Commentary: illogical resentment vs. gratitude

As far as my “public” activities, I enjoy several kinds, but mostly:

1. running races/working out in a gym/hiking/yoga classes
2. sports events (also will go to plays/musical concerts when asked by my hostage or friends)
3. eating out (we do so a lot, and I love to share a meal with friends too)

Needless to say, activity 1 tends to attract very fit people (with an occasional newcomer just getting started) but it is clear that activity “2” does not, though, for some reason, it *appears* what basketball fans are, on the average, fitter than baseball or football fans. I have not seen any data on this…and I welcome confirmation or refutation.

But here is what is weird..I actually resent seeing some terribly out of shape fans struggle to climb up the stadium steps, move in to their seats, etc. Internally, I huff and say “that’s what they get for not taking care of themselves”. I could rationalize it by saying “that is why Medicare is so expensive” but no, I am not doing spreadsheet analysis in my head.

A more logical reaction would be “I am grateful that I can still do my favorite physical activities to keep myself from being like that; after all, I used to weigh 320 lbs. If I still weighed that (or more), I doubt I could still be doing even 5k races (at my age) much less marathons.

Hmmm. I admit that I am still embarrassed that I was ever morbidly obese but resenting others will not erase my past. Nothing will. I can only move forward today.

Note: as far as fans:

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And I forgot sunscreen!

I hesitated at getting a ticket to the Chiefs 4’th of July game, due to crowding, lots of “not that interested in baseball but interested in fireworks” people who would be attending. But I did and was glad of it.
I sat in a side section (still a good seat..but uncovered) and I got a bit sunburned, even though it was a 5:30 pm start time.

The Chiefs won 13-4 behind a massive hitting display which featured a home run, multiple extra base hits and even good defense. The starting pitcher did walk 3 of the first 4 batters but went on to pitch 4 1/3 innings and gave up only 1 run; he didn’t go 5 so he didn’t get the “win”.

The Chiefs got 6 runs in the third and 4 in the 7’th.

The teams worse special jerseys for the game: the Bees (from Burlington) wore a flag themed top; the Chiefs wore a POW/MIW shirt.

I wore my 5K race t-shirt…but that lead to questions as to “how I did”.

The sight lines aren’t the best (not enough height between rows) but this was my view:

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Play ball! Bees in flag uniforms.

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Note the contrast between the “shaded” and “unshaded” seating areas.

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Shade vs. no shade in 90F

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I made a small friend.

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I have a new friend.

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The storm in the distance made for a nice photo (click to see both filters..the second one shows the coulds)

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Sunset over Dozer. Two different filters.

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