My “Covington in DC” post

Yes, I too was fooled by the still photo and short video clip; at first I was under the impression that those kids surrounded that elderly Native American. I even remarked that had I acted that way at that age, my parents, teachers or even coaches would have punished me.

And yes, I saw the longer clip and yes, my reaction is now a bit different; it is more of an eyeroll…not optimal but mostly, a “nothing to see here.”

But I did think about the incident and reactions to it. And I have two basic thoughts:

1. Humans tend to grade “our side” on a curve. Yes, liberals..even those who watched the longer clip..were still outraged..and I haven’t seen many outraged at the Black Hebrew Israelites, the kooks who yelled vulgar, racist and homophobic stuff at the kids. Conservatives tended to rally toward the kids (some were wearing MAGA hats and chanting stuff like “build the wall”…some were apparently mocking the Native American with tomahawk chops..others appeared to enjoy dancing to the beat..and I admit, I find such beats very appealing…it make ME want to dance a bit.

But imagine had those 4 kooks been white KKK members and the kids be black kids with, say, “Obama” hats. My guess is that the battle lines would be flipped; liberals would be praising the restraint of the kids and goodness knows what conservatives would be calling them (my guess “thugs”, “ghetto”, etc.)

2. I think that humans project their own experiences onto situations. I think about my own life: the kooks who yelled stuff at the kids…they remind me a bit of the kooks that you sometimes find in the city..they yell stuff and..if you are NOT feeling threatened, you just ignore and walk past. It is unpleasant but short lived and not much a part of my life.

But the smirking kid: could be the entitled college student who the university took because the family cut a fat check, or perhaps the bosses nephew who, though minimally qualified, was given the position over you…or perhaps the kid who tries to skate past their course project with lots of power point slides and pie charts, none of which make any sense, but “wow” their parents and uninformed.

Of course, I do not know these kids and this description might not apply to them at all. But I am talking about some reactions being projections of our own lives into this situation.

The Native American (who is not a Vietnam veteran but did serve in the Marines..and honorable thing to do): he is an experienced activist..not his first rodeo.

Workout notes: 10 miles at the Riverplex. 6.5 run (slight walking thrown in) 54:50 for 5, 1:07 for 6, 6.5 in 1:15 (some walking) then 3.5 miles in 56 minutes (ok, 28 laps of lane 1-2) in the Riverplex…tons of spandex but I stayed focused. Weight: 191.4 before 186 after but that was mostly dehydration.

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  1. Phillips didn’t get an honorable. AWOL 3 times, imprisoned and escaped, assault, and worse allowed people to think he was a Vietnam Vet without correcting, He even called himself so on video, but taking a broad view of the guy he isn’t all there. Pretty messed up childhood and alcoholism. No evidence of “build the wall” from anyone, except Phillips whose story has changed many times. I think he was discharged as an E2 or something, at least it wasn’t a dishonorable.

    My take… after hanging around and watching for an hour (seen in vids wandering in vicinity) Phillips thinks maybe he can get something going, so he brings along some others to film, gets a drum and wades into the group of kids beating and chanting. They part like the seas of biblical times as people tend to do when approached by a loud noise walking at them. It’s kind of fun stirring up MAGA hats. Then some smart alecky kid is staring at him so he walks into him only stopping from being physical. When someone is beating a drum 2″ from your nose it’s an invasion of space,,, but not assault. If that kid had smacked him, or more likely pushed him, it would have been assault, but the kid just stood there. Ya smirking, like “I got your number” kind of look.

    One more of the people who’d benefit from free mental health care instead of leading a life as a professional grievance artist.

    MAGA hats are meaningless, just a tribal signifier. When people act political I ask them who their congressperson is, or senators. 9 out of 10 have no idea. We need about 3/4 majority in both sides of congress and the presidency, and we aren’t going to get there with 51% and arguing over some kids at a anti abortion rally.

    Comment by somsai | January 27, 2019 | Reply

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