausea, fatigue, no appetite. I should be good to go by next Thursday (trip to Cleveland planned).

Update: TMI (loose bowels came on later in the day). Still feeling weak, achy, etc.

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still ill..sort of

Workout notes: 4 mile treadmill run in 44:15 (5.1 for 10, then up .1 every 5 minutes to mile 3, then up .1 every .25 to the end). And yes, THAT WAS ACTUALLY WORK; I am a bit of a physical wreck. Then 1 mile of cool down walking.
Weight: 201.3 with shoes (about 5 lb. down) so that is headed in the right direction.

Social note: yes, classes start tomorrow, and this will be different as last semester, I taught calculus III (vector calculus), differential equations and Statistics II. I was dealing with the most talented students we usually see. Now, I have larger classes of more inexperienced students, along with one advanced class. The larger classes requires a different mindset from me; I’ll adjust but I am going to have to be very intentional at fist (e. g. get in the habit of explaining things more slowly, including the details that come naturally to experienced engineering and science students).

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Trump voters and personal malaise

The personal malaise: for some reason, I’ve had a bit of tickle in my throat over the past few days and haven’t felt good at all. I am, well, kind of antsy, throat has a tickle, eyes burn a bit. BUT, my workouts have been fine, and when I am really coming down with something, my workouts usually tank.

Yesterday’s weights and run were good, today’s walk: 2 outside, 1 track (13:03, off/on), treadmill walk (start 10 minutes at 4.6 mph, then upped it..37:35 at 3, 38:50 5K) was fine. Last night’s yoga class exposed my weaknesses, but it was fine too.

Is it allergies, or do I have some sort of low-grade “something”?

Trump voters: this is a decent read. Roughly speaking: they don’t like the KKK or the Nazis, but they think Trump is doing ok and that Obama was divisive.

About the latter: I think that it stems from what I call “cultural inflexibility”. They see “true America” in one specific way and too much deviation from that box is “unAmerican”. So if a president says something to the effect “you know, African Americans might have a legitimate grievance here”…well, if it is a Republican saying it, they might raise an eyebrow. A white Democrat: well, they see it as political pandering. And a black Democrat: DIVISIVE! HE IS TEARING THE COUNTRY APART.

To them, BLM is criminal coddling (“if you’ve done nothing wrong, the police won’t do anything to you”) And very few of them are persuadable…and none of them would ever be persuaded by me.

Anything that they haven’t experienced, well, just isn’t true. And if Fox News tells you, well, they are telling the truth. I’ve had a few of them actually tell ME what I do in my own classroom! I tartly retorted that there isn’t some unAmerican way to solve a calculus problem.

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