Senator Sanders and rhetoric vs. action

I know that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has officially decided to run for President. Some of the more outspoken liberals I know are backing him.

Yes, he says many of the “right” things in public, and Secretary Hillary Clinton has been derided as being too close to Wall Street, too much of a hawk in foreign affairs, etc.

But here is the question I’d love to get answered by someone who supports Senator Sanders: what actually has he done?

Saying the “right thing” is pretty easy one one comes from a small, “safe” state; in 2012 he won by 70 percent but still had about 2/3’rd the vote that the current Chicago Mayor got. But if “saying the right thing” is what we need, then why not draft, say, Paul Krugman? Krugman certainly knows more about economics than any political candidate and I mostly love what he says. :-)

I want someone who has demonstrated some political skill at actually getting legislation passed and getting hostile political opposition to at least give a little.

So, at least to me, Senator Sandars is something like a Democratic version of Senator Santorum or Senator Cruz; I really don’t take him that seriously even if I am in agreement with most of his positions.

Hey, I agree with myself 100 percent of the time, and I’d be horrible at that job.

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2015 Run to Remember: nothing in the tank.

I did this race in 2012 and again in 2014.

2015: 26:59 8:10, 8:24, 9:31 (26:05) 0:52 place: 74 of 303, 58 of 172 men, 4 of 8 AG
2014: 24:17 7:37, 7:37, 8:11 (23:26), 0:50 place: 35 of 343, 30 of 187, 7 of 13
2012: 24:34 7:54, 7:45 8:04 (23:44), 0:50 place: 66 of 272

The day was picture perfect but I showed up to the race fatigued, though my legs felt ok when I woke up. But something is going on; during the last mile I just jogged and walked; it was as if I had full body fatigue.
Ironically, this was my best race of 2012 and 2014, and so far, my worst of 2015.

During the last mile (somewhat uphill) I basically gave up and walked and jogged. There were some well built guys that I wanted to stay with but couldn’t. No endurance…not this kind anyway.

I think that I am missing the “tempo” workout; those sustained 5-6 mile runs at 9-10 minutes per mile that I have done in the past but quit doing as of late.

Barbara walked 1 mile and Tracy also went with us. Socially, I enjoyed it. It was fun to talk to Debbie, Cassie and Mike.


7 March 24:42 for 2.87 miles (about 26:45 for 5K) (recent illness) 39 of 83 (college students)
21 March 25:27 for 5K 71 of 269
28 March 25:50 5K (26 F) 15 of 68
11 April: 26:14 5K (some hills) 42 of 153
18 April: 25:45 5K or 9 of 105 Kidney 5K
2 May: 26:59 Run to Remember (collapse final mile)

This is what last year looked like (through May). I am certainly slower but I am not as far along on training; last year I had more “hard miles” under my belt by this time.

31 May: Family House 5K 26:50 (fell down)
24 May: River Run 5K (certified) 24:42 5K
10 May: Race For the Cure 25:27 5K
3 May Run to Remember 24:17 5K .
26 April: 26:47 5K (Bradley soccer 5K)
19 April: 23:27 2.96 (24:40 5K, or 23:45 3 mile)
5 April 22:31 (2.8 miles) 25:05 5K
29 March CIDA 25:09 5K
1 March: 27:27 for 3.25 miles: 26:10 5K.

5K (or close)

2012 2013
25:47 Yates City. 26:05 Yates City
25:42 Brimfield: 7:56, 8:10, 8:44, 0:51
27:59 Aug. 5: Math Fest 5K 26:56 Rocket Run July 20: 8:27, 8:42, 9:46
26:07 Run for the Health of it July 14 8:28 8:49, 8:49 (AG) 26:32 5K run for the health of it July 13 (AG) 8:03, 8:02, 10:26
27:46 July 4 Firecracker 8:09 8:43 10:53 27:40 July 4 Firecracker
25:03 May 26 River Run 8:08, 8:07, 8:47 24:56 May 25 River Run
25:13 Race for the Cure May 12 (8:25, 7:34, 9:12) (AG) 25:48 Race for the Cure May 11
24:34 May 5 Run to Remember (7:54, 7:45, 8:54) 26:12 (3.18?) May 4: Sam Fan 5K
25:41 Bradley U. April 28 25:29 (hilly) 20 April: BU women soccer 5K
25:14 CIDA March 31 (8:27, 8:17, 8:29) (AG) 25:14 March 23: New Interplanetary 5K
25:08 Interplanatary March 24 (8:14, 8:19, 8:34) (AG) 27:04 (3.25?) 2 March: 5K Jack Kenney (AG)

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Voter ID laws: the harm

Workout notes: 500 swim; then 8 x 50 kick (fins, front, focused on being downhill), 150 swim, 100 back. I just wasn’t into it. I was a bit bloated (182-183) afterward. I am feeling a bit tired and rundown.

Harm of voter ID law (hat tip: Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub) This takes 11 minutes to watch. If you are one of those who wonder “what is the big deal”, watch. This is what can go wrong.

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Some sane discussion…

I had posted President Obama’s remarks about Baltimore and applauded him for distinguishing the rioters and looters from the protesters. People should remember that anytime there is a disturbance that leads to a lessening of order, some will take advantage, be they sports rioters, riots and looters during police strikes, looters or just plain morons.

But as far as the plight of the poorer inner city communities (such as Baltimore’s), the evidence is that much of the social pathology is the result of poverty rather than the cause of it.


Of course, this is where I get sore. Conservatives are quick to point out the pathology and often blame…well, who else..for it.

On the other hand, trying to get the rank and file liberal to admit that there IS a social pathology and that, yes, the looting and rioting in those communities are caused by bad people, just as they are in other communities…well good luck with that. Now-a-days if you call a looter a “thug” some delusional individual will call you a racist.

In the above video, the person who spoke just afterword had some good things to say (and yes, the arguments over the word is just a distraction)

To conclude: I think that Kathleen Parker’s remarks are well taken.

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What to do…not recovering fully…

Last night our “walk to run” group warmed up with 5 minutes of walking and did 1-1 “1 walk, 1 run..ok…65-55 seconds really” and finished 3 miles in 41:30. Yeah, that is slow by runner’s standards, but better than some of the pace groups that are supposed to be faster than ours. :-) And our group is getting better.

That was easy for me (I had 6 miles earlier that morning for my own workout). But this morning: my legs were still slightly achy and heavy. So I warmed up with 1 mile of walking and then jogged oh…let’s see: about 5.2 miles in..a ghastly 58 minutes.

3 loops plus

That was 11:15 mpm for a hilly course…right at what my recovery pace is “supposed to be”. Reading that makes me feel sick.

Still, that is one thing I am going to have to accept: do distance and my 5K will suffer and do the 5K and forget about the very long distances. What’s it going to be?

The positive: it was a glorious, chilly and sunny morning.
And I had enough left in the tank to get some weights afterward:

5 sets of 10 pull ups (4 around rotator cuff exercises and the final one after bench.
bench: 10 x 135, 1 x 180 (strong, but didn’t push), 5 x 170, 8 x 160 (rotator cuff)
military: 3 sets of 10 x 40 dumbbell standing
super set: rows (3 sets of 10 with 110) and pull downs: 3 sets of 10 x 150 (double pulley machine)

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This morning: jog to the bottom of Bradley Park; 1.24 mile loop in 10:13, then walked the rest of the 6.3 mile course (5.1 plus 1.24). Gloriously pretty day; crisp (40’s).

I am developing mental block about this 1.24 mile loop though.

April 2014: 10:25
May 2014 9:44
May 2014 10:10
March 2015 10:16
March 2015 10:10
April 2015 10:06
April 2015 10:13

It seemed as if I had to force myself to speed up and I wasn’t that spent when I finished.

The workout did me some good. Tonight I’ll go out with my Building Steam group. Weather should be perfect.

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One sign that I am aging (one of many)

Here is one thing that is very different for me: in past years, I almost always timed my runs and walks.

Now, if it isn’t an official “speed” day or a race and I am doing a familiar course, I don’t bother to start my watch. I just go.

Reason one: this ensures that I go slowly enough to recover and
Reason two: I really don’t want to know how slowly I am slogging; it is too depressing. My guess: my slow pace is on the order of 11:30-11:45 mpm. There was a time when a 10 minute pace was a joke, and many years ago, 9 minutes per mile was a leisurely jog. Those days are GONE.

Now 9 mpm is sort of “tempo-ish” for me and even a 10 mpm pace is work. That is why I didn’t offer to help lead the 10 mpm pace group at Building Steam; it is too close to a “challenging workout pace” for me.

But given my current 5K time, this isn’t a surprise.


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Obama on Baltimore, warming, butt hurt, etc.

This lasts 14 minutes. Note that President Obama STARTS by condemning the criminal behavior of looting, burning, etc. He also points out that the peaceful protests didn’t get a lot of attention.

President Obama did have some fun at the expense of Michele Bachmann and her nuttiness.

Of course, the nut jobs are “offended”. Sorry: a nutty idea is a nutty idea, even if you believe it for “religious” reasons.

Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is going to “run for President”.
Yes, though he won his Senate race by a landslide (and then some), he still only got something like 208,00 votes, which is less than what the Mayor of Chicago got (319,000). But he excites some of the liberals and perhaps that excitement might carry over to the general if Hillary Clinton reaches out to them.

But his chances at the nomination are only slightly greater than my chances of making an NFL team.

Trolling I assume that this guy was serious. But instead of being outraged, I laughed out loud at him; he sounds like a caricature of a Fox News watcher.

Science and society

Yes, this is only one point on the earth. But look at the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere.


Yes, GMO crops have a place. This is how one former “anti-GMO activist” saw the light.

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I think that the training is working but…

Well, today my legs were sore so I jogged an easy 5 miles (hilly), walked 1 and then lifted. I did not have the clock running and I really did NOT want to know how slowly I was moving. The course: 5.1 plus 1.24 loop.

But I was fresh when got to the weight room and it showed.
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (rotator cuff); reasonably strong.
incline bench (super set with Hammer rows): 3 sets of 10 x 135, rows: 10 x 200 (3 sets)
military: 1 set of 10 x 40 standing after:
2 sets of 10 x 100 (machine, each arm), 3 sets of pull downs (10 x 130)

As far as the “training is starting to work” last Sunday’s “sort of long” walk (14 miles) WAS easier than last time even though the pace was the slightly faster and I was on a harder course. That IS a good sign. But my short runs are suffering a bit.

That, I suppose, comes with the territory. I can train for short running or long walking but NOT both at the same time. If others my age can, I salute them. But I can’t.

Steamboat 15K
One of my female Facebook friends signed up for the 15K for the first time. My advice to her: “wear the tightest, most transparent spandex you’ve got”. :-)

Ok, I didn’t say that. But I should have. :-)

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TPP and other topics

Workout notes: end of the semester blues, so I had to force myself into swimming. But swim I did. 1000 straight, then 5 x 200 on the 4: 3:43, 3:43, 3:45, 3:38, 3:31 (more effort) then 200 fin cool down (back and fly)

TPP: Paul Krugman notes that this doesn’t really enhance free trade all that much but is more about intellectual property rights. He counts himself as a “lukewarm opponent” in that he doesn’t think that it will be all that harmful, but it won’t help and he thinks that President Obama has better ways to spend political capital.

I think that I give President Obama some benefit of the doubt here, at least on political grounds.

Speaking of economics water is tight in California. That means: those who can pay astronomical water fees still…use it for their lawns. Let’s face it: this is NOT a “we are all in this together” situation; it never is.

Religion: I think that bad ideas are not worthy of respect. No, I won’t go onto someone’s property (internet or otherwise) and attack their religion, but I’ll speak my mind openly and, some ideas are just plain dumb.

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