Quad Cities Marathon 2018: Improvement as a person

Ok, though I did finish a 50K last year (a very slow 50K on a gavel trail) I did DNF two attempts at walking marathons: Quad Cities and Peoria.

Reasons: a combination of obesity (over 200 lbs.), too many half marathon races and, in the Quad Cities case, a burning hot day.

And yes, I failed at Quad Cities in 2016 as well (albeit as a run/walker) and dropped to the half marathon in 2014 (due to a head cold).

So, I had not had much recent success at the Quad Cities; my last marathon finish there was in 2009. I had only DNF’s since (and one in 2007 as well).

I felt prepared going in…and this time we had PERFECT weather, just PERFECT. High 40’s at the start and cool but pleasant sunshine the rest of the way. And this time, I was determined to walk a sustainable pace.

Key splits: 1:24:59 at 10k, 3:04:20 at the half (one pit stop that I accidentally stopped my watch for), 4:43:56 at mile 20. Note: my final 10K and final half marathon were BOTH walked at a 14:30 pace; first half was walked at a 14:05 pace. Splits: 3:04/3:10. That is as good as it gets for me, given that I was basically all by myself for the final 10K; save a crashed runner here and there.

I was not the worse for wear upon finishing; tired and my legs hurt, but I wasn’t exhausted, nauseated, overheated, dehydrated, etc. I did eat 3 orange slices, a banana slice and 2 nutrition tablets after I finished.

How I improved Back in 2015, I actually did a bit better (5:49) on a similar day. But I was despondent and exhausted; I went out hard and held on. Yes, I was lighter (by about 7 lbs), 3 years younger and somewhat better trained for fast walking. And my 5K running speed was low 25’s as opposed to the 28-29 I run now.

This time, I stayed within what I could do, and kept telling myself “be content at where you are now”; I deliberately did not wish to be faster or for “mile X to be here by now. ”
It was about as Zen like as I get. Slow as hell, to be sure..but slow and steady; pacing was excellent.

And yes, there was that wonderful stretch along the Davenport bike path where the sun was at our back (and the cute spandex just shimmered and shined…)

But I won’t lie: I really do miss walking them in under 5 hours (or low 5’s) or running them in under 4 hours. I felt “special” to be able to keep the company of so many fit looking, (often younger) people.
Now..well, I am older and a whole lot slower and therefore no longer “fit in” with such a crowd, and I miss that.

Well, ok, when the marathon and half marathon split off, I rarely saw anyone at all; the field is very spread out at that pace.

But matter who was around me, I “stayed with the plan” and just walked steadily and deliberately.

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My paceing (note: pit stop between mile 6 and 8: I stopped my watch and that lead to a discrepancy between my watch and chip, though this DOES reflect my actual walking “speed”.

2: 26:33 (fastest, by far)
4: 28:01
6: 27:27
8: 27:44
10: 28:38 (2:18:24 about 2:20 official)
12: 28:26
13.1 3:02:49 (3:04:20 official due to my stopping my watch at an early pit stop)
14: 15:58 + 13:02 =29:00
16: 28:26
18: 28:18
20: 29:43 (pit stop) 4:42:20 (4:43:56 official chip)
22: 29:18 (by myself here)
24: 28:38
26: 29:20 (very lonely here)
26.2 2:58 (6:12:36 walking time, 6:14:11 official chip time; about 1:35)

My past with Quad Cities:

Quad Cities History
1998: 3:55 as a runner (hot)
1999: 3:45 as a runner
2000: 1:40 for half of a relay
2001: 1:49 for half marathon (week after giving blood)
2002: 4:44 marathon as a walker
2004: 5:12 marathon as a walker
2005: 5:34 marathon as a walker.
2007: DNF at mile 23 (walker)
2008: 2:25 half marathon (walker)
2009: 5:28 marathon (as a walker)
2010: 2:39 half marathon (as a walker; knee surgery in July).
2011: 2:22:27 (half marathon powerwalk)
2013: 2:20:59 as a runner
2014: 2:24:17 powerwalk.
2016 DNF mile 20 (run/walk) heat
2017 DNF mile 20 (walk) heat
2018: Marathon powerwalk 6:14:11.

Marathon finishes: 7. Half marathon finishes (one relay): 7, Marathon DNF: 3 (DNF at 23, 20, 20).

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