One out too many…

When should a coach put in the relief pitcher? That isn’t always an easy call.

In the top of the 6’th it was 1-1, with Peoria and Lake County getting one home run apiece. It had been a quick game with lots of “one pitch” outs (fly balls to the outfield, mostly). There were two outs ..followed by …
3 singles and a home run (3 run shot). That made it 5-1 which was to be the final score of the 2:30 game. I’d never seen so many quick innings.

The Captains’ starting pitcher threw 7 innings and scattered 3 hits (one home run). The Chiefs hit the ball better than the box score might indicated..but there were a ton of “warning track” flies and line drives hit right to someone.
The Chiefs’ starting pitcher threw 5 2/3 excellent innings…but then .one out too many.

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Underway in Dozer. Lake County at Peoria.

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Pretty night for baseball though. I can recommend the week night games; great seats and nut much crowding.

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