23 November 2010 PM

Workout notes
Slept later, walked 4 plus miles in Bradley Park (Cornstalk hill; long version), ran 2 miles on the treadmill (19:10 via 10:15, 8:55). I was almost out of breath at an 8:20 pace….sad, sad, sad. Then I walked a mile on the track and did rotator cuff exercises.

Yes, I am making concessions to age; speaking of age, here is an article that suggests that the fight to stay younger yields some benefits.


Tucker Carlson: let Warren Buffet pay more taxes, but don’t tax ME too much! Just watch the clip and see how whiny he is. What a sniveling little twerp…

Political Humor A “up in a balloon joke” between “Obama Democrats” and Republicans.

Health Care Reform A majority want it to stay or to be strengthened. Period.

Religion This sort of thing does not make Islam look good:

A British network of more than 40 part-time Islamic schools and clubs with 5,000 students has been teaching from a Saudi Arabian government curriculum that contains anti-Semitic and homophobic views, including a textbook that asks children to list the “reprehensible” qualities of Jews, according to a BBC documentary broadcast on Monday.

On a BBC TV program, a book used in Islamic schools in Britain showed where to amputate hands and feet as a punishment.

The 30-minute “Panorama” program quoted the Saudi government-supplied textbook as saying that Jews “looked like monkeys and pigs,” and that Zionists set out to achieve “world domination.” The program quoted a separate part of the curriculum — for children as young as 6 — saying that someone who is not a believer in Islam at death would be condemned to “hellfire.”

The program said the textbooks had been obtained by an “undercover” Saudi Arabian researcher who asked for them during a visit to one of the Saudi-backed schools and clubs, which meet in the evenings and on weekends in a network that is linked to the cultural bureau of the Saudi Embassy in London.

On Monday, the embassy did not respond to requests for comment, but Saudi officials quoted by the BBC disavowed direct responsibility for the schools and clubs and described the teachings cited in the program as having been “taken out of their historical context.”

One of the textbooks, according to the BBC program, prescribed execution as the penalty for gay sex, and outlined differing viewpoints as to whether death should be by stoning, immolation by fire or throwing offenders off a cliff. Another set out the punishments prescribed by Shariah law for theft, including amputation of hands and feet. A BBC video accompanying an article on the program’s Web site showed a textbook illustration of a hand and a foot marked to show where amputations should be made. […]

Of course, one could always quote the horrific stuff in the Bible or perhaps in the Talmud; the trouble here is that it appears as if this old stuff is being used as a current text.

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