Out there…great weather

Nice running weather this morning! Ok, 70 F with 59 percent humidity (rising to 75) is not, well, ideal, but compared to what we had been having.

My adventure with Tammy (and Calvin) left me..I am embarrassed to say it, but just a bit fatigued. It was faster walking than I normally do in training (I need to do something about that).
So I ditched my plans for a long walk and jogged an easy 10.6 miles in 2:15 instead (12:30-12:40 or so). I was a bit surprised I was THAT slow, but I am still close to 200 lbs. and won’t really improve that much until I get into the mid 180’s.

I started sort of late and the weather was great..and that meant…cyclists all over the place. A few startled me (even the polite ones..most of them were.. that yell “on your left”) I get into the “tunnel of pain” and try to focus.

I did see two deer near the Affina exit of the bikepath (going south) but the cyclists scared them off.

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It was 41 years ago today…I Day at the Naval Academy

It can still remember the …smell of starch. We were in our “white works” uniforms with Dixie Cups…getting sworn into the Navy at the Naval Academy.

I remember being in Austin on July 4, 1977..feeling a bit of trepidation and anxiety as I watched the fireworks display with my family. My parents were understanding.

What brought on this memory: a classmate’s post. He used the hashtag “bestdecisionever”.

For me: well, I’d have to say that I am deeply ambivalent. Yes, I feel a tie to the place; it bubbled out unexpectedly when I went to the Armed Forces Bowl to watch Navy play.
But was it right for me? Probably not, at least from the Navy’s point of view.

The mission of the place is to “train Midshipmen mentally, morally and physically to be an officer in the Naval Service”. So in that respect, it was wrong for me. I really didn’t have it in me to be a good officer. I am disorganized, scatter brained and do not concentrate well. And I don’t “get” people; I am not a natural leader. And I am very slow to catch on to social cues..I don’t “fit in” at first. And I do NOT think on my feet very well.

So, much of the time I was miserable.

Academically: the training was very broad…but also somewhat shallow. Example: I knew what a Fourier Series was but I couldn’t tell you why term by term integration worked (reason: Lesbegue’s Dominated Convergence Theorem). When I got to graduate school in mathematics I got my ass handed to me.

BUT…in a certain way, the school taught me some big time humility. It seemed that EVERYONE there was better at SOMETHING that I was. I remember being discouraged at doing relatively poorly compared to many others in the physical education program. There were those, ok, a few, who better at academics, people who were good at so many things. And in military..oh boy.

BUT…in another way, I left there with a snarling contempt toward those who, well, were average or worse. I supposed that I pushed myself hard only to find myself average…in turn I found it hard to feel anything but contempt for the slackers who were good at nothing but still thought the world of themselves …

The best thing I got out was that I found that I could be uncomfortable and miserable for a long time and still get the job done. I learned some discipline that helped me get through graduate school. And I learned to get back up off of the canvas when I was knocked down; I learned to risk failure.

And no, I didn’t turn into a Republican, despite my contempt for underachievement. I felt that my country gave me a shot and I wanted others to have the same shot, even if by a different avenue. I am a big fan of “hand up” programs.

Still, I feel warped in ways that make it difficult for me to get along with people.

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An unusual walk with Tammy and Calvin

I had a real treat this afternoon. Tammy and her family (husband Loren, daughter Grace, son Calvin) stopped by Peoria and we enjoyed a nice lunch and got in 10K along the Rivertrail. Pace: 13:04 mpm. Note: Tammy is fast; she slowed down to walk with me.

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Two more.

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Of note:

1. We were actually offered marijuana on our trip (while we were on Abdington)

2. I got to get glances at her technique (still very good). Sometimes I mimic those around me and I hope a little bit rubbed off.

3. I also understood that I really don’t push myself enough on my walks. But I have to be intentional from the very start. Once I get in a “slow rhythm” it is hard to bust out of it.

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