Trump: being deliberately divisive in an unprecedented way

I’ve never seen anything like it from ANY President Elect from either party in my lifetime:

And these are only the ones from New Year’s Eve onward!!! I am not talking about his “private citizen” tweets.

This is NOT how to show that you want to be President of *all* of America. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Don’t expect much from the Republicans in Congress…their hypocrisy knows no bounds:

I’m sorry, but uniting the country starts at the top…and President Elect Trump and the Republicans in Congress are failing…Bigly.

And please spare me all of this “President Obama was divisive” bullshit. Neither he nor President Bush acted anything like this.

Americans must agree:


This is from the Gallup Presidential Approval Center.

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President Obama has some good advice about ebola

Yes, I know; many have tuned him out already. But he really is spot on here in what should be a non-partisan issue.

But we are polarized to the degree that if this message comes from the “social and political opposition”, the other side tunes out.
Dr. Andy (a smart, accomplished person who is confused about politics 🙂 ) sent me this link which discusses this polarization.

Yes, there are hard feelings at times and not just on these sorts of issues either. Yes, some ideas are not worthy of respect and people’s evasive behaviors should be called out.

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The Real “Entitled Victims”: the Republican base

Workout notes classic Cornstalk 4.2 mile run in 42:46; I was slowed down by not having great vision during the park; I am going to need to use a head lamp.


Now, to be honest I really thought that President Obama did ok during the first debate as did many of my liberal leaning friends, but my wife thought he did horribly and told me so. And, after seeing reaction and polling, I accepted that my view was skewed by the fact that I had followed Mr. Romney so closely.

Now, we have this by Rachel Maddow; well worth watching. She talks about the Wold Net Daily guy (Jerome Corsi) being credentialed to travel with the Romeny campaign. She also talks about how Republicans absolutely refuse to accept facts.

Now this…well, you saw some of this from the left in 2004 when some liberals thought that George Bush really didn’t win Ohio; I admitted that he did though there were voting irregularities that needed to be addressed.

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More Shameless Pro-Obama Fluff

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Team Beck not laughing: Stewart’s act has grown ‘tired’ | Raw Story

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Team Beck not laughing: Stewart’s act has grown…, posted with vodpod

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