back to walking

I decided to do my first walk today; Ms. V. got sick and had to cancel our joint workout.
2 miles on the gym treadmill in 29:35 (about 15:30 for the first mile) and the heel seemed to do best on medium inclines (3-4); I felt it a bit at 6 and at 0.5

After that, 1 hour on the bike (16.4 miles); about 9 miles in the first 35 minutes and the next 7 came in 23:30. I figured that was enough for one day (for the heel).


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I’ll take “bad ideas for 500″…

No, this isn’t a “Bad Idea Jeans” commercial. But I’ve hears some terrible ideas floating around out there.

Guns and gun control

One is the old “well, if killers don’t have access to guns, they’ll kill with something else” argument. Yes, I know; a fertilizer and diesel fuel bomb was used in Oklahoma City, and people have deliberately driven cars on the sidewalk and into crowds.

But, such items have other uses and yes, there is regulation on them. I am not claiming that reinstating the assault weapons ban will make mass shootings go to zero; almost nothing will do that. But it will reduce the frequency; it will make mass killing harder to do.

Analogy: drunk driving laws have not reduced drunk driving to zero. But they HAVE made things better.

That is also the counter argument to “well, criminals don’t obey laws”. True..but we have laws anyway, right?

Next, you have this “Arm the teachers” stuff:

This is about the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard. For one thing: having aptitude to be good with a gun in an emergency situation is very different than having the aptitude to be a good teacher (regardless of level). Then one would have to train and retrain …for a skill that one is very unlikely to ever have to use. Then there is the idea of storing a gun around kids to begin with… Nope.

And I will say this: I am NOT going to bring a gun to class. Period.

Note: I am not against the “mental and emotional health” attack on the problem; I am against leaving it at that. Guns themselves are still a major problem.

And please, spare me all of that “god” bullshit. In countries and in states, religiosity correlates positively with social pathology.

Russians and our elections Ok, 13 Russian nationals have been indicted for interfering in our election. In a nutshell, they posed as US activists and did things like promote Jill Stein (and yes, Bernie Sanders) and Donald Trump; they made anti-Clinton ads and the like.

One would think that Americans would take offense at a hostile power trying to influence our election.

But many Trump supporters …don’t.

One of them seemed to imply that they were against “the political process” than enabled, well, those who are not shining stars in capitalism have influence in an election; sort a “the winners of society should make the decisions”. Never mind that many of the wealthy and powerful *inherited* their positions and wealth to begin with.

Such ideas have been tried before and they’ve never turned out well.

Anyhow, this is what we are up against; remember that some really believe that the most successful in business have some inherent right to govern. I doubt if the GOP politicians will say that in public, but you’d better believe that the donor class believes this.

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A remarkable first week and basketball game

Once again, Barbara has gone on a lengthy winter trip; if memory serves she has done this since 2015. It isn’t a bad time to go as she gets to miss 2-4 weeks of the Illinois winter and one of the more hectic parts of my academic year.

And interestingly enough, instead of being mostly alone, I’ve been more social than normal. Yes, I am dealing with a heel injury, but I’ve also returned to swimming; a long lost friend. I am also getting more into yoga; last Tuesday I had a double class (yoga for the back, then partner yoga) followed by dinner with my teacher.

Then came Valentine’s day.

Ok, that wasn’t exactly true this year. Yes, it was a couple of days after some snow:

Then I went out to dinner (ok, burgers and fries) with my yoga teacher and then to the Bradley vs. Illinois State basketball game. Ms. V. is an ISU alum and I took her to that game last year, where Bradley got blown out.

This year, Bradley is improved and ISU had one starter out and one hobbled with a sore knee. Therefore, Bradley held ISU scoreless for about the first 6:30 of the game and, built the lead to 16 points. ISU fought back gamely but Bradley won 70-58.

Ms. V. wore her ISU shirt with pride…but as the game wore on, she threatened to make me walk home. 🙂

Early action.

This was Bradley’s second best crowd (7700 or so) for the season; but this wasn’t the sell out that this game used to be. Then again, ISU won the previous 8 games in this series so..maybe this might become a genuine rivalry again?

Two days later (Friday): I went to dinner with a dear friend. Afterward, I went to catch the second half of the Bradley women’s game vs. Evansville. The first game (at Evansville) saw BU build up a 60 point lead (not a misprint) and coast to a 117-59 win.

When I turned on the radio…Evansville was a head and lead 31-30 at the half!

In the second half, Bradley upped the defensive pressure. Still, the first 4 minutes of the second half were very competitive. But eventually the short handed Evansville team wilted under the pressure and BU went on a 25-2 run, getting open looks at 3’s, uncontested lay ups, steals etc.

BU outscored the Aces 42-14 in the 3’rd quarter (10 minutes). The Braves emptied their bench in the 4’th but still outscored EU 20-2 in the final quarter (EU was running on fumes).

I was happy for Bradley but I also remember Evansville having a competent women’s team last year. This year has been a nightmare of injuries for them. Oh well; Bradley (both the men and women) had to fight through such adversity in previous seasons.

Today and tomorrow: dinner with Tracy tonight; then tomorrow more partner yoga and lunch with Ms. V.
Somewhere I should get some work done, I suppose. 🙂

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Trivial: swimming again, etc.

Heel update: did not hurt on the walk to the Riverplex (parking lot); did ache oh-so-slightly from the locker room to the top floor.

Swim: 500 free, 100 back, 200 of (25 fly, 25 back), 100 breast, 100 of drills (side kick was painfully slow), then:
200 in 3:33, 200 in 3:38 (fatigued), 100 in 1:48. (intervals: “1 minute per 50”). then 100 back, 50 side.
Total: 1650 yards (1500 meters)

Slowly, I am working my way back to doing “real” swimming workouts again. Long term goal: double the above. That will take months.
Note: I felt the good old “chest burn” during my first 200. I hope to work up to doing a set of 10 100’s at that intensity.

Afterward: I went to the Riverplex AMT machine (newer version of what Bradley has) and did 4 miles; 13:30 for the first mile. 25:50 for mile 2 and 49:15 for 4 miles. I upped the resistance every 2 minutes until I got to 15, then backed it down. That was fine, though it left me heavy legged in a way that running and walking does not.

Afterward, I did the eccentric toe raises (lowering really) and it really felt good after that. I believe that I am genuinely on the mend.

Weight: 203.5 before swimming; 202.5 after. That is headed in the right direction also.

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fatigue: comes more easily

I WAS going to do some elliptical after weights, but I just didn’t want to push through those first 10 minutes. Heel: slight backslide from yesterday, sort of. The walk to the gym was actually a bit less painful but I felt it a bit in the gym. Still: it is much improved from a week ago.

weights only: usual PT; cut the rest time for my pull ups for the first 3 sets (made a difference) 5 sets of 10
bench press: 10 x 135, 6 x 185 (wanted 7), 3 x 175 (didn’t feel right), 10 x 170 (gutted it out)
incline press: 10 x 135 (harder than usual)
military: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell standing (each arm), 10 x 90 (each arm) machine
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 single arm (dumbbell)
squats (goblet) 2 sets of 10 x 50, 10 x 62 (to the window sill)
abs: 50 twist crunch, 10 moving bridge, 10 yoga leg lifts, 10 moving bridge, 24 twist crunch, 10 moving bridge, 10 yoga leg lifts
head stand: ok; first attempt I couldn’t quite hold it; got it and held it steadily the second time)
planks: 2 minutes (sucked), two side plank.

I just had no desire for aerobic stuff today…for some reason the weight routine was more draining than normal.
I wonder if it was because I added swimming (yesterday).

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Ok, we have ANOTHER mass shooting at school …and nothing will change.

Oh, I’ve read this before. Yes, we’ll hear “we need to bring GOD back” (nonsense). I am seeing the calls for “armed teachers” (uh, no: the personality and skill set to be a good teacher doesn’t coincide with being a well trained, competent armed guard). I wrote about this 6 years ago.

And yes, our kids are far more likely to die in car accidents, more likely to die of suicide and more likely to die in an ordinary shooting than one of the well known mass shootings.

And yes, shootings are going DOWN, not up (per capita) though suicides (gun related) have gone up.

This video is pretty good (7 minutes) and it talks about how the problems are different (suicide, gang violence, mass shootings)

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trivial: heel saga continues (upward trend)

I am going to give my heel 2 more weeks. So far the pain is way down; the only time I’ve felt it over the past couple of days is when I’ve walked to campus (the gym) for the first time and even then, the pain is NOT what it once was.
I don’t feel it when I get out of bed or walk around the house (wooden floors). It is that first “extended” walk (about 1/4 of a mile or so) in the morning.

I got Sorbothane heel pads last night.

I’ll talk more about last night’s Bradley win and “date” with V in a later post. It was fun and I got some revenge for last year (when her team won going away)

Swim: 400 free (fatigued in the final 100)
100 back, 100 breast
4 x 25 back, 25 fly.
200 (3:38), then 100 (on the 4), 100 on the 2:15 (1:48 each), 2 x 50 on the 1:10 (54). I swam at a “don’t hurt yourself but attempt to streamline” intensity.
50 back, 50 side

1400 total.

Then 5K on the AMT (11:50, 34:15 for 3 miles, 35:30 for 5K. Then toe raises (saw another guy doing them; we just grinned knowingly at each other.

Weight: 203.5 after swimming (and breakfast)

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Partner yoga..

Last night we did the partner yoga workshop; or rather my yoga teacher did and I was the “other person” prop. It was embarrassing at times, as my teacher is, well, much better at it (more flexible, etc) but still fun.

So yesterday was a “swim/AMT/” in the morning; “2 hours of yoga” in the evening.

This morning: did not sleep that well (due to eating late) but still did a workout: weights plus 10 miles (34:40) on the stationary bike.

weights: pull ups (5 sets of 10), usual PT
incline: 10 x 135, 5 x 155, 9 x 145
military: 2 sets of 10 x 50 standing, 10 x 180 (90 each arm) machine
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 single arm.
goblet squats: 10 x 45, 10 x 50, 10 x 62 “to the sill”
Then the bike.

Heel: not 100 percent by any means, but it stung less when I walked in the morning..probably due to warmer weather.

Bradley hosts Illinois State in basketball and I am taking my yoga teacher to the game. Go Braves! Oh, she is an ISU grad. Bradley is favored, in part due to ISU being down 3 players (2 starters). But…they played us back when we had a team manager logging minutes so…

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not there yet..

More boring stuff about my left heel: it felt great until I walked to the gym in the cold..but that is really the only time it hurt. I need to remember to warm up prior to walking outside.

Swim: 300 free (could not keep up with Jason), 100 back, 4 x 25 fly, 100 breast, 6 x 50 on 1:10 (52-53 each), 100 in 1:48, 2 x 50 on 1:10 (52-53 each; chased a young woman and Jason), 50 back, 50 side.

Then 5K on the AMT in 35:40; 34:20 for 3 (12:03 for 1); pain free (slight “thereness”) then stretching.

I’ll be happy if I am good to go in a month.

Yoga: last night’s beginner’s class was well attended..kind of like the old days. Double session tonight with Ms. Vickie.

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Attitude matters

I was just a bit off in the weight room. Since I did not do all that much over the weekend, my guess is that attitude has something to do with it. I just don’t feel that “get up and go”; winter just messes with my mind. BUT, I have some fun events coming up.

Usual PT
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (went ok)
bench press: (sluggish) 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 5 x 185, 7 x 175
incline press: 10 x 135
military (went well): standing, 2 sets of 10 x 50, seated, supported: 1 set of 15 x 50
rows (single arm dumbbell) 3 sets of 10 x 50
abs: twist crunch (50, 24), yoga leg lifts (10, 10)
core: side planks, 2 minutes front plank (tough, but better than last week)
headstand: got up ok, but never felt steady..a bit shaky
goblet squats (to the window sill) 10 x 53, 10 x 62
bike: 10 minutes (butt hurt)
AMT: 2 miles (23:35) easy; didn’t want to aggravate the heel

Heel: not close to being well (ached a bit when I walked on the cold, cold snow outside) but much, much, much better.

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