Very fun day….

Well, the weekend started on Friday when the Bradley women beat Evansville by 12. That was a great start.

So this morning I start out for a 15 mile run. It was 27 F at the start but it did warm up a bit; it took me 2:56 to do and I had to work through some rough patches at mile 12 or so.


Course: to Bass Pro, back to the trail and then to the “almost 3 mile mark; the little driveway before the angled road crossing and back.

Of interest:

1. While running over the Bob Michael Bridge (ON the sidewalk) I heard one honk. Then I saw a SUV honk a couple of times…and then someone evidently flipped me off (or flipping off another driver? It sure looked like it was aimed at me…) Hmmm.

2. On the trail toward East Peoria a “30-40 year old” woman passed me..not that fast. Perhaps she was doing 10 minute miles or thereabouts? She walked, I caught her, she caught me again and she stopped at Main Street in East Peoria. I kept going.

3. On the way back I had a rough patch or two where I wanted to mentally quit. I didn’t and it was ok.

Later, I shared Indian Buffet with a dear friend. We probably spent 1:30-1:45 there or so, just talking about many things. It was great food and great company.
We both had some professional work to do so both of us went to our respective offices.

I took some photos for “proof” (and to play along with a Facebook “back and forth” ). And Lynn, if you are reading this, yes, it is really that bad, most of the time. :-)





I did get one task done (need to do one more).

Then it was to watch the Bradley men play.

Warm ups.


They raced out to a 33-23 lead at the half and left to a standing ovation. Indiana State came back to cut it to a 3 point lead. Bradley got it back to 9, but ISU came back again and it was all even with 3:3x left in the game. But BU played with poise, got some stops and hit some big free throws. It was a 4 point lead with 3x seconds to go, then only a 1, but BU held on and ended up winning 63-58.

Now the women go for the weekend sweep tomorrow (before the Super Bowl) and I’ll be there, this time with a friend.

So, I saw none of the Republican debate. Others did, and evidently it didn’t go that well for Marco Rubio. I’ll watch clips in the morning.

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Morning quickie and a goodbye

Got up early to take my wife to the bus; she is off to Central America and not due to return until the 28’th of February.
So that gave me a “late start” at the gym. No matter; I had 20 minutes of weights:

pull ups: 15-10-10-10-5
rotator cuff (dumbbell)
military presses: 2 sets of 12 x 50 seated, supported (dumbbell), 10 x 200 (100 each arm) machine
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 (dumbbell)
abs (leg lifts, twist crunches, 2 sets each)

swim: 500 easy, 5 x 100 drill/swim with fins.
1000 alternating 100 pull, 100 free (chased Jason for a bit)
2 x 100 IM

Basketball: Bradley Basketball had a bizarre game against Missouri State. They failed to make a basket for the first 11:30 of the game and trailed 22-4 (4 free shots)
Then then rallied to pull to 37-35 in the second half only to trail 60-48, and then rallied again to cut it to 73-71 with 42 seconds to go. They lost 76-71, but at least turned it into an entertaining game.

Yeah, I know, I am sounding like a Bernie Sanders supporter (crowing about a closer than expected loss). And yes, Missouri State probably got complacent with a big lead. But BU at least looked like a MVC team for the final 25 minutes of the game.

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Bradley Women Basketball: 2 losses..but progress?

It was a rough homestand for Bradley Women’s basketball. They lost 76-64 to league leading Drake (but lead at first) and then lost today 55-47 to the 3’rd place team in the league (Northern Iowa). In today’s game, Bradley lead a times, and it was tied with 3:30 to go in the game.


Maybe this is a fan’s wishful thinking, but I think that if they play this well in other games, they might win a few of them.

Last night, we attended an event called “For the Love of the Game”; it honored women’s sports at Bradley. During the dinner session, Barbara and I sat with some cross country team members and a couple of basketball players.



In the more close up photo, you can barely make out Barbara’s plaid jacket (NOT the one on the younger woman in the foreground). Here is a take on it via the Peoria Journal Star.

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Ooops: Bradley falls to Northern Iowa 68-50…but..


Yes, we took Lynn to the game. And it was only 35-32 at the half, as Bradley rallied from an 11 point deficit by getting their offense going. Then in the second half…Bradley actually LEAD 38-37 with 17:25 to go in the game. UNI hit a 3 to take a 40-38 lead and it remained that exact score…until 13:18 was left. Neither team scored for 4:07!!!

Then came a rash of turnovers and the three point shots just rained down. With 3:03 left in the game it was 66-47; it was a 26-9 spurt in that 10 minute segment. UNI was 22-46 in shooting, but a torrid 15-25 from 3 point land (60 percent!) Bradley only shot 37 percent.

Well, BU played a decent “first 30 minutes” …now to make it to 40 minutes.

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Back indoors to run

I got started too late this morning due to last night’s basketball game.
Yes, Bradley lost to Illinois State 55-52, but BU was down 41-27 with 12:xx to go and rallied to cut it to 4 with 3:xx left in the game. The team IS looking better; I see clear progress. There were fewer turn overs and the big players held their own this time.

Yes, it WAS an ugly game with not much scoring early on.

Now about the run: lane 2 of the track: 10:02, 9:36, 9:30, 9:21 (38:21), 9:11 (47:43), 8:57 (56:40), 59:03 for 10K (50 laps). I had a few people to chase from time to time.
Then 14:55 walk on the treadmill (1 mile) to cool down.

Outside: 17 F, but the roads are still mostly snow/ice covered.

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Keep it classy Bradley Fans

Yes, yesterday the Bradley Women were overpowered by Missouri State 55-44; Bradley was outrebounded 48-34.
Today, the men were overpowered by Missouri State 61-42. The stronger Missouri State bigs had their way and Bradley’s team of 10 freshmen and 1 sophomore had trouble generating a consistent offense.

I can understand why someone might not want to watch.

But cat-calls “This is BORING; This is BULLSHIT” is uncalled for. If you don’t want to watch, don’t show up. These kids are amateurs and are working hard and this is year 1. We have a new AD as well.

Give it time; this is a different situation from last year. Entirely.

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Bradley wins first MVC game 54-53 at Loyola!

Not much to say other than…wow…rallied from 11 down in the second half. BU had a 37-24 edge in rebounds. I wasn’t at the game (in Chicago) but I watched it on Comcast Sports.

Time to smile. :-)

Now maybe the people I take to Bradley games while Barbara is gone (I have 4 of these) won’t hate me for life.

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Bradley Basketball: still a struggle

Bradley got whipped by Southern Illinois 65-44 in a game that wasn’t as “close” as the score might indicate. The lead was up to 27 at one time. It was 41-23 at the half (time on the clock was the amount of time left in halftime)


The red arrow marks where we were.


It is a freshman team; they make mistakes and not everyone is picking up the coaching at this point. 10 freshman. Ouch.

This might be a fan’s wishful thinking, but at this time a year from now, I’ll be that we’ll like what we see.

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End of a football weekend

Workout notes I have a scratchy throat and am feeling a bit less than 100 percent. So I didn’t run the race today but instead walked a gentle 8 miles.

Illinois Football: the big news is that they are retaining their interim coach for 2 more years. We shall see; remember that he was fired from Western Michigan after the 2012 season; that year his team lost to Illinois 24-7, one of 2 wins for the Illini that year.

Illinois promptly went on to lose to Northwestern 24-14 in Chicago, playing a “home game” in Soldier Field.


Now you see why Illinois was offering half price tickets over the past 2 weeks.

Yes, the last NW game in Champaign was played in a sparsely populated stadium but not quite this bad:

Of course the team was 4-7 going into the 2013 game and 5-6 into this year’s game.

So, I am not sure that anything was gained by moving the game. This year, the Illini finish 5-7 overall and 2-6 in Big Ten play.

Illinois had a touchdown in the first quarter and a pick-6 in the 4’th quarter.

Bradley Basketball

The men played hard against Mississippi but lost 67-54; the Braves came out with high energy but eventually the inexperience showed.
The women came out flat and were barely ahead of Division III Eureka 38-34 at the half. I don’t know what the coach told the team at the half, but it ended 87-47.

Update I just watched Stanford rally from 36-35 down with 30 seconds to go to beat Notre Dame 38-36 with a last second field goal. That was one heck of a good game. ND finishes 10-2 with 2 very narrow losses to excellent teams.

So the score for me (football): 0-4 (my teams)

Texas Tech 48 Texas 45 (got it right, win and spread)
Houston 52 Navy 31 (missed this pick)
Northwestern 24 Illinois 14 (got it right, win and spread)
Stanford 38 Notre Dame 36 (got it right, Stanford won but ND covered)

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Growing pains..Bradley Basketball

Bradley lost to New Orleans 64-51 at home; the lead was 8 at the half. Bradley shot 53 percent from the free throw line and 31.5 percent from the field. That is painful. Then again, BU has TEN freshman on the roster; one senior started and one sophomore played significant minutes.

New Orleans isn’t that good of a team; they lost 79-61 to Bowling Green and 95-75 to Duquesne. They beat one NCCAA D-2 team (D-2 of a non-NCAA division).

Oh well…growing pains for both the men’s and women’s teams.

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