Progress sans delusion…

Did not get up as early as I wanted to but was on the road by 7:15 or so.

It FELT cool though it really wasn’t: 70F 81 percent at the start, 73 F, 81 percent at the end. But there was cloud cover for most of it.

I had intended to do 18.6 and felt good enough to add on a 1.7 mile loop to get over 20:

2:44 to Northmore/Sheridan (15:18 average), 3:25:34 at Glenn and Central (5 to go) 14:35 to Forest Hill (1 mile), 58:33 for the final 4 miles home, (4:38:44 for 18.6) then 26:03 for the final 1.7
5:04:47 for 20.33

Though it was a bit of an effort, I didn’t strain; I was steady and deliberate. 1:13:08 was my 5 miles to 18.6. I had averaged a hair under 15 for the 18.6 course.

Today, I could have walked a sub 7 marathon and it would not have been THAT hard.

Still, I should not get delusional; “in the day” I did this 5 times in a row at a faster pace. But..this was my best “long walk” in a very long time.

July 21, 2018 - Posted by | walking

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