Who are the “easily triggered snowflakes?

Ok, one person did say “We know where you live, *itch” (“mitch”? “bitch”?) and called McConnell “turtle”. But mostly it was “vote you out”, “where are the babies”?

This wasn’t exactly a threatening group:

But how did some conservatives react?

You’ve got to be kidding me. You need guns and ammo to protect yourself from constituents chanting tame stuff at you?????

(yes, I did notice the lady in jeans…)

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Tammy sped me up…without even being there!

There is something about walking with a better walker that stays with you for a while.

Yesterday, I did a slow slog (10.6 miles in 2:15)..allegedly “running”.

Today: decent weather (73 F, 64 percent at the start, 78F, 48 percent upon finishing) and I walked my 10.67 mile course in 2:27:49. The same course was 2:42 on May 16, in easier weather..with about the same effort.
Attitude and paying attention to technique made the difference, I think.

Put another way: today’s walk was 12 minutes slower than yesterday’s “run” for the same distance.

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