Who I respect and dealing with minor discomfort

I respect those who can act cheerfully and act with courtesy toward others when they are feeling bad themselves.

I know that even minor discomfort puts me in a grouchy mood; the pain or the hassle does not have to be that great.

Currently: I have a cold and am putting up with minor inconveniences at work and at home.

And this is me:

Workout notes: weights only; it was enough to get me very sweaty.

pull ups (5 sets of 10; went fine), rotator cuff, bench: dumbbell: 10 x 70, 10 x 75, incline: 10 x 135. rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110. Military: 3 sets of 10 x 45 dumbbell.
plank (usual 2:30…sweated buckets but it was ok), side plank, boat, twist crunch.

I did sleep longer than normal.

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It is a cold

Dang it..but at least it is now rather than 3 weeks from now. So I took it easy: 4 miles at 15:30-16:00 mpm walking in glorious weather.

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Do we have an obligation to socialize with the unlikable?

Holidays: ok, if you know that someone doesn’t like you, are you still offended if they don’t show up to the family function? If so, why? If you knew that they didn’t like you, would you want to stay at their house or socialize with them?

Do you have an obligation to like someone else (family or not, or in-law?) Are you a bad person for not liking someone?

I think that these answers are not always that clear. And as to what makes someone “likable”…it isn’t always what we might be tempted to say on a survey, is it? Much of it has to do with..yes, physical attractiveness, health, wealth (enough to do stuff), etc. though I supposed we’d swear up and down that this isn’t true.

But it is my *guess* that we can look at someone’s photo and determine how easy it is for that individual to find people to socialize with (on the average; there will always be a few “exceptions to the general rule”).

Workout notes: weights, 4 mile walk in 54:40 (28:00, 26:40); increased the speed from 3.6 to 4.5 mph at an incline of 0.5 (15 min. first mile) then did 1-0-2-0-3-0-4-0 then 1 mile at 5.0, then a pyramid of sorts again.

weights: pull ups 15-15-10-10, (good), military (10 x 50 standing, 10 x 45, standing, 10 x 140 Hammer), rows: 2 sets of 10 x 70 dumbbell (that hurt), 10 x 110. Bench: 10 x 70 dumbbell, inline: 10 x 140, decline: 7 x 170.
abs (usual: 2:30 plank, boat, side plank, leg lifts, twist crunch).

Note: scratchy throat; burning nose; came on this afternoon…with sneezing at times. Allergies or cold coming on?

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With all that is going on: college football…

Before I forget: 5 mile run (treadmill), 1 mile walk (5.8 on the mill, .25 track. run: 5.1-5.6 Froggy to 30 minutes, then 6.1-6.2 to 40, 6.7-6.8 to 51:21. 11:30, 22:30, 42:27, 51:21. It felt better than expected.

Yep, college football starts this weekend and the Chiefs have playoff baseball next week…and they have to win 2 of 3 vs. Quad Cities to get to the next round.

For the season:

Illinois: talent level is still too low to win many games in the Big Ten. Maybe 1 or 2 conference wins this year; the ESPN power index has the Illini as underdogs in all of their Big Ten games plus the USF game, but the expected number of wins is 3.9. I see 3 victories.

Texas: I think is overrated. Period. The ESPN power index gives 8.45 as the expected number of wins, though the Longhorns are favored in 10 of their games, including in home games vs. TCU and USC. I flat do not see it; I see a season much like the previous 4: 6-6.

Navy: tough schedule; can the team hold up over 13 games? ESPN index gives 6.66 wins with the Mids favored in 7 of them. But 7 games total are between .4 and .6 (toss ups). Will not be boring. I see 8 wins and 5 losses (13 games)

ND: the ESPN power index LOOOVES ND: they are favored in every game and a 90 percent favorite in 5 of them, 80 or more in 7, and 70 percent or better in 10. The two closest: .681 against Michigan and .591 vs. USC on the road. The expected number: 9.94 victories. But this high expectation might well be from so many big name teams (Michigan, Stanford, Virginia Tech, Florida State, USC) not being up to snuff. This could well be a year they make the playoff or a Big Bowl and end up getting blown out by a more deserving team (e. g. the Fiesta Bowl vs. Ohio State after the 2015 season). Still, I see 10-2.

The games I have tickets for: all Illinois home games, USF at Illinois in Chicago, Western Illinois at Illinois State, NFL: Bills at Colts, Dolphins at Colts, Rams at Bears.

Considering: South Dakota State at Illinois State (FCS), one more Bears game: either Jets, Lions, or Packers, and one (or two) more Colts game: Cowboys and/or Giants. Last year I made 4 Bears and 1 Colts; this year it might be 2-3 or 1-4.

This is how I see it this week. I’ll see how well I do in my predictions. This is my FB post:

College football this weekend: (the teams that matter most TO ME…feel free to either discuss these games OR talk about the games that are most meaningful to you.

Kent State +16.5 at Illinois: Illinois is at the bottom of the Big Ten; Kent is at the bottom of the Mac. Advantage: Illinois. If they lose this one, they should just forfeit the rest of the games. But should the Illini be 16.5 point favorites against ANYONE? Last year they scraped by Ball State 24-21 on a blocked field goal attempt. ESPN has Illinois as a 94 percent favorite. Note: “get in price” is 2 dollars a ticket

Texas -13.5 at Maryland (Fed Ex field). Last year, Maryland lit up UT in Austin. Revenge? How has the scandal affected Maryland? The talent difference might not be as extreme as people think. ESPN has Texas as an 80 percent favorite. Get in price: 18 dollars a ticket.

Michigan + 1 at ND. Personally: I do not “get” why Michigan is getting so much love; they really haven’t been that good lately. It isn’t that I think that ND is overwhelming. ESPN has ND as a 68 percent favorite. Note: get in price is 330 dollars a ticket.

Navy -12 at Hawaii. Hawaii does have a 43-34 win at Colorado state under its belt. But the Navy coach is good at keeping his team high. ESPN has Navy as a 72 percent favorite. 26 dollars gets you into this one..provided you can get to Hawaii.

Straight up: Illinois, Texas, ND, Navy.
Spread: Kent, MD, ND, Navy.

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Weights only: pull ups (5 sets of 10), bench: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, incline: 7 x 150, decline: 7 x 170, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110, military (dumbbell), 10 x 50, 10 x 45, 10 x 45, plank, twist crunch, boat, side plank, leg lifts, headstand.

It was fine. I need more sleep.

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HOT! And oh so slow

The course: I did this one last year in 5:15 in much cooler weather. But it is still 20 miles and I didn’t die. Oh, the race the day before sure didn’t help; I knew that I was tired going out. I was 52 minutes at the portable potty instead of 49 and I was to slow down more than that.

Well, the marathon won’t be easy either. But today’s weather was even worse than at the Quad Cities last year. Yes, HOTTER than the Quad Cities disaster.

Baseball: last night, I went to a game with Barbara’s group. The Chiefs started off with a lead off home run (they’ve done that in an earlier game this year) but they went on to commit 7 errors (not a misprint, 7 ) and lose 5-3, walking in two runs in the process. But still in the bottom of the 8’th, the Chiefs were still down 5-3 and had the bases loaded with 2 outs…POW..hard line drive…right to the infielder. I was starting to celebrate a run or two scoring..

Then today, the Chiefs won 10-2, racking up 14 hits and only committing 1 error. They got excellent pitching. They did fall behind 2-0 in the 5’th only to rally for 4 runs in the bottom. Then they took a 6-2 lead into the bottom of the 8’th when they scored 4 more. The reliever (who is 5’9 but weighs 230 lbs.) threw very hard and was all but unhittable.

My analysis: the playoffs will probably be rough for the Chiefs; they are playing some very talented but raw rookies. The hitting is there, but the infield play isn’t up to playoff A caliber level; this IS a developmental league, after all. But my guess is that a few of these players will be playing for the Cardinals in a couple of seasons.

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Chiefs hosting the Snappers.

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4th inning dancing.

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Bright orange moon over Dozer.

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Sunny seats are not popular today.

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Zoo run run gag…

It came up 72 F, 93 percent humidity at the start. It was gagging. I’ve never ran well on this course, and well, once again, I didn’t run that well. Part of it: I over-estimated what I was capable of on lap 1. Lap 3 was too slow, period. It was slippery in spots. BUT, I’ve always been just a bit slower on this course than on others (2-3 minutes, on the average).

But it was still a good time socially. And, Tracy had a great day, beating one rival and besting someone else who usually beats her.

Previous attempts on this course:

2016 30:01


2011 27:45

2010: walk: 32:47

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Argument by outlier ..

In academia: one issue is the utility of college entrance exam scores. Some try to claim that they have no predictive value; that is false, at least for freshman calculus. Some try to say “measure X is better…forgetting that often several factors, measured together, predict better than any solitary measure.

But most often I’ll hear “argument by outlier”, meaning that someone had a low score but ended up doing ok.

I have no doubt that this happens; we are talking about a predictive measure.

Think of it this way: consider college football; FBS (more big time football) and FCS (smaller time football). Not it is true: SOME NFL players played for an FCS team. Clearly, there are some FCS players who are better than almost all FBS players.

But when the teams play: the FBS team wins over 80 percent of the time; some seasons, more often than that. The reason is clear: on the whole, FBS players are better than FCS players, WITH A FEW EXCEPTIONS.

A similar thing holds for college board scores. In general, calculus class consisting of kids with math ACT’s of 30 or above will do better than one where the kids all have 22-24 , though there will be a few 30’s who bomb and a few 24’s who shine.

Workout note: weights then a routine 2 mile walk on the treadmill: 14:55 then 13:55 on a hill program. weights: usual pt; pull ups: 15-15-10-10, bench: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 8 x 170, incline: 10 x 135, military: 10 x 50, 10 x 45, 10 x 45, rows: 2 sets of 10 x 110 machine, 10 x 50 dumbbell, usual abs (2:30 plank). The weight program took about 40 minutes.

I am getting used to my academic routine again.

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What are our duties anyway?

Urban Meyer’s suspension interested me. Yes, I know; there are reasons why Ohio State did what it did. Evidently Meyer was dishonest when he talked to his superiors. But the whole thing about a coach somehow being responsible for what is happening in the family of one of his staff is just very curious to me.

I am on committees that decide the promotion of others. I also know that I do NOT look at personal/family life, AT ALL. Of course, if someone brings something to my attention I’ll see if I can help. But the bottom line is that I try to stay out of the personal affairs of others.

The same goes with, say, my plumber, my mechanic, my doctor and even my lawyer. I am interested in whether they do the work that they are contracted to do, period.

Even my students: I evaluate them on how well they know the material, period.

Workout notes: yesterday, untimed 5 mile run; felt ok. Today: 7 mile walk; included 10 laps on the West Peoria track: 25:35/24:10 = 49:45. The map says that this was 4.3 miles (2.15 per segment) (11:34 pace, (11:54/11:15). No, this isn’t sustainable but it was good speed work. Before lunch, I weighed 192.4 on the Markin scale, which is as light as I’ve been since 2016. Progress…might I actually get to under 190 for the marathon in..whoa, just under a month to go?

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Why I am so weak (one reason anyway)

I started lifting weights back in 1972, mostly to get ready for football season. So, I pushed myself to “squeeze out one more rep” as, well, I felt it might make the difference between making a block or missing a block.

Needless to say, I have no such reasons for lifting now.

Example: when I was doing my “heavy” (ok, go ahead and laugh) bench press set, I felt lethargic. I tried my best to whip up some energizing hate. It worked for all of 3 reps..I didn’t do a 4’th as I could feel a strain in my left shoulder and I didn’t want to be injured for the next month!

It is that way for me every time. Old man effort and old man’s results.

PT, pull ups: 4 sets of 10, then used the new bar: 7, 5, 5 and later a set of 5 for 62 total (instead of 50)
bench: 10 x 135, 3 x 185 (pathetic), dumbbell: 10 x 75, incline: 10 x 140, decline: 7 x 170
military: 10 x 50 standing, 10 x 45 standing, 10 x 140 Hammer machine, rows; 3 sets of 10 x 110
abs: 2:30 plank (ok), slow twist cruches (12), slow 4-count leg lifts (10), moving bridge, head stand, side plank

run: 1 in 11:03, 8:48 second mile, then 1 mile walk. Just not into it; trip lag.

I walked a routine 4 miler yesterday morning. Back to marathon training..lots of little errands though.

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