Longish walk and crazy geese…

Today’s walk: 20 miles: 2.5 down to the river (34:02), three out and backs from Hooters to the dam with one goose loop lap each time (5 each; 1:08:01, 1:08:44, 1:08:42), 2.5 uphill (about a 150 foot climb) back (34:55): 4:34:55 total.

This was one of my flattest routes; the day was chilly (40’s-50’s F with a wind) and the paths were all but empty; there were a few people with dogs off of the leash (no dog bothered me), rabbits, a duck family (male, female, lots of little ducklings) and geese. On my third trip down the dam, the geese let me get to the end of the dam and then attempted to attack me. I yelled and picked up a rock; they moved aside and honked their heads off. They must have fledglings nearby. Though I yelled at them…well, it was kind of funny and I thought so at the time.

For a 20 mile walk: I felt reasonably good the entire time. The only thing: my kidneys really hassled me; I had to “go” 3 times in the first 3 hours and I had yet to drink anything! It is often like this during chilly temperatures.

I saw a couple of triathletes and about a half-dozen runners including Larry McMasters.

I feel good about the walk…BUT…this was about as easy of a course as one could walk around here.

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Knowing the Geese By Name…

Today’s walk: about 10 miles (probably a bit more); I started at the Riverplex parking lot and walked to East Peoria and around Bass Pro until the path ended (32 minutes; probably about 2.3 miles) and then walked back; I then did some around the goose loop; past the field, along the dam at the arena entrance.

But I saw the domestic goose and its friend that hangs around some Canadians as well as the white face family of 4. In short, I recognize some of the individual geese by sight…pretty sad. I hope that these geese stay away from the hunting areas.

Later: the behind the knee area hurts a bit; it might be a weather ache plus my not using orthotics for regular walking around.

The main stream media can’t afford to tick off a group by appearing to be “unbalanced”. Hence Republican lies and ridiculous assertions are likely to go unchallenged.

Hence, blogs and rapid response will be more important than ever before.


The yin: we are still adding jobs rather than losing them.

The yang: given a growing “potential work force”, we need to add a certain amount of jobs just to break even. We are right about at the break even rate right now:

(from here)

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Goose Loop and Illinois River Geese

My workout this morning was nothing special; I used the extra time to walk 10+ miles along the Riverfront in Peoria, IL. I did this in two 5.0x mile “out and backs”; each took 1:10 (faster than a slow stroll, but not fast). But on my first out and back, I stopped my watch and took in some shots of the local geese.

What I noticed: there were the Canadian geese, of course. Those are most of what you see. But then I saw a family of 4 white faces, each which had slightly different markings (one black bill, 3 orange ones). Then I saw one “domestic looking” one (orange bill, orange feet) and three others with different markings.

A close up of a white face.

Three white faces with slightly different markings; one has a black bill.

A more domestic one.

Here you see a Canadian, a couple of hybrids with a white border around their off-orange bills, and a domestic one facing away.

A pair together.

Even geese don’t like the paparazzi. 🙂

Here are many more photos (and better photos) from this internet article called “confusing domestic geese”.

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Running Intervals: too fast of a start doomed me.

Workout notes
Yoga, 6 mile run (new shoes), weights
Weights; 2 sets of leg presses (angled), 2 sets of leg presses (seated), 2 sets of squats (135, Smith Machine), 2 sets of lunges, 2 sets of step ups (lower steps), calf raises, toe raises.

Run: 2 mile warm up (knees felt good), 9 x 440 with .11 mile recovery (goose loop). First 3 were too fast; by the end of 5 I could no longer really jog a recovery. So my goose loop 1.08 miles were 9:32, 10:15 and then I stopped the watch and finished up the 400’s with walk recoveries. Then I jogged 1 mile back to do the weights.

Yoga: two of my favorite MILF’s were there in tight spandex, so I lined up in the back. When we went into “child pose” it was a sweet sight. Yes, I normally line up front but not this time.

Geese: I am sorry that I didn’t take my camera. There were the usual Canadian but there were also domestic hybrids (orange feet and bills) and some other white faced, brown bodied varieties. During my next riverfront workout I am taking a camera.

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3 October Rehabilitation

Last night: some shoulder ache (NOTHING like the bad days of before); my guess this had to do with the driving and my lack of exercise.
This morning: 16 mile walk (4:07 total); this was a hodgepodge of courses: to the Goose loop, dam, up to the entrance of lower Glenn Oak park, then 1 more hour (plus) then back.

I did NOT walk fast; that wasn’t the intention.

I had no knee or hip or shoulder pain whatsoever.

What I saw: a pair of deer in the more urban areas between Jefferson and Adams street, a ground hog and a dead raccoon. I also got..”almost chased” by a three legged pit bull.

I also saw some unusual hybrid geese: they were with the Canadian geese. One had the orange bill and orange leg; the others had a grayish bill and grayish legs.

The weather couldn’t have been any prettier; it was cool and crisp.

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17 September 2010 posts

Coolness Check out this really cool cloud at Peoria Pundit. It really is cool. 🙂

President Obama: announced a program to bolster science and math education.

Of course, in the eyes of some, he can’t do anything right. Some liberals were actually offended when the President mentioned that we’ve had some liberal successes, even if they weren’t everything that liberals (myself included) wanted. There is no pleasing some people.

Islam: yes, Muslims should be able to practice their religion freely and shouldn’t be picked on. Nevertheless this remains a problem: they seem to have very violent, outspoken leaders and followers who do things like issue death threats over speech that they don’t like.

Science Jerry Coyne talks about the role of hybridization in evolution. No matter how important it is, it is fun to talk about! Check out these photos of hybrid geese.

Science, religion and accommodationism
The “science and religion are compatible” types have thin skins, don’t they? Now you have them whining about the scientists “not understanding science”! As Larry Moran says, grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show.

The politics of the morons

Republican US Senate candidate: thinks that scientists are making mice with human brains.
There are people who find this amusing, but many people believe dumber stuff than this, especially your rank and file Republican. So, will this help the Democrats? Maybe, maybe not. Whether it does or not, this really isn’t good for the country. As Robert Reich writes:

In Delaware, Palin-endorsed tea partier Christine O’Donnell is so far right she’s called “delusional” by Delaware’s GOP leader. In Kentucky, Palin-favored Rand Paul says the Civil Rights Act of 1964 shouldn’t apply to businesses. In Colorado, tea partier Ken Buck talks of getting rid of the 17th amendment, which provides for the direct election of senators. In Arizona, Palin-favored Sharon Angle has called for “2nd Amendment remedies” if Congress doesn’t change hands.

Many Americans these days don’t like Congress and are cynical about government. The lousy economy has made almost all incumbents targets of the public’s anger and anxiety.

But if there’s one thing Americans like even less it’s people pretending to be legitimate politicians whose views are so far removed from those of ordinary Americans that they pose a danger to our system of governance. […]

Some Democrats think all this is wonderful because it boosts the odds of Democratic wins, not only in the midterms but also in 2012 when the Republicans put up Palin, Gingrich, or someone equally bizarre. Even voters who are are unenthusiastic about Democrats will be motivated to turn out if they fear that crackpots will otherwise take over our government.

I’m not as sanguine about what’s happening. Political discourse in America is important. What candidates say can legitimize hateful or divisive views that would otherwise never see the light of day.

We’re in the midst of an ongoing economic emergency that requires clear thinking, intense work, and practical ideas. It also requires that we join together rather than be pushed apart. The loonies who are taking over the GOP pose a real and present danger.

I do know that some Republicans are not happy about this trend:

Few Republican lawmakers were as stung by Rep. Mike Castle’s surprising loss to his conservative GOP opponent as Maine Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe.

In a hallway just off the Senate floor Thursday afternoon, she sounded off about her place as a moderate in the GOP, and voter anger she says she understands.

Visibly sad, Snowe called Castle “an outstanding public servant who was committed to the common good of his state and country.”

The longer Snowe talked about the state of the GOP and the Tea Party movement, the more riled up she got.

“Understand, there are a lot of issues that, for example, in the Tea Party that they raise that are legitimate issues. Did we abandon our basic principles of fiscal responsibility? Absolutely. I was arguing those points during the Bush administration,” Snowe said emphatically, “I made those very arguments.”

“Congress isn’t working right and it’s not working well, and I share that frustration and anger. They’re angry? So am I,” Snowe said as her voice got louder, “I’m angry, because I work here ever day and I want things to be different. I’m here to solve problems to make people happy, not to make them sad and angry,” Snowe insisted.

And what does Castle’s loss tell Snowe about whether there’s a place for moderates like her in the GOP?

“Well there are fewer of us so that goes without saying,” Snowe said, but then immediately argued that “we can’t be endangered if you want to be a majority party.”

“It doesn’t stand to reason that the Republican Party would want to exclude moderate Republicans if they want to be a majority party. Those are mutually exclusive propositions,” Snowe said.

At times, as the Maine Republican talked about this issue, she became exasperated.

More politics
Paul Krugman: current Republicans are holding the middle classes and lower economic classes hostage because they really want tax breaks for the wealthy. No one should be surprised; unfortunately there are some Democrats in this fold too.

Mike Huckabee: inadvertently makes the case of why the government should be involved in healthcare: it makes no sense for private companies to cover pre-existing conditions!

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6 September 09

Longish workout note
I got a late start (almost 8 am) and thereby missed a heavy rain. I did get stuck with the humidity. I did 17.x miles in 4:04; I deliberately took it easy.

A few notes:

1. The easier pace made most of the calf/behind the knee pain go away.
2. It was very humid at the end.
3. I forgot water; I did stop at two fountains.
4. Some runners chided me for waiting until the rain had passed to start.
5. Some little kid (toddler) yelled to her dad “There is a man who is running like a girl”. (I have a racewalk gait) The dad got her way quickly. 🙂
6. Some woman yelled something about my arms.
7. One tiny dog came after me..another one started to; the man apologized.
8. I saw rabbits, squirrels, a wood chuck and lots of geese.

My course: a mix of things; for the Peoria types:

Cooper past Bradley Park to Columbia Terrace. Then to Broadway, McClure, Bootz, Bigelo, Forrest Hill, which I took past Knoxville, past Wisconsin and turned on Monroe. I took Monroe to Peoria Heights to Marrieta (Cohen Warehouse), to Prospect. Then I took Grandview to …forget the name but I went past the golf course (up Bishop hill) to Harvard and then back on Lake. Lake to Prospect, down a side street and back on Central.

Then I took Central to Forrest Hill and then turned left to get to Prospect; turned through Glen Oak Park, on Perry down to the River. On the River I did one loop of the Goose loop and did a second partial loop and took the trail to the end. Then up Kumpf, left on the road past the Old Person’s home past MLK to Moss. Then Moss to Cooper and back home. 🙂

Humor For you men out there: have you noticed that being around an attractive (to you) woman robs you of a standard deviation of IQ? There might be a reason for that:

Men literally lose their minds when talking to women they find attractive, a new study finds. A group of Dutch psychologists—inspired to carry out the experiment after one of them forgot his address while talking to a pretty woman—tested the memory skills of 40 heterosexual volunteers before and after they spoke to attractive women. They found the men’s cognitive skills were seriously impaired after trying to impress the women, the Telegraph reports.

A couple of anecdotes:

1. A female colleague told me this joke: a mom was bathing her 3 year old son. He touched his testicles and asked “Mom, are these my brains?” She replied: “not yet, dear.”.

2. I was once doing a calculation on the board during a calculus III (multi-variable calculus) when a female in a tight white skirt walked by. I was momentarily distracted. A friend (Ph. D. in economics asked “did you get the calculation right?” I replied “yes” and we “high fived” each other!

It isn’t just attractiveness either; often it is what the woman is doing. I once got to a yoga class early; my teacher was there alone and facing away from the door. She was in this position and this is what I saw:

yoga teacher pose; this isn't my teacher

yoga teacher pose

She was slightly bouncing up and down and said “hi”. I had forgotten whatever was on my mind; I mumbled something unintelligible.

More notes: Lee pointed me to this Doonsbury Cartoon.

President Obama: one liberal points out that his record is already impressive.

I pointed out that I will not give up on his presidency, even if we fail at health care reform (as we might).

Teabagger Fail

Snarky Response (that some conservatives didn’t detect as snark…)

More political humor:

Hat tip to Billy Dennis.

Glenn Beck: Keith Olbermann is going after him. Here is a collection of some of his “greatest hits”.

I don’t know how useful that is; I’d rather Mr. Olbermann use his skill to pressure the President to do the right thing (as he is doing) and to twist the arms of some blue dogs.

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