5 mile walk…forgot that the university gym opens at 12 for the next few days.

Still the walk was fine..even enjoyable. But I am not training and feel a bit sluggish.

Last night I watched TCU beat Cal 10-7 in a game that saw 8 interceptions in regulation, 1 in overtime, and TCU’s sports information director getting an unsportsmanlike call on the Frogs that could have easily cost them the game.

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Iowa 63 Illinois 0. A historically bad ending to a historically bad season.

This was before the last play from scrimmage of yesterday’s debacle. It says it all.

Oh, total yards, while lopsided, weren’t what you’d expect of a 63-0 disaster: they favored Iowa by 400-220. And yes, I expected Iowa to win:

Iowa at Illinois (I’ll be there, all bundled up) Iowa -16, ESPN 89.5 percent)

1. Illinois run game is their strong suit; Iowa has the no. 6 run defense. Only time Illini faced a top 40 run defense (Purdue), the run game got stuffed.

2. Common opponents: Illini did slightly better vs. Minnesota (55-31 vs.48-31), all other common match ups favor the Hawkeyes (e. g. 23-0 win vs. Maryland vs. 63-33 loss by the Illini ). The last 3 Iowa losses have been extremely close.

I think that the Illini get stomped something like 31-7.

I expected the Hawkeyes to win by something between 24-28 points. I did NOT expect 63. This game ended up like FCS vs. Alabama bad…oh wait..that game was more competitive than this one.

Seriously, I know that Iowa has a more developed program as well as better players; they are a solid, “top 30/Outback Bowl” caliber team. But Illinois should be more competitive than this. Note: I was impressed at how well Iowa tackles; they are the best team I’ve seen this year at that.

The game…played in mid to high 30’s and somewhat damp conditions, started out well enough. Second play from scrimmage: a poorly thrown pass bounced off the receiver’s hands, went straight up in the air…and was intercepted by the Illini! But the Illini promptly lost 3 yards on their first possession, thereby turning it over on downs. Iowa had a mini drive followed by a pooch punt (off of a faked “go for it on 4’th down” play) with pinned the Illini on their 2. A punt lead to a short field (Illini 39) and their first of 9 touchdowns.

Then came an exchange of punts which lead to the Hawkeyes getting the ball on their own 42. Then came the next touchdown drive. It was no 14-0 in the 2’nd …and disaster was about to strike.

Next Illinois possession: fumble on the first play…fumble returned for a touchdown. Next series: 4’th and 1: Illini punt and it gets blocked and returned to the Illini 11. 1 play to score a touchdown. It is now 28-0 with 11 minutes left in the 2’nd. Illini make one first down..have to punt and this time Iowa has to drive 83 yards for their touchdown (passing). It is 35-0 and a couple of possessions later, the half mercifully ends.

Second half: empty stadium (essentially ..not that it was at all crowded to begin with. Illini possession ends in a punt..returned for a touchdown. Next possession: interception returned to the Illini 20. Touchdown. It is now 49-0.

Eventually the quarter ends and Iowa puts in a back up offensive line and quarterback. The still get touchdown drives of 60 and 51 yards.

This game really symbolized Illinois football in the Big Ten: every single game was a blowout, though 2 went the way of the Illini. Take a look:

Penn State: 63-24 loss
Rutgers: 38-17 win
Purdue: 46-7 loss
Wisconsin: 49-20 loss
Maryland: 63-33 loss
Minnesota: 55-31 win
Nebraska 54-35 loss
Iowa: 63-0 loss.

I’ve never seen a conference season so devoid of close games. Home Big Ten games: win of 24 points; losses of 39, 39, 63 points. I wonder why the variation has been this great.

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35 minutes until kick off. Iowa at Illinois.

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Senior day.

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Not a huge crowd. Putrid play on offense.

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No bueno.

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Upper deck: empty.

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Yellow box: where I sit. Yes, I am in the above photo.

More about college football Navy won and covered (as expected), ND won (as I expected) but won more impressively than I had anticipated; maybe they are as “good as advertised” this year? Texas had an impressive win against a tough Iowa State team (ok, Iowa held them to 3 points). So this week I went 3-1 straight up, and 2-2 vs. the spread.

Workout notes I got in 7.5 miles of running, including 5.5 with the lovely Cassie. That was so much fun; I hope we do it again. I did have TMI incident midway..not sure what was going on as this rarely happens to me.

But the run and pace felt good.

5 mile walk in 1:01 this morning.

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College football: midweek:

Ok, here is what I said last week:

College football:

Illinois at Nebraska: Huskers favored by 17 (down from 18). ESPN: Neb. 80.1 percent chance of winning. Both teams blew out MN by similar scores; Illini have a better record but an easier schedule. Neb. is improving but should they be 17 point favorites? Nebraska won by 22 last year in Champaign.

Neb. to win, Illini to cover (no confidence in this pick though)

Navy 24.5 point underdogs to UCF (95.7). This one could get ugly; Navy is punch drunk from playing some good teams (lost to ND by 22, 42-0 to Cincinnati). UCF to win and cover; they will be looking for style points.

ND 16.5 point favorites over Florida State. (90.9 percent favorites). ND wants style points but FSU, while not playing well at all this season,still has first rate talent. Time and time again, talented but underachieving teams have pulled off “back against the wall” upsets by playing really well, for one game. Trap game for ND. I pick ND to pull it out, but FSU to cover and play well.

Texas: 1.5 point favorites at Texas Tech; ESPN actually favors Tech 60.5 percent. UT really isn’t that good (nice win over Oklahoma aside). Red Raiders to win..hope I am wrong.

Win: Nebraska, UCF, ND, Texas Tech.
Cover: Illinois, UCF, FSU, Texas Tech.

How did I go: Navy played UCF tough, ND blew away Florida State, Nebraska ran all over Illinois (who turned the ball over 5 times, gave up a blocked punt and 606 total yards), and Texas beat Tech with 22 seconds to play.

So I went 3-1 straight up, 0-4 vs the spread,

Season record: 29-10 straight up, 14-23-1 vs. the spread.

I’ll say more about the upcoming games later, but as far as Illinois vs. Iowa (Iowa 16 point favorite at Illinois): Illinois has a decent ground game, but Iowa is no. 6 in the nation vs. the run. Purdue was the previous “best” running defense we faced and they skunked us. I see more of the same this weekend; Iowa wins something like 35-7.

Navy has a shot at a win vs. Tulsa, ND is favored by 9 over Syracuse in Yankee Stadium (who knows?) and Iowa State visits Texas in which should be the best game of the bunch. We shall see..more later.

Workout notes: 5 mile run in lane 2; 10:15 first mile then a bunch of 9:45 type miles (49:12 for 5) when I tired out; walked 1 more mile on the treadmill (at an incline). Weight: 190.3 before. Not that bad…things are looking up.

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College football: so far ..not doing great.

This is what I said last week:

ND at NW: if I didn’t have season tickets for Illinois, I’d be going to this game. ND is favored by 9.5 and has a 71.9 percent chance of winning this one, per ESPN power index. NW has been hot and cold, losing to Duke and Akron and barely beating a dreadful Rutgers team, but still whipping Michigan State, Wisconsin and giving Michigan all they could handle until the end (3 point loss).

Which NW team shows up? Which ND team shows up? I haven’t a clue. Note: NW has won the last two meetings (really).

Pick ND to win but NW to cover.

Navy at Cincinnati: Cincinnati favored by 13.5, ESPN gives them an 88.4 percent chance. Tough season for the Mids. Bearcat defense stops the run well and that is what Navy does. But does Navy’s ball control keep the score down a bit? They did hang with ND for a while.

Cincinnati to win, Navy covers.

West Virginia at Texas: Texas favored by 2; ESPN power index has this as a toss up UT 50.9 probability of winning).

Both teams have losses (UT Ok ST., MD, WVa: at Iowa State). I am honestly convinced that UT is overrated; Oklahoma was great win, but USC and TCU just aren’t that good. And West Virginia can pass the ball. Mountaineers to win.

Minnesota at Illinois: MN favored by 9.5; ESPN gives MN a 70.2 percent chance:

Illinois has perhaps the worst defense in the power 5 and one of the worst in FBS, period. Previous game: Illinois gave up 712 yards and 63 points to a so-so Maryland offense. It appears as if the coaching staff has no idea on how to teach and motivate college kids. MN coach DOES know how and that gives the Gophers the edge.

I am perhaps one of the half -dozen “non relative of the players/coaches” that actually cares about this game.

MN rows the boat past the floundering Illini and covers. It will be like last week where they had a 31-9 lead on Indiana, but this time the opponent doesn’t come back.

Win: ND, Cincinnati, West Virginia, Minnesota.
Cover: NW, Navy, West Virginia, Minnesota

I don’t feel too badly about missing the Navy vs. Cincinnati spread (it ended 42-0 UC) or even the ND at NW spread (31-21 ND..right on) and I was delighted to be right about Minnesota. I should have noticed that they got torched by Nebraska and Maryland in the same way…both on the road.

So for the season: 26-9 straight up, 14-19-1 vs. the spread.

Games this weekend: Illinois at Nebraska, Florida State at Notre Dame (kind of a mismatch this year), Texas at Texas Tech (should be excellent), Navy at Central Florida (ouch! will be ugly)

I’ll make picks later in the week. Also of interest: Illinois State visits Indiana State; ISU has dropped 3 in a row and is now 5-4, including 2-4 in conference play. I was thinking about “home playoff game” but …probably not. Northwestern visits Iowa and that sounds like a good one; I wish I could be there but will opt out and go to a Bradley basketball game instead.

Workout notes: 10K walk; wet pavement; gloomy skies but..well, still nice. And for the first time in well over a year, I am under 190! (189.5).

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Illini roll to 55-31 victory over Gophers

Since I started to follow the team closely (as in: “go to the games” closely) the Illini haven’t won many Big Ten home games. And those they did win tended to be close: 2011: 3 points over NW, 2014: 4 over MN, 2 over Penn State, 2015: 1 over Nebraska (the 48-14 win was AT Purdue), 2016: 4 over Michigan State.

Saturday, they won by 24 over Minnesota, the largest margin of victory in a home Big Ten game since October 30, 2010 (vs. Purdue).

How they did it: HUGE plays: TD runs of 72, 72, 77 yards, pass of 67 and 30 yards, and big chunks on the other plays to set up shorter touchdowns Total: 646 yards of offense; enough to get the Minnesota defensive coordinator fired.

But interestingly enough, it was only 24-17 at the half. The Illini defense really shut down the Gophers in the second half until two late “garbage time” touchdown passes forged the final score a bit; by then it was 48-17. The Illinois offense had more chances to strike with their big plays.

Illinois struck quickly scoring on their first long run on the second play from scrimmage. Minnesota replied with a long drive on the ground to tie the score. The Illini added a field goal and another long touchdown before the Gophers added their second long touchdown drive to cut it to 17-14. Then came another Illini drive… then a key sequence of events toward the end of the half.

The Gophers had one seemingly final drive end on downs as the Illini defense stiffened in “4 down” territory. But the Illini threw and interception and the Gophers drove (and had an apparent fumble overturned upon review) and kicked a field goal just prior to the half.

The Illini put the game away in the 3’rd quarter. The defense got a stop; the offense got a long touchdown run to go up 31-17. The defense forced a fumble and the Illini offense converted to go up 38-17. Another stop, and another Illini touchdown drive to make it 45-17. A fumble lead to an Illini field goal at the 48-17 which time the teams exchanged garbage time touchdowns.

This is the best I’ve seen them look since 2014 when they beat a decent Minnesota team and Penn State team at home. Yes, those were close games, but the opponents were much better teams than this year’s Minnesota team.

Tracy went with me and I enjoyed her company greatly.

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Go Illini! Hosting Minnesota.

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More: as we walked to the stadium, we saw the band.

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We got there in time to see the band march by.

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Game action:

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Game action.

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Illini driving! 17-7 over Gophers.

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Though the sides were reasonably well filled (not the parts under the overhang) the upper deck was very sparsely populated.

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Halftime. I normally do not get this view.

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I was stunned:

And the team took a well deserved bow:

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I can say that I did NOT see this coming.

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Grim football day but otherwise…

First things first: yesterday I drove Barbara to the airport for her to start her “slightly longer than 2 week” trip to the Middle East. I have 3 “bachelor weekends” and will probably catch at least 2 football games in those weekends and maybe a 4 mile race. There is an outside chance that I get a 3’rd game. I also had dinner with Tracy at Jerusalem Restaurant; it was fun watching her speak Hebrew with the owner.

And I had a decent run in cool weather; only 4.5 miles but it included a 1.4 mile warm up and 2.5 miles as follows: 11:17/11:11 22:29 (50 seconds slower than in 2016) This was “two loops of lower Bradley Park. I’d like to get this under 21 minutes; I’ll probably need to lose more weight to reach that goal. I am now at 191-193 lbs. and while that wasn’t a bad weight for me, say, 20-30 years ago, I no longer have as much muscle mass. I really should aim for the high 170’s.

College football I had predicted wins for Maryland, Notre Dame and Texas, though I had a bad feeling about the Texas game. Perhaps I should have honored that feeling? But the ESPN computer rated the game as a toss up and, on paper, UT appeared to have the better team. It WAS close but OSU hung on so I went 2-1 straight up.

Spread: stupidly, I changed my mind and picked the Illini to cover, based on Maryland’s offensive numbers. The only thing offensive was the Illini defense…63 points and 712 total yards to a team that got shut out and had 115 yards of total offense the week before! (ok, they were playing at Iowa). I went 0-3 vs. the spread this week. Last week I went 2-0 straight up, and 1-1 vs. the spread (damned Illini).

Season: 23-8 straight up, 13-16-1 vs. the spread..many of those losses were the Illini not covering (+18 MD, +25 WI, +10 Purdue). Even the line doesn’t recognize how terrible the Illini have become. Evidently I haven’t accepted it either.

Now about yesterday’s action: I caught the Illinois State game: they hosted South Dakota State. The computer showed most of the section (where I sat) as being full, but my guess is that they saved some for same day sales. Throughout the same there were 5 people in a row that sat 20 people. Still, there WAS a good crowd for “family day” (though many were NOT football fans) and both teams were top 10 in the FCS. And the action started quickly; the Jackrabbits scored in just over a minute via a 68 yard pass off of play action (defender bit on the run). Opening play: Redbirds hit an 81 yard TD pass off of a crossing route and with just over 1:30 gone it was 7-7.

The defenses controlled things for most of the rest of the half, though SDSU reached inside the 5 only to be thwarted via a 3’d down interception (one of the few bad passes their impressive QB threw all day).

But then came the unfortunate finish to the first half: there were just 5 minutes to go and a Jackrabbit punt had pinned the Redbirds at their own 11. They tried a swing pass and the receiver tried to circle back into the backfield as it was well covered. He fumbled and the Jackrabbits recovered inside the 5. They punched it in.

Next series the Redbirds fumbled the t-formation snap (under center) and the Jackrabbits cashed in, again. It was now 21-7 and the Jackrabbits forced a punt and used their time outs. Then they nailed a long bomb touchdown pass in which the defender, in single coverage, fell down (and injured his shoulder in the process). It was now 28-7 and a last second ISU drive ended in a missed field goal (to prove large later)

In the second half, ISU switched quarterbacks which appeared to help some (and they started to run more), but not right away. ISU threw an interception, exchanged punts, then a drive off a short field put SDSU up 35-7 well into the 3’rd quarter. ISU was to outscore SDSU 21-3 the rest of the way to lose 38-28 but, to be fair, two of the final touchdowns appeared to be “garbage time” touchdowns.

ISU ended up outgaining SDSU 445-390 but could not overcome that disastrous final 5 minutes of the first half. The Jackrabbits were very impressive.

My photos:


We had an Army helicopter fly-over (NOT my photo)

Seats they claimed that mine was the only one left in my section (when I bought them). Doesn’t appear that way, does it?

Action: (here is the first ISU fumble and SDSU about to cash in)

Later: SDSU fans still there though.

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Teams trade TDs. 35-14 Jackrabbits with 11:50 to go.

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On the way home, I got to listen to Illinois getting CREAMED by Maryland; I caught most of the second half on TV prior to picking up Tracy. It was 56-19 before the Illini got a couple of garbage time touchdowns..and gave up one too. Final: 63-33 Maryland. The Illini gave up 63 points and 712 yards of offense to a team that got 0 points with 115 yards of TOTAL offense against Iowa the week before.

Sorry, though the Illini have 3 wins this year after only 2 last year, one of those wins was due to playing an absolutely dreadful Rutgers team who has regressed from last year. In Big Ten play, aside from the 38-17 win over Rutgers, the Illini have lost 63-24, 46-7, 49-20 and 63-33. Last year, aside from the finishing 42-7 loss to Northwestern, the Illini were more competitive than that. I wonder if Coach Smith knows how to reach college players. I STILL think he was a good NFL coach, but coaching up elite, mature athletes is different than coaching up 2-3 star college kids.

I think that too many Illini fans, myself included, put too much stock in a close loss to USF (which is a good but not great “group of 5” team). I was NOT one of those who was impressed that the Illini lead Penn State 24-21 with 10 minutes to go in the 3’rd..I could NOT discount Penn State’s 42-0 finish (my wife warned me that the finish better reflected reality than the start).

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Football and Volleyball thoughts

Last night: I saw Bradley Volleyball keep their third place position in the Missouri Valley with a 3-1 win over Missouri State.

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Bradley vs. Missouri State. Good crowd.

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They had a nice crowd and some vocal student support.

This morning: after my slow walk, I watched Illinois give up 545 total yards (357 on the ground) while being limited 300 yards to Wisconsin in 49-20 loss. There was one bright spot however:

That was 80 of the yards that the good guys had.

Of interest were two things:

1. The quarterback. The Illini have a 5’th year senior transfer who is a decent runner and does a decent job on the read option. Then they have a freshman who doesn’t run as well but is a better passer, and the Illini also have 3 credible, Big Ten caliber running backs (good ground attack in every game but the Purdue game, including 210 yards today). Should the Illini promote the freshman to the starting role? I am not saying that the freshman is a better quarterback but he might give this particular team a better chance to win right now.

2. In the 3’rd, the Illini were down 42-17 early in the 4’th and had 4’th and 3 at the Wisconsin 8. The coach elected a field goal (which was good). Some (many? most?) thought the Illini should have went for the first down. Personally, I think the offense needed to be rewarded with a confidence builder. Not that it would have mattered that much.

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HOUSED! 8️⃣0️⃣ Yards. #ILLINI

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Workout notes: Friday: untimed 5 mile walk. Saturday: 10 mile walk..unusually slow. I walked to the ball field and then to the dam and then back; perhaps I went a bit further than I had anticipated. But it was slow.

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Still recovering

Yes, I have friends that can do a hell of a lot more running and walking than I can. But over the past few weeks:

23 September: walking marathon
29 September: 5K running race
6 October: 5K running race
7 October: half marathon walk (all out)

And that has left me a bit heavy legged. Even today, my 10 mile walk, while mostly pleasant, was work. Not hard work, but a modest amount of work and my legs got moderately heavy. That should not be after only 10 miles..hence I am still “recovering”>

College football:
My predictions:

Last week I picked ND, Texas, Purdue and Temple to win (4-0), ND, Illinois, Baylor and Temple to cover 1-2-1
So for the season: 19-7 straight up, 12-12-1 against the spread.

Now what about Illinois?

Ugh..that was embarrassing, and this post, more or less, describes what I am feeling.

Spin it any way you want. But the last 3 Big Ten home games ended: 42-7 (Northwestern), 63-24 (Penn State), 46-7 (Purdue)

This season, the defense gave up:

453 yards and 24 points to Kent State (1-6 Mac Team)
361 yards to 2-4 Western Illinois (FCS team that Illinois State beat 33-16)
626 yards to USF (ok, they are 6-0 but non power 5)
591 yards to Penn State (ok, they are good)
386 yards to Rutgers (1-6, horrible team that lost 42-13 to Buffalo and 55-14 to Kansas)
611 yards to Purdue (3-3) including 404 in the FIRST HALF.

And while the team had ran the ball well up to this game, Purdue loaded the box with 8 defenders and dared the Illini to throw. Then blitz on passing downs. Our offense has been well scouted and other teams now know what to do.

And our depth is shallow..this is a bad thing when you play in the Big Ten meat grinder. This may well get uglier.

Oh well…I am not sure if there IS an exit from this quicksand.

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Illini get steamrolled by Purdue 46-7

I’ll start with the positive (and yes, there is a positive). In Champaign, the Illinois AD leads a 4 mile pregame run.

Ok, I don’t live in Champaign and even if I did, a 9 minute a mile is now a “race effort” for me ..on a good day…when it is cool. But I did a nice 5.2 mile walk at an undetermined pace (15-16 minutes per mile?) on my own prior to leaving for the game.

Ok, here is the second positive: I still love watching football and I like seeing good execution. And one team executed well..though it wasn’t the team that I was cheering for.

Ok, positive number 3: I had a good lunch with my wife before I left.

Ok, positive number 4: decent crowd (by Illinois standards: almost 42K. That was the largest since last year’s Wisconsin game (which was also Homecoming). Ok, much of that came from Purdue fans and much of the Illinois crowd left at halftime, after the band performance.

Ok, positive number 5: the bands (current and alumni) were good!

Ok, ok, with that out of the way….

I’ll recall a conversation from the Penn State game a few weeks ago (which ended 63-24). Many Illini fans grasped the fact that the Illini held a lead 24-21 with 10 minutes to go in the 3’rd. Others (myself included) thought that the 42-0 finish by Penn State was more significant. I asked my wife: what is more significant about the Illinois football team: the start of the PSU game or the finish. She smiled and said “honey, the finish”.

It sure seems that she was right.

Ok, enough wit the set up.

What about the actual game? The score (46-7) and stats (total yards 611-250…Purdue had 404 yards AT THE HALF!) speak for themselves.

But…believe it or not, it started promising. The teams started by exchanging punts, then the Illini struck blood first with a very nice 77 yard touchdown drive, with most of the damage done by a 52 yard pass to a running back out of the backfield. It WAS a good throw too. 7-0 Illini, and I thought “the shoot out is on!” (I had predicted 31-24 Purdue).

It took Purdue just 5 plays to respond, almost all on passes…7-7.

Then came 2 Illinois 3 and out “drives” followed by Purdue touchdown drives (passes) and a blocked extra point: 20-7 Purdue.

Then came a “turning point” of sorts (ok, in a 46-7 game..well..)

The Illini put together their second (and final) good drive of the day, mostly due to a 30 and 24 yard pass play. First and goal at the Purdue 8 then a second goal at the Purdue 5. But then came a SIXTEEN YARD loss on a sack followed by a missed field goal attempt (38 yards; kicker has been pretty good for most of the year). That appeared to take whatever wind there was out of Illinois’ sails.

Then came a Purdue drive with a made field goal. Illinois punted..and with time running down, the Illini held Purdue on downs at the Illini 29. But Purdue had time outs and got the ball back with under a minute to go and 2 time outs. Two quick runs set up the ball at the Illini 42 and a “jump ball” in the end zone was won by the Purdue receiver. A very badly botched extra point kick attempt left the score at 29-7…and Purdue had 404 yards AT THE HALF.

Purdue got the ball at the start of the 3’rd quarter and two key penalties snuffed out any hope the Illini may have had.

An offside on a Purdue punt kept the drive alive…and another offside penalty negated an interception deep in Illini territory. No problem: PUrdue punches it in and it is now 36-7.

Purude did a lot of running in the 4’th quarter at it was good enough to set up a field goal then a final touchdown to make it 46-7.

It was this kind of day:

My shots:

Ok, not mine..but I am where the red arrow is.


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Alumni Band.

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Illini Band.

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Decent crowd but far from full:

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Purdue at Illinois early.

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Was it something I said? 😂

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Decent crowd.

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Good half time show:

Post halftime…people leaving:


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College football weekend and observations

Temple -7 at Navy (ESPN: Temple, 67.7)
Navy is having a rough season; win over Memphis and an FCS program. Temple blew out Maryland, Tulsa and East Carolina and lost 2 close games to decent teams (Buffalo, BC). I have to pick Temple to win and cover.

Baylor +14 at Texas (UT: 84.2) : sort of a rivalry, UT beat Oklahoma, who blew out Baylor. But UT has had somewhat close games with ordinary opponents. I think UT wins, but Baylor keeps it close and covers.

ND -21 vs. Pitt (ND 95.5 percent favorite). Pitt was blown out 45-14 by UCF and 51-6 by Penn State and I don’t see them doing better vs. a ND team that is rolling. ND wins and covers.

Illinois +10 hosting Purdue (Purdue 72.9 percent). Though Purdue is 2-3, 2 of the losses were close games vs. good teams (Missouri, NW) and one came with unforced errors.

The Illini have wins against 2 of the most dreadful FBS teams and a 34-14 win over an FCS team that lost 33-16 to Illinois State (I watched both games). The Illini give up huge amounts of yards (626 to USF, 59x to Penn State) and won’t be able to stop Purdue. But the running game keeps it sort of close. Purdue to win, Illinois covers.

Win: Temple, Texas, ND, Purdue
Cover: Temple, Baylor, ND, Illinois

Remarks about the teams I’ve watched:

As far as a “seasons” worth of football (save a game missed for a hospitalization here, or a job there):
I watched Texas for 9 seasons (1975-1976, 1981, 1985-1990, Navy for 4 (1977-1980), Illinois State for 2 (1993-1994), Illinois for 8: 2011-2018.

At the time, Texas was in the old Southwest Conference (just added Houston in 1976) and routinely played Arkansas, Houston, Rice, Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU, SMU, Texas A&M and, of course, Oklahoma (then non-conference).
Home non conference games: North Texas, Colorado State, Utah State, Miami, Missouri, Stanford, BYU, Oregon State, New Mexico, Penn State, Colorado.

Navy: though Navy was an independent, Navy frequently played William and Mary, Connecticut, Citadel, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Army, Air Force, Boston College, Syracuse, Virginia and Georgia Tech.
Other home games: Duke, Kent, Villanova. Note: road game vs. Illinois (one) and bowl vs. Houston.

Illinois State: played a Missouri Valley schedule, which included Eastern Illinois (not a conference game), Youngstown State, Western Illinois, Southern Illinois, Missouri State

Illinois: Big Ten of course (Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, Indiana, Rutgers, Maryland (haven’t seen), Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota, Purdue, Iowa, Northwestern. Non conference home: Southern Illinois, South Dakota State, Arkansas State, Western Michigan, Texas State, Western Kentucky, Charleston, Arizona State, South Florida, Miami of Ohio, Louisiana Tech, Kent State, Western Illinois, North Carolina, Ball State, Cincinnati.

What is my point: note how little overlap there is in the respective schedules. The greatest overlap: ISU and Illinois: Western, South Dakota State, Southern Illinois, Youngstown State (Iowa, NW as ISU road games)

I did watch Houston vs. Illinois in 1991 so that was the only team common to the 3 FBS teams (played Navy in the 1980 Garden State Bowl). Penn State is common to Texas and Illinois.

But back to the overlap: I’ve watched many NFL games, (followed the Patriots (1983-1984), Rams (2009-2015) Colts and Bears (2015-2018) and you see quite a bit of overlap in NFL schedules. So I suppose it is not a surprise that I’ve seen as many Super Bowl champions play (1982 Redskins, 1989 49’ers, 2009 Saints) as I’ve seen college national champions (Texas 1969, Colorado 1990, Youngston State 1993 (I-AA, now FCS)) though I’ve watched many more college games.

Workout notes: 2 mile treadmill (21:20), 1 mile lane 2 (9:22..was work), 1 mile walk outside…GI issues this morning?

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