Economy, Republican advantages, religious censorship

Workout: nothing today. If all goes well, I should make up for that tomorrow. We might get some drizzle tonight but tomorrow should be clear.

I’ll get my leggings, gloves and other things ready this morning and tonight.

Yes, the economy is still adding jobs, though the jobs are at lower wages.

But House elections are still tough for us; given the combination of gerrymandering and the fact that Democrats live in urban areas (grouped together) means that Republicans will always be overrepresented in the US House, per capita.

Religion of peace
Even in so-called moderate Muslim countries, one can still get arrested for religious crimes:

ISTANBUL (AFP) – A Turkish woman was arrested on suspicion of blasphemy and inciting religious hatred after allegedly stepping on Holy Quran and then posting the picture on Twitter, media reported on Wednesday.

The arrest came after Melih Gokcek, Ankara s controversial mayor from the ruling Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party (AKP), launched a criminal complaint against the 38-year-old-woman, who uses the Twitter handle @kedibiti (cat lice).

The woman, who has over 5,000 followers and describes herself as “an atheist who respects only humans”, allegedly shared a picture showing a pair of red high heels on a copy of the Quran, Dogan news agency reported.

In the Islamic world, the shoe has long been considered dirty and insulting because it is associated with the foot, the lowest part of the body.

The Holy Quran states that only those who are clean should touch the sacred text and it should not be placed on one s lap or held below the waist.

“I had warned this user called @kedibiti, who stepped on our sacred book, that I was chasing her and would have her arrested,” Gokcek wrote on Twitter.

He confirmed that police had arrested her and seized her computer and cellphone.

Dogan said the woman was later released but Gokcek said he was suing “the infidel” for insulting religion, inciting religious hatred and threatening public peace.

“It is time for justice now. No one has a right to insult our religion. We will never allow this to happen,” Gokcek wrote on Twitter.

(emphasis mine). Seriously, how can a liberal not condemn such backwards attitudes?

Sorry, but that is just plain backward. In the US, one has to do something more serious, like write a parody of a mayor.

Seriously, I don’t know who would think that “desecrating a Bible” would lead to an arrest in the US.

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 7.59.18 AM

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I was wrong about Cheri Bustos

Yes, I voted for Cheri Bustos and gave her campaign a token about of money. But I was not happy about her becoming a Blue Dog.

I am still not happy about that, in terms of policy.

But she did win reelection, and she won by a larger amount than she did in 2012. In 2012, she won 53-47. This time, she won 55-45, and this was in a hard year for Democrats and in an election where President Obama wasn’t on the ballot.

Yes, President Obama carried her district by 17 points in 2012.

Still, she pitched a “moderate” image and won with that.

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I still have a reason to go on…


As long as there is spandex and women who wear it…

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A bit of perspective

Midterm elections: yes, the Republicans will have a pretty good day, though we won’t know how many Senate seats they control until the run offs later this year (southern states require the winner to get 50 percent or more instead of a mere plurality).

But in the long run:



Africa and Ebola:

ebola in Africa

And no, this isn’t like the map of Illinois in which the population of the state is heavily weighted in one area.

World wide
I think that it is human nature to be self centered; e. g. our local world is what there is. But in reality, well…we simply aren’t that big of a part of the world, at least in human population:


sorry, but I just don’t find the idea of some anthropomorphic deity to be all. This is a group of galaxies…billions of galaxies out there, with billions of stars in each one. And we are just a bunch of glorified chimps. This is galaxy cluster Abell 1689, seen from the Hubble telescope (long exposure)


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My life as a new IL-17 Republican: toward November 4

I got a couple of mailers; one was from Bobby Schilling and one was a letter signed by several “prominent” Republicans (Aaron Schock was one) saying how bad Cheri Bustos is and how great Bobby Schilling is.

It wasn’t as bad as the stuff I got in 2012.

But it was still bad.

This also reminded me of the stuff conservatives pulled in 2004 (I cannot say that the Republican party did this):


I find it interesting that they are trying to rely on deception and suppressing the vote.

I suppose they can justify the latter by saying that “it is better if only the “worthy” vote” and the former….trying to trick not-so-informed people into thinking that your candidate is a Democrat….hmmm…not sure as how I would justify that. Why wouldn’t you brag about how super-duper conservative your Tea Party nutjob is?

I am no fan of Cheri Bustos as she is a Blue Dog in what should be a more progressive district. But Bobby Schilling is a 14’th Century regressive and a dishonest campaigner.

She remains a modest favorite to win reelection.

IL-governor: toss up. Nate Silver has Quinn up by 1 but the election well within the “toss up” range. Same for Election Projection. Though Dick Durbin is comfortably ahead in his US Senate Race, the overall balance: Republicans will probably end up with 51-53 seats, depending on how the post November 4 run-offs go.

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My political races (IL-17, IL-governor) and a treadmill run

Politics: below the treadmill chart.

Today: though it was pretty, I decided to stay on the treadmill to save the legs a bit.

Base elevation: I use 0.5 to equalize the pace to road running (account for lack of wind resistance)

So I started with a slow mile (10:40) and then did a 10 minute mile varying the elevation: .05-1-2-3-4.
I switched treadmills due to the “lower the elevation” button being stuck!

Then I did close to 42 minutes on the other treadmill at 9:50 mpm (6.1) and did:

2 minutes at 0.5, 2 minutes at 2.0, 2 minutes at 0.5, 2 minutes at 3.0
then 8 x (2 minutes at 0.5, 2 minutes at 4.0); I hit 4 miles at about 39:30 or so.
Then 2 more minutes at 6.0 (10 mpm) at 0.5 to finish 10K.

That was more challenging than I hoped it would be; here is why:


Click for a larger version. (from here) I totaled 18 minutes of running at a “sub 9 minute pace” effort with short breaks in between, which is a reasonable workout for me right now.


Tonight: my wife is dragging me to a reception for an anti-GMO State Senator (he is ok on other issues) and a Blue Dog House Democrat who is locked in competitive race…even though her district went for President Obama by 17 points in 2012. This race is leaning her way but that is mostly because the Republicans nominated a “flat-earther” Tea Party idiot. I am not enthusiastic about our candidate, but the Republican makes me want to vomit.

Our Governor’s race IS tight; it matches an ineffective Democrat against a Donald Trump caliber Republican. My guess is that our politically savvy Democrat will find a way to win.

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Bilking the not-so-bright….


Wow…that would be one way to get some action. 🙂

But the real con artists are the ones who know how to make themselves rich.

Sarah Palin knows how to do it:

The first pic on Sarah Palin’s website reads the oh-so original tag of: “We must reverse Obama’s destructive policies. Help send real conservatives to fix them”. Underneath the declaration is a button for conservative saps to give money to SarahPac.

According to Open Secrets the fighting Palins have been bilking the pac:

Out of $1.4 million the PAC had available in the third quarter — $978,000 sitting in the bank at the beginning of the July 1-Sept. 30 period, plus another more than $433,000 raised during that time — SarahPAC managed to donate just $45,000 to fellow Republicans running in the midterms. That’s a little more than 3 percent.
For the two-year 2014 cycle, the former Alaska governor’s PAC, a vehicle that helps her stay in the game amid talk that she may run in the 2016 presidential contest, has raised $2.5 million on top of more than $1.1 million that was in the bank at the start of the cycle. It has spent $2.7 million, with about $150,000 — or 5.5 percent — going to candidates.

This isn’t the least bit surprising. Palin quit on the people of Alaska to become a tacky television host and “author” who entered the lucrative conservative entertainment and grievance complex that has made political cancers such as O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh wealthy.

Karl Rove cleaned up in 2012 (note: this article was written PRIOR to election day in 2012).

Yes, Super Pacs are doing very well…for now.

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Grim News for 2014 midterms

Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 6.22.37 AM

From Electoral-vote. The reality is that we’d need to hold on to our “just barely” and get half of their “just barely” states to even hit 50-50. That is highly unlikely.

From the bookies: about 1/4 for Republican control, 7/4 for Democrats.

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The Republicans are very confident about 2014….

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 7.43.21 PM

I can see why.

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Bustos hits back; religion and state and economics….

IL-17 race: Bobby Schilling is running dishonest ads; Cheri Bustos hits back.

Presidents and the economy What do the metrics themselves say about the modern Presidents? You might be surprised at what the numbers say.

Religion and State
No, Reza Asian didn’t “take down” Bill Maher.

Our church and state issues are not as serious, but we do have them nevertheless.

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