Not much

Still in the “family stuff” mode. I did get in my first “real workout” in quite a while: full weights then 5 miles in relatively warm weather along the river (1:21 for 5.1, easy)
rotator cuff
pull ups; 5 sets of 10..tough until I rested.
bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 190, 9 x 170
incline press: 10 x 145
military: 10 x 50 dumbbell standing, 20 x 50 seated, supported, 10 x 180 machine.
rows: 3 sets of 10: machine (machine weights)
abs: headstand (not good), 2 sets of 10 yoga leg lifts, 12 twist crunches, headstand (much better)

Then the walk. I saw Bob, Rich and Nancy and got to chat some.

Then off for some Christmas sleepy.

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674 miles plus a bit more…


674 miles, 9 am to 9:12 pm, with stops for lunch and dinner. Barbara took a couple of hours of it; that helped.

Then came Christmas dinner: Barbara, Jacob and I went to the Indian restaurant, and saw Terri Brink there (with friend) too.



Workout notes: I had a 4.5 mile walk on the old golf course on game day,
4.0 treadmill run (41:00) via: 1 mile easy, alternate .25 at 6.7, .25 at 5.6 for 1.5 miles, .6 miles at 6.7, walk to 3.25, 5.6 and up to 3.75, 7.0 to 4. Then rotator cuff, 20 x 50 military (dumbbells, seated, supported)
4.0 Cornstalk classic slow run (wet, 37 F) outside prior to the dinner.

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To Baldwin Wallace and Back..again…easy this time

My “back and forth” trip to Baldwin Wallace and back was a bit of a whirlwind. But the driving was easy (for a change) and the visit rewarding, at least for me.


I took the southern route as there is less truck traffic on it, save the stretch between Dayton, OH and Indianapolis, IN on I-70. A LOT of trucks on that stretch! And beware: going from I-70 to I-74 can be tricky; I use the Sam Jones Expressway.

While Olivia was here we took her to a ball game: Bradley vs. Texas-Arlington. BU fell behind 12-0 but rallied to take a 1 point lead…and ended up losing by 5. But they looked better than they did against a similar Delaware team earlier in the year.


Bradley being a 10 point underdog, plus a mild ice storm kept attendance down.

Olivia’s rabbit “Bucky” was a big hit with me:



Tracy liked Bucky too.


Workout notes: 4 mile walk on the treadmill yesterday: 50:36. 2 mile run on the Markin track today: 9:50/8:43 for 18:34 (lane 2). That second mile was work (4:24/4:19), though not all out.

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I just don’t have it

Well, my daughter is here as is her bunny:


And during my run, I got a hug from “Mamma T”. So there is good going on…

But the “run”…OMG.


74 F isn’t that bad..but check out the humidity. 99 percent!!! Ugh…I was soaking wet by mile 8 or so…just drenched.


I added a spur in case the original course was short (it wasn’t).


3:16:33 was the time, 1:36:21/1:40:12 with the extra time on the return leg being due to the .2 mile spur plus…well, fatigue. I held up to it ok, though I felt as if I were running on “missing legs”; no leg strength at all. But that is what I could do today; I would have been in deep trouble had I 11 miles to go. Could I have done them in 2:40? Probably, but I would have had to do a LOT of walking.

Speaking of performance: I talked about having the ridiculous dream of being an athlete. Sadly, many parents push their kids in that direction…and the reality is that very few kids will even be Division 1 athletes, never mind professionals. If it isn’t in the genes, forget about it. But unsavory sports camp operators depend on parents having unrealistic aspirations.

Yes, I am a fan of youth sport and scholastic spots. Yes, I played them. But …your kid isn’t going to be a professional! Ever! (with probability .999). Play hard, have fun, and maybe, just maybe, your kid might find that they can find an activity that they love for life (me: running and weight lifting, which in turn lead to swimming, walking and hiking).

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Giving up is sometimes the right thing to do…


This was absolutely ghastly running weather. I started at the Riverplex with the idea of doing a few treadmill miles toward the end. But then I changed my mind…bad mistake.
1:31 for 7.27 miles out (12:30 pace), throwing in walking every 10 minutes or so. Back: 2 hours, on the button (16:30 pace); I mostly slow walked and did a short occasional jog.

I did see a hawk and a snake.

Anyhow, I do not regret my decision to can the workout midway through.

And 14.5 miles in the heat is better than 0.

Later: we went out to Barbara’s oldest son’s house; as usual the outing was extremely pleasant.




Yes, I did sneak in that final shot. 🙂

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Day 2 Austin, July 2016

Workout notes: 5K treadmill run in 31:22; did a slowish 2 miles (increase from 5.2-5.9 every .25 miles) then 6.7-7.0 every .25 miles then 7.1 for .11 miles. I got tired (it was warm in the gym)

Then 3 circuits of weights with one set of 5 overhead presses.

The day: Olivia and I saw Swiss Army Man at the Alamo Draft House (food and a movie place), visited the Johnson Presidential Library, a book store and then concluded with Mexican food.


Rest area going into Texas via 69/75 from Oklahoma.


The inside of the Alamo Draft House hasn’t changed much, but the surrounding mall has changed a great deal.


It used to be a simple strip mall with a Handy Andy.


Bobble head dolls for sale at the LBJ library/museum store. They had past/current Presidents, First Ladies and a future President.


Olivia with a life sized statue of President Johnson.


The University of Texas campus, where I spent 6 years of my life from 1985-1991.

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In Austin

For a change, there was no drama in my drive to Austin.

Workout notes: hotel treadmill 4 miles in 38:00 (0.5 incline); 10 minutes of: 3 at 5.2, 3 at 5.3, 2 and 5.4, 2 at 5.5, then 10 at 6.7, 5 at 6.8, 6.9 to 3 miles, then 7.0, 7.1 to 3.5 miles, then down to 5.7 and then back up. I got a bit hot.

I made it into Austin in time for dinner. I got to meet Bucky, Olivia’s bunny.


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It was 20 years ago today….


March 15, 1996, prior to our wedding (and subsequent pot-luck supper at the UU Church)


Us, this past November (2015)

So, we’ve made it 20 years. The betting line for the duration of our marriage was, oh, perhaps 1-5 years as I was her third husband and she was my second wife. And yes, we’ve had a few rocky patches and endured a few storm clouds (e. g. deaths of parents, family members facing serious challenges). But here we are.

The most important thing I’ve learned: relationships are inherently asymmetric, especially when people are at different places in their lives. Her kids are grown and have kids of their own; mine is still finishing college. She is retired and likes to travel; I am entering the “silverback” stage of my professional career. We have to make allowances for each other, and the allowances she makes for me are different than those I make for her. But that is the only way it can work.

And so, no, “Love” is not enough to “keep us together”, but it is enough to motivate me to work at it and to make compromises, even when it seems that I am making way too many of them. Yes, it DOES seem that way at times, but I remember that I am NOT an unbiased observer, and I tend to take for granted the compromises she makes for me.

Marriage is one thing where “keeping score” is profoundly unhelpful.

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Not so easy trip…

It started with being stuck for 2.5 hours on I-70 near Dayton. We didn’t get into Columbus, OH until 10:30 pm or so..and we still had 2 hours to go.

Then in the Ohio City area in Cleveland (where West Market is) and I had a hard time finding the public restroom. But eventually I did…whew.

So the day went ok:



And we made the Cleveland Art Museum (highly recommended).

I am a bit tired and so might turn it in early; yes I am aware of the ruckus near the cancelled Trump rally in Chicago. Yeah, some SFB “activists” praised the protesters for getting the rally cancelled, though the Chicago police said that they did NOT advise Mr. Trump to cancel. Hmmm…


No workout this morning; 15 minute walk to clear the head.

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My Dad: (most posted on Facebook)

At last night’s basketball game, Lynn gave me the honor of walking with her to the Greater Peoria Sports Hall of Fame display, which is in the “triangle area” in the Civic center, just outside of Carver Arena (where the Bradley Men’s team plays basketball. It was touching. Her dad’s story (a tiny glimpse of it anyway) can be found here. I never had the pleasure of meeting him as he died in 2002, but I sure like his daughter!

That got me to thinking about my father; it was on February 7’th that I posted a photo spread about him on Facebook. His birthday is on 6 February (same as Ronald Reagan, who he did NOT like). He died on February 8, 2004. I talked to him on the phone 2 days earlier; he lived in Texas…and I had seen him the previous winter break.

But I didn’t post my tribute to him on my blog. So I’ll do that now; specifically for Lynn…but for anyone else too.


This was from 1961, I think. We were living in Japan at the time.

Now I remember dad as a lot of things, and he took pride in being an Air Force Sergeant and a retiree. He fought in Vietnam twice.
But this post will focus on my favorite coach, ever. It was from him that I got my love of football. From my earliest days, I was taken to games, practices and the like. As a fan, he loved the Dallas Cowboys, Vince Lombardi’s Packers and the Texas Longhorns. I have fond memories of taking him to some Longhorn games when I was a graduate student there.

But he was a coach. He coached at various levels from Pee-wee to junior varsity high school. Because he was non-degreed and the head coach had to be faculty (officially), he was never the official head coach at the high school level, though he was at the junior high level (“bantam”). Mostly he coached defense. Though at least two of his teams won league titles and his last one was by far the most dominant, he was proudest of the job he did with the 1967 Chofu team, because it was such a small team. It won the league title with 1 loss but his formations and tactics enabled his team to win. In fact, one of the players on that team sent me the team photo.



Parents day, 1974 (vs. Zama, the Army high school). His team had just creamed their JV team and he honored me by running out on the field with me. We won 54-0, rolling up a 40-0 halftime lead. We wanted to show off for our parents!


Here he is during a game, figuring out what adjustments needed to made on defense.

dad coaching up

And here he is, at his best, coaching up one of his star defensive linemen. He noticed this guy during wrestling matches and thought that he’d have the quickness and agility to be good at football. He was right. But because this guy had talent, Dad expected a lot out of him. Dad always expected more of those who had ability.

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