Harry Kellerman and troubles….

A few days ago my wife thanked me for listening to “her troubles”. I said “oh, I am fine..that is the price I pay for…”…well never mind that.

But that did remind me of a scene from a 1971 movie starring Dustin Hoffman: it is called Who is Harry Kellerman and Why is He Saying Terrible Things About Me? It is a comedy-drama that is about a musician who has emotional and mental issues.

Sure enough I found the movie on Youtube. The Hoffman character is visiting his analyst and he imagines his analyst breaking into the song Don’t Tell Me Your Troubles (17:06 into the movie video)

It is the Ray Charles cover:

And that got me to thinking about my protocol (yes, this meme is a JOKE). Remember the song is about a guy in anguish because his “sweet love” left him, and he just doesn’t want to hear about anyone else’s troubles AT THAT TIME.


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I’ve seen that look…

She bends over, straightens up and then realizes where he was…

Screen shot 2015-11-27 at 10.17.04 PM

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Silly memes (version ???)

At least two of these: I did NOT create.



Note: this happened to me twice two weekends ago: I was with an Ohio State fan on Saturday, and between two Bears fans on Sunday…only one of which was hot. And no, it was NOT Jason. :-)


Before you say this


Think of the song lyrics …

And to finish off: my wife and I have watched many Columbo and Murder She Wrote shows together …this is almost an evening ritual. Whereas Columbo is a homicide detective, J. B. Fletcher is a murder mystery writer who ..well…let’s just say that where ever she goes, someone gets murdered. Think that Chicago has a lot of murders? Per capita, it trails (the fictional) Cabot Cove (and where ever Ms. Fletcher travels to…)


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Marathon brain….

By “marathon brain” I mean my tendency to get overemotional and illogical when I get very tired.

I had a lot of that today.

1. At about mile 14, I seriously considered dropping out. There was one (2 year older) guy following me; he was to beat me convincingly at the end. But he was running.
Why? I was embarrassed to be so slow and so far back in the pack; only two runners finished after I did.

2. I knew that the course had an uphill segment from mile 17 to 22 and was downhill from 24 to the finish. But I was so ready for that downhill to start; I remember getting upset that “we were still only at Wisconsin Ave.”

ONLY THE MILEAGE matters..not how the course includes the mileage. Bottom line: at mile 21, mile 22 would be next, no matter how the course was designed. I also whimpered at anything resembling an upgrade (incline).

3. In Glenn Oak park: you enter at mile 23 and leave a mile 24. Simple, right? Well, I was getting upset that the course was taking me further and further to the right (north) when I was ready to go to the left.

Uh…a mile is a mile.

4. At mile 26 I was ready to be done. Craig saw me and said something encouraging…I whined “do we have to go ALL the way around the Civic Center to enter it (where we finished)” He reminded me that 0.22 miles is 0.22 miles, no matter how the course is laid out. He made a crack about it being like being stuck in a “boring math professor’s lecture” and that made me laugh.

I continue to be amazed at how illogical and whiny I get when I am very tired.

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Old man thug life…

Ok, I noticed but didn’t say anything.

A young woman was doing cable pulley crunches:


But had her back to the support pole:


(she was kneeling instead of standing, but she was facing away, as above)

And was so close, she had a “butt grip” on the pole, that got deeper every time she bent forward:


Not sure if it was on purpose or not; not sure if the weight room supervisor would say something or not. :-)

I was at the board, doing a numerical analysis calculation. Woman (not a student, but staff or faculty) walks away down the hall. She was wearing a tight white dress..(no slip?) with clear as a bell VPLs.

I finished the calculation and got it right. :-) (it involved the remainder term of the Taylor series)

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Can you spot it? (fun)


Click the photo for the solution if you give up. It is fun.

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Cartoons and Trolls

Today’s cartoons were unusually good: we have masters degrees that don’t help one’s employment prospects, science, a true fact about the memory-less-ness of the Bernoulli trial and the lack of effort on the part of students.





Then we have troll pages. One of the best troll pages is the Your Tattoos Make You a Horrible Mother Facebook page. People have fallen for it so hard that they become enraged and try to get it shut down; for those of us who like to laugh at clueless outrage, it is an almost endless source of amusement. Yes, I know; I should have better things to do with my time; but this is a bit like a train wreck. I don’t want to look..but I can’t help myself. :-)

The page attracts outraged people who, well, aren’t the most educated and who don’t write all that well. The usual response is:

1. “I’ve got tattoos and I am a GREAT (or AWESOME) mom and my kids are all geniuses” or “having a tattoo doesn’t make you a bad mom”
2. “YOU SUCK” or some version of “Your (sic) and idiot”, often followed by obscenities, most of which are spelled correctly and
3. Some wish that those who run the page and like the page have a violent demise.

All of this is written at about a 3’rd to 6’th grade level, with a few exceptions.

The idea that the page isn’t advocating that someone do something illegal doesn’t phase the visitors; all they know is that they are offended and therefore want the page shut down.

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Chester and Spike in Jumble

Chester reminds me of…, when I am around a really smart, accomplished person (and I mean a truly smart, accomplished person; those who call themselves smart are a dime a hundred dozen).

Well, Chester and Spike appeared in today’s Jumble.


For the full cartoon: click here.

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Ok, what is going on here?

interesting question

The issue: there are some inherently illogical statements (example: “This statement is a lie.” )

Ok, say the correct answer is “B”. Then that means that you have a 25 percent chance of getting that right, which is A and D, but you have a 50 percent chance of selecting either A or D by choosing at random.

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Good cartoon day: Tuesday 13 January 2015

Our local paper carried some good cartoons yesterday.


Yes, I’d love to scream “cheap shot”, but remember the shills that the tobacco industry hired? And, of course, a single study rarely means much. Now established scientific consensus is usually right, much to chagrin to climate change deniers, creationists, advocates of “alternative medicine”, rabid anti-GMO crackpots and other assorted woo-woos.


Yes, distinguishing between adjectives and verbs matters. :-)


See point one. :-)

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