Adjusting to fair changes that you don’t like

This is a metaphor that uses a university gym experience to make a point.

Way long time ago, I used to love to get to the gym as soon as it opened; the primary reason is that I got my workout in before an unexpected demand of the day could take it away. But the second reason is that it was empty and relatively quiet.

But then came the university ROTC group…

Still…noisier but for the most part, I could avoid them.

Now we have groups of young “workout bros” coming in. They are NOT rude ..they use the equipment properly, etc. But dammit my solitude is gone, and once in a while, I need to adjust my plan because a bench or piece of equipment is being used.

And yes, most of the experienced ones are…well, much stronger than I am (as they *should* be ..being that there is 38-40 year difference in age)

But..this is *fair* change that is, well, not actually inconvenient for me (I still get my full workout in) but..slightly less pleasant.

But there is NOTHING unfair about this change..NOTHING. I was never entitled to an empty gym just for me.

And yet, I feel resentful…a little bit.

I kind of wonder if similar happened when so many voted for Trump. They saw changes in society…not necessarily *unfair* changes but changes that made people’s worlds a bit less pleasant..and a bit of this resentment lead to “ok, I’ll make their heads explode by voting Trump.”

Life marches on. And yes, my strength, speed and endurance continues to decline. Entropy sucks.

Body Yes, I spent some time with a woman yesterday, and I left with a small bruise and a scratch on my back. Yes, there was physical contact..from partner yoga.

In one case, my arm got bruised from a rough grab..and the scratch came from my teacher’s toenails in “dancing dogs.” (errant foot placement). I noticed the bruise when I did pull ups.

Dancing Dogs

Assisted Bow

Workout notes: rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10), bench: 10 x 135, 3 x 185, 7 x 165, decline: 10 x 165, military: 8 x 50 standing, 15 x 50 seated, supported, 10 x 40 standing, 3 sets of 10 x 50 rows (dumbbell), plank, headstand, then 8.3 miles on the Expresso Bike (love…took me 34 minutes (best time for others was 18…damn I am slow).

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What. A. Stretch.

OMG…wonder if I can con my yoga teacher into demonstrating that one for me.

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Green New Deals and all that

Yes, I back some sort of “Green New Deal” which means a massive effort to achieve energy independence, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions. Yes, right now, the Democrats have only the House and without a victor in 2020 (Senate and Executive) and either a filibuster proof majority OR without getting rid of the obstructionist dinosaurs, a GND will remain a dream.

And of course, on policy, it should be made by scientists, engineers, public planners, economists and yes, politicians who know how to cut deals at several levels. IMHO, nuclear will have to be included (new generation stuff)

What is out now is a mere outline of a plan.

As for the other stuff: no, it isn’t “intersectionality” but:

And no, this isn’t going to get passed between now and 2020. But it is something to platform on, especially in the primary.

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Bradley Basketball Weekend Sweep

Two of the games were very similar; one was different.

Friday Night: Indiana State at Bradley (women)

Yes, when I finished up at the University of Texas (and was a big women’s basketball fan), I watched Vicki Hall…now the ISU-blue coach. Andrea Gorski was the Bradley star when I watched them my first year on campus in 1991-1992. Now they were opposing head coaches.

As far as the game: well, it started 20-20 after one quarter, 39-39 at the half and ended 81-80 Bradley. So, a close game all the way right?


In the third quarter ISU pressed and got some easy baskets off of turn overs; they lead 70-54 going into the 4’th quarter. That is 31-15, ISU. Well, BU tried to fight back but hurt itself by missing front end of 1 and 1 free shots …and with 3:45 left in the game, ISU blue lead 78-63

BU wastes a minute but a 3 cuts the lead to 12 with 2:24 to go…still…

But then….3 point shot, steal, 3 point shot, steal, basket, all within a few seconds. Now it was only a 7 point game with time left for a comeback and ISU was clearly rattled. Their coach would NOT have been..when she played. But her players are not her…yet.

ISU just fell completely apart

And yes, BU took a 1 point lead with 7 seconds to go and held on during the final possession. Mind you, BU missed several free throws down the stretch..but just played through it.

This was one of the most exciting basketball games I’ve watched in person..since, oh 1985?

Saturday Night: Indiana State at Bradley (men)

Very different game. BU ran out to an 11-0 lead and 54-27 at the half, shooting 62 percent from the field and a ridiculous 9-12 from 3 point range (75 percent). Both numbers regressed to 56 percent in the second half (still outlier good) but here is a key stat: 44-27 on the glass…that is rebounding dominance.

Crowd: not the best, but somewhat above average.

Final was 96-67, with Bradley clearing its bench over the final 6 minutes.

Sunday Afternoon: Evansville at Bradley (women)

Evansville is not a good team, though they are improved from last year…clearly so.

Still, this one was somewhat close early (21-20) but ended 55-28 at the half. It was clear dominance.

The second half saw the lead swell to 30 + before BU emptied its bench for much of the 4’th quarter and cruised to a 81-63 win. The game was not as close as the final might indicate.

Overall…when you throw in the men’s road win this Wednesday (at Northern Iowa) it was an excellent week for Bradley Basketball.

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Weekend workouts (February 9-10, 2019)

Personal and trivial:

Saturday: started the day full of bluster…ended up…running 3 miles on the treadmill (34:10), 3 on the track (31:52) mostly lane 2-3 of Markin..last mile (+) was 9:45. It was a sorry effort; I got bored on the treadmill and on the track. Couldn’t make myself walk outside. But that was 18 miles of running for the week.

Sunday: partner yoga with Ms. Vickie. Then..because it was snowing..4 miles of walking on the treadmill prior to the Bradley basketball game vs. Evansville (women).

She did not use her hand puppet during our practice.

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