President O dunks on the Republicans

Ok, ok, there is zero chance that the Republican Congress will do anything to work with the President. But please spare me about “the people”; the Senate is badly skewed toward the Republicans due to small states having 2 senators, just as the large states do and due to the House overrepresenting the population of rural America.

Still, it was nice to see.

Workout notes
I’ve had some pain on the lateral part of my foot (the outside, almost where the sole meets the instep, just ahead of the ankle…cuboid syndrome?; there is some slight swelling and tenderness and “light” burning; almost more of a minor nuisance than anything) but I felt it might be a good idea to reduce mileage.

I think it may have come from walking without my foot orthotics.

so today: I swam: 2200 yards

500 steady
10 x 100 on the 2:10 (1:50-1:53 mostly)
100 in 1:48
4 x 50 on the 1:10 (55 each)
100 back
100 side
100 fly practice
2 x 25 fly
50 fist/free

It was enough to start the semester.

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What the hands up, don’t shoot is about (and the news isn’t all negative)

I’ve thought about racism lately and some of the “don’t shoot” events and the like. Some CNN anchors did the hands up thing:


And of course the some are infuriated as some were infuriated when President and First Lady Obama dared to talk about their direct experience with racism (which, by the way, wasn’t a “feel sorry for me” plea but rather to demonstrate that black people deal with racism no matter how high up the ladder they climb). This is curious, because many who are bellowing the loudest are the FIRST to claim the “victim” mantle for themselves. :-)

Well, if you want to know what the “hands up, don’t shoot” stuff is about, watch this video:

In the video, Jones can be seen getting out of his car when Groubert pulled up and asked for his license. Jones can be seen reaching into his car for his license, and as he does, Groubert begins yelling at Jones and fires several shots.

Jones was hit by one bullet in the hip. He is recovering at home after being hospitalized for the injury.

While shooting at Jones, Groubert can be heard yelling, “Get out of the car, get out of the car.”

Jones replied,”I just got my license, you said get my license.”

Groubert responded by telling Jones to get on the ground.

While on the ground Jones said, “I have my license right here, you said get my license.”

In the video Groubert can be heard asking Jones if he was hit by a bullet and went on to say, “Bro, you dove head first back into your car.”

Who in the heck gets a gun pulled on them for a seat belt violation?

The (sort of) good news is that at least the State of South Carolina is taking allegations of this type of misconduct seriously; the officer shown above was charged and is on his way to trial; two other officers got indicted for other incidents (which lead to seemingly needless deaths).

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President Obama on Colbert: no one (not even Pres. O) is spared…:-)

Yes, the overly sensitive might not like this, but even Republicans will find laughs…

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Lost in all the hubbub: great jobs numbers for November 2014


This was the best numbers since 1999, though wages remain down.

Not that President Obama will get credit for any of it…
It is interesting how his approval numbers appear to track the average, though the are slightly below the average.

Screen shot 2014-12-07 at 8.46.53 PM

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President Obama and Immigration Reform

Presidents do have some latitude on how laws are enforced (e. g. they can direct that enforcement agents target this situation or that type of behavior). Here is a handy list of what is going on.

Now, of course, people can express their opinions on what they want Congress and The President to do…and personally, I am legitimately confused as to the proper course of action. On one hand, I’d like to see Congress pass something. On the other hand, I am not so sure that they can.

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More energy makes a difference

Brutally cold outside (14 F, which is more January like stuff for us)

Workout notes
Weights: pull ups (5 sets of 10: strong) Hip hikes, Achilles
Bench press: 10 x 135, 3 x 180, 9 x 160 (strong..for a change) rotator cuff
Incline: 10 x 135
military:(dumbbell), 12 x 50 seated, supported, 2 sets of 10 x 40 standing super set with:
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 65 (each arm)
pull down: 3 sets of (7 x 160 traditional, 7 x low (90, then 100, 100))
Hammer rows (between pull downs): 2 sets of 10 x 200.

Then walking on the treadmill; slow at first; 14:50 mile 1, then 39:45 for 3 miles, 41:10 for 5K.
I also did some weightless squats to stay loose.

I noticed that I had more pep with the weights; I think that the difference is that I did not go long this past weekend. It makes a difference.

The Illegal Immigrant Amnesty fight: it is explained well here. No law will be changed, but the executive can direct where enforcement is directed. President Bush did that. President Obama might do that too. What will become of it? I really don’t know.

College Football: this blog post has an amusing take on “fan misery” and gives the top 10 most miserable fan bases. Note: this isn’t a “worst team” list but rather a list of fans having a “success/recognition to wins” ratio. One 10-0 team is on this list! So is 7-3 Notre Dame and…4-6 Illinois:

If you’re a fan of the Fighting Illini, you’re asking two questions today. First, what in the world are we doing here? And two, why does Tim Beckman still have a job? Beckman has been Illinois’ coach for 34 games. He has won 10 of them against the following opponents (in chronological order): Western Michigan, Charleston Southern, Southern Illinois, Cincinnati, Miami (Ohio), Purdue, Youngstown State, Western Kentucky, Texas State and Minnesota. That’s Illinois football, folks. Or at least, it is right now, which is pretty comical when you consider that Ron Zook was fired following back-to-back bowl seasons. Of course, that’s not the full story. Zook was mediocre at best for four consecutive years after going to the Rose Bowl in 2007. It was time for a change. But Beckman has dug a far deeper hole for the next coach to climb out of, and regardless of when the coaching change comes, that’s a difficult proposition for fans to swallow. Sitting in a cold, empty stadium in Champaign, Ill., in October and November to watch more years of bad football before the next guy shows signs of life? What fan really wants to deal with that?

Emphasis mine. Sure, I go to the games, but I like football! And yes, losses and all, I enjoy myself.

And, following Illinois football is good preparation for following Bradley Basketball, where our once proud program lost to a D-III program in an exhibition game and got stomped at home by a mediocre Sun Belt team:

That was bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.
So bad, in fact, I think the college basketball team that lost its home and season opener Friday night at Carver Arena, the team wearing home whites and representing a program that once was the pride of Peoria, should be called Badley.
Texas-Arlington spanked Badley, 86-75, in one of those games where the final score lies. This was a 20-point game for nearly 20 minutes, from late first half until Badley made a few plays late in the game. If UTA were really good, it could have built a 40-point margin and we might be talking epic badness from a home team.
“We were awful,” Badley coach Geno Ford said.
At least give Ford credit for speaking truth. There was not anything else for which he deserved credit Friday. Blame, yes. Credit, no.

Well, at least there weren’t that many fans to see it and it wasn’t cold in the arena.

By halftime, the visitors had made 10 of 14 treys and stretched their lead to 48-26 before Omari Grier hit a late 3-pointer to get it under 20 at the break.
The paid crowd of 5,469 (about 4,000 actual) grew more somber when the Mavericks opened the second half with two more 3s to pull ahead 54-32.



But, in some ways, I am the worst kind of Bradley Basketball fan. Why? Well, I go to the men’s and women’s games because I like basketball; were the teams to drop to division II or even III wouldn’t affect me at all; I’d still go. Record: well, I am happy when the teams win, but….(shhh), that is irrelevant to my showing up and cheering. For me, it is “supporting the students while I do something I enjoy” sort of thing.

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Liberals: President O has done more that some realize

There is a reason that the 1 percent hate him.

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Obama’s accomplishments

Fact Check does its thing (non-partisan)

Paul Krugman, an early critic of Obama, gives an excellent defense of his record, thereby refuting much LIBERAL criticism. Seriously people: did you think that a “different” Obama could have gotten a more liberal agenda past Republican obstructionism? And yes, the deficit is DOWN, not that anyone knows or cares.

Yes, I know: any deficit adds to the national debt, whether it is down or up.

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I’ll see your “Obama latte salute” and raise you a “Bush dog salute”


Moral: a minor breach of etiquette by a President really means little. It won’t change the minds of those who either support or despise the President in question, nor will it change the minds of the supporters/detractors concerning the “other camp”. The other side is ALWAYS a bunch of willfully ignorant, two-faced hypocrites.

You want to know why I didn’t like President Bush? It is because:

1. At first, his tax cuts were heavily weighted toward the wealthy and
2. He invaded a country that didn’t attack us and really wasn’t threatening us.

President Obama has done neither.

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President Obama’s main weakness

It is no secret that I am a fan of the President. But like the rest of us, he has weaknesses. This is one of his: he seems to have a disdain for building the personal relationships with members of Congress that people like President Clinton did.

Now, I happen to PREFER working with someone who is curt and to the point so *I* could probably work with him. But I don’t have a politician’s personality.

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