Some hope for the US?

I follow a couple of pro-Trump groups on Facebook. One showed this video and..much to my surprise, some Trump supporters thought that this group SHOULD have been kicked out due to their behavior! (their continuing to taunt that other woman…personally, I thought “ugh..cigarette smoke” but..)

I think that, sometimes, cooler heads speak up “in private” when there isn’t a fear of being seen as “weak” by the other side. Oh, you’ll get some push back. I got a bit of it for being critical of Maxine Waters urging people to (peacefully) confront Trump officials in public places.

Ok, some of these make me chuckle but it isn’t something that I’d do.

Workout notes: this time I did 6 miles of walking prior to lifting including 10 x 3-3:20 worth of from intervals on the W. Peoria track. Total time: 54:17 (27:26/26:51); this is about 4.2-4.3 miles or just under a 13 minute pace.
The weights: rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10), bench: 10 x 70 dumbbells, incline: 10 x 140, military: 2 sets of 10 x 45 standing, 10 x 90 different machine, 3 sets of 10 x 110 rows. headstand. Did some 30 second planks: front, front, side, front, side, then 2 minutes front. It was enough for today; the walk took a bit off of my weights.

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Relying on the courts and executive action

Ok, the Supreme Court is about to move rightward. Yes, the Republicans will vote to confirm Cavanaugh and, for the record, if the Democratic Senate leadership wants to “give permission” for some red state Democrats to vote “yea”, that is ok with me.

Yes, retaking the Senate appears to be unlikely (but still possible) in 2018, but saving as many seats as possible gives us a better shot in 2020, and yes, control of the Senate means having some red state Democrats who *will* vote against us from time to time. But control of the Senate means setting the calendar, allowing bills to come to the floor for a vote, etc.

But, yes, there are many things (not just Roe vs. Wade) that the court is protecting us from. Getting these protections via acts of Congress or the state legislatures is far better, and we had better work on that.

Yes, I “get it”; some things are “rights” and shouldn’t be subject to the whims of the majority. But still; get Congress (and state houses) to pass some of these; that is far sturdier.

Workout notes: 3 mile treadmill run; 10 minute warm up and 19 minutes at 6.7 mph (8:57 mpm) (0.5 grade) followed by a short walk to get to 5K. I’ll go a bit longer tomorrow.

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