A few days of contrasts…

I had traveled to Alabama to give a math talk; it was a welcome diversion from, well, the day to day grind of teaching a couple of large sections of a service course. I got back home in time to catch most of Bradley’s 6-3 win over Indiana State in baseball (picked it up in the bottom of the 4’th; saw every run including a loaded bases clearing double. Then I went to a memorial service for an old friend.

I said a “pre goodbye” to a dear friend to is retiring and leaving the area. Then tomorrow, I get to see another dear friend who had left but returns from time to time. All the while, a trail ultra marathon is going on; one that I was once able to do (50 and 100 miles, two times each). My PF problems precluded me from doing one of the shorter distances.

I had 70 F degree temperatures in Alabama; it hit 18 F this morning in Peoria. Oh well.

Workout this morning: weights, then 57:40 for 5 treadmill miles: did “5 minute froggy” for 35 minutes (5.1) then walked to 4 miles (47:10) then jogged it in (10:30 final mile). Left heel: not perfect, but ok.

Weights: protect the left shoulder pull ups (5 sets of 10: ok), military presses: 10 x 50, 10 x 45, 20 x 40 (standing), one armed rows with 60 (3 sets of 10), shoulder not ready for incline or bench, so did light dumbbell bench presses: 10 x 30, 10 x 40, focus on full range.


flight to Alabama:

Leg one: Peoria to Charlotte.

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Mobile, Alabama airport.

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The campus

Now THIS is spring weather.

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The flier

I had better not lay an egg.

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After the talk: nice, scenic walk with two mathematicians

Near the South Alabama campus. Saw an alligator.

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The airport again: (with art)

Early in Mobile. Not a long line; had time to take in some of the local artwork.

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6 am take off means sunrise photos

Sunrise…and changing clouds.

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Cold weather baseball

Not baseball weather. Bradley beat Indiana State 6-3.

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Bonnie’s memorial service:

RIP, Bonnie Gudat.

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Progress and slight regression

My foot is just a bit achy; I probably overdid it this morning..and to be fair..on Wednesday as well. I have to limit my, ahem, cough, “faster paced” running and walking.

The heel does better with gentle paces (both walking and running)

This morning I did 4 miles on the treadmill (41:59) and 3 more miles outside with Ms. Vickie. (3.4 miles at a 17 minute per mile pace), followed by some socialization. The walk: front of Riverplex to the start of the gooseloop..around the outside and then to the ball field parking lot (near the industrial entrance..along the 3’rd base line).

The run: I did stretch and it was ok during the first 2-2.5 miles but whined just a tiny but during the end: I did 5 minute “froggy”: 5.1-5.4, then 5.5-5.6 to 30 minutes, 6.0 to mile 3 (33:xx) then 6.7 for .5, 6.8, 6.9, 7.0 to kick it in just under 42:00. My lungs and legs were fine…the foot limited me just a bit. The walk was fine.

yesterday: I got a strict bench press with 200 lbs (easy). usual pt, 5 sets of pull ups (10 each), bench: 135 x 10, 185 x 1, 200 x 1, 185 x 4, decline: 170 x 8, incline: 135 x 10. Dumbbell military: all standing: 10 x 50, 10 x 50, 10 x 45, 3 sets of 10 x 50 one armed rows, 10 x 110 machine rows, abs: twist crunch: 50, 24, yoga leg lifts: 2 x 10, moving bridge, headstand, side plank, 2:30 front plank. (I do the forearm version)

So I can still bench press bodyweight…barely.

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Now about MY vacation (February-March 2018)

I do this from time to time when my wife leaves on her 3-4 week trips (winter 2016, summer 2017)

So, I’ll do it this time too. I have more to say about my mental state; it is a bit funky, I think due to being unable to do long workouts (running/walking or swimming; more on that in the next post).

11 Feb. (Sunday) partner yoga with VC
13 Feb. partner yoga with VC plus dinner
14 Feb. dinner and BB game with VC
16 Feb. dinner with AG
17 Feb. dinner with TH
18 Feb. BB solo
19 Feb. Dem Dinner with MT
23 Feb. dinner with AG
24 Feb. dinner and BB with TH
25 Feb. partner yoga and lunch with VC
1 Mar. drinks with LD, VC and LK
2 Mar. dinner and concert with VC
3 Mar. bball with VC and sister

Now about today’s Bradley game: ISU overpowered Bradley 53-41 though BU lead at the half. When ISU made their run in the second half, BU repeatedly turned the ball over and fell apart.
Bradley won by 20 in the first meeting, but the teams have done in different directions since then; BU lost 12 of their final 15 games (all in conference) after winning their first 3 conference games on the road.

The men came back valiantly but lost to Loyola in St. Louis (and Illinois State won in overtime vs. Southern; I’ll be cheering for them tomorrow).

It is hard to win when you only score 41 (that was the final total)

Vickie and her sister Linda went to the game with me; it was FUN.

It was senior day; wish they could have been sent out with a win. But there is the tournament and ..well..if only our team could develop the confidence to not fall apart the first time the opposition makes a run and makes few shots. They *should* win their opener. Should. But then…

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Get the Led Out..and the lead out too.

I got home later than usual; Ms. Vickie took me to a Led Zeppelin tribute band concert. It was fun. But I do have a few tasks to do this weekend and I want to work out this morning (some mixture of swimming, lifting and stationary cycling..2 of the 3 would be good)

The campus has a 5K but my foot is not in shape to do it. 3-4 more weeks…

Bradley Basketball (men) had their first “conference quaterfinal” victory since 2010, scoring on a rebound with 1.5 seconds left to beat nemesis Drake. Now, Bradley has defeated every Missouri Valley Conference team it has faced at least once, though it took 3 tries to get it done vs. Drake.

I listened to the game on the radio as I worked in my office.

Today the Bradley women’s team hosts Illinois State; Ms. Vickie *might* go to that with me (she is an Illinois State graduate).

Heel progress: oh-so-slightly sore,; my guess it is from the 4 mile walk yesterday.

We ate early last night; I took Ms. V. on a mini campus tour. This is outside my office.

At the concert…

Micheala got this one of me in our box.

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too pretty not too

Ok, the heel is not remotely well enough for me to start training again, but I am getting to the point where I forget to take my Naproxen and that is a good sign. I used running shoes, conventional orthotics and Sorbothane heel pads and walked 4 miles..I started my usual course and as I started to go around the lower Bradley Park loop I decided to turn around and make it my usual 5K course. But by the time I made up the hill to upper Bradley Park to Parkside, I felt good enough to go down the hill again and add another mile. That is a good sign.

Still and mild burn at first..did NOT like the concrete on the college campus and sidewalk at first, and did not like the DOWNHILL at first. It was “ok” with conventional asphalt road and with uphill. And it felt fine 30-40 minutes into it. Will I pay a price later today?

I deferred the weight workout to post swimming tomorrow morning; I should have a nice, long 3 hour swim/weight/bike workout tomorrow.

Socially I had a real treat last night:

You’ve seen two of these three ladies elsewhere on this blog..several times. Vickie and Linda (seated to Lynn’s right) are long time college friends. I met both of them AND Lynn at Vickie’s yoga class back in 2003.

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Ok I am going to “win” this…(maybe)

Right now, I am feeling pretty good, but at last night’s yoga class “one legged down dog” hurt my left heel (it was tight and painful to stretch).

So, for now: it feels its best when I wear the shower sandals (pictured above). I wear Brooks Beasts with Sorbothane pads (and no orthotics..mine are hard plastic with a Spenco pad) and when I try to walk (not this past Sunday) and during my last few runs, I ran in a stability shoe with my orthotics and heel pads.

But neither shoe, pad, “orthotic/no orthotic” cradles my heel the way my shower shoes do. And the shower shoes felt good when I wore them from the locker room to the pool too….it wasn’t just that we have wooden floors at home.

So I’ll try both the heel cups and the special “cradling” orthotic to see if they help; to “my eye” they appear to look like the footbed of my shower shoes.

And yes, I’ll still do the basic stretches.

Workout notes:

2000 swim (1.8 km) 700 free, 100 back, 100 breast, 200 drill/swim, 3 x 200 on the 4 (3:29, 3:29, 3:32), 2 x 50 on the 1 (54, 54) 100 with Jason (almost), 100 cool down.
then 35:11 on the elliptical trainer (4 miles); I noticed nothing for the first 18-20 minutes, then a mild sensation for a bit after that when I lowered the rap; “10” appears to be the best.

Note: last night Ms. Vickie set me up. When I came in for yoga class, she told me that her class had did plank for 5 minutes and that I was to blame. I was wide eyed…I start shaking a bit at 2 minutes.
They later admitted that she was pulling my leg and that her strength class was in on the joke.

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Fun, but I still have to get it done…

Let me be clear: I LOOOOOVE these little weekend vacations. And I had another good one: Friday night: dinner with a dear friend. Saturday: Bradley Basketball and dinner with a different dear friend. Today: hike, (5 miles, easy pace), partner yoga then brunch with my yoga teacher.

It was sunny, just a bit brisk..and the course is pretty.

And yes, I completely enjoyed myself. But after the weekend (be it a weekend like this one, or one with lots of games, etc.), there is always the work WEEK and while some of that is fun, there is the tedium and the mundane too (some which really has little to do with student learning..but that is another topic)

About the hike: yeah, the heel hurt just a bit but less than last time..part of the reason is that I did a bit of self massage in the morning. I am in a quandary about my orthotics: probably time to make an appointment with my podiatrist (who is a former basketball player and avid runner).

About the partner yoga: much of what we do comes from here:

Ok, so the party is over…time to get to work. 🙂

But perhaps there is more the next weekend. 🙂

Time to bust out of this winter funk; spring is on the way!

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Tough weekend for Bradley Basketball (so far)

Last night: I had dinner with a dear friend and drove home to catch most of the second half of Bradley at Drake in women’s basketball. Though Drake is going through their second season of being undefeated in league play, Bradley fought hard and lead until the middle of the 4’th quarter or so. They went down 77-71 but played valiantly.

Today, I took Tracy to the Indiana State at Bradley game. Indiana State, lead by a 45-29 rebounding advantage (17 on offense, and a 16-8 edge in second chance points), lead most of the way, though BU took brief leads in the second half. And it WAS tied until a 15 seconds to go or so when ISU scored on..what else, a put back off of a missed shot.

That made it 66-64, which is how it ended. Bradley faces Drake on Friday at 2:30; Drake is the only MVC team that BU hasn’t defeated at least once. Conference record: 9-9, 5’th out of 10..and that is a MAJOR step up from where BU was over the past several years. ISU seemed to want is just a bit more; if they won they would not have to play in the Thursday night “play in” game, whereas BU had either 4’th or 5’th wrapped up.

Still, it was an exciting game and Tracy was fun company, as usual.

Two shots of the high drama. 7800 of the season.

Good Middle Eastern food afterwards.

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A remarkable first week and basketball game

Once again, Barbara has gone on a lengthy winter trip; if memory serves she has done this since 2015. It isn’t a bad time to go as she gets to miss 2-4 weeks of the Illinois winter and one of the more hectic parts of my academic year.

And interestingly enough, instead of being mostly alone, I’ve been more social than normal. Yes, I am dealing with a heel injury, but I’ve also returned to swimming; a long lost friend. I am also getting more into yoga; last Tuesday I had a double class (yoga for the back, then partner yoga) followed by dinner with my teacher.

Then came Valentine’s day.

Ok, that wasn’t exactly true this year. Yes, it was a couple of days after some snow:

Then I went out to dinner (ok, burgers and fries) with my yoga teacher and then to the Bradley vs. Illinois State basketball game. Ms. V. is an ISU alum and I took her to that game last year, where Bradley got blown out.

This year, Bradley is improved and ISU had one starter out and one hobbled with a sore knee. Therefore, Bradley held ISU scoreless for about the first 6:30 of the game and, built the lead to 16 points. ISU fought back gamely but Bradley won 70-58.

Ms. V. wore her ISU shirt with pride…but as the game wore on, she threatened to make me walk home. 🙂

Early action.

This was Bradley’s second best crowd (7700 or so) for the season; but this wasn’t the sell out that this game used to be. Then again, ISU won the previous 8 games in this series so..maybe this might become a genuine rivalry again?

Two days later (Friday): I went to dinner with a dear friend. Afterward, I went to catch the second half of the Bradley women’s game vs. Evansville. The first game (at Evansville) saw BU build up a 60 point lead (not a misprint) and coast to a 117-59 win.

When I turned on the radio…Evansville was a head and lead 31-30 at the half!

In the second half, Bradley upped the defensive pressure. Still, the first 4 minutes of the second half were very competitive. But eventually the short handed Evansville team wilted under the pressure and BU went on a 25-2 run, getting open looks at 3’s, uncontested lay ups, steals etc.

BU outscored the Aces 42-14 in the 3’rd quarter (10 minutes). The Braves emptied their bench in the 4’th but still outscored EU 20-2 in the final quarter (EU was running on fumes).

I was happy for Bradley but I also remember Evansville having a competent women’s team last year. This year has been a nightmare of injuries for them. Oh well; Bradley (both the men and women) had to fight through such adversity in previous seasons.

Today and tomorrow: dinner with Tracy tonight; then tomorrow more partner yoga and lunch with Ms. V.
Somewhere I should get some work done, I suppose. 🙂

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I admit that I am kind of down; I think that cold winters have this effect on me. Part of the reason is that, suddenly, my bed has gotten cold (wife is on a trip to South Africa; she is scheduled to be back early March).

Part of the reason is that my heel is injured and I cannot run..or at least shouldn’t for a week or two. The heel felt fine yesterday (no workout, but I did snow shovel and did yoga) and..well, I might try some easy treadmill walking at the end of the week if it continues to feel great.

And I have activities with friends over the next several days that I am looking forward to.

I am reading a book called Political Animals by Rick Shenkman and it is VERY helpful to understanding our political climate, but on the right and on the left. It is also depressing too.

Anyhow, partner yoga is going well; my teacher is dedicated.

She showed me some video and, well, there were a few things that I picked right up on….probably not the intention.

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