What. A. Stretch.

OMG…wonder if I can con my yoga teacher into demonstrating that one for me.

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Targeted ads: on the way out? And no, my wife doesn’t want leggings designed for a 25 year old..

Because I am on Facebook and Instagram and I do some online buying, I do get quite a few targeted ads. A few *might* make sense (e. g. “we say you looking for Colts vs. Texans tickets; the prices have dropped!”), and a few are dumb (notifying me of good prices on hotel rooms in Cleveland, OH, and Muskogee, OK..when in fact, I only stop there at specific times of the year on my way to a specific event). And a few are amusing I will gleefully post here: “buy your girlfriend these leggings; her butt will look AWESOME! ” and the model is around 1/3 of my age! But..should I be looking at these ads at all? What would Gillette think?

Yes, on the whole, target ads do increase sales, but not enough to justify the extra expense. Many times, it makes more sense to spend that advertising money placing no targeted ads in other media.

Workout notes Markin center: 5 mile run (51:50; 22:20 for first 2) walk to 5.86, then 2 mile hill walk on another treadmill: 1-2-3-4-5, 10 minutes at 5, 4 the rest of the way (34 minutes for 2.15) So 1:39 for 8 miles total. 192.1 before.

Did some light shoveling last night.

The ads (39 of them; one is a Target ad, a few are “do these exercises” or “do this exercise routine” ads, one is “empower yourself, young woman” ad., one was a “word game” ad, .most of the rest are “your lady will look AWESOME in these leggings ad. Note that ALL of these ads targeted me on Facebook or Instagram; I did NOT go looking for them. All came from different ads targeted at me.

<img src="" alt="" width="600"

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When America was Great…and my “good old days”…

Ok, when exactly WAS America at her greatest? Well, one might say “it depends on who you ask” and there is statistical evidence for that:

What if people look most warmly on the years when they came of age? For many, the decade in which they spent their late teens and twenties is backlit with a soft glow of optimism and discovery, which tends to fade with the onset of children and male-pattern baldness. Republicans are older on average than Democrats. Could the partisan split the Times found simply reflect the demographics of each party?

In aggregate, Morning Consult’s data supports this trend. According to its survey, the plurality of people born in the 1930s and 1940s thought the 1950s were America’s best years; people born in the 1960s and the 1970s had a similar affinity for the 1980s.

But it’s worth a closer look. Using a slice of the raw survey data, I ran a multiple linear regression analysis, which attempts to calculate how much a collection of independent factors influences an outcome. In this case, the outcome was an individual’s pick for America’s Greatest Year; the factors were their age, their race, their education level, their gender, and their political party. (I threw out any response that named a date before 1930 as America’s best; very few people, save historians, are truly nostalgic for the 19th century, and these outliers skewed the sample.)

The result? It seems age does play a role in determining when a person thinks America peaked. For every 10 years a respondent’s age increased, their average America-Was-Greatest date dropped by three years. But race and party matter, too. Being a Democrat gave respondents an average bump of five years in their favorite dates, compared to Republicans; being black raised the average by more than eight years.

That said, the correlation is weak. Only 15 percent of the variability among the 2,000-odd favorite-year responses can be explained by these five demographic factors, which is laughably low by statistical standards.

You can find a table at the source. Note: 15 percent is not THAT bad when it comes to human factors.

And there is a tendency to romanticize the past and forget the bad stuff.

Yes, the body worked better and, well, this was more the norm:

What I forgot was: well, lack of money, worries about promotion, in fact, worry that I’d finish my tough the Navy was (the nuclear navy, in my case), the super long hours, etc.

Almost none of these factors had much to do with how the country itself was.

Yes, there are lots of aspects of current life that I don’t like.

Examples (many of them trivial)
Noise: leaf blowers..treadmills that “bong” every time you change a setting (WHY? I don’t need to know that those next to me are doing a run/walk), people with microphones that yell at you during every time out during a game (or between innings), and noisy public spaces.

About the leaf blowers: once, at a conference, I noticed that there was a nice looking rooftop area overlooking a I decided to take my lunch up there to eat. It wasn’t crowded…which seemed strange give than the day was nice. But sure enough, 2-3 minutes after I got there..the tale tell, ear splitting RRRRRRRR …some worker came through with a leaf blower…must have been a stray leaf somewhere. I left and now understood why the place was both pristine and empty. I suppose there is so much emphasis on making the place *look* nice that it was also made, well, unusable.

And, of course, cell phones…it seems that whenever you find a quite public space to take a break, some moron who is yelling on their cell phone will find you (easier for them to hear in a quiet spot, you see)

That seems to have gotten just a bit better with the advent of texting…

Well, to be fair, there is a lot that is better right now (e. g. I enjoy the internet..and yes, even social media) so..

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I admit that I am kind of down; I think that cold winters have this effect on me. Part of the reason is that, suddenly, my bed has gotten cold (wife is on a trip to South Africa; she is scheduled to be back early March).

Part of the reason is that my heel is injured and I cannot run..or at least shouldn’t for a week or two. The heel felt fine yesterday (no workout, but I did snow shovel and did yoga) and..well, I might try some easy treadmill walking at the end of the week if it continues to feel great.

And I have activities with friends over the next several days that I am looking forward to.

I am reading a book called Political Animals by Rick Shenkman and it is VERY helpful to understanding our political climate, but on the right and on the left. It is also depressing too.

Anyhow, partner yoga is going well; my teacher is dedicated.

She showed me some video and, well, there were a few things that I picked right up on….probably not the intention.

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Butts are nothing new…

First things first: workout notes: blood donation yesterday. So weights were enough for today.

usual pt, pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (went well?) incline presses: 10 x 135, 3 x 160, 9 x 145, military presses: 2 sets of 10 x 50 standing dumbbell, 10 x 45, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 200 Hammer machine.

The post: I was just fooling around on the internet and I saw a lot of old postcards:

I suppose that the love of big butts is nothing new…even if the butt selfie is.

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Conversation Starter

This is from the Chief’s Instagram feed. Yeah, believe it or not, what I picked up on HAS started conversations (indirectly) and, in at least a case or two, lead to a friendship, one of which is still current (I think)! Weird, huh?

But this does remind me that Bradley’s home baseball schedule starts this weekend and the Chiefs aren’t that far behind.

Workout notes:

Morning: a bit later than normal. But weights went fine:
rotator cuff
pull ups (5 sets of 10, determined)
bench press: 10 x 135, 6 x 185, 10 x 170 (good)
incline press: 10 x 135 (reasonably strict)
military press: dumbbell: 10 x 50 standing, 10 x 45, machine: 10 x 100 (each arm)
rows: 3 x 110 machine
goblet squats: warm up, sets of 5, 0, 25, 45, 45, 50, 60, 60, 60
abs: 2 sets of 12 twist crunch, 10 yoga leg lifts, head stand (up more quickly than usual).

Walk: Cornstalk classic 4 miler.

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I am a whale…no…fatter than that.


198.8 prior to weights; 197.3 after weights (and peeing away some of my morning coffee).

Weights: rotator cuff, light squats throughout
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (I’ve done better, I’ve done worse)
incline presses: 10 x 135, 5 x 160, 10 x 150
military: 10 x 50 dumbbell standing, 20 x 50 seated, supported, may have forgotten my third set
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 single arm, 10 x 200 Hammer Machine.
abs: 2 sets of 10 yoga leg lifts, 12 twist crunches
headstand: lots of trouble at first; never got up and steady until AFTER abs, then when I finally got up there, it was good.

Then a 5.1 mile walk on my Cornstalk course.

I had better trim down some if I want to stay up the pack this coming spring:


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Yoga Pants Protest Parade ….

Workout notes: so-so; my “treadmill tempo” went better than last week but not up to snuff: 11:03 mile 1, 10 min. at 6.7, 10 min. at 6.8, then 5 minutes at 6.9 before I gave into it and walked a bit; 38:10 for 4 miles (27:07 for 3). Hey, 25 minutes isn’t a bad tempo run, but I just was not into pain today. Then at 40 minuted (4.1 miles) I got off and walked 8 laps in the inner lane (15:30) to cool down.

Next week, I’ll do better.

Yoga pants: You know the drill: some old curmudgeon wrote a letter to the editor expressing his opinion about yoga pants. OF COURSE, someone took offense and there was a yoga pants parade to “protest”. Photos:



A Yoga Pants Parade photo posted on Instagram - healthylivingdreams??Beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes??Today, we hit the streets of PDX with amazing @evolvefitwear to celebrate Body Positivity and the choice to wear what we want, regardless of age, shape, size, or gender!???? Check my instastories to see what the #yogapantsparade was all about!? Such a rad day of Body Love, Human empowerment, great conversations, new friends, donuts and Yoga!You have the choice to be whoever you want, wear what you want, and Love Yourself a little more everyday. Let's choose Self-Love & Keep rocking it babes!????? #BodyPositivity

A Yoga Pants Parade photo posted on Instagram – healthylivingdreams??Beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes??Today, we hit the streets of PDX with amazing @evolvefitwear to celebrate Body Positivity and the choice to wear what we want, regardless of age, shape, size, or gender!???? Check my instastories to see what the #yogapantsparade was all about!? Such a rad day of Body Love, Human empowerment, great conversations, new friends, donuts and Yoga!You have the choice to be whoever you want, wear what you want, and Love Yourself a little more everyday. Let’s choose Self-Love & Keep rocking it babes!????? #BodyPositivity


I suppose I should laud the yoga pants wearing women for their …well, wearing yoga pants. 🙂 Seriously, check out the article I linked to. Sometimes I think that there is a certain “status” one attains (in some circles) by being “offended”. 🙂

Yes, you have the right to wear what you want (within reason; e. g. you can’t walk into a bank with your face covered) but you don’t have the right to have your attire accepted by other people.

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Hey, my eyes are down here!

Workout notes: treadmill 4 mile run; tried to warm up a little bit quicker but my first attempts at 6.7 mph (1:30, 2, then 5 minutes) were a bit ragged. I was at mile 2 in 21:06 or so; I finally got to 6.7 again at 24 minutes into it and was able to throw in 6.8, 6.9 and 7 at the end. Total time: 38:36 for 4 miles…then some free squats.

Run notes: I have a feisty friend who (teasingly?) admonishes me to not check out her butt; when she passes me she turns and says “eyes up…my eyes are up here”. So seeing this yoga photo made me chuckle..and I made this meme:


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Warm run and other topics

I got a late start; I left about 9 am and finished about 11 am.



Now I am catching some Olympics; I’ll write on my paper in just a bit.

Olympics and Politics
Trump is getting whipped in the polls and is now a 3-1 to 4-1 underdog in the betting lines. So he is already making excuses about the election being “rigged”.


(Thank you Carmen!)

And yes, I love the sports and the Olympic bodies.



But my (straight) women friends are also enjoying it too. And now, even gay men are coming out to say what they like.

Hey, in general, you have the finest athletes in the world, wearing very form fitting (or very little) clothing. So, I’ll play a game:

What I would want MY body to be like: boxers or sprinters (200 to 400 meter runners)
What I enjoy seeing: yes, the volleyball players (court or beach; I know the butt hangs out of the beach volleyball outfits but the court players have beautiful bodies too) and..believe it or not:


I admit it. Their uniforms aren’t that revealing, but I love their legs.

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