Watch your step!

For the first time since 2014, I took a tumble in a running race (on the roads, no less)

I had about 800 meters to go and I tripped over a support for some temporary fencing along the side of the course and went down. It didn’t hurt that much (I did a rough approximation of a judo front break fall) but it was a bit embarrassing, and it probably cost me 20 seconds or so.

Time: 29:23 (chip), 268/608 overall, 161/275 males, 8/17 among 55-59.

Weather: gag. By Wunderground, it was 80 F, 87 percent humidity during the race. I was drenched with sweat PRIOR to the race starting (walk/jog)

The course goes slightly uphill, then slight downhill then straight away. I weaved in and out a bit in mile 1 (9:30), maintained for mile 2 9:12 (18:42) and was in control heading toward the end before I took the tumble. I got right back up but the legs were heavy and I was not in the mood to sprint. (10:41, or 9:42 for the final mile). So, all in all, if I factor out the fall, I probably averaged 9:20 a mile. (my pace worked out to 9:28 anyway).

It was better than last week under similar conditions. Ok, it was 80 F, 94 so last week was slightly worse, but today I was a minute faster. Improvement.

I don’t want to speak too soon, but things appear to be headed in the right direction.

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