Cartoons and Trolls

Today’s cartoons were unusually good: we have masters degrees that don’t help one’s employment prospects, science, a true fact about the memory-less-ness of the Bernoulli trial and the lack of effort on the part of students.





Then we have troll pages. One of the best troll pages is the Your Tattoos Make You a Horrible Mother Facebook page. People have fallen for it so hard that they become enraged and try to get it shut down; for those of us who like to laugh at clueless outrage, it is an almost endless source of amusement. Yes, I know; I should have better things to do with my time; but this is a bit like a train wreck. I don’t want to look..but I can’t help myself. 🙂

The page attracts outraged people who, well, aren’t the most educated and who don’t write all that well. The usual response is:

1. “I’ve got tattoos and I am a GREAT (or AWESOME) mom and my kids are all geniuses” or “having a tattoo doesn’t make you a bad mom”
2. “YOU SUCK” or some version of “Your (sic) and idiot”, often followed by obscenities, most of which are spelled correctly and
3. Some wish that those who run the page and like the page have a violent demise.

All of this is written at about a 3’rd to 6’th grade level, with a few exceptions.

The idea that the page isn’t advocating that someone do something illegal doesn’t phase the visitors; all they know is that they are offended and therefore want the page shut down.

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Why did anyone think of me when they saw this?


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THANK YOU READERS! One Million Hits…

I know that this isn’t much compared to big-time blogs but:

Oh yes, a troll on the Richard Dawkins twitter account called me an idiot for being an atheist. 🙂
And…I got a teapartytard who didn’t understand that when a factory closes, there is often a small crew which handles outstanding back orders and handles the physical closing of the plant.

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Hoover Presidential Museum today…

Workout notes: weights only; I lifted at the Riverplex so I could be ready to go by 8:30 am. Pull ups: slightly more problematic; 3 sets of 10, then one multi-grip (changed grips) set of 3-1-3, then a set of 5 then one set of 5 plus 5. I did rows with the dumbbells (55 pounds, each arm), bench: 10 x 135, 4 x 180, 3 x 180, 3 x 180, 6 x 170, incline: 8 x 135, 7 x 135, pull downs (3 sets of 10 with 155), and I did military presses with the seated machine that used free weights: 10 x 90, 10 x 130, 6 x 180. No, I couldn’t come close to using 180 on a bar.

I did the usual sit ups and added lunches and did curls with the machine.

Once again, Paul Krugman points out that running a private equity company doesn’t mean you understand the economy as a whole.

If you look at the comments, someone challenged me to a boxing match (with headgear). What this person doesn’t realize is that he didn’t understand what my post was about: I was making the case that getting educated does help you think, but it also makes you intellectually overconfident; in short, most educated people I know (myself included) are “smart idiots” at times. Being able to understand complicated stuff in one area speaks to your inherent intellectual abilities, but it can lead to overconfidence when one looks at an area beyond one’s specialization. Example: I probably did better on my SAT/ACT tests than most football coaches. But that doesn’t mean that I understand football the way that they do, and it would take me years of concentrated effort to catch up to them in that area…IF I were ever able to at all. Oh yes: my argument that this “smart idiot” syndrome was NOT just about conservatives; it applies to liberals as well.

But my intellectually lazy reader didn’t read much beyond my headline…or didn’t understand what they read. 🙂

Hoover Museum
My daughter and I went to the Hoover Museum. Upshot: he wasn’t my favorite President, but his bad reputation came mostly from the circumstances he stumbled into (that weren’t of his own making). He also did a lot of good in dealing with the effects of wartime famine.

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I hate those little pixies…

I don’t like those little pixies that go through my blog posts and litter them with they type of “spelling errors” that spell check doesn’t catch (e. g., changing “too” to “to” and visa versa, etc.)

Stop it! 🙂

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Leave the Cat Photos out…

I might replace the bottom with a “sports and politics” section but then…well, that is pretty much it.
(hat tip: Why Evolution is True)

Ok, how do I actually use the internet?
1. Blogging
2. science articles
2. Political articles
2. Sports articles (spectator and endurance sports)
2. Social media (almost exclusively with people involved in 2, 3 and 4)
2. Women in spandex photos (especially those who are working out or competing in sports)
7. FAILS 🙂
8. Productivity (seriously; I get ideas for research and teaching from the internet and share them as well, though not on this blog)

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Unusual Conversation Starter…..

Workout notes: 1200 yards of swimming:
12 x (25 drill, 25 swim) drills were kicking (front, side, side)
8 x (25 drill, 25 swim) drills were 2 sfs, 2 were 3-g (three strokes then glide), 4 were “fist” 25s.
4 x 50 on the 1:10; I actually got the feeling that I was swimming on the last one.


I admit that I sometimes do things just to start a conversation. Example: I’ll sometimes wear a race or an event t-shirt just to see if there are any others who have either ran (or walked) the race or participated in the event. It is fun!

I’ve done that too with my Obama t-shirt, but there was one occasion in which some old tea party type tried to get in an argument with me; I merely told him that he was wrong and blew him off.

There are conversation starters on the internet too; I’ve found the biggest ones have been on facebook and other websites.

But here is one conversation starter that I did not expect:

(in each case, click the thumbnail to see the full sized version)

What do these people have in common?

I’ve had back channel conversations with every one of them; topics have ranged from athletics, yoga, psychology, science, social issues, travel and humor. All of them have seen photos of me and my family and knows at least a little about me and my life, and I know at least a bit about theirs

And….I met every one of them because they posted a spandex butt-shot of themselves!

Who would have guessed that a spandex wrapped butt would be a conversation starter? 🙂

Oh well…back to my math paper.

Update I found one of my references online; it saved me a trip to the library! 🙂

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Blog Commentary…


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Oh, From the Mouth of Babes…

Get your blog writing style analyzed here.
Yes, I write like an old woman. 🙂 is probably written by a female somewhere between 66-100 years old. The writing style is personal and upset most of the time.

Other blog: is probably written by a male somewhere between 66-100 years old. The writing style is academic and happy most of the time.

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26 August 2010 (early am)

Runners, cyclists and walkers: be careful out there; drivers really might not be paying much attention.

This photo: from the fail blog; it is really, well, at times, in fact MOST of the time, so appropriate.

Law: no one could object to a piece that says, in effect, “judges ought to act in a civil, professional manner when on the bench”, right? You’d be wrong. (hat tip: Randazza)

Amphibians/Toads/human evolution

Notice how this tree frog reacts to this finger:

Evidently, chimps understand this reflex too.

Note: Hawaii has no native frogs nor toads; they can’t handle salt water. But some introduced frogs and toads have become pests.

Off for a walk…then PT, then back to classes!

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