Bears lose slugfest with Eagles

Well, the game wasn’t over until the Bears field goal attempt clanged off of both the upright and then the cross bar and dropped onto the field with 10 seconds to play; it turns out that the Eagles had partially blocked the kick. But the Eagles had taken the lead 16-15 when they scored a touchdown with 1:10 to play, converting on 4’th and goal at the 2.

The Bears had rallied from an early 3-0 deficit to lead 6-3 at halftime (field goal as time expired in the half); they were aided by a couple of interceptions, once which set up a field goal, and one in the Bears end zone.

The second half saw a drive to give the Eagles the lead 10-6 and the Bears hit a 3’rd field goal to trail 10-9 going in.

Then came a nice drive by the Bears in the 4’th quarter..two pretty passes which put the Bears up 15-10. They went for two; didn’t make it. There was an exchange of punts, one of which set up the Eagles with a relatively short field but even then the Eagles needed 4 plays to score from inside the 5 with 1:10 to go.

But the Bears got a great kick return to set up their final field goal attempt.

It was a great game with all sorts of action, controversial calls (a pass interference call that set up the Eagles first touchdown), a “not a catch” that might have set up the Bears closer to the end zone, etc.

And no one could deny that Soldier Field was rocking!

This is the second NFL playoff game I got to watch in person. The first one was the Bengals at the Colts 4 years ago.

Mat was great company. We ate Indian food at Curry House prior to the game.

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Bears take the field!

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Slow on the camera.

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Bears have the Eagles pinned!

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Bears with the vall!

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Eagles about to take the lead.

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We missed. 😢😭

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Bradley and Colts provide weekend excitement…

Saturday afternoon: Bradley took on Southeast Louisiana State; a team that won it’s league last year and made the NIT but is 2-8 vs. D-1 competition this season and only rated 314 in the Sagarin. BU is 166 and 7-5.
And early on, SE Louisiana raced out to a 24-16 lead with 6:41 to go in the half, with all 24 points coming from 3 point shots. BU played better defense and lead 28-27. But the second half was a struggled and SELa lead 60-55 with 2:37 to go. But that was to be all of their points; BU hit a 3 point shot (open look) with 6 seconds left in the game to pull it out 63-60.

It was an ugly win against a not-so-hot team BUT right now, any D-1 win is good.

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Southeast Louisiana at Bradley.

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Winning shot with 8 seconds to go.

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Then came the Giants at the Colts. Given that the Colts needed to win to make the playoffs (to have a chance), this really started out ugly with the Giants knocking the Colts all over the field. 2 long drives; the first featured sweeps, short passes, misdirection gave the Giants their first touchdown, and the second featured a spectacular bomb.

A Colt drive was thwarted by a bad attempt to throw the ball away (interception) but the Colts finally got one touchdown drive to cut the lead to 14-7. The Giants drove it again and ended up with a field goal to take a 17-7 lead into the half.

The Colts got a stop, made a drive to cut the lead to 17-14. But the Giants truck back to make it 24-14 and it was looking a bit bleak.

But the Colts responded, mixing the plays well and it was 24-21 going into the fourth quarter.

The Giants were not done yet though. They drove to the Colt 7 with 3’rd and 2..but were stopped cold and had to settle for a field was only 27-21 with 9:20 to go. The teams exchanged punts but the colts punt pinned NY on its own 4 and the defense held.

Then came the winning drive that ended with 55 seconds in the game; it was now 28-27 and the defense got an interception after NY had picked up a first down; this ended the game.

So this season: 2 Bears games, 3 Colts, all wins, all but one competitive games.

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Player introductions.

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Giants strike first.

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4th quarter: Giants up 24-21.

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Down 27-21, Colt D needs a stop!

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Great outing to see Bears win NFC North: beat Packers 24-17

The game itself was interesting; the Bears mostly dominated play in the first half, scoring on two drives while limiting the Packers to a field goal and taking a 14-3 lead.
The Packers opened the second half with a drive of their own to cut the lead to 14-6. Then on the next drive, the Bears tried a fake punt on 4’th down which got stuffed, giving the Packers the ball at midfield. They promptly marched down the field to get a TD (run) and a 2 point conversion (pass) to tie the game.

Looking back to last season and the games which I got to see in person: this was the first TD scored against the Bears in over 3 games; last season (49’ers, Browns) and this season (Rams) the Bears had given up only 8 field goals, TOTAL (and yes, managed to lose the 49’er game). Today: they gave up 3 field goals, 1 TD and a 2 point conversion.

Oh, back to this game: the Bears drove but fumbled the ball away off of a botched wildcat play while in scoring position. But the defense held, forced a punt and the offense punched it in to go up 21-14. The defense got another stop, got a great punt return and then kicked a field goal to go up by 10 with 6:43 to play.

But finally the Packer offense got untracked and they drove right down the field to the Bear 9…only to have a short pass intercepted in the end zone. They Packers got the ball back and managed a field goal with 11 seconds to go to cut the lead to 24-17, but the Bears recovered the onside kick to end the game.

I can say that the stadium was rocking.

I made the trip with Harry, my yoga teachers “significant other” and it was a good time; we agreed to more games next year. Maybe Lynn…and possible others…might go with us?

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48 min. until Packer playoff hopes die. Go Bears!

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Go Bears!

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Early action. Bears v. Packers.

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Packers strike back to tie it at 14.

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This took a bit of the sting out of a very disappointing Bradley loss to Eastern Illinois (73-66) the day before; BU had a 36-27 lead late in the first half before Eastern cut it to 3 at the half. EIU made 11 of 18 3 point shots, many (but not all) of them uncontested.

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Eastern Illinois at Bradley. Go Braves!

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Go Braves! Close with EIU early

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Santa outfits for the dance team.

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Ugh. Ugly loss. Booing from some fans.

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Sweet! Bears take down the Rams 15-6 in a great defensive effort

As far as the game itself, this graphic really tells the story:

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Total domination by the #MonstersOfTheMidway. 😤

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And of the 6 points; 3 of those were set up with an early interception that set up the Rams at the Bears 15 (opening series). The other 3 was a 50 yard field goal off of a short drive to tie it at 6.

The Bears offense sputtered though and the quarterback threw 2 ugly interceptions ..each of which set the Rams up in scoring position, though the Bears defense got one of their interceptions on the next play.

I thought that the Rams had momentum in the second quarter after a Bears interception, which put the Bears at first and goal at the Rams 5 yard line, lead to only a field goal.

That lead to a wild exchange in the final 2 minutes of the half which saw the Bears force a punt, throw a pick and then get the pick right back, only to stall, punt, and have the Rams fail on a “Hail Mary” before the half.

But the second half: opening kick off pinned the Rams at their own 5 (after penalties) and lead to a “sack/safety”…that put the Bears up 8-6…then an 81 yard drive finished the Rams off.

Yes, 15-6 was not an insurmountable lead but..a Rams drive ended with a missed field goal; and the Bears stout defense did the rest.

Great defensive ball game!

Our experience: I splurged for United Club seats (got them early, when few suspected this would be a battle of division leaders)

It WAS cold (mid 20’s to the teens) BUT there was little wind..and people in the stadium made it less cold than an Illinois game.

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Jump around! Bears D holds!

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Though we were on the top (3 rows from the top) of the 300 United Club level, they were great seats.

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Rams threatening

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To make matters better; going to and from Chicago was easy as it ever was…very, very easy.

I am glad that we went.

Though I go to a lot of games, being an Illinois, Bradley (basketball) and Chiefs (A) fan, I rarely see games of national importance. This game WAS..national audience, two good teams.

Last year’s Ohio State vs. Iowa upset was a bit like that. I saw an Colts vs. Bengals playoff game a few years ago…a Lakers vs. Spurs playoff game in 1988 (Magic Johnson, Kareem Jabbar championship team) and a couple of big Cotton Bowl matchups (Notre Dame vs. Texas A&M, Miami vs. Texas). But these sort of games are rare for me…

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Bumbling out of the Thanksgiving break (still a bit whiny)

No, the break was not a total loss; I got a lovely long walk with Lynnor, a Turkey Trot, (best 3 mile/5k of the year), no weight gain,

a basketball game (vs. an overmatched opponent) and an exciting NFL game.
I also got, well, a very long drive home which was “sort of normal rainy weather) for 170 miles, sucky snowstorm for 30 miles, and dreadful for the final 10 (blizzard, white out)
I was a bit like Mr. Magoo and drove about 20 mph for stretches. I was lucky it was 11:30 pm and hardly anyone else was on the road.

Oh yes, prior to the NFL game, I got in a nice 4 mile run (42:07) on the treadmill, even though the weather was good outside. And I treated myself to a nice burger at a gourmet burger place, though it was not as good as “Smokey Burger” in Peoria.

The Basketball game:

Bradley won 86-70; aside from early moments when Chicago State hit a few three point shots, it wasn’t that competitive. BU’s lead built up to the mid 20’s (and yes, the spread was 25).

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Chicago State at Bradley. CSU up early.

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Then came a long drive to Indianapolis that I talked about in my previous post…

The next day: NFL.

Dolphins at Colts

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Colts rally from 24-14 down to tie with 4:25 to go.

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Seats: section 529; not bad seats. Not quite as good as we had for the Bills game (one level up) but this section had two entrance and exits; very little bother with people coming and going.

The game: interesting; the Dolphins opened with an excellent drive; Colts responded and it was 7-7. Then came a punt, Colts fumble, then an exchange of punts until the Colts drove for a touchdown. But 2 plays later, the Dolphin wide receiver found single coverage with no deep help; made an excellent play on the ball and ran it in. 14-14 going into the half, though the final minute saw THREE turnovers: Colts threw an interception, Dolphins fumbled, Colts another interception.

Second half: a Colt punt was partially blocked which set up a field goal. The Colts drove but then what looked like to me as a partially blocked field goal (after a sack) put the Dolphins in business again and they took advantage, scoring a touchdown to take a 24-14 lead with 13 minutes to play.

But then the Colts rallied for a field goal off of a drive, and the Dolphins went conservative and got stuffed. A punt lead to a Colt touchdown drive. But on the touchdown pass, the Dolphin defender hit the Colt receiver late (after the end zone catch was secured) and drew a key penalty. So it was 24-24 and now the Colts kicked off from the 50.

They did a “pooch” kick that pinned the Dolphins at their own 6. They played it safe (4 minutes to go) and got nowhere and had to punt. The Colts drove it, hitting a key pass and the Dolphins had only 2 time outs left. So the Colts were able to run the clock down to 3 seconds before winning the game on a short field goal on the final play of the game.

So the game WAS exciting.

The drive back…ugh…been through that though.

And so today…I did not do much; too tired and sleepy; did some shoveling and taking the hostage to the doctor for a procedure (senior citizen’s date?)

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College football: midweek:

Ok, here is what I said last week:

College football:

Illinois at Nebraska: Huskers favored by 17 (down from 18). ESPN: Neb. 80.1 percent chance of winning. Both teams blew out MN by similar scores; Illini have a better record but an easier schedule. Neb. is improving but should they be 17 point favorites? Nebraska won by 22 last year in Champaign.

Neb. to win, Illini to cover (no confidence in this pick though)

Navy 24.5 point underdogs to UCF (95.7). This one could get ugly; Navy is punch drunk from playing some good teams (lost to ND by 22, 42-0 to Cincinnati). UCF to win and cover; they will be looking for style points.

ND 16.5 point favorites over Florida State. (90.9 percent favorites). ND wants style points but FSU, while not playing well at all this season,still has first rate talent. Time and time again, talented but underachieving teams have pulled off “back against the wall” upsets by playing really well, for one game. Trap game for ND. I pick ND to pull it out, but FSU to cover and play well.

Texas: 1.5 point favorites at Texas Tech; ESPN actually favors Tech 60.5 percent. UT really isn’t that good (nice win over Oklahoma aside). Red Raiders to win..hope I am wrong.

Win: Nebraska, UCF, ND, Texas Tech.
Cover: Illinois, UCF, FSU, Texas Tech.

How did I go: Navy played UCF tough, ND blew away Florida State, Nebraska ran all over Illinois (who turned the ball over 5 times, gave up a blocked punt and 606 total yards), and Texas beat Tech with 22 seconds to play.

So I went 3-1 straight up, 0-4 vs the spread,

Season record: 29-10 straight up, 14-23-1 vs. the spread.

I’ll say more about the upcoming games later, but as far as Illinois vs. Iowa (Iowa 16 point favorite at Illinois): Illinois has a decent ground game, but Iowa is no. 6 in the nation vs. the run. Purdue was the previous “best” running defense we faced and they skunked us. I see more of the same this weekend; Iowa wins something like 35-7.

Navy has a shot at a win vs. Tulsa, ND is favored by 9 over Syracuse in Yankee Stadium (who knows?) and Iowa State visits Texas in which should be the best game of the bunch. We shall see..more later.

Workout notes: 5 mile run in lane 2; 10:15 first mile then a bunch of 9:45 type miles (49:12 for 5) when I tired out; walked 1 more mile on the treadmill (at an incline). Weight: 190.3 before. Not that bad…things are looking up.

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College football: so far ..not doing great.

This is what I said last week:

ND at NW: if I didn’t have season tickets for Illinois, I’d be going to this game. ND is favored by 9.5 and has a 71.9 percent chance of winning this one, per ESPN power index. NW has been hot and cold, losing to Duke and Akron and barely beating a dreadful Rutgers team, but still whipping Michigan State, Wisconsin and giving Michigan all they could handle until the end (3 point loss).

Which NW team shows up? Which ND team shows up? I haven’t a clue. Note: NW has won the last two meetings (really).

Pick ND to win but NW to cover.

Navy at Cincinnati: Cincinnati favored by 13.5, ESPN gives them an 88.4 percent chance. Tough season for the Mids. Bearcat defense stops the run well and that is what Navy does. But does Navy’s ball control keep the score down a bit? They did hang with ND for a while.

Cincinnati to win, Navy covers.

West Virginia at Texas: Texas favored by 2; ESPN power index has this as a toss up UT 50.9 probability of winning).

Both teams have losses (UT Ok ST., MD, WVa: at Iowa State). I am honestly convinced that UT is overrated; Oklahoma was great win, but USC and TCU just aren’t that good. And West Virginia can pass the ball. Mountaineers to win.

Minnesota at Illinois: MN favored by 9.5; ESPN gives MN a 70.2 percent chance:

Illinois has perhaps the worst defense in the power 5 and one of the worst in FBS, period. Previous game: Illinois gave up 712 yards and 63 points to a so-so Maryland offense. It appears as if the coaching staff has no idea on how to teach and motivate college kids. MN coach DOES know how and that gives the Gophers the edge.

I am perhaps one of the half -dozen “non relative of the players/coaches” that actually cares about this game.

MN rows the boat past the floundering Illini and covers. It will be like last week where they had a 31-9 lead on Indiana, but this time the opponent doesn’t come back.

Win: ND, Cincinnati, West Virginia, Minnesota.
Cover: NW, Navy, West Virginia, Minnesota

I don’t feel too badly about missing the Navy vs. Cincinnati spread (it ended 42-0 UC) or even the ND at NW spread (31-21 ND..right on) and I was delighted to be right about Minnesota. I should have noticed that they got torched by Nebraska and Maryland in the same way…both on the road.

So for the season: 26-9 straight up, 14-19-1 vs. the spread.

Games this weekend: Illinois at Nebraska, Florida State at Notre Dame (kind of a mismatch this year), Texas at Texas Tech (should be excellent), Navy at Central Florida (ouch! will be ugly)

I’ll make picks later in the week. Also of interest: Illinois State visits Indiana State; ISU has dropped 3 in a row and is now 5-4, including 2-4 in conference play. I was thinking about “home playoff game” but …probably not. Northwestern visits Iowa and that sounds like a good one; I wish I could be there but will opt out and go to a Bradley basketball game instead.

Workout notes: 10K walk; wet pavement; gloomy skies but..well, still nice. And for the first time in well over a year, I am under 190! (189.5).

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Illini roll to 55-31 victory over Gophers

Since I started to follow the team closely (as in: “go to the games” closely) the Illini haven’t won many Big Ten home games. And those they did win tended to be close: 2011: 3 points over NW, 2014: 4 over MN, 2 over Penn State, 2015: 1 over Nebraska (the 48-14 win was AT Purdue), 2016: 4 over Michigan State.

Saturday, they won by 24 over Minnesota, the largest margin of victory in a home Big Ten game since October 30, 2010 (vs. Purdue).

How they did it: HUGE plays: TD runs of 72, 72, 77 yards, pass of 67 and 30 yards, and big chunks on the other plays to set up shorter touchdowns Total: 646 yards of offense; enough to get the Minnesota defensive coordinator fired.

But interestingly enough, it was only 24-17 at the half. The Illini defense really shut down the Gophers in the second half until two late “garbage time” touchdown passes forged the final score a bit; by then it was 48-17. The Illinois offense had more chances to strike with their big plays.

Illinois struck quickly scoring on their first long run on the second play from scrimmage. Minnesota replied with a long drive on the ground to tie the score. The Illini added a field goal and another long touchdown before the Gophers added their second long touchdown drive to cut it to 17-14. Then came another Illini drive… then a key sequence of events toward the end of the half.

The Gophers had one seemingly final drive end on downs as the Illini defense stiffened in “4 down” territory. But the Illini threw and interception and the Gophers drove (and had an apparent fumble overturned upon review) and kicked a field goal just prior to the half.

The Illini put the game away in the 3’rd quarter. The defense got a stop; the offense got a long touchdown run to go up 31-17. The defense forced a fumble and the Illini offense converted to go up 38-17. Another stop, and another Illini touchdown drive to make it 45-17. A fumble lead to an Illini field goal at the 48-17 which time the teams exchanged garbage time touchdowns.

This is the best I’ve seen them look since 2014 when they beat a decent Minnesota team and Penn State team at home. Yes, those were close games, but the opponents were much better teams than this year’s Minnesota team.

Tracy went with me and I enjoyed her company greatly.

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Go Illini! Hosting Minnesota.

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More: as we walked to the stadium, we saw the band.

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We got there in time to see the band march by.

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Game action:

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Game action.

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Illini driving! 17-7 over Gophers.

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Though the sides were reasonably well filled (not the parts under the overhang) the upper deck was very sparsely populated.

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Halftime. I normally do not get this view.

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I was stunned:

And the team took a well deserved bow:

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I can say that I did NOT see this coming.

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Grim football day but otherwise…

First things first: yesterday I drove Barbara to the airport for her to start her “slightly longer than 2 week” trip to the Middle East. I have 3 “bachelor weekends” and will probably catch at least 2 football games in those weekends and maybe a 4 mile race. There is an outside chance that I get a 3’rd game. I also had dinner with Tracy at Jerusalem Restaurant; it was fun watching her speak Hebrew with the owner.

And I had a decent run in cool weather; only 4.5 miles but it included a 1.4 mile warm up and 2.5 miles as follows: 11:17/11:11 22:29 (50 seconds slower than in 2016) This was “two loops of lower Bradley Park. I’d like to get this under 21 minutes; I’ll probably need to lose more weight to reach that goal. I am now at 191-193 lbs. and while that wasn’t a bad weight for me, say, 20-30 years ago, I no longer have as much muscle mass. I really should aim for the high 170’s.

College football I had predicted wins for Maryland, Notre Dame and Texas, though I had a bad feeling about the Texas game. Perhaps I should have honored that feeling? But the ESPN computer rated the game as a toss up and, on paper, UT appeared to have the better team. It WAS close but OSU hung on so I went 2-1 straight up.

Spread: stupidly, I changed my mind and picked the Illini to cover, based on Maryland’s offensive numbers. The only thing offensive was the Illini defense…63 points and 712 total yards to a team that got shut out and had 115 yards of total offense the week before! (ok, they were playing at Iowa). I went 0-3 vs. the spread this week. Last week I went 2-0 straight up, and 1-1 vs. the spread (damned Illini).

Season: 23-8 straight up, 13-16-1 vs. the spread..many of those losses were the Illini not covering (+18 MD, +25 WI, +10 Purdue). Even the line doesn’t recognize how terrible the Illini have become. Evidently I haven’t accepted it either.

Now about yesterday’s action: I caught the Illinois State game: they hosted South Dakota State. The computer showed most of the section (where I sat) as being full, but my guess is that they saved some for same day sales. Throughout the same there were 5 people in a row that sat 20 people. Still, there WAS a good crowd for “family day” (though many were NOT football fans) and both teams were top 10 in the FCS. And the action started quickly; the Jackrabbits scored in just over a minute via a 68 yard pass off of play action (defender bit on the run). Opening play: Redbirds hit an 81 yard TD pass off of a crossing route and with just over 1:30 gone it was 7-7.

The defenses controlled things for most of the rest of the half, though SDSU reached inside the 5 only to be thwarted via a 3’d down interception (one of the few bad passes their impressive QB threw all day).

But then came the unfortunate finish to the first half: there were just 5 minutes to go and a Jackrabbit punt had pinned the Redbirds at their own 11. They tried a swing pass and the receiver tried to circle back into the backfield as it was well covered. He fumbled and the Jackrabbits recovered inside the 5. They punched it in.

Next series the Redbirds fumbled the t-formation snap (under center) and the Jackrabbits cashed in, again. It was now 21-7 and the Jackrabbits forced a punt and used their time outs. Then they nailed a long bomb touchdown pass in which the defender, in single coverage, fell down (and injured his shoulder in the process). It was now 28-7 and a last second ISU drive ended in a missed field goal (to prove large later)

In the second half, ISU switched quarterbacks which appeared to help some (and they started to run more), but not right away. ISU threw an interception, exchanged punts, then a drive off a short field put SDSU up 35-7 well into the 3’rd quarter. ISU was to outscore SDSU 21-3 the rest of the way to lose 38-28 but, to be fair, two of the final touchdowns appeared to be “garbage time” touchdowns.

ISU ended up outgaining SDSU 445-390 but could not overcome that disastrous final 5 minutes of the first half. The Jackrabbits were very impressive.

My photos:


We had an Army helicopter fly-over (NOT my photo)

Seats they claimed that mine was the only one left in my section (when I bought them). Doesn’t appear that way, does it?

Action: (here is the first ISU fumble and SDSU about to cash in)

Later: SDSU fans still there though.

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Teams trade TDs. 35-14 Jackrabbits with 11:50 to go.

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On the way home, I got to listen to Illinois getting CREAMED by Maryland; I caught most of the second half on TV prior to picking up Tracy. It was 56-19 before the Illini got a couple of garbage time touchdowns..and gave up one too. Final: 63-33 Maryland. The Illini gave up 63 points and 712 yards of offense to a team that got 0 points with 115 yards of TOTAL offense against Iowa the week before.

Sorry, though the Illini have 3 wins this year after only 2 last year, one of those wins was due to playing an absolutely dreadful Rutgers team who has regressed from last year. In Big Ten play, aside from the 38-17 win over Rutgers, the Illini have lost 63-24, 46-7, 49-20 and 63-33. Last year, aside from the finishing 42-7 loss to Northwestern, the Illini were more competitive than that. I wonder if Coach Smith knows how to reach college players. I STILL think he was a good NFL coach, but coaching up elite, mature athletes is different than coaching up 2-3 star college kids.

I think that too many Illini fans, myself included, put too much stock in a close loss to USF (which is a good but not great “group of 5” team). I was NOT one of those who was impressed that the Illini lead Penn State 24-21 with 10 minutes to go in the 3’rd..I could NOT discount Penn State’s 42-0 finish (my wife warned me that the finish better reflected reality than the start).

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Back from Colts vs. Bills…

First things first: back in the saddle, workout wise. 41:52 for a 4 mile treadmill run; tried to run the final mile sub 9 but gave up 37 minutes and slowed it down a bit.

Yesterday, we went to the Colts vs. Bills; it was one sides 37-5; the Colts lead 24-0 at the half. A second half drive by the Bills cut the lead to 24-3, and an errant snap gave the Bills a safety. But overall, the Colts ran the ball very will running it for 220 yards.

Initially the teams traded punts (2 Bills, 1 Colts but then a long drive which went into the 2’nd quarter gave the Colts a 6-0 lead (kicker missed 2 extra points). The Bills responded with a nice drive but lost a fumble. 3 passes and a 2 point conversion put the Colts up 14-0. A third drive put the Colts up 21-0; then an interception set up a Colts field goal just before the half.

The Bills were to turn it over 3 more times in the second half; sack fumble, interception and an unlucky “off the tip” interception. That was 5 turn overs for the Bills.

Our seats were in section 424: not bad but they were on the aisle seats…and this row could only be entered from one side. So the lower rows of this section: I do NOT recommend that. Still, I enjoyed myself.

Barbara and Lynn were great company. Afterward: Saigon restaurant for Vietnamese food.

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Lucas. Bills at Colts!

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Barbara and Lynn

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A few empty seats.

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