“That s**t ends today”, “we are going to do this or that”……HOW?


Here we go again. If you follow liberals on social media, you frequently find these sorts of posts. I deleted the name because it isn’t my intention to attack an individual but rather, an idea.

Here you have a white feminist saying what “women are going to do” and “going to end”.

Yeah, sure.

For one thing, educated feminists really don’t speak to many working class women. They really don’t speak to feminists of color, either. And judging from the exit polls, they don’t even speak for white women.

(via CNN)

Yes, women of color rejected Trump by large margins, but white women make up a greater percentage of the electorate than: white men or men of color, or women of color.

So, if you are going to bellow “this s**t ends yesterday”, my question is: “how, exactly”? Frankly, you are just popping off…again.

Of course, this group isn’t the only one that does that; I believe that most groups do this to one extent or another.
They know (more or less) how their friends and relatives vote, so they are SURE that they represent the majority..or at least the plurality of Americans or even people in a region.

For example: one of my high school classmates tried to tell me that my old Central Texas area was conservative, despite Travis County (where Austin, TX is) going for Clinton by 66 percent.

Now I won’t deny that there are some promising signs for the 2018 midterms, but if we gain, it will not be because of huge shift among white women; remember that they backed Moore over Jones with 63 percent of the vote.

For more on the increasing chasm (fueled, at least in part, by white men becoming more Republican and more pro-Trump), read this.

July 12, 2018 - Posted by | politics, politics/social, ranting, social/political

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