Liberals attack Doug Jones…it was bound to happen

Oh JFC…our morons can’t help themselves. A Democrat squeaks through a red state and now liberals are already on his case for not getting with a MoveOn style agenda.

What in the hell did they expect would be competitive in Alabama? Argh!!!

Cluelessness is indeed bipartisan.


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Trump trolls and Warren (and others bite)

Ok, Trump acts like, well, Trump:

And…well, many women HAD to make this a sexual innuendo (the “would do anything for them”) though this phrase is often used to describe power hungry male politicians, crooked football coaches..even driven athletes. And yes, other liberal WOMEN have told me that they don’t see this as an inherent sexual innuendo (though many that I like and respect do).

So how do national Democratic politicians respond? Senator Elizabeth Warren:

Oh dear.. SLUT SHAMING???? is 2016 over again, and once again, Democrats are doubling down on what FAILED in 2016. They are going to paint Democrats as wildly out of touch kooks that try to make everything about misogyny, sexual harassment, etc. This really doesn’t sit well in the context of the Al Franken flap, where…even Republicans are making more sense than many mainstream Democrats.

I am so despondent right now. The Republicans have dreadful, simply dreadful policies. But the Democrats seem to insist on running as if the nation were a liberal arts college, which it isn’t.

At least the Alabama election between Jones and Moore is close, at the time being. Jones has a genuine chance as of this writing.

Workout notes: morning: I went to the treadmill; ran 10 minutes at 5.1, 10 more at 5.2, some at 5.3 (23:00 for 2 miles) then did 7 at 6.7, rest at 6.8 to get to 3.1 in 33:03. Walked to 46:40 for 4 miles.

noon: hike at Forest Park Nature center; 3.5 outer loop. It has been to long since I’ve been there.
Photos part I:
Photos part II:

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Accurate self-expression vs. winning politics…

One of my fears after the Trump disaster (his getting elected) was that liberals would double down on a losing strategy. And sure enough…we didn’t disappoint.

So sure, a pussy-hat march might rally the troops and might make those marching feel better, and if that is the goal, well, I suppose “why not”? But that is not a winning political strategy.

And so we see Democrats throwing Sen. Al Franken under the bus BEFORE there could be an investigation. (yes, if there was an investigation and he did what he was accused of, then…fine..kick him out).

Some might see that as a difference maker in a future close race. But is it?

Remember that conventional sexual harassment training often makes things WORSE.

So, now we see a powerful man losing his position based on skimpy evidence. If it can happen to him…and you see potential sexual harassment but then think “wow..if I say something, he might lose his job over what turns out to be nothing…” I would think it would make it less likely that you’d speak out.

And as far as politics; I wonder how many votes this will LOSE for the Democrats as opposed to gain…

And yes, in the Alabama race, Moore leads Jones almost 60-40 among white females.

More about harassment discussions

Of course, harassment issues has caused a lot of discussion on social media..and some puzzling things came out.

One person said something to the effect: when he went on his first date with his wife, he patted her butt and she liked it because she likes men…evidently this guy was unaware of the difference between an office setting with coworkers or subordinates and a romantic situation between consenting adults.

But this lead to a discussion about butt pats and women saying that they thought that butt pats on the first date..or prior to a date were rude.

That struck me as strange because, well, IMHO, dynamics between different people are different. I’ve had “first dates” that went much further than a butt pat; it has to do with the dynamic between the people involved, the nature of the relationship between the people prior to the date, attitudes about the body, etc.

And there are different public dynamics as well. Yes, I’ve seen/heard off inappropriate, unsolicited groping. But I recently remembered:

1. Once, at a party, the wife of someone else attempted to “grind me” with her butt as I walked past. I was with my future first wife so I jumped out of the way..and even had I been alone and the woman had been single, I still would have, being that I did not know her. Now were I single and she were one of my single women friends…different story.

2. When I was on office duty as a young officer (recent Naval Academy graduate), there was an “older” (early 30’s?) enlisted woman who made it a point to walk between me and my computer screen when she wanted to pass, even though there was a LOT of room behind me. Her supervisor (a warrant officer) told her to cut it out. It didn’t bother me but, in this case, had I stroked her when she did this, would I have been 100 percent to blame? I think that many of my feminist friends acquaintances simply do not accept that this dynamic is sometimes in play.

The public, at large, does understand that this is sometimes the case though.

Sometimes, I think that the Democrats are the ones “out of touch” with women, though they might better understand the lives of professional women.

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And my political despair gets even worse than a year ago…

When Trump won…I thought…well…things will go to “hell in a handbasket” and I was honestly afraid that we might have gotten into a nuclear war by now. And, oh, I expected this:

Let me be less gentle: there will be no significant public investment program, for two reasons.

First, Congressional Republicans have no interest in such a program. They’re hell-bent on depriving millions of health care and cutting taxes at the top; they aren’t even talking about public investment, and would probably drag their feet even if Trump came forward with a detailed plan and made it a priority.

But this then raises the obvious question: who really believes that this crew is going to come up with a serious plan? Trump has no policy shop, nor does he show any intention of creating one; he’s too busy tweeting about perceived insults from celebrities, and he’s creating a cabinet of people who know nothing about their responsibilities. Any substantive policy actions will be devised and turned into legislation by Congressional Republicans who, again, have zero interest in a public investment program.

So investors betting on a big infrastructure push are almost surely deluding themselves. We may see some conspicuous privatizations, especially if they come with naming opportunities: maybe putting in new light fixtures will let him rename Hoover Dam as Trump Dam? But little or no real investment is coming.

They failed on the Obamacare repeal and MIGHT fail on “tax reform” (tax cuts for the wealthy)..but might not.

But I expect Republican leadership to be greedy assholes. I expect the rank-and-file to see what they call “social decay” as the overriding issue; they’ll give the “tax cuts to the wealthy and cuts to services” a pass.

The liberal/Democrat response: total disaster.

Here is what someone I have deep respect for said today:

Wow…I am pretty close to that myself.

We liberals or Democrats appear to be some sort of loose confederation of constituencies, many of which do not like each other. That is ok in and of itself, but at least some in each constituency appears to want purity and strict adherence to its respective dogma.

We just saw “always believe the woman” in action in the Franken situation. We see unfavorable statistics dismissed “off the bat” as being racist by some. And this crap has spread among our rank and file.

Yep…any discussion that there might be genuine, statistical differences between the sexes is seen as heresy by some. (see Steven Pinker’s book: The Blank Slate)

And our long time Democratic leaders seem more interested in their own prestige than in being the best person to lead us forward.

Ah, I am rambling. Let’s just say that I was underwhelmed when people crowed about having large marches of women wearing “pussy hats”. Sure that made the women feel better, and I suppose that is a good thing. But then what? Tweeting “resist” hashtags?

I honestly don’t think that our side can see the difference between throwing a temper tantrum (of justified anger, to be sure) and resisting effectively.

Oh well, I am not doing that much, am I? And you know what? Gerrymandering has something to do with it; I really do not live in competitive districts.

I am so close to just being DONE. It really sucks when I have almost as much contempt for my own side as I do for the Republicans. Well…perhaps more as the Republicans show up to vote and we don’t.

Oh, I’ll vote ever election, like I always do.

Workout notes
Limited weights; PT, 3 sets of 10 pull ups, bench: 10 x 135, 6 x 185, incline: 10 x 135, military: 10 x 50 standing, 20 x 40, rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell.
Tomorrow: nothing. Ok, maybe a light 2 mile walk to loosen up.

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Same old scam and they get away with it…

Ok, the Republicans take office. They get pressure from their big donors to cut taxes on the wealthy.

So they argue something like this: “hey, you are overtaxed…and paying for THIS”

YEAH, cut our taxes and make her act more responsibly! (pg version of what is really said)

And so we get: this. Oh, depending on what the House and Senate do..>IF they can come together (and they might not be able to} we get a plan that is a windfall to the wealthiest and cuts many important benefits used by the lower to middle classes.

Oh, and some of the rank and file might say “well, I’ve never seen a poor person offer someone a job”…it is almost as if the principle “demand matters” is lost on them. Businesses can’t stay open if few have money to patronize them. The whole exercise is ridiculous.

And we fall for it…every time.

Now there is the Al Franken thing. This reminds me a bit of the Sen. Packwood (a Republican) stuff. Now there are calls for him to resign..calls mostly from Democrats (but some from Republicans). What he is accused of: let’s investigate, and if he is guilty (in the informal sense), she should step down. But we’ve been rolled before.

But, oh no. As Oliver Willis likes to say, Democrats act as if there is some judge that will score a political action “fair or foul” and that somehow pressurign Franken to step down will make it easier to defeat Moore (and IMHO, Moore will win…it is Alabama, after all). And, of course, there is the “always believe the woman, 100 percent of the time” faction of liberals. Our hearts are in the right place, but we suck at politics.

Workout notes: yesterday, steady 4 mile walk. Yes, I’ve cut back, for now.

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Onward through interesting times (all over the place)

Workout notes 3 mile walk..but first came weights; usual PT stuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10: went really well…USUALLY that means I’ve gotten lighter), bench press: 10 x 135 , 7 x 185 (strict, hips in about a decade): usually that means I’ve gotten heavier? incline: 7 x 150 (strict hips), 10 x 135, military 15 x 55 dumbbell, seated, supported, 10 x 50, 10 x 45, rows: 2 sets of 10 x 55 each arm, 10 x 50.

Walk: went fine; to lower Bradley park.

I am not sure about the weight room; why did pull ups get stronger but the bench too?

Political ramblings:
Two big things: the tax bill in the Senate that sure looks as if it will pass (Corker is the only R “no”). Why the rush?

Oh Flynn pleading guilty: will this lead anywhere? My guess: “yes”, but we’ll see. Will the R’s throw Trump under the bus if they get their tax bill? Remember that even if we somehow get rid of Trump, the Republicans are still delusional loose cannons.

Or will Trump get us into some war as a diversion?

There is just so much going on. Other thoughts:

The Republicans are desperate to please their upper income donors. So they don’t care about “the deficit” right now. But when it soars..THEN they will “care” and they will cut safety net programs and “entitlements”. Such programs are reasonably they will need some excuse to attack them.

That is all this really is. We need to win back Congress and defeat Trump in 2020 (and no, he will probably not have been removed from office by then…though if you were to believe my twitter feed, his being gone is imminent 🙂 )

Yes, Trump’s approval ratings are horrible (about 40 percent) but remember that some approve of Trump’s POLICY PROPOSALS but not tone, and others are angry that he doesn’t have that wall built as yet.

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Al Franken and all that…

Yes, this occurred before he ran for Senator. Yes, I do not care for the person being used as the butt of the joke (it is called “groping” but there is the matter of the flak vest..symbolic groping?)

Wrong is wrong, and if you talk the talk….

Now I am not naive. My guess is that the GOP had this waiting to use at an opportune moment. One uses their negative stuff at the “right time” (Karl Rove famously did that in Texas state election) He had the goods on the candidate but sat on them until the opportunity arose. And THIS is why you do “opposition research” on your own candidate!

But this also struck a nerve with me. Yeah, as a teenager I swatted girls on the butt; I matured and stopped doing that. So, as an adult, it has been “hands off” for me. Period. And if you view my photos, it is clear that I have many female friends who do things with me (ball games, going out to eat, walks, runs, etc.) Clearly they are comfortable being around me.

But I am not a feminist. I believe in equal opportunity for women (and favor some affirmative action programs in areas where they are underrepresented) and I believe that, in the spirit of fairness, some of the “typical male centered” workplace policies need to be adjusted to account for the statistical fact that women are more involved in child raising, etc.

But I reject all of the lingo (patriarchy, privilege, blah blah) and the whole anti-science position that the movement appears to have taken on (e. g. that humans do not have evolved instinctual traits and there is a statistical difference between female and male traits).

And there are males who openly buy into such lingo…and then you find them doing…this?

Oh, about “whatabout”…yes, I know. This post is about introspection.

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Walking and thinking

It was chilly (50’s) and rainy; drizzle to hard rain to..well, long enough for my shorts to dry?
I quickly measured it at 14.8 but it will do down as 15 (4:10). Again, it was a struggle for the first 90 minutes but then got better.

the course: usual to the goose loop and up through upper Glenn Oak. But I needed a second bathroom break and the bathrooms are closed for the season, so it was up Prospect to the Heights Tower, back on my usual modified Boredom then I turned left on Columbia Terrace; to Sheridan, then to Moss and back the usual way.

My left heel is sore (PF, my guess)

Along the way, I thought about politics.

Yes, there is Democratic infighting and many who supported Sanders are claiming that the DNC rigged the primary for Clinton. That, of course, is nonsense. Yes, there were fundraising agreements and perhaps the Sanders campaign didn’t like the debate schedule. And sure, most in the DNC preferred the party insider Clinton to Sanders.

But the bottom line is that she had broader support.

BUT….while that is true, well, some who supported Clinton can get unreasonable too. In my opinion, she is not a great campaigner and she has the kind of personality that enables negative perceptions, fair or not, to stick (Al Gore was the same way). She also did not come across well from the podium. And, too often, her desire to answer questions accurately and completely made her appear to be evasive. A good politician knows how to simplify and go into “bumper sticker/slogan” mode.

But it appears to me that many of her more rabid supporters are loyal to HER rather than to the party/country (that is, finding someone who can beat Trump and stall the toxic parts of the Republican agenda…assuming, of course, that there are non-toxic parts).

Yes, I am ready for fresh new blood in the Democratic party but that does NOT mean accepting nonsense and fantasy.

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Dumbsplaining, Purpose and DNC…

Dumbsplaining On social media: I have decided to cut off (e. g. block) anyone who attempts to “dumbsplain” me. That is, if I raise a point (e. g., the person who reported this incident has told a lie) and the person responds “well, you must be an x-ist”, I just block. Life is too short for me to spend it in optional conversations with dumb, sanctimonious people. I have to put up with some stupidity at my job (and fortunately, I talk to a lot of smart people too), but I am not going to engage in such discussions on my own time.


I find this point of view on life to be, well, a bit strange. I really do not think that things happen for some purpose that involves me; that just sounds illogical (and “acting as if” inflames my egomania). I do think that, at times, we can learn a lesson from our failures; sometimes it can be “next time, do it this way” or sometimes it might be “hey, this was never going to happen, no matter what you did”. So yes, sometimes disappoint can mask a potential growth opportunity and this meme may have been a poetic way of saying that.

Many of my political friends are up in arms over this:

“Rigged”? There were some financial agreements (HRC donated money to the DNC for other races) but things like debate schedules and “primary/caucus” elections were NOT affected. This thread has more on that:

But, of course, the Berniebots are going crazy and the imbecile in chief is trying to get the DOJ involved …in what, I am not sure…there were no laws broken. This sure seems like banana republic stuff.

And, as disgusting as this is, what is far worse is that so many in our country is ok with it. Our very country is sick; we have first world technology, first world nuclear arms and a 4’th world caliber population.

Workout notes: weights this morning; usual PT, pull ups (5 sets of 10; now the “rotated arm pull ups are harder than the wide grip?) bench press: 10 x 135, 6 x 185, incline press: 5 x 155, 10 x 135, military: 10 x 50 standing dumbbell, 10 x 45 standing dumbbell, 10 x 90 machine, rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell (single arm), 10 x 60. Goblet squats: 10 x 50, 10 x 60, 10 x 60. Light yoga.

Yesterday: 6 mile walk; 4 on the treadmill (58 minutes; varied incline up to 5), 13:3x track walk (200 on, 200 off), 13:3x treadmill walk.

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How “honorable” are these Republicans anyway?

Ok, we’ve seen open pushback from Sen. Flake and Sen. Corker.

But, but…we are talking about tax cuts for the wealthy here. Principle? Pshaw. These reptiles are about getting reelected, period.

Sorry, but I remain cynical, though I suppose your ordinary “supply side economics” crank Republicans are at least more stable than what we have as a President.

The economy can recover from another Bush disaster better than it could recover from a nuclear war.

But this leads me to the following point: we are at a point where any information that is unfavorable to Trump will be seen as “fake news” and, like it or not, these people vote in Republican primaries. Not getting on board can be a political death sentence, from the right.

And yes, to their credit, they show up for the general elections (and midterms) too.

So we have to take advantage. And for the love of Democracy, I hope that the liberal purity trolls give it a rest in races in conservative states. Any Democrat who can win in Tennessee, Alabama or Arizona will not be someone that I would vote for in Illinois. I get that. I wish every liberal did.

Workout notes: today, damp, chilly 10K walk. Yesterday: weights: usual pt, pull ups (5 sets of 10, a real struggle), bench: 10 x 135, 5 x 185, 10 x 170 (good), 10 x 135 incline, military (standing) 10 x 50, 10 x 45, 10 x 45 (dumbbells), rows: 2 sets of 10 x 60 dumbbell, 10 x 110 machine row. Goblet squats: 5 x 25, 5 x 45, 5 x 45, 5 x 45, 10 x 50, 10 x 50 (sill). Yoga in the evening.

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