Out there…great weather

Nice running weather this morning! Ok, 70 F with 59 percent humidity (rising to 75) is not, well, ideal, but compared to what we had been having.

My adventure with Tammy (and Calvin) left me..I am embarrassed to say it, but just a bit fatigued. It was faster walking than I normally do in training (I need to do something about that).
So I ditched my plans for a long walk and jogged an easy 10.6 miles in 2:15 instead (12:30-12:40 or so). I was a bit surprised I was THAT slow, but I am still close to 200 lbs. and won’t really improve that much until I get into the mid 180’s.

I started sort of late and the weather was great..and that meant…cyclists all over the place. A few startled me (even the polite ones..most of them were.. that yell “on your left”) I get into the “tunnel of pain” and try to focus.

I did see two deer near the Affina exit of the bikepath (going south) but the cyclists scared them off.

July 7, 2018 - Posted by | running

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